Tuxedo Plus Mastercard/Maestro Prepaid CardTerms & ConditionsJanuary 2021These terms and conditions apply to your Prepaid Card. You must read them carefully. In theseterms and conditions:“Additional Cardholder” means the person you have authorised to use a prepaid card connected toyour eccount, who you agree is authorised to undertake transactions on your behalf and who is alsosubject to these terms and conditions“Cardholder” means You or the Additional Cardholder;“eccount” means the prepaid service established by us in your name;“eccount Opening Date” means the date on which your prepaid card service is activated;“Prepaid Card” means the Maestro or Mastercard Prepaid Card that you have purchased from us;“PIN” means the unique personal identification number which is provided to you when you call oursecure automated PIN retrieval service;“Reload” means to Top-up or to add money to your eccount;“Tuxedo” means Tuxedo MoneyPlus Limited;“We”, “us” or “our” means PayrNet UK Limited Ltd or Tuxedo MoneyPlus Limited acting on itsbehalf;“Website” means our online site at“You” or “your” means the individual holding the eccount and any additional cardholders youauthorise us to issue cards to.Contact us by: www.tuxedoprepaid.comPost: Tuxedo MoneyPlus Limited, PO BOX 6388, LONDON, W1A 1UXTelephone Customer Care: 020 7904 2354. All telephone calls to Tuxedo MoneyPlus Limited will berecorded.1. Your Prepaid Mastercard/Maestro CardYou can use the Prepaid Card at any location that displays the Mastercard/Maestro AcceptanceMark, including shops, restaurants, online, or on the telephone. You can also use your Prepaid Cardoverseas.Before using the Prepaid Card, you need to make sure there are enough funds loaded on it. You willnot be able and should not attempt to use your Prepaid Card after its expiry date.Your Prepaid Card is not a credit card and can only be connected to your bank account for thepurposes of loading the card. You will not earn any interest on any funds loaded on your PrepaidCard.

Where you have requested and we have agreed to Additional Cardholders, you authorise us to issuePrepaid Cards and a PIN to the Additional Cardholders and you authorise each Additional Cardholderto authorise transactions on your behalf.As the primary cardholder you will be responsible for the use of the additional Prepaid Card and forany applicable fees or charges that your Additional Cardholder may incur. The use of your PrepaidCard by an Additional Cardholder will be regarded as confirmation to us that you havecommunicated these terms and conditions to them and that they accepted them prior to use.2. Applying for and activating your Prepaid CardTo apply for our Prepaid Card, you must be at least 18 years old and a UK resident. We will requireevidence of who you are and your address. We may ask you to provide some documentary evidenceto prove this and/or we may check all personal information given by you with credit reference orfraud prevention agencies and other organisations, we may perform a search of your credit file inorder to verify your identity. The agencies may keep a record of your information and the searchesmade; however, we do not perform a credit check and the search is for identity purposes only andwill be recorded as such.You must sign the signature strip on the back of the Prepaid Card as soon as it is received. Pleaserefer to our Website for all Prepaid Card loading options, or refer to the “Loading your Prepaid Card”section below.By using the Prepaid Card, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.3. Loading your Prepaid CardFunds can be loaded to your Prepaid Card in a number of ways: with cash at selected retail outlets,by transfer from your bank account and at our discretion by using a debit card, subject tosatisfactory security checks - Simply follow the instructions at the Website.The minimum initial load on your Prepaid Card is 10. Your Prepaid Card cannot be loaded morethan twice in any one day. The balance on your Prepaid Card can never exceed the limit specifiedunder Section 12 at any time. If any load takes the maximum card balance above the permitted limitthe load will have to be refunded to you and we may charge the redemption fee specified in Section12 We reserve the right to refuse to accept any particular loading transaction or to disable anyparticular loading method without notice in the interests of fraud prevention.Your funds will be available for use when we receive them. A PayPoint load will usually be availablewithin one hour of loading. Bank Transfer loads will take up to a maximum of three working days tobe received by us. The first load from a new debit card will be available after three working days –subsequent loads by this method will be available immediately.A Load/Reload Fee may apply for each load/reload that you make. Please see Section 12 below fordetails of when a Load/Reload fee will apply and how much it will be.4. Using your Prepaid CardDetailed instructions on how to use your Prepaid Card are found on the Website. You will need tofollow these instructions when using your Prepaid Card.We will deduct the value of your transactions from the balance on your Prepaid Card. We will alsodeduct any applicable fees as soon as they become payable by you, see our Fees section below fordetails of our fees.

