402050206020700280029002201031211010220 210thEuropeanSpace Weather WeekNovember 18 - 22, 2013Antwerp, Belgium10th anniversaryextreme events - strategic data - e-infrastructure - modelling - spacecraft operations radio wave propagation - solar flare prediction - forecast verification - aviation societal resilience - planetary systems - space exploration - cosmic ray detectorsFinal Programme &Abstract Bookcredit: ESA - P. CarrilPicture ESASTCE

Table of ContentsCommittees .1Sponsors .2ProgrammeMonday 18 November 2013 . 3Tuesday 19 November 2013 . 5Wednesday 20 November 2013 . 9Thursday 21 November 2013 . 12Friday 22 November 2013 . 16Poster Sessions .20Abstracts .360

Program CommitteeA. Belehaki(Co‐Chair, NOA & COST ES0803)A. Glover(Co‐Chair, ESA)M. Hapgood(RAL/STFC & COST ES0803)J.‐P. Luntama(ESA, SSA)R. Van der Linden (STCE & COST ES0803)P. Vanlommel(STCE, COST ES0803 & eHEROES)B. Zolesi(INGV)M. Messerotti(INAF & COST ES0803)V. Zigman(UNG & COST ES0803)M. Meier(DLR)N. Crosby(BIRA‐IASB)S. Poedts(SWWT‐chair, CPA)J. Watermann(jfwConsult & COST ES0803)M. Wik(Neurospace)S. Bruinsma(CNES)J. Lilensten(CNRS‐IPAG)Local Organising CommitteeSIDC@Solar‐Terrestrial Centre of ExcellenceO. BoulvinB. BourgoignieJ. JanssensS. RaynalR. Van der LindenA. VandersyppeP. VanlommelS. WillemsThis meeting is supported by The Solar‐Terrestrial Centre of Excellence, the Belgian Science Policy Office, ESA and EOARD1

SponsorsThe European Space Agencyhttp://www.esa.intThe Solar‐Terrestrial Center of Excellence, STCE The Belgian Science Policy European Office of Aerospace Research & Development2

Tenth European Space Weather WeekProgrammeMonday, 18 November 201309:00Registration desk open10.00Start Tutorial11.00Coffee break11:30Continue Tutorial12:30Lunch break13:30Welcome & OpeningSession 1: Extreme Space Weather Events and their ImpactChairs: Matthew Angling, Keith Ryden14:0014:3514:5215:0915:2615:4316:00Solar Superstorms ‐ A Natural Hazard with Wide Ranging Impacts ‐ InvitedCannon, PaulUniversity of Birmingham, (UNITED KINGDOM) . 37Rates of Large Flares in One Gigayear Old Solar‐like Stars With Implications for the SunSaar, Steven ; Meibom, Soeren ; Kashyap, Vinay ; Drake, JeremySmithsonian Astrophysical Obs., (UNITED STATES). 37Further Investigations of the July 23, 2012 Extremely Rare CME: What if this CME was Earth‐Directed?Ngwira, Chigomezyo 1; Pulkkinen, Antti 2; Wintoft, Peter 3; Viljanen, Ari 41Catholic University of America/NASA‐GSFC, (UNITED STATES); 2NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Space WeatherLaboratory, Greenbelt, MD 20771, (UNITED STATES); 3Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Lund, (SWEDEN);4Finnish Meteorological Institute, Helsinki, (FINLAND) . 38The 100 Largest Geomagnetic Storms in the Last 150 YearsVennerstrom, Susanne 1; Lefevre, Laure 2; Dumbovic, Mateja 3; Crosby, Norma 4; Clette, Frederic 2; Veronig, Astrid 5;Vrsnak, Bojan 3; Leer, Kristoffer 11DTU Space, (DENMARK); 2Royal Observatory of Belgium, (BELGIUM); 3University of Zagreb, (CROATIA);4Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy, (BELGIUM); 5University of Graz, (AUSTRIA). 38Russian Geomagnetic Recordings in the 19th Century compared to Modern ObservationsMyllys, Minna ; Viljanen, Ari ; Nevanlinna, HeikkiFinnish Meteorological Institute, (FINLAND). 38Modeling the Recovery Phase of Extreme Geomagnetic StormsCid, Consuelo ; Palacios, Judith ; Saiz, Elena ; Cerrato, Yolanda ; Aguado, Jesus ; Guerrero, AntonioUniversity of Alcala, (SPAIN) . 39Coffee break and Poster Session 13

