basis-deutsch A1Module introduction1. Outline of the module basis-deutsch A1The basis-deutsch A1 module contains the following chapters:basis-deutsch A1.1Guten Tag!Meine FamilieMeine WohnungEssen und TrinkenMein TagHobbys und FreizeitMeine Ferienbasis-deutsch A1.2Ausbildung und BerufEine neue StadtKrank und gesundUnterwegsServiceleistungenAlte Kleider, neue KleiderFeste feiernIn order to start, simply click on the picture of basis-deutsch A1. Afterwards you will be ableto choose between A1.1 and A1.2.

2. Selecting a chapterOnce you have opened a part, you will see two toolbars.The permanent toolbar at the top of the page (see part 4 of this guide).The component toolbar on the left side of the page.The chapter index is located in the center of the page.There are two ways to begin working on a new chapter:1. Select a chapter from the component toolbar2. Select a topic that interests you use the chapter index

3. Opening and working on an exerciseOpen a chapter by clicking on it. An overview of all tasks for this topic will appear at the top ofthe screen. Here you can see which task is currently being shown and how many other tasksthere are left.In each task, there are several exercises for you to open and practice new learning material,grammar animations to get a visual explanation of new grammar structure and many links tofurther materials.

Most exercises sequences consist of several exercises. Navigate back and forth between theexercises using the tabs at the top of the exercise window

More about the symbols in the exercise windowUse the “Check” button for automatically-corrected exercises.Click the “Speichern” button to save your progress on writtenassignments and speaking exercises.Click the “Senden” button to send your text or audio file to your tutor.Switch between the buttons "Meine Lösung" and "Lösung" to compareyour solution with the suggested solution.Switch between the buttons "Meine Lösung" and "Tutor" to compareyour text with your tutor s feedback.Click the “Berichtigen” button to correct or rewrite your text accordingto your tutor s feedback.Click “Neustart” to reset all fields and start from the beginning.Should the “Tipp” symbol be displayed, an additional advisory sectionis provided for this exercise.

4. Using the permanent toolbarThe permanent toolbar located at the top of the page allows you to use many differentresources and useful tools.INHALT: Overview of all chaptersWÖRTER: search for explanations andtranslationsGRAMMATIK: chapters on grammarCHAT: classroom and general chatFORUM: forum area (general forum and classforums)KOTEXT: KoText (wiki, cooperative text tool)LINKS: Links to regional and culturalinformationTPPS: Tips, advice and strategies for moreeffective learningHILFE: Technical support, guides, additionalexplanations, FAQADMIN: Manage exercises with tutorfeedback

The basis-deutsch A1 module contains the following chapters: basis-deutsch A1.1 Guten Tag! Meine Familie Meine Wohnung Essen und Trinken Mein Tag Hobbys und Freizeit Meine Ferien basis-deutsch A1.2 Ausbildung und Beruf Eine neue Stadt Krank und gesund Unterwegs Serviceleistungen Alte Kleider