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Flank Speed Startup GuideJUNE 7, 2021How to Log On to Flank Speed1.1 Ensure you are connected to the DoD network either in the office or via VPN Pulse Secure Client.For the most expanded capability set, it is recommended to access Flank Speed via the above method.However, you can log into Flank Speed directly from the internet. Please note, direct internet access isprogressively being introduced into the Navy and will be a limited capability set.2.2 Open a private web browser window (Edge is recommended). Ensure you are logged out of anyother environments such as CVR and/or NMCI O365 and have closed all associated browser windows.Enter "".3.3 Select "Use another account".usernamePLEASE NOTE: For the best user experience, itis strongly recommended to use the "private"browsing feature in your internet browserfor all sessions in Flank Speed (not just initiallog on). Depending upon the browser type, thismay be referred to by different names. Commonnames are "InPrivate window" (Edge), "IncognitoWindow" (Chrome) or "Private Window" (Safari).4.4 Enter "[email protected]" and select "Next". The following screens should appear in [email protected] When password is requested, select"Sign in with CAC/PIV".1

6.6 Select “More Choices”.7.7 Select your "Authentication" certificate.If "Authentication" isn’t available, choose "ID".7A.7a If that certificate doesn’t work – you willreceive an error similar to the one below.Close your browser completely (not justthe tab or window), start the process againand select a different certificate.In case of error.Worked great?Keep going.8.8 Enter your PIN and select “Ok”.Stay signed in? Select "Yes".username2

Congratulations – You are in Flank Speed!USERNAMEClick on the avatarcircle to display youraccount informationHere is your DoDassigned RT UPThe following screens will walk you through the startup. You can eitherselect the arrow to walk through the process or select the X to proceed.3

Flank Speed Startup GuideJUNE 7, 2021Getting Started in TeamsPLEASE NOTE: If you have been using Teams in NMCI O365 or other environment, you must sign out of thatenvironment in Teams in order to sign into the Flank Speed Teams. Signing out means clicking on the SignOut label. Closing a web page or even rebooting your machine will not sign you out of the environment.Scroll over and select the Teamsicon. Teams will start and you areready to collaborate.TEAMS APPYou can also log in fromthe Teams app.4

MULTIPLE LOG INSYou can be logged into Flank Speed Teams and CVR at the same time.Log in to one via the application and one via web access.CVR Teams viaapplicationFlank Speed Teamsvia web browserPLEASE NOTE: When finished in a web browser session, best practice is to signout of both the Microsoft Office Home page AND the Teams webpage, thencompletely close all associated browser tabs.If you log into Flank Speed and go to Teams and are seeing your NEO or CVR Teamsloaded (or vice versa), log out of the Microsoft Office Home page AND Teams, closeall associated browser windows, and sign back in with Flank Speed.Microsoft Office Home PageClick hereThen sign out hereTeams Web PageClick hereLog out of the Microsoft Office Homepage AND Teams webpage beforeattempting to switch accounts.Then signout here5

Flank Speed Startup GuideJUNE 7, 2021What to Expect: Email, Teams, and CalendarEmail migration to Flank Speed will happen in waves throughout FY21. As this process is ongoing, thereare three varying user experiences within Flank Speed that will impact where you receive email andhow you schedule Teams meetings.But which user experience can I expect? To determine, log in to Flank Speed and answer these two questions:1 Do I have a Teams calendar?1.2 Is my Flank Speed Outlook enabled?Log into Flank SpeedOutlook Web Access.If you see this messageyour email hasn't beenenabled.Log into Teams and lookfor this calendar button1.1 Teams without a calendar2.2 No Flank Speed email1.1 Teams with a calendar2.2 No Flank Speed email1.1 Teams with a calendar2.2 Flank Speed emailThese users will not use Flank SpeedOutlook, but will continue accessingemail as they have in the past. However,the lack of a Teams calendar is a signthat your email will be migrated in amatter of weeks—this is a short-termsituation. Without a Teams calendar, users will have to schedule Teams meetingsin Outlook.These users will not use Flank SpeedOutlook, but will continue accessingemail as they have in the past. Userscan schedule a meeting directly inthe Teams calendar or in their nonFlank Speed Outlook, but the twocalendars will not operate in-syncwith one another.These users have had their email migrated to Flank Speed ( andtherefore Teams and Outlook work in-sync(scheduling in either application willpopulate the other). Forwarding has beenset up for any new emails or invites sentto your old email address to your FlankSpeed inbox. Outgoing messages will besent from your new account.For options on how to schedule Teams meetings, see pages 7 and 8.AN IMPORTANT NOTE ON COLLABORATIONFor the time being, the only guaranteed user group that will be able to join Flank Speed Teams meetingsare users with Flank Speed accounts ( 260,000 Navy ashore users). Additional guest access capabilitiesare expected for imminent release, users will be notified as these become available.6

