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ContentsChapter 1. Introduction1.1 Overview .11.2 Features .11.3 Device Specifications .11.4 System Requirements . .2Chapter 2. Installation2.1 Hardware Installation 32.2 Software Installation .3Chapter 3. Watch TV with TBSViewer3.1. Install TBSViewer .63.2 Scan Channels .83.3 Watch and Record TV . .9Chapter 4. Watch TV with DVBDream4.1 Install and use DVBDream . . .11Chapter 5. Watch TV with Windows 7 Media Center 16Appendix. UK Freeview Transmitters Map .23ii

Chapter 1. Introduction1.1. OverviewTBS6220 is a single tuner PCI-Express interface DVB-T2/T TV Tuner Card.TBS6280 is a dual tuner PCI-Express interface DVB-T2/T TV Tuner Card whichsupports watching or recording two different channels from two different frequenciessimultaneously. TBS6284 is a quad tuner PCI-Express interface DVB-T2/T TV TunerCard which supports watching or recording four different channels from four differentmultiplexes simultaneously. All of them are ready with windows BDA driver andLinux driver. The high sensitivity NIM tuner makes reception with weak signalpossible. They are compatible with Windows7 Media Center and other playersoftware like TBSViewer, DVBDream. It’s ideal for watching UK Freeview SD andHD channels on your PC.1.2. FeaturesTBS6220 PCI-E DVB-T2 TV Tuner Card:1.Watch free-to-air Digital Terrestrial TV on PC2.Both DVB-T2 and DVB-T are supported3.Low Profile Size4.High-Definition Video, Real-Time and Scheduled Video Recording5.High Sensitivity DVB-T2 Tuner for The Best Digital TV ReceptionTBS6280 PCI-E DVB-S2 Dual Tuner TV Card:1.Dual Channel Receiving simultaneously2.Both DVB-T2 and DVB-T are supported3.Low Profile Size4.High-Definition Video, Real-Time and Scheduled Video Recording5.High Sensitivity DVB-T2 Dual Tuner for The Best Digital TV ReceptionTBS6284 PCI-E DVB-S2 Quad Tuner TV Card:1

1.Quad Channel Receiving Simultaneously2.Both DVB-T2 and DVB-T Supported3.High-Definition Video, Real-Time and Scheduled Video Recording4.High Sensitivity DVB-T2 Tuner for The Best Digital TV Reception5.Windows BDA Driver and Linux Driver Ready1.3. Device Specifications1.Receiving Channel: VHF Band and UHF Band2.Channel Bandwidth: 6, 7, 8 MHz3.DVB-T2/ T Modulation Type: QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM, 256QAM4.FFT Mode: 1K, 2K, 4K, 8K, 16K, 32K5.Code Rate: 1/2, 3/5, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6, 7/86.Guard Internal:1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64, 1/128, 19/128, 19/2567.Intermediate FrequencyIF mode: Low IFCenter IF Frequency: 3 5 MHzNote:default4MHz8.RF-Input Impedance 75Ω (IEC-DIN female)9.RF-Output Impedance 75Ω (IEC-DIN male)1.4. System Requirements1.Windows XP / Vista/ 7, Linux2.Pentium 4 2.0 GHz, Pentium M 1.3 GHz3.For HDTV: 2.6 GHz multi core processor4.Hard disk with min. 1 GB free capacity5.Sound and graphics card with support for DirectX 9 or higher6.One free PCI Express slot7.CD/DVD drive for software installation2

Chapter 2. Installation2.1 Hardware InstallationFor installing TBS 6280/6220/6284 DVB-T/T2 TV Card, insert the card into PCIExpress x1,x4, x8 or x16 slot, then connect rooftop or mini aerial to card “RF IN”port. For TBS6284, a loop through cable is provided to connect one tuner’s “RFOUT” to the second tuner’s “RF IN”.Note:1) An indoor antenna is provided to watch Freeview in the areas where the signal isstrong. Change of orientation of the antenna or using amplified antenna mayimprove reception. Standard or special aerial from the roof should help to achievethe best reception quality.2) A power cable is provided with some model, but it’s only necessary when the tvtuner card can’t get sufficient power supply from the PCI Express slot.2.2 Software InstallationBefore you begin, make sure your computer qualify the system requirements.Insert the Installation CD into your CD/DVD-ROM. Click “Install Driver” whileauto-run appears.A setup window will pop up. Click "Next " to continue.3

Then click "Install".After that, click "Finish" and the installation is completed.4

To verify if driver was correctly installed, you could check computer device manager.You will see “TBS 6280 DVB-T2/T BDA Tuners” under the “Sound, video andgame controllers” bar of “Device Manager” if the driver is correctly installed.You may also install TBSViewer or DVBDream for TV reception.5