The Prepaid Card belongs to us. We may ask you to stop using your Prepaid Card and return it to usor destroy it. We may at any time suspend, restrict or cancel your Prepaid Card or refuse to issue orreplacea Prepaid Card for reasons relating to the following: we are concerned about security of your Prepaid Cards we have issued to you;we suspect your Prepaid Cards are being used in an unauthorised or fraudulent manner;or we need to do so to comply with the law.If we do this, we will tell you as soon as we can or are permitted to do so after we have taken thesesteps.Like other payment cards, we cannot guarantee a retailer will accept your Prepaid Card. We mayalsorefuse to pay a transaction: if we are concerned about security of your Prepaid Card or we suspect your Prepaid Card isbeing used in an unauthorised or fraudulent manner;If sufficient funds are not loaded on your Prepaid Card at the time of a transaction to coverthe amount of the transaction and any applicable fees;if there is an outstanding Shortfall on the Prepaid Card in accordance with condition 12;if we have reasonable grounds to believe that you are acting in breach of this agreement;if we believe that a transaction is potentially suspicious or illegal (for example, if we believethat a transaction is being made fraudulently); orbecause of errors, failures (whether mechanical or otherwise) or refusals by merchants,payment processors or payment schemes processing transactions.If we refuse to authorise a transaction, we will, if practicable, tell you why immediately unless itwould be unlawful for us to do so. You may correct any information we hold, and which may havecaused us to refuse a transaction by contacting us via the website or via [email protected] Authorising TransactionsSubject to the features of the particular Prepaid Card, the authorisation of a transaction can includeauthorising any single transaction, a series or recurring transactions (including transactions for aniindefinite period) or pre-authorising future transactions of a certain or uncertain amountA Prepaid Card transaction will be regarded as authorised by you where you; authorise the transaction at the point of sale by following the instructions provided by themerchant or retailer to authorise the transaction, which may include:a) entering your PIN or providing any other security code;b) signing a sales voucher;c) providing the Prepaid Card details and/ or providing any other details as requested;d) waving/swiping the Prepaid Card over a card reader or inserting your Prepaid Card into acard reading device for the purpose of making a payment

insert a Prepaid Card and enter your PIN to request a cash withdrawal at an ATM;make a request for a cash advance at any bank counter;Authorisation for a transaction may not be withdrawn (or revoked) by you after the time it isreceived.However, the following transactions may be withdrawn if you or an Additional Cardholder givesnotice to the supplier (providing a copy of the notice to us): any transaction which is agreed to take place on a date later than the date is was authorisedaslong as notice was provided no later than the close of business on the business day before itwas due to take place;If we do revoke a transaction on your behalf, we will charge a revocation fee as specified in Section12. We will pay the funds required by the retailer or merchant to cover the transactions authorisedby you within 3 days of us receiving their request. A transaction (the payment order) will be receivedasfollows: for purchases and ATM transactions, at the time we receive the transaction instruction fromthe merchant acquirer or ATM operator;for other transactions which are communicated directly to us, at the time you ask us tocomplete the transaction.If, in relation to;a) purchases and ATM transactions, we receive the transaction instruction from themerchant acquirer or ATM operator; orb) other transactions communicated directly to us; you ask us to complete the transactionafter 4.00 p.m., the transaction instruction or request will be deemed to have beenreceived by us on the following business day.6. Cancellation and expiry of your Prepaid CardThis agreement will terminate 36 months from account opening date, after this time the funds onyour card will expire and become valueless. You have a legal right to cancel your Prepaid Card up to14 days after you receive the Prepaid Card without being charged the Refund Fee – this 14-dayperiod is known as the “Cooling-Off Period”. Under these terms and conditions, you also have theright to cancel your Prepaid Card at any time after the 14 day Cooling-Off Period without notice andany funds remaining on your Prepaid Card will be returned to you within 5 days subject tosatisfactory checks being completed.We may also cancel your agreement for any reason by giving you at least 2 months’ notice: if this agreement or your card expires on a set date and we have not agreed to renew thisAgreement;

