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4An electrifying subject for our engineers:the future.Porsche and e-mobility.We build sports cars. Always have done.Our engineers were more than encou-saloon sector which can be charged fromThe impulse to move forward, to be faster,raged by this, and went a stage furtheran electrical socket that now consolidatesto come first is therefore established deepin thinking about the hybrid. At the sameall of our know-how, is continuingin our genes – not only when it comes totime as the Cayenne S Hybrid, thePorsche’s E-Mobility journey. This meanscrossing the finishing line, but also, and918 Spyder concept car also became thethe combination of forward-looking driveespecially, with new ideas. So it is normaloverwhelming star at the 2010 Genevaconcepts and clever charging systemsmotor show. A plug-in high-performanceand in-car functions that can be controlledhybrid with amazing lap times on thefrom a smartphone. It offers greaterOne new direction is hybrid technology.Nordschleife and impressively lowefficiency and suitability for everyday useAt Porsche, this chapter commenced inconsumption values. The 918 Spyderby the driver. But with acceleration and2010 by the Cayenne S Hybrid.* Designedwill go into series production in 2013.performance that are anything butfor us to go in new a parallel full hybrid, it consistentlycombines typical Porsche performanceThis consistent future-oriented direction iswith our continuous improvement infurther supported by the Panamera SNew ideas will bring us to our destination –engine efficiency.E-Hybrid** – a plug-in hybrid in the sportsand then take us further. With e-mobilitywe are on a journey. Direction: Future.* Fuel consumption (in l/100 km) urban 8.7 · extra urban 7.9 · combined 8.2; CO2 emissions 193 g/km; efficiency class DE/CH B/E** Fuel consumption (in l/100 km) combined 3.1; CO2 emissions 71 g/km; electricity consumption 16.2 kWh/100 km; efficiency class DE/CH A /A1. Cayenne S Hybrid2. 918 Spyder concept car3. Panamera S E-HybridInformationProvidedby:3

6Why do we build sports cars?To get there more quickly.The route to e-mobility.Everybody is talking about e-mobility.So far, so visionary. The electric motor –A short interim assessment shows that,Finally people are asking for answerswe call it an e-drive – is already makingwith our E-Hybrid cars, we are currentlyto one of the greatest challenges offull use of this potential: with immediatelyat the very edge of what is technicallyour time: is there a replacement for ouravailable torque for spontaneous responsefeasible. But we are not resting on ourscarce petroleum resources? Howand high performance with the utmostlaurels. We are continuing to work on thecan CO2 emissions be reduced? Canlevel of efficiency. Now we have to focusfuture of mobility and on the future of thewe lower the demand for energy?on the strength of the battery, becausesports car. Because we firmly believecars that run purely on batteries arethat common sense can be fun and canThe answers lie in sustainable mobility.still far from achieving the range neededalso make sense. Especially in a Porsche.E-mobility therefore replaces oil withfor longer distances.renewable electricity. Thereby reducingfuel consumption, CO2 emissions andOnly the combination of combustionoverall energy consumption.engine and e-drive with external chargingcan ensure suitability for everyday use.In specific figures, this means that, toWith plug-in hybrid technology we arecover the same distance, a car running onalready enjoying the advantages ofelectricity requires only about one quartere-mobility today. With the performanceof the energy of a combustion engine.that you rightly expect of a Porsche.InformationProvidedby:

89Environment versus performance.Both win.Porsche e-mobilityThe concept.The components.Porsche e-mobility is providing theLet’s take an example: e-mobility increas-Another example: not all electricity is theIn our opinion, possibly the most impor-The icons opposite symbolise the compo-answers. Not some time in the future,ingly replaces filling up at the petrolsame. It has the greatest environmentaltant factor on the subject of e-mobility isnent parts of Porsche e-mobility. On thebut right now. Because global fuelstation with charging with electricity. Notbenefits when it is generated from renew-the driver. This is why connectivity plays afollowing pages of this brochure weconsumption and CO2 emissions mustjust anywhere, but especially at sources. So, in a few countries, wecrucial role. With our ‘e-mobility services’explain in more detail what they stand forbe reduced. We believe that, as aThis requires a reliable charging infra-have negotiated special tariffs for you toas part of Porsche Car Connect you canand what possibilities Porsche e-mobilitysports car manufacturer, we shouldstructure where you can conveniently filluse renewable power. More proof of thiscontrol specific functions via your smart-can offer you. Together they embody astart where we can actually changeup with electricity. For us, it goes withoutis that, according to our definition,phone, such as displaying the currentconcept that will point to new directionssomething: in the garage, in thesaying that we should provide you with thee-mobility does not end at the vehiclestate of charge or, as an option, thein everyday driving and in sports careveryday life of our drivers – with ancharging equipment at the same time.charge port on your Porsche.current temperature inside the car.philosophy.intelligent concept.With Porsche Design of course.CarInformationProvidedby:Charging infrastructureElectricityConnectivity

