Transcription s s o c i a t i o nThe Association forSupply Chain Management,Procurement and Logistics4th CEE Procurement &Supply Forumseizing new opportunities in Central & Eastern Europe26th October 2017 – Grandior Hotel Prague, Czech Republic Strategies to access East European markets Sourcing in Central and Eastern Europe – best practices Successful supplier selection and development Ensuring profitable growth through tactical partnershipsIn cooperation with:SPECIAL: B2B-Matchmaking

4th CEE Procurement & Supply ForumSeizing new opportunities in Central & Eastern EuropeABOUT THE EVENTFor a longer period sourcing in Central-Eastern Europe (CEE) has been state of the art for international companies. Although, within the lastyears its significance has changed: It focuses on finding optimal suppliers in times of international crises, strategic changes and investing inlong term supplier relationships. This includes intelligent purchasing concepts and innovative collaboration. More than ever, suppliers have togo beyond simple product delivery – they are innovation and value-creation partners. Taking benefit from geographical proximity, as well asfrom its high number of potential suppliers, CEE provides numerous options for European companies. New models of cooperation and systematic collaboration with suppliers from CEE can generate significant advantages for both parties. With the 4th CEE Procurement & Supply Forumthe German Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics (BME), the German-Czech Chamber of Commerce (DTIHK)and its partners provide a unique platform to enable discussions between procurement professionals and suppliers at the highest level – wewant to build bridges and want to create a living network between procurement professionals, as well as between buyers and best-in-classsuppliers. We are looking forward to welcoming you at our 4th CEE Procurement & Supply Forum in Prague.Benefit as a supplier: Meet procurement professionals at the highest level Find new business partners and potential customers (B2B-Meetings) Benefit from a know-how exchangeBenefit as a buyer: Create and enlarge your business network in the CEE region (with colleagues andB2B-partners) Meet efficient suppliers in one-to-one Meetings (B2B-Matchmaking and Meet Greet Table)As a buyer & supplier: Presentations and panel discussion about the current market developments Sharing of best practices in CEE Workshops and networkingQuotes from previous participants: The event provides valuable market knowhow and support. At the B2B meetings wefound fitting suppliers that we would nothave discovered on our own. Arne Zühlke, Supplier Development &Internal Consulting,KROENERT GmbH & Co. KG On the bases of this event I was able togain insight on the participating countriesin Eastern Europe in a short period, whichas it turns out, to be a very goal-orientatedmarket. The contacts obtained via the eventresulted in effective supplier relationships. It isan exciting event and also an important dateon my calendar. Even if the supplier lists is an indispensableprerequisite for the success of the event, thepersonal discussions provide a platform forfurther activities and the opportunity to builda network that establishes sustainable andlong term success. Werner Schuster, Director Purchasing,Baumüller Nürnberg GmbHTom Trinkaus, Senior Buyer,GEA Refrigeration Germany GmbHThe Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics (BME) has established itself as aprofessional association for buyers and supply chain managers in Germany. Founded in 1954, we see ourselvesas a service for our members who join us from all industrial and service sectors, including distributive trade, banking,a s s o c i a t i o nThe Association forinsurance and public institutions. Our aspiration includes the know-how transfer in the fields of materials manageSupply Chain Management,Procurement and Logisticsment, purchasing and logistics. It is achieved through a continuous exchange of experience, education and trainingservices as well as the scientific work on new methods, procedures and techniques. In addition, the BME supports its members in the development of new markets and also configures economic processes and developments.Extensive One-Stop Service – The Portfolio of the German-Czech Chamber of Industry andCommerce The German-Czech Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DTIHK) actively promotes thebilateral economic relations between the Czech Republic and Germany. As part of the internationalnetwork of German Binational Chambers, the DTIHK is backed by a strong group of chambers in 90countries worldwide and has access to a large international knowledge-base. With its excellent services and extensive contacts within the Czecheconomic and political sector, the DTIHK is able to assist its members not only with planned investments in the Czech Republic, but also in makingthe best use out of their position on the Czech market. The DTIHK was established in Prague in 1993 as the successor of the German-Czech LiaisonOffice for Economic Affairs. With more than 650 members, the chamber is the largest bilateral Chamber of Commerce Abroad in the CzechRepublic. Apart from the most important German investors, a great number of well-known Czech companies are members of the[email protected]