if you break an important part of this agreement, or repeatedly break the agreement andfail to resolve the matter in a timely manner;if you act in a manner that is threatening or abusive to our staff, or any of ourrepresentatives;if you fail to pay fees or charges that you have incurred or fail to put right any shortfall;in the event of your deathThere is a 12-month consecutive period of card inactivityWe may also cancel this agreement or suspend your card or account immediately if we believe yourPrepaid Card is deliberately being used by you to commit fraud or for other illegal purposes. If we dothis we will tell you as soon as we are permitted to do so.If we cancel your Prepaid Card you must tell us what you want us to do with any unused funds within3 months of the date, we tell you your Prepaid Card is cancelled. We can return the funds to theloading source, to a bank account in the same name as the prepaid card account or we can issue acheque for your refund. Please note we will need to verify your identity in order to satisfy AntiMoney Laundering requirements. If you fail to inform us within the 3-month period, your funds willexpire and become valueless.If your Prepaid Card is cancelled, we will immediately block your Prepaid Card so it cannot be used.You will not be entitled to a refund of money you have already spent on transactions authorised, orpending or any fees for use of the Prepaid Card before the Prepaid Card is cancelled or expires. Youcan cancel your Prepaid Card by sending an email to us using the “contact us” function on theWebsite, and confirming that you have destroyed your Prepaid Card.If you cancel your Prepaid Card, once all transactions and fees have been deducted, we will arrangefor any unused funds to be refunded to you, see "Your Right to a Refund" section below for furtherinformation. A Refund Fee may be charged (see Fees section below) unless you have arranged totransfer any unused funds to another Prepaid Card managed by us, or you cancel your Prepaid Cardwithin 14 days of receiving it.Your Prepaid Card will be valid for 36 months, when it expires, we will not automatically issue areplacement prepaid card.7. Keeping your Prepaid Card secureYou should treat your Prepaid Card like cash. If it is lost or stolen, you may lose some or all of yourmoney on your Prepaid Card, in the same way as if you lost cash in your wallet or purse. As a result,you must keep your Prepaid Card safe and not let anyone else use it. If you are issued with a PIN,you must immediately memorise it and destroy the notification. You must keep your PIN secret at alltimes.Do not write it down or reveal it to anyone. You can change your PIN to something more memorableat most ATM machines by following the on-screen instructions.We recommend that you check the balance on your Prepaid Card regularly online at the Website.We will provide you with your Prepaid Card balance and a statement of recent transactions either byelectronic means or on our secure webpage at any time. Your statement will show:

information relating to each Prepaid Card transaction which will enable it to be identified;the amount of the Prepaid Card transaction shown in the currency in which the transactionwaspaid or debited to the account;the amount of charges for the transactionthe date the transaction is authorised or posted on to the account.A charge will be made for supplying additional or duplicate copies of statements onpaper as specified in Section 12.8. Lost and stolen Prepaid Card and unauthorised or incorrectly executed paymentsYou must tell us without undue delay by calling us on our 24-hour lost and stolen card helpline 0207101 6599, if you know or suspect that a Prepaid Card is lost or stolen or that the PIN or password isknownto an unauthorised person or if you think a transaction has been incorrectly executed. If you ask usto do so, we will investigate any disputed transaction or misuse of your Prepaid Card and we mayneed more information and assistance from you.If you think a transaction has not been authorised by you or has been incorrectly executed, you mustcontact Customer Care immediately. Depending on the circumstances we may require you tocomplete a declaration form and forward this to us without delay. Unless you have actedfraudulently or with intent or gross negligence, you will only be liable for a maximum of 35 (or theequivalent in the currency of your card) up until the time you inform us that your card has been lostand stolen. You will not be liable for any losses which occur on your card after you have informed usthat it has been lost or stolen.If you are due a refund for an unauthorised transaction, we’ll make sure you receive this no laterthan the end of the next business day. However, in some circumstances this may be delayed due tofurther investigations being required. Further investigation may be required if we have any reason tobelieve that the incident may have been caused by a breach of this agreement, through grossnegligence or we have reasonable grounds to suspect fraud. If our investigations show that anydisputed transaction was authorised by you, or you have acted fraudulently or with gross negligence(for example by failing to keep your Prepaid Card or PIN secure), we may reverse any refund madeand you may be liable for any loss we suffer because of the use of the Prepaid Card. We may alsocharge you the InvestigationFee specified in Section 12.9. Our liabilityWe will not be liable for any loss arising from: any cause which results from abnormal or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control,consequences which would have been unavoidable despite all our efforts to the contrary; or a retailer refusing to accept your Prepaid Card; orour compliance with legal and regulatory requirements;loss or corruption of data unless caused by our wilful default.We are also not liable for:

business interruption, loss of revenue, goodwill, opportunity or anticipated savings;any indirect or consequential loss.10. Your Right to a RefundThe Funds on your Prepaid CardYou may request a refund of the funds on your Prepaid Card provided you have at least 10 Euros (oranother currency equivalent) loaded on your Prepaid Card. However please note our redemption feeof 10 as stated in Section 12. This means that even though you have a right to a refund our chargemay exceed the value of the funds on your Prepaid Card. To request a refund send us an e-mail usingthe"contact us" facility on the Website and confirming that you have destroyed your Prepaid Card bycutting it up.We will send a cheque to your last notified address or arrange an electronic transfer to a bankaccount nominated by you. However, to enable us to comply with our legal obligations, we may askyou to provide us with certain information before we can process your refund request.Refunding TransactionsYou may be entitled to claim a refund in relation to transactions where: the transactions were not authorised under this agreement;we are responsible for a transaction which was incorrectly executed notified us inaccordance with section 8 above;a pre-authorised transaction did not specify the exact amount at the time of itsauthorisation andthe amount charged by a supplier is more than you or an Additional Cardholder could reasonablyhave expected taking into account normal spending patterns on the Prepaid Card or thecircumstances of the transaction. A claim for a refund in the circumstances set out above will not be accepted if the amount ofthe transaction was made available to you at least 4 weeks before the transaction date or itis made more than 8 weeks after being debited to your account.We were notified of the unauthorized/incorrectly executed transaction within 13 months ofthe debit date11. Changes to these TermsWe may change these terms at any time by notifying you by e-mail or other agreed means at least 2months before the change is due to take effect. The up-to-date version of the Prepaid Card termsand conditions will always be available on the Website. The change will automatically take effect andyou will be taken to have accepted the notified change unless you tell us that you do not agree tothe change.In that event, we will treat that notice as notification that you wish immediately to terminate. Insuch circumstances we will refund any balance on the card in accordance with section 10 above andyou will not be charged a Refund Fee.

We may make immediate changes to the exchange rate used to convert transactions undertaken in acurrency other than the currency of your card. Unlike other payment cards, we do not useMastercard’s exchange rates when you use your card outside of the denominated currency zone.Instead we set a fixed “day rate” which we publish on our website, via automated phone line, and isavailable over the phone via customer care. The rate which we apply to spend outside of the card’scurrency is fixed at the start of the day and we guarantee that rate, regardless of market.fluctuations – you always know exactly what you will be charged in advance. Exchange rates changeon a daily basis and you can check the rates on our website at These samerates apply when transferring funds from your eccount/account onto your Euro or US dollar currencycard.12. Fees and Usage RestrictionsBy using your Prepaid Card, you agree to pay all applicable fees per card, as set out below:TUXEDO PLUS PREPAID MASTERCARD AND MAESTRO CARD & ECCOUNTTUXEDO PLUS PREPAID MASTERCARD AND MAESTRO CARD & ECCOUNTCard Purchase Fee 10Monthly Fee 12UKPurchase transactionsFREE and unlimitedATM withdrawals* 0.50AbroadPurchase TransactionFREE and unlimitedATM Withdrawals* 2.00Service FeesStanding OrderFREE and unlimitedFailed Standing Order administration fee 5Top-Up FeesHigh street bank branchesFREE (max 1500 load)Via Bank TransferFREE (max 1500 load)Via Debit card3%PayPointCard LimitsMaximum card balanceMaximum daily load by debit cardMaximum weekly load by debit cardMaximum monthly loadMaximum daily ATM withdrawalInformation and AlertsOnline balance & transactionsAutomated phone service balance enquiryLoad alerts by emailOnline card to card transferSMS ServicesCheck balance by textLoad alertsCard to card transfers3% (max load 249) 3,000 750 2,000 5,000 250FREELocal call rate in UK, standard network ratesfrom abroadFREE20pNo extra charge - standard network rates apply8p20p

