Your BestWinter HolidayBenefits of Lipno.cardWinter 2016/2017

Skiing benefitswith Lipno.card for the wholeseasonHi, my name is Fox and I amthe mascot of the Ski Resortat Lipno. I will show youexperiences and introducenew developments for thiswinter season – the new skirun To Yetti with a slalomtrack, Skicross and the newSnowpark at Lipno. In thecourse of training in our skischool you will learn thebasics of freestyle. Fragrantand tasty treats will beoffered by catering facilitiesright on the slopes. Manyother tips on how to bestenjoy Lipno will be offeredby your Lipno.card.Experiences

Ski Resort LipnoNews for Winter 2016/17Five-star winter sports centrefull of entertainment downhill ski run To Yetti, 500 m long, offering:Aslalom experience not only for racing enthusiasts.11.6 km of excellently prepared ski runs3 four-seat lifts and 4 travellators40 km of groomed cross-country skiing tracks A new Skicross A new downhill ski run To Yetti with a stakedslalom route A new Snowpark Lipno Educational sports ground Fox Park with freeadmission lot of fun on the super elevations of the Ski Across, designed by the team of Eva Samkováand 800 m long.I mproved and extended Snowpark Lipno witha separate ski tow with sections for completebeginners to advanced skiers. Advanced snowboarders and freeskiers willappreciate the terrain preparation with betterjumps and obstacles. The basics of freestyle on skis and snowboardcan be learned in our multi-day course at the skischool.Everyday animation programmes with FoxSki and snowboard school for children and adultsSports equipment rental – INTERSPORT RentSki and snowboard equipment service shopFOX'S TIPFurther experiences are prepared for you by our frozenlake, which is prepared for skating on the longest existinggroomed skating ring.INTERSPORT sales pointEvening skiingEvening sledging in the illuminated Fox ParkTasty refreshments on and at the foot of the runFree parking by the ski run Lipno Wheelchair Access – skiing for the han di capped, with instructor assistance optionDay skiing 8.30 am–4.00 pmEvening skiing 6.00–9.00 pmNewWe recommend

Catering facilitiesR1 Restaurant U YettihoR3 Terrace KramolínR4 Restaurant Lanovka,Sportbar Hříbek, StrojovnaSportbarR5 Paluba barR7 Černá bouda fast foodOther facilities1 Equipment rental INTER SPORT Rent, INTERSPORTsales point, Ski service, Ski school Lipno, Skis andbackpack storage office3 Equipment rental INTER SPORT Rent, Kapitanát5 Aquaworld – Hopsárium7 Info centre9 Tree crown trail Lipno11 Skidepot – boot rental,Ski storage office22 Janusovská lamp24 Lake arterial cross country,Lake arterial ice skatingChair liftsA / Jezerní chair liftB / Promenádní chair liftC / Střecha chair liftDownhill ski runsIDNamePromenádníSjezdovka Lišáka FoxeDámskáPánskáStřechaSnowpark – newJezerníFox parkBambini parkŠkolníSpojovacíVyhlídkaSkicross – new13K Yettimu – newSlalomLength930 m1100 m1090 m970 m970 m600 m1400 m120 m60 m1250 m350 m1200 m800 m500 m250 m

Experiences and benefits,with Lipno.card for youto enjoy this winter seasonServiceBenefitPlace and contactLipno nad VltavouSki Resort Lipno – lower priced children's ski passin PEAK seasonHolidays are for children. With Lipno.card you get 10%discount on a children’s ski pass. 10 % for children ski pass in PEAK seasonOne-off Applies to 2-day and multi-day ski pass in peak season,i.e., from 24 December 2016 to 7 January 2017 and from5 February 2017 to 18 March 2017Ski Resort Lipno – be as clever as FoxEnjoy skiing in January, for a 3-day and multi-day skipass can be obtained at an excellent price. 20 % for ski pass in the PEAK seasonOne-off Applies to 3-day and multi-day ski-pass in peak season,i.e., from 8 January 2017 to 4 February 2017Ski Resort Lipno – lower priced ski pass in OFF seasonPractice skiing at an even lower price. 20 % on price list price of ski pass in the off seasonOne-off Applies to 2-day and multi-day ski pass in off season,i.e., to 23 December 2016 and from 19 March 2017

