Acrobat X Action Find and Highlight Words and PhrasesAcrobat X Action: Find & Highlight Words & PhrasesAutomate adding highlight annotations to documentsHighlight important words across multiple documents to quickly spot key information.Acrobat X Pro introduced Actions, a powerful way to standardize processes by automating routine,multistep tasks. Since Actions may be extended via JavaScript, there are any number of additionaloperations which can benefit from automation.The Acrobat X Find and Highlight Words and Phrases Action provides a process to help you add highlightannotations across multiple documents.Visit the Adobe AcrobatUser Community for moreAcrobat ions are compatible with: Adobe Acrobat X Pro Adobe Acrobat X Pro SuiteBefore running the Action, you must supply a Word List which includes all of the words and phrases youwish to highlight across documents.Search censepermissionprotocolsregulations3. Covenants.Consultant covenants that in performing its services hereunder it shall: (i) complywith all federal, state, and local statutes, codes, rules, regulations and guidelinesincluding but not limited to those related to zoning, environment, fire, safety,and health matters, (ii) comply with all generally accepted engineering and scientificstandards, protocols and guidelines, (iii) perform its services in a professional andgood workmanlike manner, and (iv) perform all services generally performed byenvironmental consultants in conducting the type of services required by this Agreement.Consultant shall furnish all labor and testing equipment necessary to properly carry outthe terms of this Agreement.4. Licenses.Consultant represents that it and, where appropriate, each and every employeeof Consultant, has the capability, experience, means and appropriate licenses andpermits required to perform the services contemplated by this Agreement. Consultantrepresents that Consultant is aware of, and in full compliance with the laws of thestate where the Property is located for the licensing and certification of environmentalconsultants. Consultant must provide evidence to Attorney to document that Consultantis licensed or certified as appropriate under applicable state law. This can beaccomplished by noting the Consultant's license or certification number on the report orby providing a copy of the appropriate license or certification to Attorney.5. Skills; Employees.Consultant shall at all times utilize appropriately qualified and skilled personnel to performthe services required by this Agreement. Consultant's services hereundershall be rendered by its own employees unless Consultant receives express writtenpermission from Attorney to retain non-employees to perform specified services.Consultant shall take all appropriate steps to ensure that all work by its employees underthis Agreement is undertaken in a professional and good workmanlike manner and inaccordance with established procedures. Consultant shall be responsible forthe acts and omissions of its employees and others engaged by Consultant who performwork in connection with this Agreement. Notwithstanding the above, Consultantmay retain non-employee secretarial or clerical personnel, without obtainingpermission from Attorney.6. Liens.Consultant shall be responsible for the satisfaction or payment of any claims or liensby any provider of work, labor, material or services engaged by Consultant, andConsultant shall hold harmless and indemnify Attorney, its partners, directors, officers,employees, agents and representatives, and Client, its officers, directors, employees,agents and representatives, against any such claim whatsoever, including all costs,expenses and attorneys' fees, whether suit be brought or not. Such liens shall bedischarged by Consultant within 30 days after notice of filing thereof, by bonding,payment or otherwise upon request, and, as a condition to Attorney's obligationto make any payments to Consultant, shall submit such lien waivers, affidavits and proofsof payment as Attorney shall require.

Who benefits from quickly sortingdocuments into “keep” and“discard” folders? Professors who are evaluatingmany PDFs as part of a researchproject Regulatory professionals whoneed to quickly evaluate safetyreports Attorneys and paralegalsreviewing case data Life Science professionalsreviewing lab instrument data toreport anomalies Anyone who needs to analyze alarge number of documents andselect the most importantdocumentsExtracting the Create Find and Highlight Words and Phrases ActionBefore intsllaing the Action, you will need to extract it from this document.1.In the Attachments Panel at left, select Create Bookmark Report.sequ2.Right-click and choose Save Attachment to your desktop or other convenient locationInstalling the Create Find and Highlight Words and Phrases ActionTo install the Create Find and Highlight Words and Phrases Action1.Locate the Find and Highlight Words and Phrases.sequ file on your desktop (or otherlocation)2.Double-click the file and click the Import button.The Edit Actions window will open and display the newly imported Action:Acrobat X Action Find and Highlight Words and Phrases2