1011ElectricThe car is driven by the electric motor onlyFor emission-free driving without consuming any fuelCar.Types of driving.The heart of Porsche e-mobility is the car,Thanks to its considerably greater energyA Porsche E-Hybrid has five main types ofor rather: the E-Hybrid. The foundationcontent, the electric range is significantlyfor this was laid by hybrid technology withlonger. The powerful, high-torquetwo types of intelligent drive. Becauseelectric drive ensures adequate electrica drive concept that combines highperform ance. A new type of purelyperformance with utmost efficiencyelectric driving experience is possible,can concentrate on what’s important:could only be achieved by the seamlessespecially city driving, without anyenjoying the drive.interaction of the combustion enginefuel consumption or local emissions.6Combustion engine drivingThe car is driven by the combustion engineDepending on its state of charge and load requirements, the battery can also be chargedFor long journeys and high speedsdriving. They are controlled automaticallyand according to requirements. The73future-oriented drive concept can thenmake full use of the potential – and you2BoostThe car is driven by the electric motor and the combustion engine‘Kicking down’ on the accelerator pedal calls up the car’s maximum power (boost)For greater performance, e.g. for overtaking manoeuvres and dynamic response4and the electric motor.The electric motor and combustionA single letter – the E – is now having aengine are still mechanically connectedgreat effect: it combines a future-orienteddirectly to the axles, so that the typicaldrive with the comprehensive concept ofPorsche power can be called upon ate-mobility. The new lithium-ion battery canany time: via the combustion engine or,be charged on an external mains throughfor especially sporty driving, boththe vehicle charge port.drives together – the so-called boost.1Coasting5The combustion engine is automatically switched off and disengaged when you takeyour foot off the accelerator pedal while drivingSome energy is recovered to support the car’s electrical system1. Power electronics2. Combustion engine3. Electric motor4. High-voltage cable5. Vehicle charge port6. On-board charger7. High-voltage batteryFor emission-free cruising and without consuming any fuelRecovery (of braking energy)When you brake, the electric motor works like a generator to produce electricityThe combustion engine remains switched offRecovering braking energy that would otherwise be lost – it can be used again later for electric drivingInformationProvidedby:

1213Every relationship thrives on its tension.The Panamera S E-Hybrid.35As a plug-in hybrid, the Panamera Soptimum interaction. In the newbattery, which is housed beneath theAnd with e-mobility services you alsoE-Hybrid has reached the next level ofPanamera S E-Hybrid, they are syn-luggage compartment floor in order tohave remote control of your Panamera Stechnological development: at 36 kmchronized by the electronic enginesave space. In total, this provides a topE-Hybrid. For example, you can control the(measured in the NEDC), the range onmanagement system. Both drives arespeed of 270 km/h and an accelerationcharging process conveniently via smart-electricity alone is much better than withconnected directly to the axles. So,from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.5 or activate the car’s optionala conventional hybrid vehicle, as is thebetween 1,250 and 4,000 rpm, a total ofWith an average of 3.1 l/100 km,parking speed it can reach on electricity –306 kW (416 hp) and a torque of 590 Nmconsumption is extraordinarily low andup to 135 km/h.are delivered fully and effectively to theis setting new standards at Porsche –A visible identification feature of thetarmac. The super-charged 3.0-litre V6as are the CO2 emissions of 71 g/km.innovative drive is the use of Acid Green.42The main thing that makes this possibleengine generates 245 kW (333 hp) atis the latest lithium-ion-based battery5,500 rpm and at this speed the electricNew standards are also being set by theway into a new technological era. So, ontechnology, including 9.4 kWh of energy,drive adds 61 kW (83 hp) to the overallconvenient charging equipment. For usethe Panamera S E-Hybrid, the model logoand a vehicle charge port for externalsystem performance – creating a total ofon the road and at home: the Porscheon the rear and the ‘e-hybrid’ logos oncharging. The second requirement is306 kW (416 hp). At lower speeds, theUniversal Charger (AC) can be taken in thethe front doors are outlined in Acid Green.that the components of the hybrid systemelectric motor can develop up to 70 kWcar or placed in the practical PorscheThe brake calipers are also finished inmust fit together perfectly and ensure(95 hp). It is powered by the lithium-ionDesign Charging Dock (see page 21).Acid Green.1At Porsche, this colour is showing theFuel consumption (in l/100 km) combined 3.1; CO2 emissions 71 g/km; electricity consumption 16.2 kWh/km; efficiency class DE/CH A /AInformationProvidedby:1. 3.0-litre V6 engine2. Hybrid module with electric motor3. Lithium-ion battery4. Vehicle charge port5. Charging Dock withPorsche Universal Charger (AC),mounted