Ski Resort Lipno – evening skiing at half priceEnjoy evening skiing at half price by buying a 3-dayand multi-day ski pass. 50 % for evening ski pass to a 3-dayand multi-day skipassOne-off www.lipno.infoA Lipno nad Vltavou 307, 382 78, Lipno nad VltavouP 420 731 410 800Amenity Sport ArenaAmenity Sport Arena Lipno offers most sports activitiesunder one roof. Stretch your body and charge yourselfwith the energy you need in our fitness centre or on ourtennis, squash or badminton courts. You can also try ourprofessional golf simulator. In addition, after any sportin our Sport Arena you can enjoy 30 minutes in the well ness at a discounted price. 20 %repeatedly www.sportarenalipno.czA Lipno nad Vltavou 999, 382 78 Lipno nad VltavouP 420 725 991 991Amenity Sport Arena – wellnessRecharge yourself in the largest wellness in Lipno. Youcan warm your body up in a Finnish or herb sauna orin a steam bath. There are also three professional whirl pools available together with a Kneipp path for feetmassage, a sun meadow and heated recliners witha vista of Lipno to warm your whole body up.Aquaworld Lipno – poolThe aqua paradise of Aquaworld Lipno is a place forexcellent relaxation after all-day sport in any weather.Your children will romp on the water slide, in the wadingpool with a mushroom or in the swimming pool with coun terflow, while adults can enjoy the pearl and pressureunderwater massage and the pleasant whirlpool witha beautiful vista of the Lipno lake. 10 % for pool admission before 2.00 pm in the periodfrom 24 December 2016 to 18 March 2017 30 % for pool admission before 2.00 pm in the periodfrom 1 November 2016 to 23 December 2016 and from19 March 2017 to 30 April 2017repeatedly www.lipno.infoA Lipno nad Vltavou 86, 382 78 Lipno nad VltavouP 420 380 736 019 20 %repeatedly Aquaworld Lipno – saunaA Finnish sauna is a balm for the body and soul en hancedby herbal essences.www.sportarenalipno.czA Lipno nad Vltavou 999, 382 78 Lipno nad VltavouP 420 380 731 778, 420 725 991 991 30 %repeatedly www.lipno.infoA Lipno nad Vltavou 86, 382 78 Lipno nad VltavouP 420 380 736 019ServiceBenefitPlace and contact

Slideland LipnoSledge in any weather for the whole year? Of course,SET OFF for Lipno nad Vltavou, central car park, 100 mwalk and you get to the Slideland. You can look forwardto a 1 km long stainless sledge run with lots of curves,terrain breaks and tunnels. Children from 3 up withparents, children over 8 may sledge alone. You controlyour sledge's speed with a brake. The area also includesa wooden playground, an underground slide, a pub witha grill and a family arbour.6 1, or 10 2 extra ride(s)One-off www.slideland.czA Slupečna 301, 382 78, Lipno nad VltavouP 420 380 736 363, 420 602 780 726Hopsárium LipnoUnique entertainment for children and adults alike, inany weather. A heated indoor hall with a big jungle gymand many obstacles, shooting cannons, a slide over twostoreys, a ball pool, a separate playground for the small est children with a big inflated kangaroo who will takeyou in its pouch. A pleasant fast food bistro for refresh ments and somewhere to sit. Weather permitting thereis also an outdoor section with a long slope with inflatedrings and a pedal car ring for children and adults.2 1 free hour of jumpingrepeatedly ServiceBenefitPlace and contactwww.hopsarium.euA Lipno nad Vltavou 86, 382 78 Lipno nad VltavouP 420 728 006 500Info centre LipnoOur info centre “on the Lipno promenade” will provideyou information about the region all year round, withfree accommodation service and a souvenir shop to buypresents for your family and friends at home.15 min. of free internetOne-off www.lipno.infoA Lipno nad Vltavou 87, 382 78 Lipno nad VltavouP 420 731 410 800Info centre LipnoCome and choose great souvenirs in our info centre.Purchases over CZK 400 come with a free trendy elas tic scarf.A sports scarf free for shopping over CZK 400One-off Original scarf worth CZK 120www.lipno.infoA Lipno nad Vltavou 87, 382 78 Lipno nad VltavouP 420 731 410 800