Session 2: Developing Societal Resilience Against Space WeatherChairs: Mike Hapgood, Terry Onsager16:3016:4817:0617:2417:4218:00The Dutch National Safety & Security Strategy: Consequences of Satellite disruption due to solar stormRisk Preparedness and Operational Mitigation in the UKFelton, C. 1; Gibbs, Mark 21UK Cabinet Office, (UNITED KINGDOM); 2UK MET Office, (UNITED KINGDOM) . 39Resilience in Basic Functions when Disaster Hits Risk Governance in Norway ‐ InvitedThomassen, ErikDirectorate for Civil Protection, (NORWAY) . 39Building Capacity for PreparednessAndersson, E.Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, (SWEDEN) . 40International Space Weather Service Coordination during Extreme EventsSharma, M. 1; Onsager, T. 2; Lafeuille, J. 21US Department of State, (UNITED STATES); 2(‐ Not specified ‐) . 41End of Plenary session18:15Arrival of the guests at ZOO AntwerpKoningin Astridplein, 20‐26 at 2018 Antwerp18:30‐19:30Keynote lecture in the Darwin Room19:35‐21:35Reception in the Marbel Room21‐35:22:35Evening stroll in the ZOO4

Tuesday, 19 November 2013Session 3 Strategic Data Sets Supporting Awareness of the Solar Source of Space WeatherChairs: David Berghmans, Mathieu Kretzschmar09:0009:1309:3309:4609:5910:19The 'ideal' Collection of Data Sets for Space Weather ForecastingDevos, Andy ; Stegen, Koen ; Vansintjan, Robbe ; West, Matthew J ; Mampaey, Benjamin ; Delouille, VéroniqueRoyal Observatory of Belgium, (BELGIUM) . 41Mission Concepts and Measurement Needs at the L4/L5 Points ‐ InvitedLavraud, Benoit 1; and, INSTANT team 21IRAP/CNRS/Université de Toulouse, (FRANCE);2All, (FRANCE). 41PROBA2 a Space Weather MonitorWest, Matthew 1; Seaton, Dan 1; Dominique, Marie 1; Berghmans, David 1; Zender, Joe 2; Stegen, Koen 1; Pylyser, Erik 11Royal Observatory Belgium, (BELGIUM); 2ESA, (NETHERLANDS). 41Monitoring Ionospheric Plasmas in Space Weather Context via DSLP/Proba‐2 Data ArchiveTravnicek, Pavel 1; Stverak, Stepan 2; Pavelka, Roman 2; Hercik, David 3; Zender, Joe 41Space Sciences Laboratory, University California, Berkeley, US, (UNITED STATES); 2AsI & IAP, Academy of Sciences ofthe Czech Republic, (CZECH REPUBLIC); 3Technical University Braunschweig, (GERMANY); 4ESTEC, ESA,(NETHERLANDS) . 42BASS2000 and HELIO: Dataset and Added‐Values ‐ InvitedAboudarham, Jean 1; Bonnin, Xavier 2; Renie, Christian 2; Fuller, Nicolas 2; Cecconi, Baptiste 2; Bentley, Robert D. 3;Csillagy, André 41Paris Observatory, (FRANCE); 2Paris Observatory, LESIA, (FRANCE); 3MSSL/UCL, (UNITED KINGDOM);4FHNW, (FRANCE) . 42UV/EUV Solar Spectral Imaging Data for Space WeatherBuchlin, Eric ; Baudin, FrédéricIAS (CNRS/U. Paris‐Sud), (FRANCE) . 4210:30Coffee break & Poster Session 311:00Ground‐Based H‐Alpha Imaging of the Solar Sources of Space Weather ‐ InvitedVeronig, Astrid 1; Pötzi, Werner 1; Temmer, Manuela 1; Riegler, Gernot 2; Pock, Thomas 2; Hirtenfellner‐Polanec,Wolfgang 1; Möstl, Ute 1; Baumgartner, Dietmar 11University of Graz, Kanzelhöhe Observatory ‐ Institute of Physics, (AUSTRIA); 2Graz University of Technology,Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision, (AUSTRIA). 43A New Solar Observing Network for Space Weather Operations and Solar Physics ResearchHill, Frank 1; Roth, Markus 2; Thompson, Michael 31National Solar Observatory, (UNITED STATES); 2Kiepenheuer‐Institut für Sonnenphysik, (GERMANY);3High Altitude Observatory, (UNITED STATES) . 43The Strategic Opportunities for Space Weather from Synoptic Full‐Disk Vector Magnetogram DataLeka, K.D.NorthWest Research Associates, (UNITED STATES) . 43Space Weather Monitoring; Benefits and Needs of the e‐Callisto Network. ‐ InvitedZucca, Pietro 1; Monstein, Christian 2; Gallagher, Peter T. 3; Marqué, Christophe 4; Carley, Eoin P. 3; Morosan, Diana E.3; McCauley, Joe 31Trinity College Dublin, (IRELAND); 2Institute for Astronomy, ETH‐Zentrum, Zurich, CH‐8093, (SWITZERLAND);3School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2, (IRELAND); 4Royal Observatory of Belgium Avenue Circulaire 3B1180 Brussels, (BELGIUM). 44Solar Radio Monitoring at Nançay Observatory ‐ Spectrography and ImagingKlein, Karl‐Ludwig ; Kerdraon, Alain ; Lecacheux, AlainObservatoire de Paris, CNRS, (FRANCE) . 4411:2011:3511:5012:105

