Registration andwithdrawal from registrationin QIS/LSF1ATip:1Registration for examination2Confirmation of registration as proof3Withdrawal from registration for examinationRegistration and iTAN AuthenticationFor this tutorial, please have your login data for your HRZ-accountready as well as your iTAN list.Visit and log in with yourHRZ-account.The registration forexamination is to befound on the QIS portal inthe menu under MeineFunktionen ( myfunctions) Prüfungsverwaltung( examinationmanagement) Prüfungsan- und –abmeldung( Registration forexamination /withdrawal fromregistration forexamination).In order to protect youraccount against misuse,you are asked toadditionally type in theiTAN.HRZ / QIS-Team: [email protected]

1BModule structure of your subject Choose yourexamination outof the moduletree.Now click onPrüfung anmelden( register forexamination).1CRegistration Confirm your registration by clicking on Ja ( yes).HRZ / QIS-Team: [email protected]

1DOverview of registered examinationsIf all the entered information isin order, your exam details willnow appear with the Status ( status) “Ok”.For your security, it isrecommended to downloadthe confirmation of thesuccessful registration /withdrawal from registrationas your proof of registration(see below).2AProof of registration for examinationAs proof of completedregistration for examination /withdrawal from registration,always download theconfirmation of the successfulregistration for examination /withdrawal from registration aswell as the digital signature.To do this, please go toPrüfungsverwaltung( examination management) andthen choose the menu itemPrüfungsbescheinigungen( confirmations of examinations).HRZ / QIS-Team: [email protected]

2BInformation on registered examinationsYou will find your confirmation ofregistration by first choosing Infoüber angemeldete Prüfungen( Information on registeredexaminations) and then yoursubject.2CPage downloadClick on Bericht herunterladen/öffnen ( download/open report) and then on Signaturherunterladen ( download digital signature).HRZ / QIS-Team: [email protected]

2Saving the reportDThe pdf documenteither opens upautomatically inyour browser or adialogue box willappear for thedownload.Please save thedocument.12.2Saving of digital signatureEThe digital signature serves as a proof of authenticity for your pdf file.Click on Signatur herunterladen ( download digital signature) in the download page.Click on Datei ( file) in your browser, then Speichern unter ( save as) and choose a convenientstorage location. Save the document there.2.3.HRZ / QIS-Team: [email protected].

3AWithdrawal from registration for examinationIn case you want to withdraw your registration for examination, please choosePrüfungsan- und abmeldung ( registration/withdrawal from registration forexamination) in Prüfungsverwaltung ( examination management).3BModule structure and withdrawal from registrationfor examination.Choose your examination out of the module tree.After having clicked on Prüfungsanmeldung stornieren ( cancel registration forexamination), you need to confirm the withdrawal once more.1.2.HRZ / QIS-Team: [email protected]

3COverview of cancelled/withdrawn examinationsWhen checking the following overview, please make sure yourexamination has been cancelled correctly.The Vorgang ( action) Rücknahme ( withdrawal) should show “Ok” in the Statuscolumn ( status column).ContactPlease contact your examination office for any questions concerningcontent. .For technical problems, please contact the HRZ/QIS-Team by e-mail:[email protected].

HRZ / QIS-Team: [email protected] Registration and withdrawal from registration in QIS/LSF. 1 Registration for examination . 2 Confirmation of registration as proof . 3 Withdrawal from registration for examination . 1 A Registration and iTAN Authentication. Tip: For this tutorial, please have your login data for your HRZ-account . ready as well as your iTAN list.