INTERSPORT Rent – ski equipment rentalINTESRPORT Rent rents both complete sets and indi vidual parts of skiing equipment. We care most of allfor your safety. That is why our trained ski service tech nicians will adjust your skis or snowboard on the spotaccording to your physical characteristics so that youcan enjoy skiing without fear. Ski equipment can bebooked in advance over the internet. Do not hesitateto rent a whole ski set and get your ski pass with a fur ther 15% discount. 15 % for your ski passrepeatedly The discount can be added together with the 10 % and20 % discounts for a multi-day ski pass. You can bookthe equipment in advance on-line with a 15% discount.www.lipno.infoA Lipno nad Vltavou 307, 382 78 Lipno nad VltavouP 420 731 410 813INTERSPORT Rent – ski and snowboard serviceThe ski service of the Skiing Resort at Lipno offerstop quality service. Ski and snowboard adjustmentsare performed on MONTANA machines, the absoluteworld top. Thanks to these state-of-the-art machineswe can service all levels of ski equipment from equip ment for beginners to racing skis. With Lipno.card youpay CZK 150 less.www.lipno.infoA Lipno nad Vltavou 307, 382 78 Lipno nad VltavouP 420 731 410 799INTERSPORT Rent – ski and snowboard waxingFor a better skiing and snowboarding experience entrustthe running surface of your skis or snowboard to a pro fessional waxing machine from MONTANA. Standardprice of waxing is CZK 159 for skis, and CZK 199 forsnowboard. Thanks to your Lipno.card you will savemoney and your running surfaces will never be cloggedin snow.Benefitwww.lipno.infoA Lipno nad Vltavou 307, 382 78 Lipno nad VltavouP 420 731 410 799Monster Fish – a plush fishLooking for an original present to bring home fromLipno? Visit our info centre and buy for your loved onesour Giant Fish. Lipno.card holders will get a nearly 30%discount.Big Monster Fish CZK 599Small Monster Fish with wooden rollers CZK 449Price with Lipno.cardrepeatedly www.obrryba.czA Lipno nad Vltavou 87, 382 78 Lipno nad VltavouP 420 731 410 800COOP TUTY – Jednota shop Lipno nad Vltavou,next to Czech PostThe COOP TUTY shop next to Czech Post in the Obecnidům building at Lipno nad Vltavou. 5 % for shopping over CZK 1,000One-off Skis CZK 440Snowboard CZK 540Price with Lipno.cardrepeatedly ServiceSkis CZK 119Snowboard CZK 159Price with Lipno.cardrepeatedly Place and contactwww.jednotakaplice.czA Lipno nad Vltavou 37, 382 78 Lipno nad VltavouP 420 380 727 847Restaurant LanovkaSelf-service restaurant right below the chair lift isan ideal place for a decent meal right after skiing.The broad range of hot meals, salads, desserts andbeverages will appeal not only to adults but also to chil dren. There is also the Fox menu for children at a dis counted price as well as a baby and family service.Lanovka restaurant offers quick meals for large groupswith the option of booking the lounge.