Chapter 3. Watch TV with TBSViewer3.1. Install TBSViewerClick “Install TBSViewer” from CD auto-run to start installation, click “Next” untilinstallation is completed.Double click the iconto launch TBSViewer, right-click on the applicationwindow to pop up menu and click the “Options” .6

Click “Hardware” on option window. If TBS6280 is well installed in the computer,you will see “TBS 6280 DVBT-T2 Tuner A (1)” and “TBS 6280 DVBT-T2 TunerB (2) on a window as follows.7

Select one Tuner as “Preferred”.3.2. Scan ChannelsBack to the menu and click “Channelscan”.The windows of “Scan channels” will pop up. Select Reception Type as“Terrestrial” and Select Transponder List basing on where you are. Normally“Fullscan” is recommended if you don’t know your terrestrial TV frequency.“Fullscan” is relatively slow but it ensures you won’t miss any frequency. Then click“Scan Range” to start scan. If you do know your terrestrial TV frequency and youmay input that frequency and click “Scan Frequency” directly.8

After scan is completed, the found program numbers will be shown and the programlist will be automatically saved. You can close the “Scan channels” window.3.3. Watch and Record TVMove the mouse to the edge line of TBSViewer main window on the right, and achannel list window will appear. Double click a channel to watch. You may also usethe record button to record live TV.9

TBSViewer allows links to different Video/Audio codecs. To change Video/Audiocodec, right click to pop up menu window and click the “Options”, enter the“Decoder” menu. Double click related options to select different codecs.If your system is Windows 7, you can select “Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder”which is bundled in the system.10

Chapter 4. Watch TV with DVBDream4.1. Install and use DVBDreamClick “Install DVBDream” to start installation, and then click “Next” until theinstallation is completed.While TBS6220/6280 is installed in your PC, run DVBDream. Click “Device” under“Options” menu, and you will see TBS model name on the dialog.11

You may click ok or use the UP and Down arrow to select a different Tuner and clickstart.To set up frequency, you could click on “Frequency Lists” under “Options” menu.Click “Add list”.12

Choose correct location from scroll down menu, and set up Bandwidth. For example,if you are in the United Kingdom, you can choose “DVB-T Europe” and 8Mhzbandwidth.13

After you have completed the settings, you could click “Scan” or “Manual Scan”under “Channels” menu to search for channels. If you don’t know the exactfrequency, Auto Scan is recommended.After scanning, the available channels in this frequency will be spotted, so you thencould click “Save Channels” to save all of them.14

Click the channel name you want to watch from the channel list to play that channel.You may also use the record feature to record live TV.15

Chapter 5. Watch TV with Windows 7 Media CenterAfter TBS6220/6280/6284 is installed in your computer, now you can launchWindows 7 Media Center. Click “settings” under “Tasks” column, and then a newwindow will prop up. See the screenshot below.Click “TV” in the new window, and you will see the following window. Then, click“Set Up TV Signal” to proceed.16

Then you will see the following window asking you to select your region and inputyour postal code. If the region is correct, please click “Yes” and “Next”. Otherwisejust click “No” and select the correct one again.Then the window “Program Guide Terms of Service” will appear. Select “I agree”to continue.The Windows7 Media Center starts to download digital TV setup data for your region.It will take several minutes, so please wait patiently.17

After this, there will be an “Examining TV Signals” window popping up. This willalso take a few minutes.After completion, please click “Next” to continue. Then a “TV Signal DetectionResult” window appears.18

If you choose “Yes” and click “Next”, it will start to scan channels. If you choose “No,let me configure ” then, there will be a “TV Tuner Selection” window appears foryou to select the tuner. Select TBS6280 Tuner A or Tuner B to continue scan.19

The found channels will be listed below.Go back to the main menu of Windows 7 Media Center, click “Live TV” under the“TV” column. Relevant TV programs will start to show, and you can switch todifferent channels.20

To switch channels, you can click the Stop button. Then a list of TV channels will popup and you can select the one you want to watch.21

Here is a picture which explains some shortcuts to control the Media center for you. Ifyou don’t see some of the buttons, that’s simply because your Windows 7 MediaCenter window is not large enough. You should enlarge the window by dragging thewindow frame, or go to full- screen mode by clicking the Maximize buttonthe upper-right corner.22in

Appendix1. Check Freeview transmitters at your location and click the transmitter on the mapto see Freeview frequencies and program list.

2. Both DVB-T2 and DVB-T are supported 3. Low Profile Size 4. High-Definition Video, Real-Time and Scheduled Video Recording 5. High Sensitivity DVB-T2 Tuner for The Best Digital TV Reception TBS6280 PCI-E DVB-S2 Dual Tuner TV Card: 1. Dual Channel Receiving simultaneously 2. Both DVB-T2 and DVB