153Driving modes.With the Panamera S E-Hybrid you can11. E-Power2. E-Charge3. Sportremain in control – the three differentE-Power mode (electric driving) isE-Charge mode can be activated byIn Sport mode, the boost is activateddriving modes allow you to control certainactivated as standard. Every journeypressing a buttonwhen the gas pedal position reacheshybrid-specific types of driving (seestarts with electricity aloneThe high-voltage battery is charged80 % – combustion engine and electricpage 11). You can then deliberately playFully electric drive with high torquewhile driving by the combustion enginemotor develop the full performanceout their corresponding strengthselectric motor for an intensive drivingwhich generates more power (principlepotential togetherallowing you to experience their individualexperience without using any fuel, e.g.of changing load point)For dynamic driving with a suitablebenefits. Although, ultimately, you are stillfor driving through town or on the wayUseful for charging while driving, e.g.gas pedal characteristic, maximumalways driving a workon motorways, for instance whenpower and maximum torqueWith kick-down, the power availablethere is a city route coming up wherefrom the whole system can be calledyou will want to drive on electricityupon at any time21. E-Power button2. E-Charge button3. Sport buttonInformationProvidedby:

1617Crossover betweendriving with combustionengine and boost withelectric supportDisplays.s: w i tcuFo vingidrCrossover between efficiency range2. Colour display in the instrumentcluster4. State of charge display on thecharging socket5. E-mobility services(smartphone app)compactly. This is ensured by theThe ready display provides informationRepresents the energy flowProvides information on the car’s stateProvides information on the currentintelligent linking of different informationon the operating conditionCan be used to program three chargeof charge and shows whether it isstatus of the carsystems: in the instrument cluster, on theDisplays the current system powertimersconnected to the mainsCan be used to check the chargingscreen of the Porsche CommunicationBoost and recovery range can be seenDisplays useful information, such asThe state of charge LED pulses whenprocesses and optional pre-the electric rangecharging – the slower the pulsing, theclimatisation (heating and cooling)fuller the batteryinside the carThe charge timer button indicatesMore on e-mobility services onwhether time-controlled charging ispage 28an option, on the vehicle charge port or3. Porsche CommunicationManagement (PCM)on your smartphone.Shows a detailed graphic of the car,Boostdriving with combustion engineIgnition on (ready)activateder ye c ovManagement (PCM), which is available as(focus on electric driving) andneing1. Power meter in the instrumentclusteri on eng idr i vE-Hybrid is always in view – clearly andb us tFocus:elec tricThe main information on your Panamera Somhcindicating energy flowsRShows detailed static values such asthe proportion of driving without thecombustion engine (zero emissions)Crossover betweenand average consumptionrecovery braking (charging)and mechanical braking1. Instrument cluster2. Power meter in the instrument cluster1InformationProvidedby:2Ignition off