10 % for a meal in the restaurant after 4 pmrepeatedly www.lipnogastro.czA Lipno nad Vltavou 307, 382 78 Lipno nad VltavouP 420 723 860 688Ski bar LipnoWarming up, rest, entertainment and active relaxationare offered by Ski bar Lipno right next to the Fox park. 20 % for meals in the skibarrepeatedly during Happy Hour from 5.00 to 8.00 pmwww.lipno.infoA Lipno nad Vltavou, above Fox ParkSki depot – ski storage office and boot rentalEnjoy a change and more experiences. Our depot belowthe Trail will look after your ski boots and rent you lightertrack shoes of the McKinley brand for a walk among thetreetops. You do not pay for the rented shoes. Your skiequipment will meanwhile be looked after in our storageoffice while you walk, just show your Lipno.card.FREE with Lipno.cardrepeatedly www.lipno.infoA Lipno nad Vltavou, by the Treetop trailLipno Treetop TrailThe Treetop Trail is adapted for pushchair and wheel chair access for the widest possible range of visitors.20% discount with your Lipno.card.Our Trail Bus will comfortably take you right to the Trail.Trail admission CZK 160 for adultsPrice with Lipno.cardOne-off * applies to all admission types, except for the tobogganwww.stezkakorunamistromu.czA Lipno nad Vltavou 307, 382 78 Lipno nad VltavouP 420 388 424 145ServiceBenefitPlace and contactTrail BusOur bus will take you and your pushchair or wheelchairfrom the central car park to the Treetop Trail.FREE with Lipno.cardrepeatedly Show your signed Lipno-card when getting on the bus.www.stezkakorunamistromu.czA Lipno nad Vltavou 307, 382 78 Lipno nad VltavouP 420 388 424 145COOP – Jednota supermarket Lipno nad Vltavou,by Lipno Ski ResortCOOP Supermarket right by the chair lifts station andthe car park of the Lipno Ski Resort. 5 % for shopping over CZK 1,000One-off www.jednotakaplice.czA Lipno nad Vltavou 309, 382 78 Lipno nad VltavouP 420 380 727 847Original postage stamps 1st Summer Olympic Park 2016A unique collection of original Olympic postage stampsshowing the 41 Olympic sports, signs and symbols ofLipno. A unique collection, an excellent memory ofLipno nad Vltavou. Available at the info centre Lipno.CZK 3,400 / sheet A B price with Lipno.cardOne-off www.lipno.infoA Lipno nad Vltavou 87, 382 78 Lipno nad VltavouP 420 731 410 800Terrace KramolínTreat yourself while skiing to a cup of good mulled wineor hot chocolate on a terrace with a pleasant seatingarea and unique vista. Grilled sausages, doughnuts andother treats will charge you up for more downhill rides.A cup of mulled wine for CZK 25 during evening skiingPrice with Lipno.cardrepeatedly

Svatý TomášCistercian monasteryVisit a gemstone among South Bohemian monasteries –the ancient Vyšší Brod monastery, founded in 1259.You will be overwhelmed by one of the most beautifulBaroque libraries and the gold Záviš cross with a collec tion of Czech Gothic Madonna statuettes. 20 % for a tour round the monasteryOne-off Phone booking necessarywww.klastervyssibrod.czA Klašter 137, 382 73 Vyšši BrodP 420 380 746 674Vítek CastleVitek Castle is the highest located Czech castle. In addi tion to the beautiful vistas the castle also offers a 50%admission discount with Lipno.card and many culturalevents and refreshment opportunities. 50 % for admissionOne-off www.vitkuvhradek.czA Svaty Tomaš P 420 724 114 087Český KrumlovPost MuseumThe tour around the Post Museum at Vyšši Brod offersan attractive recounting of the history of postal servi ces in the Czech Lands and their transformation. Whenvisiting the museum with your Lipno.card you will geta 60% discount on your admission fee.Audio guide of Český KrumlovDon’t want to be crushed in the crowd of tourists butenjoy the beauties of Český Krumlov independentlyfrom others? This is exactly what the audio guide offers,when recounting the town’s history and accompanyingyou to the major sights at a discounted admission price.CZK 20 price with Lipno.cardOne-off 40 % for the audio guiderepeatedly www.postovnimuzeum.czA Klašter 136, 382 73 Vyšši BrodP 420 380 746 Naměsti Svornosti 2, 381 01 Česky KrumlovP 420 380 704 622Panský Dům restaurantThe Pansky Dům restaurant offers attractive daily menusfeaturing classical Bohemian cuisine and light meals.The menu also includes meals a la minute and originalItalian pizzas. Taste our Gambrinus beer tapped fromspecial tanks.Český Krumlov MonasteriesČesky Krumlov offers a brand new attraction, newlyopened monastery premises offering new knowledgeand entertainment. An ideal place for families with chil dren with a fun as well as interactive educational exhi bition of human skills. Admirers of original architectureand works of art will be satisfied by the exhibition calledLife and Art in Krumlov Monasteries. 10 % for meals in the restaurantrepeatedly Does not apply to the drinks listServiceBenefitPlace and contact15 km from LipnoVyšší Brodwww.hotelpanskydum.czA Miru 82, 382 73 Vyšši BrodP 420 380 746 66940 km from Lipno11 km from Lipnowww.lipnogastro.czA Lipno nad Vltavou, by the Treetop trailP 420 723 860 688