Session 4 Space Weather Effects on HF and Trans‐Ionospheric Radio Wave PropagationChairs: Ioanna Tsagouri, David Altadill, Nicolas Bergeot, Michael Pezzopane09:0009:3009:4510:0010:15Real Time Assimilative Global IRI Electron Density Model using GIRO Measurements to Assess SpaceWeather Events ‐ InvitedReinisch, Bodo 1; Galkin, Ivan 2; Huang, Xueqin 1; Nsumei, Patrick 3; Bilitza, Dieter 41Lowell Digisonde International, (UNITED STATES); 2University of Massachusetts, (UNITED STATES); 3University ofMassachusetts Lowell, (UNITED STATES); 4George Mason University, (UNITED STATES). 44The Upgraded DIAS System: New Products for the TopsideIionosphere and Plasmasphere and for the high LatitudeIonosphereBelehaki, Anna 1; Kutiev, I. 2; Zolesi, B. 3; Tsagouri, I. 1; Marinov, Pencho 2; Pietrella, Marco 3; Elias, Panagiotis 1;Tziotziou, K. 1; Themelis, K. 11National Observatory of Athens, (GREECE); 2Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,(BULGARIA); 3INGV, (ITALY) . 45Report on Establishing a‐ 'Global Ionospheric Flare Detection System' (GIFDS)Wenzel, Daniela ; Jakowski, Norbert ; Berdermann, JensGerman Aerospace Center (DLR), (GERMANY) . 46The Ability to Forecast Sporadic E Layer AppearanceDziak‐Jankowska, Beata ; Stanislawska, Iwona ; Tomasik, Lukasz ; Pozoga, MariuszSRC PAS, (POLAND) . 46GINESTRA, MImOSA and MEDSTEC: Competence Surveys within the ESA ALCANTARA InitiativesAlfonsi, Lucilla 1; Povero, Gabriella 2; Rose, Julian 31Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, (ITALY); 2Istituto Superiore Mario Boella, (ITALY);3University of Bath, (UNITED KINGDOM) . 4610:30Coffee break & Poster Session 411:00Recent Developments in the Understanding of Space Weather Effects on Satellite Navigation Systems ‐ InvitedForte, BiagioUniversity of Bath, (UNITED KINGDOM) . 47TBD11:3011:4512:0012:15Observed High‐Latitude GNSS Disturbances during a Less‐Than‐Minor Geomagnetic StormJacobsen, Knut ; Andalsvik, YngvildNorwegian Mapping Authority, (NORWAY) . 47Spline Model for high‐ Latitude Ionospheric Scintillation using In Situ DataPriyadarshi, Shishir; Wernik, Andrzej W.1Space Research Centre, (POLAND);. 47Ionospheric Irregularities Morphology as Derived by GNSS Scintillation MonitorsStevanović, ĐorđeCentrum Badań Kosmicznych, (POLAND) . 48Session 5 The Impact of Space Weather on Space ExplorationChairs: Giovanni Lapenta09:0009:15Space Radiation Health Effects of Astronauts in Explorative MissionsReitz, GuentherDLR, (GERMANY) . 48How Space Weather could Influence on Human Cardiovascular System and Microcirculation ‐ InvitedGurfinkel, Yury 1; Breus, Tamara 21Scientific Clinical Center; Space Research Institute (IKI RAS), (RUSSIAN FEDERATION);2Space Research Institute, (RUSSIAN FEDERATION) . 496

