Flank Speed Outlook GuideContentsGetting Started in Outlook. 1Configuring Outlook. 4Global Address List (GAL). 6Encrypted Emails. 8PLEASE NOTE: This content is only relevant for NMCI O365 usersthat have had their email migrated into Flank Speed. If you areunsure if you have been migrated or not, see Step 1 on page 1.Stay connected on Teams

Flank Speed Outlook GuideJUNE 16, 2021Getting Started in OutlookCongrats! You have a new email address and your old account has successfullybeen migrated to Flank Speed. This means you will no longer have access to your inbox, but allof your emails, calendar invites, contacts, and tasks have been moved to your Flank Speed inbox for you.In addition, forwarding has been set up to direct any new emails or invites sent to your old address toyour Flank Speed inbox. Any outgoing messages will be sent from your new account.In order to ensure your mailbox has been moved and get your Outlook client set up for Flank Speed,please follow these steps:STEP 1Confirm your inbox moved to your Flank Speed account.Log in to your Flank Speed account ( via (the Edge browserwith an "InPrivate" window is preferred). If you have not logged in before, please reference the StartupGuide posted here. If you are unable to access Outlook from the portal, try accessing directly via your email appears at login—congrats, you're migrated!You can now use Outlook via your web browser.If you get the 500 error at right, your email has not beenmigrated yet. If you can't access Flank Speed OutlookWeb Access (OWA), DO NOT PROCEED.STEP 2Configure your installed Outlook client for your new Flank Speed account.1.1 Click on your computer's Windowsicon and go to "Control Panel".Select "Mail (32-bit)".2.2 Select "Show Profiles.".1

3.3 Select "Add." to create a new profile.Type in "FLANKSPEED" for the profilename and select "OK".4.4 Your old email address will populatein the email address box.Delete it and type in your new username emailaddress. Click "Next".5.5 You should see a screen going througha series of checks, this will take a fewminutes. After all three steps have greencheck marks, select "Finish".1.6 The "Mail" window should still be open.Ensure your Flank Speed account is selected under "Always use this profile"and click "Apply" first and then "OK".2

STEP 3Open your Outlook client. Your email should now start synchronizing (meaning, you will startto see old emails and invites show up in your Flank Speed inbox). Depending on the size of yourinbox, this could take an hour or more.Calendar invites will likely be the first thing to appear. If nothing appears, try going to "Send/Receive" andclick "Update Folder".STEP 4During synchronization, utilize Outlook Web Access via a browser window (see Step 1) to accessand use your email.STEP 5Once you are up and running in Flank Speed Outlook, please reopen Control Panel and repeatStep 2 on page 1 but instead of selecting "Add." to create a new profile, select "Remove" andremove your old account.PLEASE NOTE: If you used PSTs with your account you will need to remap themto your Flank Speed Outlook profile. Guidance can be found here on the Microsoft website:"Open and close Outlook Data Files (.pst)."Users with shared calendars will need to remove those delegations in support of the mailmigration. Re-establishing shared calendars must wait until users are both mail migrated.TROUBLESHOOTING: If you see one of these two errormessages, please follow these steps to remedy:1. Verify that you have been migrated (Step 1 on page 1).If you have, continue below.2. Attempt to sign into Flank Speed Outlook Web Access (OWA) using a private browser in Edge (click thethree dots in the top right of Edge and select "NewInPrivate Window"). If you can connect in private mode,your non-private browser is caching old sign-in information and the following steps will clear it.3. Remove any non-Flank Speed Outlook profiles(follow Step 2 on page 1, but select "Remove"instead of "Add.").4. Once your old profile(s) are removed, repeat Step 2 onpage 1 to add your Flank Speed profile.5. If this does not resolve the issue, call your Service Desk to confirm you have MAPI enabled.3

Flank Speed Outlook GuideJUNE 16, 2021Configuring OutlookFirst, in your Outlook client, click "File" on the top menu.STEP 1Setup Email Security1.1 Select "Options".2.2 Select “Trust Center”, then“Trust Center Settings”.1.3 Select “Email Security”.Check "Add digital signatureto outgoing messages" andthen click "Settings".1.4 Type in a security settingsname (can be anything, ex."ActiveClientCerts").Place a check mark in BOTHdefault security settings.4

5 Click the first "Choose.".Select the “Signature” (email)certificate. Click "Ok".6 Click thesecond"Choose.".You should only have onechoice, select the “Encryption”certificate. Click "Ok".7 In the "Change SecuritySettings" box, click "Ok".STEP 2Re-publish your certificates to the GAL1.1 Remaining in the "Email Security" tab,click "Publish to GAL.".2.2 Click "Ok" on the pop-up.3.3 Enter your PIN when requestedthen click "Ok".4.4 Once done, you will see a statusmessage. Click "Ok".5

Flank Speed Outlook GuideJUNE 16, 2021Global Address List (GAL)To avoid email delivery errors during Flank Speed transition, send all emails to legacy emailaddresses (e.g. To do that, follow the following steps to get up and running withthe US Navy Global Address List (GAL):STEP 1Clear your cache via one of the following two methods.Method 1Method 21.1 Open your Outlook client.Start Outlook using the /CleanAutoCompleteCache switch:2.2 On the "File" tab, select "Options".1 Select "Start", and then select "Run".1.3.3 Select the "Mail" tab.2 Type "Outlook.exe /CleanAutoCompleteCache".2.4.4 Under "Send Messages", uncheck "Automatic name checking". Then select"Empty Auto-Complete List". Then "Yes".STEP 2Force a GAL sync so that "US Navy" shows up in the Address Book List.1.1 Navigate to the following file using "File Explorer"c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\GlobalDirectory\GALSYNCU.exe2.2 When at the file location, double click the program and let it run.3.3 Close and restart Outlook.6

STEP 3Set your default GAL to "US Navy".1.1 Open your Outlook client and from the "Home" tab click on "Address Book".2.2 From the pop-up menu, click on "Tools" then "Options".3.3 From the second pop-up menu, click the radio button for "Custom" and select "US Navy". Click the uparrow to the right of the list until it hits the top of the Custom lists. On the last drop-down menu select"US Navy" to instruct Outlook to use the US Navy GAL by default. Click "OK".4.4 Reboot Outlook for the changes to take place.7

Flank Speed Outlook GuideJUNE 16, 2021Encrypted EmailsHow to send S/MIME encrypted emails using Flank Speed email ( in Outlook 2016.1.1 Open Outlook. Select "New Email". Click "To".2.2 Under the Address Book header, click on the drop down menu and select "US Navy"(reference previous page, Step 3). Search for the users you need to send an email to andadd them. Close the address book.3.3 Under the "Options" tab select "Encrypt" and/or "Sign" as appropriate.4.4 Select "OK" if prompted.Hit "Send".TROUBLESHOOTING: You may see this errorwhen trying to sign or encrypt an email for thefirst time from the client after migration.Follow these steps to resolve:1. Go to File Options Trust Center TrustCenter Settings Email Security.2. Navigate to Encrypted email Default Setting Settings.Type in a name for security settings (e.g. “My Policy”).3. Under "Certificates and Algorithms", click "Choose" to the right of Signing Certificate.Ensure the Signature certificate is selected. Click "OK".4. Do the same for "Encryption Certificate". Click "OK".5. Check "Send these certificates with signed messages". Click "OK".8

1. The "Mail" window should still be open. Ensure your Flank Speed account is se-lected under "Always use this profile" and click "Apply" first and then "OK". 4. Your old email address will populate in the email address box. Delete it and type in your new username email address.