www.klasteryck.czA  Visitor Centre, Klašterni dvůr 97,381 01 Česky KrumlovP 420 725 554 705Seidel Photo Studio MuseumThis photo studio from the late 19th century revealsthe historic beauties of Český Krumlov and the Šumavamountains. Learn the interesting story of the family ofJosef Seidel, the story of a century. Feel the nostalgia ofportraits in the unique photo studio 30% admission dis count with Lipno.card. 30 % for admissionOne-off www.seidel.czA Linecka 272, Plešivec, 381 01 Česky KrumlovP 420 736 503 871Moldavite MuseumThe Moldavite Museum in Český Krumlov is the soleexhibition of this Moldau tektite in the world. Right hereyou can see moldavites in their unique beauty and livetheir story. The modern interactive exhibition offers notonly excellently illuminated exhibits but also the historyof their origin and lots of interesting related themes. 50 CZK for admissionCZK 99 adult, CZK 49 child ticketPrice with Lipno.cardrepeatedly www.vltaviny.czA Panska 19, 381 01 Česky KrumlovP 420 734 174 130Wax Figure MuseumThe Wax Figure Museum in the very heart of ČeskýKrumlov will present to you an unusual view of history.Wax figures of period craftsmen, prisoners and tortur ers are exhibited next to popular personalities of thepast and recent history. Show your Lipno.card at theentrance and save 20 % on your admission.CZK 80 adultCZK 64 childCZK 200 family admission (2 2)Price with Lipno.cardrepeatedly www.waxmuseumprague.czA Kajovska 68, 381 01 Česky KrumlovP 420 380 712 236Exhibition of photographs by Jan SaudekAccept our invitation to a unique exhibition of photo graphs and paintings by Jan Saudek. This newlyreconstructed photo gallery includes a shop offeringphotographic, art and other photography-related publi cations. Buy a single ticket worth CZK 100 for twoadults and CZK 60 for two children.1 1 ticketrepeatedly www.dumfotografiekrumlov.czA Šatlavska 141, 381 01 Česky KrumlovP 420 380 712 206VolaryCannabis Spa of Bobík HotelThe only cannabis spa in Europe offers cannabis andnon-cannabis procedures. Cannabis addresses skinissues, relieves pain and muscle tensions, and has ananti-inflammatory effect. You can enjoy a dry massagingbath, a vibro bath and a large cannabis wrap. Book yourrest day right now. 15 % for selected proceduresrepeatedly ServiceBenefitPlace and contact47 km from Lipno 20 % for admissionOne-off