09:3010:15Space Weather in the Problem of Providing Radiation Safety of the Crews of the Manned Spacecraft ‐ InvitedPetrov, Vladislav ; Benghin, Viktor ; Mitrikas, ViktorInstitute of biomedical problems, (RUSSIAN FEDERATION) . 49Updates to the ESA Interplanetary and Planetary Radiation Model for Human SpaceflightHeynderickx, Daniel 1; Aran, A. 2; Daly, E.J. 3; Jiggens, P. 3; Lei, F. 4; Sanahuja, B. 2; Truscott, P.R. 5; Tylka, A. 6; Vainio, R.1DH Consultancy BVBA, (BELGIUM); 2Universitat de Barcelona, (SPAIN); 3ESA/ESTEC, (NETHERLANDS); 4RadModResearch Ltd., (UNITED KINGDOM); 5Kallisto Consultancy Limited, (UNITED KINGDOM); 6NASA/GSFC, (UNITEDSTATES); 7University of Helsinki, (FINLAND) . 50Modelling Satellite Interaction with Space Weather and Environment ‐ InvitedMarchand, Richard ; ur Rehman, Saeed ; Hussain, NadiaUniversity of Alberta, (CANADA) . 50TBD10:30Coffee break & Poster Session 511:00Space Weather During the Two Recent Solar Activity Minima. ‐ InvitedGburek, SzymonSpace Research Centre Polish Academy of Sciences, (POLAND) . 51CMEs in the Inner Heliosphere ‐ Propagation and Interaction with the Solar Wind ‐ InvitedTemmer, Manuela 1; Rollett, Tanja 1; Möstl, Christian 1; Gressl, Corinna 1; Veronig, Astrid 1; Vrsnak, Bojan 21Institute of Physics, University of Graz, (AUSTRIA); 2Hvar Observatory, University of Zagreb, (CROATIA) . 51The Role of Drifts in the Propagation of Solar Energetic ParticlesMarsh, Mike ; Dalla, Silvia ; Laitinen, Timo ; Kelly, JamesUniversity of Central Lancashire, (UNITED KINGDOM) . 51Monte Carlo and Non‐Monte‐Carlo Techniques for SEP Statistical Model Generation and Assessment ofUncertaintiesTruscott, Pete 1; Heynderickx, Daniel 2; Lei, Fan 3; Varotsou, Athina 4; Jiggens, Piers 5; Hilgers, Alain 51Kallisto Consultancy, (UNITED KINGDOM); 2DH Consultancy, (BELGIUM); 3RadMod Research, (UNITED KINGDOM);4TRAD, (FRANCE); 5ESA/ESTEC, (NETHERLANDS) . 52Study of the Solar wind Effects on the Magnetosphere using Fully Kinetic SimulationsAmaya, Jorge 1; Deca, Jan 1; Markidis, Stefano 2; Divin, Andrey 3; Lembège, Bertrand 4; Cazzola, Emanuelle 1; Lapenta,Giovanni 11KULeuven, (BELGIUM); 2KTH Royal Institute of Technology, (SWEDEN); 3Institutet för rymdfysik, Uppsala universitet,(SWEDEN); 4LATMOS, CNRS, (FRANCE) . 52Space Debris in the Near‐Earth Space: Impact on Space Missions Coronas‐F and Coronas‐Photon.Kuzin, Sergey ; Shestov, Sergey ; Ulyanov, ArtemLebedev Physical Institute, (RUSSIAN FEDERATION) . 5309:4510:0011:1511:3011:4512:0012:1512:30Lunch break7