Lock your cardUnlock your cardOther ChargesReplacement CardOnline, call centre or postal registrationCashback – Maestro onlyPaper StatementPIN Issue/re-issueAnnual fee**Dormancy FeeFailed Standing Order admin feeInvestigation feeAdministration feesTariff Change feeClosureCancellation or redemptionExpiry20p20p 4.99FREE99p 10FREEFREE 1 per month 5 20FREE 5 10 cash out feeCard valid 36 months*When you use your Prepaid Card at an ATM, you may also be subject to applicable fees, surchargerules and regulations of the relevant ATM, or other financial institution or association. You should beadvised before you confirm the transaction. **A period of 90 consecutive days in which no moneyhas been loaded onto or taken off the Card by you.There are no commissions or fees on top of our published foreign exchange rates (see Section 11above). Instead all charges are built into the conversion process, providing you with a transparent,guaranteed, competitive rate.If we decide to increase or impose any new fees, we will tell you by e-mail, text, or post, at least twomonths before any changes take effect. Authorisation will be requested for all transactions at thetime of each transaction. In the unlikely event, for any reason whatsoever, a transaction iscompleted when there are insufficient funds on the Prepaid Card for that transaction (a "Shortfall"),the Shortfall shall be reimbursed by you unless it is due to an error on the part of the retailer wherethe Prepaid Card was presented, in this circumstance we may seek the Shortfall from the retailer.You agree that once we make this Shortfall known to you, we may charge you for the Shortfallamount. We may charge the amount of the shortfall from any other Prepaid Cards that you holdwith us, to any other payment method which you may designate at that time, or against any fundswhich you may subsequently load onto your Prepaid Card or on any Additional Card ordered by you.Until we are reimbursed the Shortfall amount, we may suspend your Prepaid Card, and anyAdditional Cards connected to you. In addition, we reserve the right to charge you an InvestigationFee for each transaction that you make using your Prepaid Card that results in a Shortfall orincreases the Shortfall amount on your Prepaid Card.13. Your DetailsYou must let us know as soon as possible if you change name, address, phone number or e-mailaddress. If we contact you in relation to your Prepaid Card, for example, to notify you that we havecancelled your Prepaid Card or to send you a refund by cheque, we will use the most recent contactdetails you have provided to us. Any e-mail to you will be treated as being received as soon as it is

sent by us. We will not be liable to you if your contact details have changed and you have not toldus.14. Data Protection We are the data controller of personal data given to us in connection with your PrepaidCard.We will process personal data in order to open, administer and run your Prepaid Card and todeal with any enquiries you have about it.If we suspect that we have been given false or inaccurate information, we may record oursuspicion together with any other relevant information.Tuxedo is the data controller of personal data that it collects for marketing purposes as setout below. Tuxedo may use third parties to process personal data on its behalf includingthird parties outside the EEA and by submitting your activation form you consent to yourpersonal data being transferred outside of the EEA and disclosed to such third-partyprocessors.Personal data may also be transferred confidentially to other organisations within PayrNetUK Limited and the Tuxedo group of companies so that we can run your eccount. We mayalso inform our partners when you start using your prepaid card or eccount, however we willnot disclose details of any loads, withdrawals or transactions you make.We will monitor and/or record telephone calls we have with you or your authorisedcardholders to help us maintain and improve the quality of our service or as required byapplicable law.We may check all personal information given by you with credit reference or fraudprevention agencies and other organisations, we may perform a search of your credit file inorder to verify your identity. The agencies may keep a record of your information and thesearches made.With your consent, or upon your request, we may use the information you provide such asyour mobile phone number and email address to provide balance updates and transactionalerts.We will seek your express consent before Tuxedo, or third parties contact you by email ormobile phone about any offers they believe will interest you.Tuxedo may want to contact you by telephone or mail, about other products and servicesprovided by Tuxedo. If you no longer wish to receive information about products or servicesfrom Tuxedo, then please contact Customer Care. If you have elected to opt in when youregistered for the serviceto receive email and SMS marketing, Tuxedo may share your information with third parties so theycan contact you directly by telephone or mail about their products and services. If you would like details of the third parties with which we share information about you,please contact Customer Care.You have the right, on payment of a fee, to receive details of the personal data we holdabout you.Please contact Customer Care.15. Disputes with Retailers