www.hotelbobik.euA Naměsti 325, 384 51 Prachatice-VolaryP 420 398 990 909Volary Brewery at Bobík HotelVolary beer is brewed right in front of your eyes inthe hotel restaurant. You can taste our special twelve -grade cannabis beer right in our brew house. Welcomeand taste this delicious foaming drink free of charge.3 small beers as a free tastingrepeatedly Can be used once daily.63 km from Lipnowww.hotelbobik.euA Naměsti 325, 384 51 Prachatice-VolaryP 420 398 990 909České BudějoviceCzech RailwaysEvery Lipno.card holder can buy cheaper train ticketsVltava-Dunaj Ticket with 8 discount and Vltava-DunajTicket with 13 discount and travel for 4 days acrossthe Bohemian Šumava mountains, Austrian and Bavarianborder regions.DVT 12DVT 23Price with Lipno.cardrepeatedly The prices are converted to CZK according tothe current exchange 420 840 112 113Benefitwww.hopsarium.euA Vrbenska 2290, 370 01 Česke BudějoviceP 420 606 899 988South Bohemian TheatreThe South Bohemian theatre is a professional four‑ensemble theatre with its registered office in ČeskéBudějovice. The theatre ensembles are housed inthe historic theatre building on the Malše riverbank,in the DK Metropol house as well as in the Small Theatrein Hradebni Street. In the summer the ensembles perio dically perform in front of the revolving auditoriumin the Český Krumlov château park. 15 % for music and balletrepeatedly www.jihoceskedivadlo.czA Dr. Stejskala 424/19, 370 01, Česke BudějoviceP 420 386 356 925Budějovický Budvar n.p. state establishmentbrewery toursTours around the Budějovice Budvar brewery, stateestablishment, are organised daily from 9 am to 5 pmwith prior booking. Minimum visitor group size 5, maxi mum 50 persons. The tour takes 60 minutes and withLipno-card you will pay 20% less for admission. A regu lar tour is organised every day at 2 pm. This tour doesnot need to be booked in advance.CZK 90 adult, CZK 60 child or senior ticketPrice with Lipno.cardrepeatedly Hopsárium – the world of family entertainmentThe largest indoor entertainment park – heated,area 2100 m2. Unique attractions – maxi trampolines,an 8-metre high jungle gym tower with a slide,the largest indoor traffic simulator, a snow glider, giantmobile inflated attractions, a baby corner, ball gamepitch and refreshments. Entertainment for all from 0 to99 years.Service 15% for admission on workdaysrepeatedly The discount does not apply on weekends and holidaysPlace and contactwww.visitbudvar.czA Karoliny Světle 512/4, 370 01, Česke BudějoviceP 420 387 705 347

Dvorec ZooCome and relax in close proximity to exotic animals,listen to lions roaring, gibbons singing, parrots talkingand see other interesting animals in a beautiful naturalenvironment.1 1 ticketOne-off 1 1 ticket, admission free for children (3–14)72 km from Lipnowww.zoodvorec.czA Dvorec 17, 373 12 BorovanyP 420 387 980 205Hluboká ZooYou have a unique opportunity to allow live contactbetween your children and real animals. Hluboka Zooboasts around 300 animal species in more than 3,000examples. Please accept our invitation to the oldestSouth Bohemian zoo at a 10% discounted admission fee.CZK 99 adultCZK 63 childPrice with Lipno.cardrepeatedly 87 km from LipnoChocolate and Marzipan Museum in TáborThe Chocolate and Marzipan Museum in Tábor is situatedin three historic houses to represent and map the historyof chocolate, its farming, import to Europe and process ing into bonbons, bars, pralines and figures.www.cokomuzeum.czA Kotnovska 138, 391 01 TaborP 420 381 211 784Lego MuseumThe private LEGO Museum in Tabor features an exhi bition of LEGO kit divided into several thematic areaswhere at a 10% discounted admission fee for familiesand 15% discount for individuals you can see hundredsof original LEGO models from all over the world.CZK 297 family admission (2 2), CZK 85 adultPrice with Lipno.cardrepeatedly www.zoohluboka.czA 373 41 Hluboka nad VltavouP 420 387 002 219ProtivínProtivín Crocodile ZooThe largest Central European collection with 22 croco dile species, the largest raised group of false gavialsoutside Asia, all with a 10% discount with Lipno.card.CZK 180 adultCZK 110 childPrice with Lipno.cardrepeatedly BenefitTábor 20 % for admission for individuals 10 % for admission for familiesrepeatedly Hluboká nad VltavouServicewww.krokodylizoo.czA Masarykovo nam. 261, 398 11 ProtivinP 420 725 155 648Place and contactwww.muzeumlegatabor.czA Špitalske naměsti 275, 391 01 TaborP 420 602 697 207116 km from Lipno65 km from LipnoBorovany