13:30‐15:00Splinter SessionScala 2Scala 3Scala 4Ionospheric Effects on RadioSystems Topical WorkingGroupNext generation SPENVISCospar Initiative for a Roadmapfor Space Weather activitiesM. Kruglandski ‐ BIRA‐IASB,BELGIUMK. Kauristie ‐ FinnishMeteorological Institute,FINLANDK. Schrijver ‐ Lockheed MartinAdvanced Technology Center,UNITED STATESA. Glover ‐ ESA/ESAC, SPAINM. Angling ‐QinetiQ, UK15:15‐16:45Splinter SessionScala 2Scala 3Scala 4The DIAS system: status,future developments andsustainability planSpace Weather Research andOperations: The Added Valueof FP7 ProjectsTowards automatic detectionof solar radio bursts forspace weather applicationsA. Belehaki ‐ NationalObservatory of Athens,GREECEM. Messerotti ‐ INAF, ITALYC. Marqué‐ STCE, BELGIUM16:45Coffee break17:15‐18:45Splinter SessionX. Bonnin ‐ LESIA,Observatoire de Paris,FRANCEScala 2Scala 3Scala 4SSA Space Weather ServiceNetworkSEP Server ReleaseOpen Discussion of SolarSpectral Variability asProduct for any SpaceWeather and Space ClimateUser CommunitiesKruglanski, Michel ‐ BIRA‐IASB, BELGIUMA. Glover ‐ ESA, SPAINVainio, Rami ‐ University ofHelsinki, FINLANDD. Heynderickx ‐DH Consultancy, Leuven,BELGIUMM. Haverreiter ‐ PMOD/RWC,SWITSERLANDV. Delouille ‐ ROB, BELGIUM8

Wednesday, 20 November 2013Session 6 Space Weather Impacts on AviationChairs: Daniel Matthiae, Emilien Robert09:0009:1809:3609:5110:09Space Weather Impact on AviationRobert, Emilien ; Sivcev, Zarko ; Hart, DennisEUROCONTROL, (BELGIUM) . 54Space Weather Aspects ‐ An Airline Pilots' perspective ‐ InvitedSievers, KlausVereinigung Cockpit, Germany, (GERMANY) . 55Space Weather and Aviation from the Perspectice of the European Aviation Safety AgencyTrautenberg, HansEASA, (GERMANY) . 55Influence and Mitigation of Ionospheric Disturbances During Aircraft Precision Landing ApproachesBerdermann, Jens ; Hlubek, NikolaiGerman Aerospace Center (DLR), (GERMANY) . 55Space Weather Effects on Airline HF Radio Communications in the High Latitude RegionsStocker, Alan 1; Siddle, David 1; Warrington, Mike 1; Hallam, Jonathan 1; Honary, Farideh 2; Rogers, Neil 2; Zaalov,Nikolay 3; Boteler, David 4; Danskin, Donald 41University of Leicester, (UNITED KINGDOM); 2University of Lancaster, (UNITED KINGDOM);3St. Petersburg State University, (RUSSIAN FEDERATION); 4Geological Survey of Canada, (CANADA) . 5610:30Coffee break & Poster Session 611:00Energetic Solar Cosmic Ray Events and their Effect on Radiation Exposure at Flight AltitudesFlückiger, E. ; Bütikofer, R.University of Bern / HFSJG, (SWITZERLAND) . 56Radiation Monitoring of GLE on Board Commercial FlightTROMPIER, François 1; BONOTTE, Frank 2; DESMARIS, Gérard 2; BOTTOLLIER‐DEPOIS, Jean‐François 11IRSN, (FRANCE); 2Air France, (FRANCE). 57Epidemiological Investigations of Aircrew ‐ an Occupational Group with Low‐Level CosmicRadiation Exposure ‐ InvitedZeeb, Hajo ; Mueller, SteffenLeibniz‐Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology ‐ BIPS, (GERMANY) . 57The Impact of the Halloween Storms on Radiation Exposure in Aviation: 10 Years AfterMeier, MatthiasDLR, (GERMANY) . 5811:2011:4012:00Session 7 Data and Model Infrastructures for the Advancement of Space Weather Science and ServicesChairs: Andre Csillaghy ‐ Daniel Heynderickx ‐ Bogdan Nicula09:0009:1509:30ODI ‐ Open Data InterfaceWintoft, Peter 1; Heynderickx, Daniel 2; Evans, Hugh 31Swedish Institute of Space Physics, (SWEDEN); 2DH Consultancy, (BELGIUM); 3ESA/ESTEC, (NETHERLANDS). 58Integration of new Space Weather Services into the SSA Data Centre: Regional Aurora Forecast and IonosphericMonitoringBeltrami, Pablo 1; Keil, Ralf 1; Martinez, Unai 1; Navarro, Vicente 2; Kauristie, Kirsti 3; Yaya, Philippe 4; Béniguel,Yannick 51etamax space GmbH, (GERMANY); 2ESA‐ESAC, (SPAIN); 3FMI, (FINLAND); 4CLS, (FRANCE); 5IEEA, (FRANCE) . 59From the Sun to Earth (and beyond) ‐ Cross‐use of three FP7 Heliophysics Projects.Perez‐Suarez, David 1; Tanskanen, Eija 1; Kallio, Esa 1; Pierantoni, Gabriele 21Finnish Meteorological Institute, (FINLAND); 2Trinity College Dublin, (IRELAND) . 599

