Getting started.WPSEthernetHow to set up and placeyour Booster to improve alow Wi-Fi signal.PowerWi-Fi BoosterModemFor use with compatible Telstra Smart Modems.

Wi FiPAIRPowerWi FiWPSPAIREthernetPower1Place the Wi-Fi Booster close toyour Modem*.This is so that the units can be pairedbefore the Booster can be moved to thelow Wi-Fi area in your home.Wi Fi NameWi Fi 1Password2Connect the yellow-ended cable. Insert one yellow end of the cableinto the yellow port at the back ofthe Wi-Fi Booster.password12! Check that you have the Wi-Fi Booster,power adapter and yellow-ended cable. Insert the other yellow end into anyof the yellow ports on the back ofthe Modem.

PowerWi FiPAIRWPSEthernetPower3Power up the Wi-Fi Booster. Plug the Booster power adapter into apower point so that your equipment isset up as per the diagram above.4Wait for the pairing process to complete.The light on the front of the unit will changecolour during the process. Switch the power point on. The light will pulse between purpleand blue when starting up. Check that there is now a light showingon the front of the Wi-Fi Booster. The light will turn a solid blueafter 3 minutes. Detach the yellow-ended cable from thebooster then wait for the light to turnsolid blue again.Wait an additional 2 minutes afterthe solid blue light appears to ensurethat the pairing process is complete.

WPSEthernetPowerWi-Fi BoosterWPSEthernetPowerModem5Get ready to move.The Wi-Fi Booster is now paired andready to be moved to its new locationin your home. Unplug the Wi-Fi Booster power adapter. Detach the yellow-ended cable fromthe modem.You will not need to use the yellow-endedcable again during this set-up process.Store it somewhere safe as you will need itagain if the units need to be paired inthe future.6Move the Wi-Fi Booster to its newlocation where the Wi-Fi signal is low. Plug the Wi-Fi Booster into a power pointand switch the power on. Watch the light on the front of the unit.The light should pulse between purpleand blue, and will then settle to the solidblue light within 3 minutes.Refer to the Troubleshooting page if the lightshows amber and not solid blue. This meansthat the Wi-Fi Booster has been moved toofar away from the Modem.Set-up is now complete. Enjoy theimproved Wi-Fi service!

Troubleshooting Tips.What does my Wi-Fi Booster light mean?Solid BlueThe set-up has been successful. You have a strong connection back to yourModem.PurpleThe software is updating, pairing or starting up. Keep the device switchedon and wait 5 minutes for the light to turn solid blue. If the purple start-uplight does not change colour, press the Wi-Fi Booster power button* toswitch it off. Wait 30 seconds and turn it back on to complete updates.AmberA poor signal. The Wi-Fi Booster is too far away from the Modem. Simplymove the Wi-Fi Booster closer to the Modem, or move it closer to anotherWi-Fi Booster, until you succeed in getting the solid blue light.This step may involve some trial and error until you find the right spot.RedNo lightNo connection to the Modem. Press the power button* to switch the unitoff, wait 30 seconds and turn it back on again to complete updates. If thered light reappears, repeat Steps 1–6 from the set-up process to pair theModem with the Wi-Fi Booster.No power. Check that the power adapter is plugged into a working powerpoint and switched on.

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PAIR er WPS net Modem Wi-Fi Booster 5 Get ready to move. 6 Move the Wi-Fi Booster to its new The Wi-Fi Booster is now paired and location where the Wi-Fi signal is low. ready to be moved to its new location Plug the Wi-Fi Booster into a power point in your home. and switc