Apartment Hotel AlbatrosApartments Na VytoniApartments U StoiberůHotel AktivFrymburk10.No – apartments, pensionFrymburkApartments 2 FrymburkApartments Eva FrymburkApartments PETR-AFrymburk ApartmentsFrymburk, Recreationalfamily housesHotel FontanaHotel LeylaHotel MaxantHotel VltavaLakeside Village VětrnikPension BakalařPension AxiomPension KovařovPension MilnaU Jezera FrymburkTurcovska AccommodationČernáv PošumavíHotel RacekHotel SWINGČerna CottageJezerni PensionPension RakPension RexPension SenPension SlunceHorní PlanáHotel Orsino ****VolaryMunicipal hotel Bobik VolaryČeské ŽlebyHotel Česke Žleby16 km from LipnoHotel U MartinaNO.42 Rožmberk nad Vltavou19 km from LipnoPřední VýtoňRožmberknad Vltavou27 km from LipnoApartment Rohlikova KapličkyHotel Lesni Krčma47 km from Lipno5 km from LipnoLoučovice58 km from LipnoApartments RohlikApartments ToniroApartments U DuškůApartments U Dvou boxerůApartments U MachačkůApartments U VongrejůLipno CottageKobylnice CottageLanovka CottageOstružina CottageLipno Lake CottageVenda CottageLipno House with SaunaErnesta Club LipnoHotel AdmiralHotel BouCZECH ****Hotel RivieraHotel Slunečna LoukaKobylnice Forest PensionLipno Lake ResortLipno DocksModern House BellaMyši v botě LipnoPension JajaPension PřistavPension U SojkůLipno recreational buildingsDommu recreational buildingResidence LipnoSedmikraska – apartments byLipno LakeKramolin tourist hostelKobylnice Lipno accommo dationVilla Lipno – FrymburkVillapark Lipno Dreams8 km from Lipno3.13 Apartment Lipno88 Lipno ApartmentsAmenity Resort LipnoAmenity Hotel Lipno ****Apartment C17 Doky HolidayLipnoApartment 55Apartment Beach and SkiApartment DOKY Holiday resortApartment Golf Doky LipnoApartment JakubApartment JANApartment KlarkaApartment LindaApartment Lipno 101Apartment Lipno Canada 22Apartment Lipno Canada 24Apartment Lipno Canada 20Apartment Lipno RivieraJ1/1Apartment Lipno1Apartment LucieApartment Riviera J7/1Apartment Riviera Lipno 500Apartment buildings Pink-AntikApartment building MIRAKAApartments BoučekApartments EvaApartments HarmonieApartments Landal MarinaLipnoApartments LipaApartments Lipno 11Apartments Lipno 35Apartments Lipno 505Apartments MarioApartments MirkaLipno-INApartments Riviera RecreationPark9 km from LipnoLipno nad Vltavou11 km from LipnoAccommodation providersoffering Lipno.cardVyšší BrodApartment pension HerbertovHotel Pansky DůmLipno.card – a bonusfull of benefits for youraccommodation. For a four‑member family worth nearlyCZK 600.