4th CEE Procurement & Supply ForumSeizing new opportunities in Central & Eastern EuropeEvening Event, Wednesday, 25th October 2017 19.00 – 22.00Our evening reception takes you to the centre of Prague. Enjoy thenight sky from the stunning dome of the German-Czech Chamberof Industry and Commerce. Meet speakers and network withparticipants in an informal setting over food and drinks.Dress code: business casualAddress:German-Czech Chamber of Industy and CommerceVáclavské náměstí 40 (Wenceslas Square)110 00 Prague 1, Czech RepublicConference Agenda, Thursday, 26th October 2017 Grandior Hotel Prague09.00Check-in and reception with coffee and teaOpening PlenaryChairman: Olaf Holzgrefe, Head of International & Affairs, BME, Germany09.30Opening Address CEE Procurement & Supply Forum 201709.45 Panel discussion 1: “Digital Value Chain” – How digital can help to create successful connectionsbetween CEE suppliers and German customersDigital transformation of supply chainsSharing data for supply chain innovationImpacts and benefits of digitalizationKeynote: Dr. Norbert F. Fischer, Partner, EMEA Supply Management, PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, GermanyGoran Mihajlovic, Head of Purchasing, Stiebel Getriebebau (to be confirmed)Further speakers are requestedModerator: Dr. Ulrich Piepel, CPO, innogy SE, Germany10.45Effectiveness of a supplier relationship management Purchasing and sourcing strategy CEE Supplier selection and onboarding Supplier controlling and joint innovationsJana Hahnl, Head of Procurement East Europe, innogy SE, Germany11.15Networking break with coffee and tea12.00E-Procurement: Added value in a CEE supply chain?Sell-/Buy-Side: Advantages and disadvantagesSet up the preconditions at your supplier in CEELegal risks: Contract negotiation, use of templates, closing, documentationMartin Neupert, Senior Partner, bnt attorneys-at-law, Poland/Germany12.30Panel discussion 2: Supplier qualification and development Identifying key suppliers Strategic risk-management Innovation and growth with suppliersAndreas Mohr, Director, Head of Supply Chain, GEA Refrigeration Germany GmbHPiotr Wierzchowski, Manager Marketing & Sales, Addit Sp z o.o., PolandArne Zühlke, Supplier Development & Internal Consulting, KROENERT GmbH & Co. KG, GermanyModerator: Christian Satzek, Head of Strategic Procurement, Stabilus GmbH, Germany13.15Lunch break 49 69 30838-200 49 69 30838-299

4th CEE Procurement & Supply ForumSeizing new opportunities in Central & Eastern EuropeConference Agenda, Thursday, 26th October 2017 Grandior Hotel PragueWorkshops, B2B-Matchmaking and Meet & Greet Tables:14.15- B2B-Matchmaking and Meet & Greet Tables17.45 Discuss with potential business partners that fit your individual needs. For the B2B-Matchmakings you will receive ameeting plan in advance and know exactly which company you are going to talk to. The Meet & Greet tables will giveyou the opportunity to select the most interesting business partners at the event. You will receive a list of companies thatparticipate in Meet & Greet tables in advance.Workshops14.15Workshop 1Sourcing in Central-Eastern Europe – Best practices Sourcing potential in CEE region, country focus Handling sourcing process effectively: best practices, opportunities and threatsBartłomiej Ba̧cik, Partner, OptiBuy Sp. z o.o., PolandJiri Kubos, Sourcing Manager, OptiBuy Sp. z o.o., Czech Republic15.45Networking break with coffee and tea16.15Workshop 2How to succeed in foreign marketsSuccessful market entryEfficient business partner searchLocal support abroadAdam Jareš, Director CzechTrade GermanyRené Harun, Managing Director of AHK Services, the German-Czech Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DTIHK),Czech Republic17.45End of 4th CEE Procurement & Supply ForumConference LanguageEvent WorkshopsMeet & Greet TableBuyers and suppliersmeet for 20 minute conversationsBest practice reports on strategic and operationalbusinessExchange ideas and experiences with selectedspecialistsDeveloping concretesolutions for operationalissuesMeet appropriatebusiness partners in aninformal settingContactsB2B-MatchmakingRegistrationAnke ImelmannPhone: 49 69 30838-161Email: anke.imel[email protected] BergerPhone: 49 69 30838-201Email:

4th CEE Procurement & Supply ForumSeizing new opportunities in Central & Eastern EuropeMEET POTENTIAL BUSINESS PARTNERSDuring the B2B-Matchmaking you will only meet business partners that fit your individual needs. Suppliers can hand in their profileto BME and will be informed about potential business meetings. Participating buyers will receive a list of all interested suppliers andcan then decide if they want to meet them at a Meet & Greet Table or in scheduled B2B-meetings.Options for buyersAfter having registered for the conference you will automatically and without any obligation receive a list of potential suppliers andcan then decide for one of the options:Pre-scheduled B2B-MatchmakingAt the B2B-Matchmaking you will have the possibility to meet suppliers from the automotive, machinery and plant engineeringsector as well as the electronics and further supply sectors in pre-scheduled meetings. You select from the list of suppliers thosebusiness partners that could potentially fit your individual needs. We will schedule meetings with all your selected suppliers thatregistered for the conference in 20 minute slots. You will only meet suppliers you selected.Register for theconferencePay thebasicparticipationfeeReceive a listof potentialsuppliersRate thesuppliersDecide toregister for theB2B-Matchmaking and paymatchmakingcompany feeReceive anindividualmeeting planParticipatein theB2BMatchmakingMeet & Greet TableIf you don’t want to miss the chance to talk to a potentially interesting supplier, let them approach you at your Meet & Greet table.All suppliers will be informed about your individual needs and can then directly present their offer to you without any time limitationor schedule.How to participate as a supplierPlease contact the organisers to receive a template to hand in your company profile. You will also receive a list of all the buyers thatare interested in participating in the forum. After being selected by the buyers for an individual meeting in the B2B-Matchmakingyou can then register for the 4th CEE Procurement & Supply Forum and will receive a meeting plan in advance.For more information please contactAnke Imelmann Junior Project Manager: [email protected], 49 69 30838-161Media partnerGold SponsorsExhibitors/SponsorsRoland KnoorDirector SalesPhone: 49 69 30838-112Fax: 49 69 30838-199Email: [email protected] this opportunity to showcase your business, foster contacts andforge new business relationships with key decision makers!We will be happy to advise you on how best to present your solutionsand services as a partner and exhibitor at the 4th CEE Procurement &Supply Forum!With support from 49 69 30838-200 49 69 30838-299

registration formFax: 49 69 30838-299 Phone: 49 69 30838-200 e.V. · Bolongarostrasse 82 · 65929 Frankfurt · GermanyConference Day, Thursday, 26th October 2017Yes, I would like to register 255017061Conference (fee per person)Procurement and SCM Experts (includes supplier list)495,- Additional Services for Procurement and SCM Experts* (fee per company)Meet & Greet table (no schedule)245,- B2B-Matchmaking (scheduled meetings)495,- Suppliers (fee includes B2B-Matchmaking)295,- Service providers, providers & consultants995,- * Please note that the participation, in the meets & greets and in the supplier-buyer-matchmaking is reserved for procurement and SCM experts.Registration for the workshops is necessary as soon as possible as the number of participants is limited.TimeWorkshops14.15WS 1: Sourcing in Central-Eastern Europe – Best practices16.15WS 2: How to succeed in foreign marketsYes, I would like to registerExhibitors/SponsorsYes, I am a service/solution provider. Please contact me to discuss my possibilities to participate.Delegate 1:PositionPhoneFirst nameFaxPhoneFirst nameDivisonFaxEmailCompanyStreet/P.O. BoxZIP Code/CityCountryDate/SignatureBilling address:DivisionStreet/P.O. BoxZIP Code/CityCountryInternet[email protected] registration fee includes: Conference documents (download) High-level networking Lunch and refreshments Pre-event receptionCancellationsPlease note that a processing fee of 50 willbe charged for cancellations before 2nd October2017. In the event of cancellations after thisdate or failure to turn up at the event, the full registration fee will be charged. If you are u nableto attend the forum, a substitute participantmay attend in your place. Cancellations must be submitted in writing.Delegate 2:PositionSummit: 26th October 2017Grandior Hotel PragueNa Poř íčí 42110 00 Prague 1, Czech RepublicTel: 420 226 295 111150,- per night for a single room with breakfastProgrammeBME reserves the right to make changes to theprogramme.DivisonEmailLast nameVenueEvening Event: 25th October 2017German-Czech Chamber of Industry andCommerceVáclavské náměstí 40 (Wenceslas Square)110 00 Prague 1, Czech RepublicWe have pre-reserved a contingent of roomsuntil 25th September 2017. Please take care ofthe reservation yourself and inform the hotel ingood time in the event of cancellation or anychanges to your reservation.Evening Reception, Wednesday, 25th October 2017Last nameFactsHostBMEThe Association for Supply Chain Management,Procurement and LogisticsBolongarostrasse 8265929 Frankfurt, GermanyPhone: 49 69 30838-200Fax: 49 69 30838-299Email: [email protected] 49 69 30838-200 49 69 30838-299

GEA Refrigeration Germany GmbH even if the supplier lists is an indispensable prerequisite for the success of the event, the personal discussions provide a platform for further activities and the opportunity to build a network that establishes sustainable and long term success. Werner Schuster, Dire