19Time machine.Direction: Future.The 918 Spyder concept car.You know to expect something specialA high-performance, trend-setting controlwhen Porsche conducts a concept study.concept. The 918 Spyder is set to changeHowever, many would not have expectedthe very essence of driving a sports car.three engines and plug-in hybridAnd quite soon in fact – the 918 Spydertechnology in a super sports car. And for itwill go into series production in bear a name that combines the pastA first prototype drove the Nordschleifewith the future: the 918 just 7.14 minutes – and has thereforealready overtaken the future. To us, theThis concept car demonstrates theE-Hybrid isn’t just lip service, it is a clearfuture of e-mobility. Here too ‘hybrid’statement – for sports not always the same thing. First thearrangement and operation of themotors make the 918 Spyder a highperformance E-Hybrid. And the driveris also an integral part of the vehiclearchitecture. With an interior designedfor the next generation of drivers.InformationProvidedby:

2021Charging infrastructure.In our opinion, an innovative car conceptagainst being driven off. The chargingCharging equipment.The Charging Dock has been speciallyis of no value if it ends with the car.process starts immediately. If you use theWhen you buy an E-Hybrid you auto-created by Porsche Design. The practicalE-mobility therefore includes the infra-charge timer to enter a time by when thematically receive the charging equipmentWall Mount for the Porsche Universalstructure: an optimally integrated vehiclebattery should be charged, the chargingthat has been developed by Porsche itself.Charger (AC) is like a private filling stationcharge port, practical charging equipmentprocess will start later. So that you canYou can then charge your car at home and– for your Porsche. The Porsche Universaland intelligent charging options, to use attake advantage of cheaper night-timeon the road quite safely, quickly andCharger (AC) can be easily stowed in thehome and on the road.tariffs, for example.conveniently.transport case for use on the road. If youVehicle charge port.Two LEDs show the mains connectionThe Porsche Universal Charger (AC)opt for an appropriate adapter cable – forThe vehicle charge port connects the carstatus and the battery’s state of charge.establishes a safe connection betweenall common electrical sockets throughoutto the electricity infrastructure.When you open the car with the key, thedifferent electrical sockets and your car.the world.charging process is stopped and theCharging normally starts automaticallyvehicle plug is released.when it is plugged in. However, if there iswant to charge your car abroad, you canOnce plugged in, the vehicle plug isautomatically identified by the car anda problem – due to a defective electricallocked. The car is now secured, evensocket for example – clear instructionswill appear on the display.1. Vehicle charge port2. Charging Dock with Porsche Universal Charger (AC),mounted3. Porsche Universal Charger (AC) with vehicle plugand industrial plugInformationProvidedby:123

23Charging at home.To charge your car quickly andThe electrician commissioned comesconveniently at home we recommendto you and checks where the Chargingyou install an industrial electricalDock can be installed, e.g. on a walloutlet and the Charging Dock. Youclose to where the vehicle is parkedcan connect the Porsche UniversalThe Charging Dock is installed – youCharger (AC) to the heavy currentcan now fill up with electricity evensocket and place it in the Chargingmore conveniently and quickly at home.DockYour car will be fully charged inContact your Porsche Centre regard-approximately 2.3 hoursing installationIf required they will arrange a suitabletime for a qualified electrician to visityou. Of course, the installation canalso be performed by any proficientelectrician that you trustInformationProvidedby:

24Charging on the road.Close to shopping centres, in carAlternatively, you can fill up withparks or at the roadside: a lot of citieselectricity using the Porsche Universalnow already have public chargingCharger (AC) at any normal electricalstations that you can usesocket, e.g. while at work or visitingWith the increasing number of plug-infriends. There are special, easy-to-hybrid and electric vehicles, thechange plug adapters for thisnumber of charging stations is alsoThe charging equipment can becontinuing to increasestowed in the transport case in theluggage compartment to save spaceInformationProvidedby:

26Electricity.Electricity is the energy of the mobilefuture. It can be generated very efficiently, and without producing any CO2from renewable sources such as water,wind and sun. Thanks to efficient networks, electricity can also be transportedover long distances with little loss and isavailable today even in the world’s lessdeveloped areas. In other words: if youwant to drive and be CO2 neutral, youmust use renewable electricity.Lithium-ion batteries can store increasingamounts of electricity in the car. Highperformance electric motors convert itinto driving torque – approximately fourtimes more efficiently than a combustionengine. So electricity means more sustainable driving enjoyment.InformationProvidedby:

28Connectivity.2. Electric range managementWe have put together the package ofThis service is included for five yearse-mobility services especially for ourwhen you purchase a Porsche E-HybridCall up information on remainingE-Hybrid cars under the term ‘Porsche Carand can then be extended at a charge.electric range and total range.4. Parking pre-climatisationremote controlThis function is available as an option.Connect’. They include many options forcontrolling your Porsche, not just via theYou can use it to activate pre-1. State of chargesteering wheel, but also via smartphone.Monitor the state of charge of yourYou can call up a variety of informationE-Hybrid.3. Charge timer with user-definedcharging timesand control individual functions.climatisation inside your car from theoutside – straight away or time-Control the charging process remotelycontrolled. Whether it’s hot or coldwith your smartphone.outside, bring the temperature insidethe car to within a range that feelscomfortable.