FOX'S GASTRO TIPSFox's children's menuFor children and all non-hungry adults Lanovka andU Yettiho restaurants offer Special Fox's children'smenu – half portions from the offers of the daywith a beverage at a super price. Try for examplespaghetti Bolognese, sirloin or buns with cream.Hamburgers by the ski runDo you like hamburgers? Try those at Černá boudaThey are the best of all around here. Just take offyour skis and you can enjoy one on a sunny terraceright at the foot of a downhill ski run.Tasting of select rumsThree small rum drinks at an excellent price areespecially popular among dads but the apres skibar Hříbek by the Lanovka restaurant offers themmore and more often to mums as well. They bringthe taste of summer in the middle of winter thanksto rums from three exotic

Lipno Treetop TrailExperience from anotherperspective The first treetop trail in the Czech Republic of fer ing a unique combined experience. The trail issituated close to the ski resort in Lipno. You will experience what you have not experi enced before at 11 adrenalin stops along the Trail.Tackle your balance at a height of 24 metres,play and expand your knowledge of the forestand nature around you. The peak experience is one of the longest drytoboggans in the Czech Republic.FOX'S TIPTake the Trail Bus to the Treetop Trail from the central carpark. Travel free with Lipno.card and get adult admissionat a mere CZK 160.P 420 388 424 145E mu.czOpen daily from 10 am to 4 pm(closed on 24 December)

Original Lipno Postage StampsLipno Info CentreWe are here for you every dayExchange office We will be happy to advise you and recommenda trip for youUnique postage stamps1st Summer Olympic Park 2016 This unique collection of 49 stamps of 41 olympicsports in Europe in two sheets Original picture postcard of the Olympic Parkwith original postage stamp Commemorative certificates with originalopportunity stampWe will arrange for your accommodationWe sell You can also get here picture postcards,maps, original souvenirs, etc. A unique souvenir – original postage stamps1st Summer Olympic Park Rio-Lipno 2016FOX'S TIPLipno nad Vltavou 87382 78 Lipno nad VltavouP 420 731 410 800E Lipno.card can be boughtfor CZK 149 at the Lipno InfoCentre or in our e-shop on line.Use of the card is very simple.Just produce it at acceptancepoint cash desks and drawthe countless benefits.You can order the stamps on-line in our e-shop. We willsend them to you in an original envelope. Or you can buythem in the Lipno Info

Excellent Events at LipnoYou Should Not Miss17 December Winter season launch1 January New Year's Treetop Trail21 January Just ride28 January Lipno Family Cup11 February Kramolinsky obřak25 February Masters Races 5–11 March Snowboardcross camp underthe auspices of Eva Samkova18 March Miniobřak13–14 May Rally Česky Krumlov 19–21 May Summer tourist season Lipno 2017 launch10 June Wood Festival on Treetop Trail19–27 August Lipno Sport Fest 2017 9 September Lipno for Children or a Day withthe Integrated Rescue System28 September Lipensky MERRY-go-round 28 October Lipno for Children or the BigAutumn TripFOX'S TIPLet us play sport together at the Lipno Sport Fest. I amlooking forward to welcoming all small and adult athletes.Fairy-tales included.The programme may be subject tochange. Follow our event calendar

Enjoy Lipno to the fullCome to Lipno again inspring, summer or autumnand enjoy moments you willalways look back on fondly. Bikepark – entertainment in tilted bends,terrain waves, benches, stone fields, andwooden footbridges. Flowtrail – a family offroad cycling path – 5 kmlong in the forest ideal for families with children. Pumptrack – Enjoy a closed circuit ride whereyour speed is maintained merely by “pumping”between moguls and tilted bends.FOX'S TIPVisit the Forest Kingdom in the neighbourhood of the Tree top Trail. This is a wonderful forest playground set in thepicturesque scenery of the Šumava mountains. You willenjoy a lot of attractions such as giant trampolines, a mazeof young spruces, and the big rope park you can see inthe photograph. The Forest Kingdom will teach you allabout life in the forest habitat and the properties of wood.P 420 731 410 800E [email protected] 420 380 420 726E [email protected]

Fox's Skibus – TimetableSay g

offered by catering facilities right on the slopes. Many other tips on how to best enjoy Lipno will be offered by your Lipno.card. Experiences guaranteed. Day skiing 8.30 am–4.00 pm . The COOP TUTY shop next to Czech Post in the Obecni dům building at Lipno nad Vltavou.