Configure the Search TermsBefore using the Find and Highlight Words and Phrases Action, you will need to enter the wordsand phrases you wish to highlight.Search and Remove? I’m worried Don’t worry! This Action takesadvantage of the Search and Redactfunctionality of Acrobat and onlytemporarily marks text. The Actionimmediately converts the Redactionmarks to ordinary text highlights.1.Open the Tools Pane2.Click the Action Wizard section3.Click the Edit Actions4.Select Find and Highlight Words and Phrases and click the Edit button.5.The Edit Actions window opens. Click the Options button next to Search and Remove Text6.The Find and Highlight Phrases to Redact Window opens.Enter the words or phrases you wish to mark. You mayalso import a text file containing search terms.Click the OK button when complete, then click the Closebutton to close the Action Options window.You’ll be asked to confirm the Action name anddescription. Click OK.Acrobat X Action Find and Highlight Words and Phrases3

Run the Find and Highlight Words and Phrases ActionBefore using the Find and Highlight Words and Phrases Action, locate the files you wish to process.It’s easiest if all of the files are in the same folder.Run the Create Find and Highlight Words and Phrases ActionPassword Protected FilesEncrypted documents which require apassword to open them will be rejectedby Acrobat. If you know the password toyour documents, you can change apreference to allow access to Actions.Choose Edit Preferences and choosethe Actions category. Change theSecurity Method to Password. Acrobatwill ask you for the Open password eachtime you run an Action.1.Open the Tools Pane2.Click the Action Wizard section3.Click Find and Highlight Words and Phrases and click the Edit button.4.Acrobat will ask you to confirm that you wish to run the Action.Click the Next button.5.The Select Files Window will open:6.Click the Add Files or Add Folders button and locate the files you wish to process.When finished, click the Next button.Acrobat X Action Find and Highlight Words and Phrases4

7.The Action will open each document in turn and display a Notice message.Click the Next Step text to process each document.8.After all documents have been processed, the Action will display a list of any documentswhich did not contain any of your search terms.Questions and AnswersI can see words in my documents, but the Action did not highlight any words. Why?If your source documents were from a scanner, you will need to OCR them first.Hint: Edit the Action to add OCR as the second step.What happens if I have already highlighted some words?The Action will create an additional highlight on the word or phrase. Visually, there is no differencebut there will be two comments in the same place.Can I change the color of the highlight? I’d like to create a separate Action that highlights in adifferent color.Yes. Here’s how:The Find and Highlight Words andPhrases Action was created byWindJack Solutions, Inc.Our mission is to make Acrobat andPDF easier to use and more accessiblefor everyone. We specialize in all theprogramming activities surroundingAcrobat and PDF, including plug-ins,JavaScript automation, form scripting,and server scripting. We have been at itsince 1997 and we accomplish ourmission by mentoring, writing articles,teaching classes, creating educationalmaterials, lecturing at conferences andof course by creating our line ofsoftware products and services forassisting document designers anddevelopers to get the most out of PDF.We are currently delivering ouraccumulated knowledge of PDF andAcrobat development to users throughour membership website athttp://www.pdfscripting.com1.Click Edit Actions in the Actions Wizard Pane2.Select the HiLite Words and Phrases Action and click the Copy button.3.Click the4.Scroll down through the Action code until you find the word “yellow”. Replace this with one ofthe following color choices:button for the Execute JavaScript stepa. greenb. bluec. cyand. magentae. yellowf. dkGrayg. grayh. ltGray5.Click the Save button.6.Give the Action and new name and description, and click Save.Can the Action run without user interaction?Yes, just edit the Action and delete the first step (Notice).Adobe Systems Incorporated345 Park AvenueSan Jose, CA 95110-2704USAwww.adobe.comAdobe, the Adobe logo, Acrobat and the Adobe PDF logoare either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United Statesand/or other countries. 2010 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved.5

Acrobat X Action Find and Highlight Words and Phrases Actions are compatible with: Adobe Acrobat X Pro Adobe Acrobat X Pro Suite Highlight important words across multiple documents to quickly spot key information. Acrobat X Pro introduced Actions, a powerful way to standardize processes by automating routine, multistep tasks.