If you have any disputes about purchases made using your Prepaid Card, you should settle thesewith the person you bought the goods or services from. We are not responsible for the quality,safety, legality or any other aspect of any goods or services purchased with your Prepaid Card.Remember that once you have used your Prepaid Card to make a purchase, we cannot stop thattransaction.16. CommunicationIf you have an enquiry relating to your Prepaid Card, you can use the "Contact Us" facility on thewebsite.We will deal with your enquiry promptly. If you do not wish to enquire in this way you canalternatively call our Customer Care telephone line on 020 7904 2354 or if you card has been lost orstolen on 020 7101 6599.17. ComplaintsThe Prepaid Card programme is managed by Tuxedo. If you are unhappy in any way with yourPrepaid Card or the way it is managed, tell us by using the e-mail enquiry facility on the Website sowe can investigate the circumstances for you. Any complaints you have will be dealt with quickly andfairly. You may be able to take unresolved complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service atExchange Tower,London E14 9SR. Telephone: 0800 023 4567 or 0300 123 9123 and e-mail: [email protected] CompensationThe Prepaid Card is an electronic money product and although it is a product regulated by theFinancial Conduct Authority, it is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Noother compensation scheme exists to cover losses claimed in connection with the Prepaid Card. Thismeans that in the event that PayrNet UK Limited becomes insolvent your funds may becomevalueless and unusable and as a result you may lose your money.19. AssignmentWe may assign the benefit and burden of these terms and conditions to another company at anytime, on giving you 2 month’s prior notice of this. If we do this, your rights will not be affected.20. Transfer to a new Prepaid CardWe may transfer your unused balance to a new Prepaid Card provided by a Prepaid Card issuer otherthan PayrNet UK Limited at any time. Before we do this, we will give you 2 months’ notice ofthe new Prepaid Card arrangements and the new Prepaid Card terms and conditions. Unless youadvise us within the 2 month period that you do not want a new Prepaid Card from the new PrepaidCard issuer, you agree that we can automatically transfer the unused balance on your Prepaid Cardto a new Prepaid Card provided by the new Prepaid Card issuer.21. Governing LawThis Agreement is concluded in English. All communications with you will be in English. These termsand conditions will be construed in accordance with English law.

22. Fund ProtectionAs a responsible e-money issuer PayrNet UK Limited ensures that once it has received your fundsthey are deposited in a secure account, specifically for the purpose of redeeming transactions madeby your Prepaid Card. In the event that PayrNet UK Limited becomes insolvent funds that you haveloaded which have arrived with and been deposited by PayrNet UK Limited are protected against theclaims made by creditors.23. Prepaid Card IssuerMastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of MastercardInternational Incorporated. The card is issued by PayrNet UK Limited pursuant to license byMastercard International Inc. PayrNet UK Limited is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authorityunder the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (registration number 900594) for the issuing ofelectronic money ("emoney"). PayrNet is a wholly owned subsidiary of Railsbank Technology Limitedand provides regulated financial services to Railsbank customers.Card is the property of PayrNet UK Limited and is not transferable to anyone else.

1. Your Prepaid Mastercard/Maestro Card You can use the Prepaid Card at any location that displays the Mastercard/Maestro Acceptance Mark, including shops, restaurants, online, or on the telephone. You can also use your Prepaid Card overseas. Before using the Prepaid Card, you need to make sure there are enough funds loaded on it. You will