Flank Speed Startup GuideJUNE 7, 2021Setting up a Teams MeetingTeams meetings can be scheduled directly in the Teams calendar. However, if you do not have a Teamscalendar or prefer scheduling from Outlook, please review options A and B below.A. VIA THE "NEW TEAMS MEETING" PLUG-IN BUTTON IN OUTLOOKAnyone can use this method to schedule a Teams meeting via Outlook (using your Flank Speed account orlegacy email). However, if you don't have a Teams calendar, this is the only method currently available to you.PLEASE NOTE: This plug-in button is only available via your installed Outlook client, not Outlook WebAccess (OWA). Therefore, you can only access it when connected to Flank Speed via the DoD network fromthe office or via VPN. You cannot access the rich client applications via direct internet access.1.1 From your government-owned desktop/laptop, launch theinstalled Teams client and log in to Flank Speed.2.2 Launch your installed Outlook client. If you already hadit open you will need to close it completely and relaunch.NOTE: Steps 1 and 2 will notwork using the browser versionsof Teams and Outlook.You must launch thesein this order.3.3 Click "Create new meeting".4.4 Use the "New Teams Meeting" plug-in buttonto generate a Flank Speed Teams meetinglink in your meeting invite.Don't see this button?5.5 Send this link to meeting participants via theirexisting ( email addresses. If theyalso have a Flank Speed account, it willautomatically be forwarded to that account.First, confirm that you are loggedinto the Teams client with FlankSpeed credentials and repeatSteps 1 and 2, in that order.If you are and the button stilldoes not appear, call your localservice desk for support.7

B. COPY AND PASTE THE LINK FROM TEAMS1.1 Open Teams and create a "New Meeting" on your Teams calendar on the appropriate day and time.You will need to invite at least one person for the meeting invite to populate with a meeting link.2.2 Select "Save" and the window will close, revealing your Teams calendar.3.3 Double click the newly created meeting invite on your calendar to view. Copy the meeting link.4.4 In your existing email calendar, create a new meeting and paste in the link copied from Teams.WHO DO I INVITE? When adding meeting participants, add users via their current email address ([email protected]). If they also have a Flank Speed account, it will automatically be forwarded to that account.PLEASE NOTE: Audio conferencing is not available at this time. It is planned for an upcoming releaseand—once available— those users provisioned with the capability will be notified with next steps.A NOTE FOR PARTICIPANTS: Participants will need to copy the Teams meeting link into a webbrowser where they are logged into Flank Speed. This will give them the option to join the meetingvia the web browser or the Teams client (if logged in with their Flank Speed account).8

Flank Speed Startup GuideJUNE 7, 2021Help!THE FLANK SPEED HUB—YOUR ONE-STOP SHOPOnce you're inside of Flank Speed,be sure to check out the FlankSpeed Hub, which you can find atthe top of your Teams toolbar whenyou log in. The Flank Speed Hub isyour one-stop shop for knowledge,resources, and training to makeyou successful. The Hub is constantly refreshed with the most upto date information—from featurestories to how-to guides—andprovides multiple ways for you togive feedback and suggestions toimprove the user experience.Be sure to check it out often!WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS, CONTACT SERVICE DESKFirst, contact your existing network service desk.Ensure supporting components (end user device, network/transport components, CVR, NEO 365, etc)are not the source of the issue. Common network service desks are listed below, but there are also 18additional in-scope networks with various contact Far EastDSN: 315.243.3883Phone: [email protected] Middle EastDSN: 318.439.6287Phone: [email protected] EuropeDSN: 314.626.4357Phone: [email protected]—if existing service desk is unknown—contact the NESD (FSSvD).NESD will resolve issue or escalate to the appropriate service desk tier.1.833.NESD.NOW (6373.669) NESD [email protected]—if all else fails—contact NAVY311.NAVY311 will route to the appropriate service desk.1.855.NAVY.311 (6289.311) [email protected]

Flank Speed Startup Guide JUNE 7, 2021 1. Teams with a calendar 2. Flank Speed email These users have had their email migrat-ed to Flank Speed ( and therefore Teams and Outlook work in-sync (scheduling in either application will populate the other). Forw