09:4510:0010:15Surfing the Heliosphere: Integrating Heterogenous Data for Visualization, Browsing and Discovery ‐ InvitedIreland, Jack 1; Stys, Jeffrey 1; Hughitt, V. Keith 2; Mueller, Daniel 31ADNET Systems, Inc. / NASA's GSFC, (UNITED STATES); 2University of Maryland, (UNITED STATES);3ESA, (UNITED STATES). 60SEISOP, a System enabling Space Weather Services for the SSAAngela, Rivera Campos ; Esther, Parrilla‐Endrino ; Maria Jesús, Enríquez ; Noelia, Sánchez ; Sandra, NegrínElecnor Deimos, (SPAIN). 60Swiff Approach to Basing Space Weather Forecasts on Fundamental Physics ModelsLapenta, Giovanni 1; Swiff Consortium, EC‐FP7 Network 21KU Leuven, (BELGIUM); 2Swiff, (BELGIUM) . 6010:30Coffee break & Poster Session 711:00Accessing Near‐Earth Space Data through the ESPAS e‐Science System: Design and Demonstration of first WorkingPrototypeVentouras, Spiros 1; Belehaki, Anna 2; Hapgood, Mike 1; Lebesis, Antonis 31RAL, (UNITED KINGDOM); 2National Observatory of Athens, (GREECE);3ATHENA Research and Innocation Center, (GREECE). 61The ESA Virtual Space Weather Modelling Centre ‐ Phase 1B ‐ InvitedPoedts, Stefaan 1; Lapenta, Giovanni 1; Deconinck, Herman 2; Lani, Andrea 2; Fontaine, Bernard 3; Depauw, Jan 3; Diet,Fabian 3; Diep, Ho Hgoc 3; Mihalache, Nicolae 3; Heynderickx, Daniel 4; De Keyser, Johan 5; Crosby, Norma 5;Rodriguez, Luciano 6; Van der Linden, Ronald 61KU Leuven/CmPA, (BELGIUM); 2VKI, (BELGIUM); 3Space Applications, (BELGIUM); 4DHConsultancy, (BELGIUM),5BIRA‐IASB, (BELGIUM); 6ROB, (BELGIUM) . 62Why would a Modeller Take the trouble to Comply with a Shared Modelling Framework?De Keyser, Johan 1; Gamby, Emmanuel 1; Kruglanski, Michel 1; Poedts, Stefaan 2; Lapenta, Giovanni 2; Lani, Andrea 3;Deconinck, Herman 3; Heynderickx, Daniël 41Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy, (BELGIUM); 2KULeuven, (BELGIUM); 3Von Karman Institute, (BELGIUM);4DHConsulting, (BELGIUM). 62Debate on the Future of InfrastructuresCsillaghy, Andre 1; Heynderickx, Daniel 2; Nicula, Bogdan 31FHNW, (SWITZERLAND); 2DH Consultancy, (BELGIUM); 3OMA, (BELGIUM) . 6311:2011:4012:00Session 8 Space Weather in Planetary SystemsChairs: Gaël Cessateur, Alexander Shapiro, Mathieu Barthélémy09:0009:2009:5010:1010:30A Generic Description of Planetary AuroraDe Keyser, Johan ; Maggiolo, Romain ; Maes, LukasBelgian Institute for Space Aeronomy, (BELGIUM) . 63Airglow and Auroral Emission from GanymedeBarthelemy, Mathieu 1; Cessateur, Gael 2; Abisset, Antoine 31UJF/CNRS, (FRANCE); 2Physikalisch‐Meteorilogisches Observatorium Davos / World Radiation Center,(SWITZERLAND); 3IPAG; UJF/CNRS, (FRANCE) . 63Satellite Retrieved Cloud Data Limitations and the Evaluation of a Solar ‐ Cloud LlinkCalogovic, JasaFaculty of Geodesy, (CROATIA) . 64Longterm Reconstruction of the Solar EUV for Planetary Science ApplicationsHaberreiter, Margit 1; Beer, Jürg 2; Delouille, Veronique 3; Mampaey, Benjamin 3; Verbeeck, Cis 3; Schmutz, Werner 11PMOD/WRC, (SWITZERLAND); 2EAWAG, (SWITZERLAND); 3ROB, (BELGIUM) . 64Coffee break & Poster Session 810