3031FAQ.Questions about the car.1. What does ‘E-Hybrid’ stand for?Questions about charging.and more electric performance), the‘E-Hybrid’ stands for the innovativehigh-voltage battery should be chargedplug-in hybrid drive from Porsche. Aexternally from the that combines combustion engine4. What is the car’s fuel consumptionin everyday driving?6. How safe is the car in an accident?are based on the same standards.Cars and charging equipment haveFor optimum safety and comfort,Fuel consumption varies according tosafety standards have been used as into charge your car at home is with(AC), that is provided as standard, forbeen fitted with a lot of additionalhowever, we recommend using thethe style of driving and type of road.models with conventional drive. Therethe Porsche Universal Charger (AC),this functions to make chargingcharging equipment that has beenThe higher the proportion of purelyis a special crash housing to protectwhich is provided as standard, and itseven safer than, for example, usingoptimised by Porsche for your car.electric driving, the lower the fuelthe high-voltage battery and, depend-practical Charging Dock. Your Porscheenergy and can be charged externallyCustomers who do a high proportionconsumption and therefore CO2ing on the seriousness of the accident,from the mains. This enables a rela-of city driving will particularly benefitemissions.tively high proportion of electric drivingfrom low consumption and low CO2with low emissions, yet the highemissions because a lot of urbanperformance that is typical of Porsche.routes can be driven on electricity only.But the benefits of the hybrid drive,5. How safe is charging?use the Porsche Universal Chargerlithium-ion battery, which stores more2. Can I drive a car with plug-in hybriddrive like a conventional car?socket. Porsche recommend that youThe quickest and most convenient way3. Who will find a plug-in hybrid driveuseful?and electric motor, supported by a1. How do I charge my car at home?Essentially the same high Porsche5. What is the guarantee on the highvoltage battery and does it requiremaintenance?3. How long will my car take to charge?electric domestic devices. Specialdealer will recommend a qualifiedThe charging time depends on theattention has been paid to ensuringthe high-voltage system is discon-electrician, if required, to install thesize of the battery, the starting statethat cars can also be charged safelynected in a fraction of a second.necessary industrial electrical outlet.of charge and the efficiency of thein wet weather. Nevertheless youinfrastructure. A Panamera S E-Hybridshould exercise the same cautioncan be fully charged at home typicallywhen charging as you normally wouldin about 2.3 hours.when using electrical equipment.2. How do I charge my car when onthe road?such as coasting and recovery (ofPorsche provides a six-year guaranteeThe quickest way of charging the4. How often do I have to charge?6. Can I also charge Porsche cars withcharging equipment from othermanufacturers?brake energy), can be enjoyed onon the high-voltage battery orcar is at the public charging stationsYes, the car's internal managementcross-country journeys as well.observes the legal requirements. It isoffered by various providers. A Charg-To be able to enjoy the full benefits ofsystem controls the interactionPowerful acceleration, on the motor-a fixed part of the car and ising Cable, which is available as anthe car, it is recommended that thebetween the two drives almostway for example, is possible with amaintenance-free.option, is required at some chargingcar is charged, if possible, after everyPorsche follows the relevant country-automatically. To get the maximumcombination of both drives (boost).stations. With slower charging speeds,long journey – for example overnight.specific charging standards for carsbenefit from electric driving (lowerit is also possible to charge the carIf there is no opportunity to charge theand charging equipment. Our productsconsumption and lower CO2 emissionsfrom a normal domestic electricalcar, you can still remain fully mobileare essentially compatible with thosethanks to the combustion engine.of other manufacturers, provided theyInformationProvidedby:

3233Questions about electricity.1. Does the extra electricity requiredfor electromobility cause bottlenecksin the electricity supply?Questions on connectivity.preferably be charged with renewableelectricity. The CO2 emissions can4. Does Porsche offer renewableelectricity itself?6. Is it cheaper to drive with electricitythan with fuel?1. What is Porsche Car Connect?Porsche Car Connect includes services3. How does Porsche Car Connectwork?5. How much does it cost?The services can be used free of6. On which markets is PorscheCar Connect available?then be reduced to almost zero inIn some selected countries, PorscheIn most countries it is cheaper tothat connect the car with the customerVia a SIM card installed in the car, acharge for five years. No furtherPorsche Car Connect is availableNo, even with an increasing number ofelectric operation. At the same timeis already negotiating with providersdrive with electricity than it is withvia a smartphone. The product includessecure data connection is establishedfees apply in respect of the car evenin Europe, USA, South Africa andchargeable cars, the electricity demandenergy consumption drops by moreof renewable electricity and routinelyfuel. However, the amount of theRemote Services, Porsche Vehiclewith a server which enables datawhen roaming. The services can beRussia. The product is constantlyfor electromobility compared to thethan half compared with that of achecks the spread to other countries.saving varies due to the rates ofTracking Services and specialto be exchanged with the smartphone.extended after that time. For furtherbeing extended. Detailed informationelectricity demand from industry andcombustion engine.More detailed information is availabletaxation on electricity and fuel thate-mobility services.information on costs involved,on availability in your country can befrom your Porsche Centre.differ considerably from region toplease contact your Porsche Centre.obtained from your Porsche Centre.domestic purposes is still relatively low.Specifically charging when there is alow demand from other users (e. g. at3. How can I specifically userenewable electricity?night), makes better use of existingIn a lot of countries you can selectelectricity generating plants.a tariff for renewable electricity. Thisusually requires changing electricity2. How environmentally friendly isdriving with electricity?region.5. How can I specifically use cheapernight-time electricity with my car?2. Which e-mobility services areincluded in Porsche Car Connect?4. Which smartphone operatingsystems are supported?Smartphones based on the AndroidThe service includes functions forand iOS operating systems areThe car gives you the option of settingchecking the state of charge, rangesupported.the charging time yourself with a timermanagement, and pre-climatisationprovider. A good provider of renewableand therefore charging specificallyremote control.electricity can be identified by the factwhen electricity is cheaper.To make full use of the environmentalthat it promotes the installation ofbenefits of e-mobility, cars shouldnew renewable electricity generatingplants.InformationProvidedby:

34Electric motor or combustion engine.Coasting or dynamic driving.Heart or mind.The answer is still Porsche.When we build a hybrid we build it in thePorsche way. Because it’s not just abouthorsepower or revs per minute. It is aboutusing existing resources as efficiently aspossible. For the overtaking lane – and forcity traffic. We are constantly encounteringcontradictions. In truth: we look for them.In order to combine them. That is how wefind new – and sometimes surprising –solutions for the future and for the driver.With e-mobility they have been given a name.A tangible concept that you can take ontothe road yourself – and drive for ward everyday. Direction: Future. As the E-Hybrid.InformationProvidedby:

The vehicle models shown represent theincluded, appearance, performance,Duplication, disclosure or any other use isPorsche, the Porsche Crest, Panamera,equipment for the Federal Republic ofdimensions, weight, fuel consumption andnot permitted without prior writtenPCM and other marks are registeredGermany. They might include individualoperating costs represent currentapproval from Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG.trademarks of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG.pieces of equipment that are notknowledge at the time of going to printincluded as standard and are only(04/13). Changes to design, equipmentDr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG supports theDr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AGavailable for an extra cost. In differentand what is included, and differences inuse of paper from sustainable forestry.Porscheplatz 1countries, not all models and equipmentshade and errors excepted.The paper in this catalogue is certified in70435 Stuttgartaccordance with the stringent require-Germanywww.porsche.comwill be available because of countryspecific conditions and requirements. Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, 2013ments of the PEFC (Programme for thePlease find out about the exact range ofAll tex

Porsche e-mobility Electricity Connectivity E\ GH3RPRGYLUUQRDIQWL, 10 11 Car. The heart of Porsche e-mobility is the car, or rather: the E-Hybrid. The foundation for this was laid by hybrid technology with two types of intelligent drive. Because a drive concept that combines high