bernerbeckerrevenue managementWHO WE AREberner becker revenue management provides outsourced revenue management,consulting and training for independent and chain affiliated hotels. From the office inMunich, the berner becker team is working with clients throughout Europe.Read more about us and our storyOUR MISSIONProvide hotels access to effective and tailor-made revenue management services.Performed by qualified and experienced revenue management professionals, alwaysstriving to deliver a positive impact on bottom line results.

bernerbeckerrevenue managementOUR BUSINESS MODEL CONSISTS OF 3 MAIN OFFERSOUTSOURCEDCONSULTINGTRAININGWe handle your complete day-today revenue management. Exploreour available offers or tailor it toyour preferences.Project: We execute and completesuccessful projects on your initiative.Audit: Together we identify keyareas for improvement and carry outprojects to maximise your revenueperformance.Implementation: We implement yourrevenue management processesfrom scratch.We offer a set of revenue managementtraining sessions for different levelsof expertise and can design flexibletraining to the needs of your staff.

bernerbeckerrevenue managementOUTSOURCED REVENUE MANAGEMENTWith our outsourced revenue management option we are reacting to the shortage of qualified revenue managersin the market and providing a real alternative to hiring your own revenue manager. We will handle your completeday-to-day revenue management, from pricing, distribution and forecasting, right down to the ad-hoc groupquotation after it has arrived at your reservation agent’s desk. Just like your own employee, only remote.We offerDifferent levels of depthdepending on yourneeds. Choose one ofour pre-made offers or letus together tailor it toyour needs.YOUR BENEFITSDELUXESTANDARDECOMONYTAILORED Performed by experienced revenue managementprofessionals High return on investment – on average 15%RevPar growth Efficient and cost effective – full focus on actionsthat maximise your profit Tailored solutions to your needs End your search for a qualified revenue managerREAD MORE

bernerbeckerrevenue managementREVENUE MANAGEMENT CONSULTINGOur consultancy models are here to help you reach the optimal level of performance, in both profitable revenuesand revenue management techniques. Whether you already utilize revenue management, want to start applying itnow, or if you are in the pre-opening phase, correctly utilizing or implementing revenue management is essential.YOUR BENEFITSWe offerThree revenue managementconsultancy models,which we have createdin order for you to staycompetitive in today’smarket place and master theart of revenue management.PROJECTAUDITIMPLEMENTATION Identify and unlock your revenue potential Master online distribution Gain competitive advantage with optimalmarket positioning Implement the most suitable revenue systems,tools and processes to your needs Do it right from the beginningREAD MORE

bernerbeckerrevenue managementREVENUE MANAGEMENT TRAININGWith many years of training experience, we believe transmission of knowledge and education of key staff inhotels is crucial. Revenue management is performed by people and can only be executed well if the decisionmakers possess the right knowledge and competencies to do so.YOUR BENEFITSWe offerRevenue managementtraining for everyone!Whether you are anindependent hotel, a largecorporation, or even auniversity, you have foundthe right partner.REVENUE ANDDISTRIBUTION BASICREVENUE ANDDISTRIBUTIONADVANCED Create a revenue culture Interactive exercises and case studies Taught by industry professionals Stay informed about the topics of today Understand the science of revenue management Enable better decision makingREAD MORE


“The cooperation between berner becker and the Savoy Hotel Bauren Ville has been very good and we are pleased to recommendthem to any hotelier”Zurich, SwitzerlandSavoy Hotel Baur en VilleRevenue managementimplementation and outsourcingWerner Knechtli, General Manager Extremely strong room revenue increases within in the firstyear of collaboration Heavily outperforming the competition with double digit RGIgrowth numbersREAD MORE

“As one of the fastest growing hotel corporations in Europe, weare very happy to have access to the revenue management knowhow that berner becker offers. With very positive results so far,we are confident that we will reach the expected results throughour cooperation.”Germany & AustriaGorgeous Smiling HotelsOutsourced revenue managementand trainingMichael Bungardt, Chief Executive Officer 18% room revenue growth compared to last year across theportfolio since the start of the collaboration More than 6,5% RGI growth compared to last year acrossthe portfolioREAD MORE

Reykjavik, IcelandCenterHotelsOutsourced revenuemanagement and training“Working with the berner becker team is one of the best decisionswe have ever made, and the results have been far beyond ourexpectations. Their detailed analysis of our business followed witha set of recommendations on our work-processes, contracts andsegmentation have helped us achieve exceptional results. Theyare a joy to work with, incredibly quick and professional and havethe analytical mindset that is needed when it comes to maximizingprofitability and hitting targets.”Sara Kristófersdóttir, Chief Commercial Officer Increased CenterHotels room revenues over 19% YOYin the first full year of collaboration More than 13% RGI growth in 2018 for theCenterHotels portfolio CenterHotels employees voted the basic revenuemanagement training “best training of the year”READ MORE

bernerbeckerrevenue managementINTERESTED?WE WOULD BE EXCITED TO HEAR FROM YOU!Pontus BernerCo-Founder & Managing PartnerLars BeckerCo-Founder & Managing Partnerberner becker revenue management GmbHSeidlstraße 5, 80335 Munich I tel: 49 (0) 162-5840384 I email: [email protected]

berner becker revenue management provides outsourced revenue management, consulting and training for independent and chain affiliated hotels. From the office in Munich, the berner becker team is working with clients throughout Europe. OUR MISSION Provide hotels access