11:0011:2511:4512:0512:30Where and how much is Solar Irradiance increasing during Flare ?Kretzschmar, MatthieuLPC2E, CNRS & University of Orléans, (FRANCE) . 64What is the Contribution of Different Magnetic Structures to the Solar Spectral Irradiance Variability?Vuets, Anatoly ; Dudok de Wit, Thierry ; Kretzschmar, MatthieuLPC2E, (FRANCE) . 65The PREMOS/PICARD Radiometer: An Overview after 3 Years of ObservationsCessateur, Gaël ; Shapiro, Alexander ; Schmutz, WernerPMOD/WRC, (SWITZERLAND) . 65The Comparison of Solar and Stellar VariabilitiesShapiro, Alexander ; Schmutz, Werner ; Cessateur, Gael ; Rozanov, EugenePMOD/WRC, (SWITZERLAND) . 65Lunch break13:30‐16:00ScalaSpace Weather WorkingTeam Plenary MeetingChair: Stefaan Poedts,KULeuven16:00Coffee break16:30Space Weather Fair17:30Start Beer tasting11

Thursday, 21 November 2013Session 9 Spacecraft Operations and Space WeatherChairs: Dave Pitchford, Richard Horne, Hugh Evans09:0009:2009:40Space Weather Warnings: When Should Operators Really Be Worried? ‐ InvitedMonham, AndrewEUMETSAT, (GERMANY) . 66Space Environment Impacts on Geostationary Communications Satellites: Amplifier Anomalies and Solar ArrayDegradation ‐ InvitedLohmeyer, Whitney ; Cahoy, KerriMIT, (UNITED STATES). 66TBD10:00A Case for Miniature Targeted Space Weather Sensors ‐ InvitedLikar, Justin ; Bogorad, Alexander ; Lombardi, Robert ; Herschitz, RomanLockheed Martin Space Systems Company, (UNITED STATES). 6710:30Coffee break & Poster Session 911:00The COMESEP Space Weather Alert SystemRodriguez, Luciano 1; Devos, Andy 1; Bourgoignie, Bram 1; Kraaikamp, Emil 1; Nicula, Bogdan 1; Bonte, Katrien 2;Verbeeck, Cis 1; Crosby, No

18:15 Arrival of the guests at ZOO Antwerp Koningin Astridplein, 20‐26 at 2018 Antwerp 18:30‐19:30 Keynote lecture in the Darwin Room 19:35‐21:35 Reception in the Marbel Room 21‐35:22:35 Evening stroll in the ZOO