TK-STARDETAILED USER MANUALPrefaceThank you for purchasing the tracker. This manual shows how to operate the device smoothly andcorrectly. Make sure to read this manual carefully before using this product. Please note thatspecification and information are subject to changes without prior notice in this manual. Any changewill be integrated in the latest release. The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for any errors oromissions in this document.1

Contents1. Summary . 32. Applications . 33. Hardware Description . Error! Bookmark not defined.4 Specs. . 55 Before first use . 56 Commands and functions. Error! Bookmark not defined.7 GPRS / APN Settings 168 Manufacturers advice . 169 Troubleshooting . 172

1. SummaryThe TK Star GPS Tracker works on existing GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellites. The tracker canlocate and monitor any remote targets by SMS, GPS or internet. The most advanced GPS and AGPStechnology is used giving dual positioning. The waterproof level of the unit is IP67.2. Applications Vehicle - Rental or Fleet management etc.Personal vehicles – Cars, Campervans, Caravans, Motorcycles.Outdoor sports – Hiking, skiing and mountaineering.Person - Protect children, disabled or the elderly.Animals – Dogs, Horses, cattle.Provide peace-of-mind for businessmenPersonnel ManagementTracking Criminals3. Hardware Descriptions3.1 Front face3

3.2 Side faceMini-USB for powersupply and chargingand software update /change.Indicator lights for SIM / GPSsignal connection and batterycharging.SOS ButtonON /OFF Button3.3 LED DescriptionGreen LED - GPRS working statusStatus of indicatorSlow flash (Once every 2s)Continuously litGreen Led offMeaningGSM / GPRS connectionNo GPRS signalDevice fault or dormantBlue LED - GPS working statusStatus of indicatorSlow flash (Once every 2s)Continuously litBlue led offMeaningGPS location successfulSearching GPS signalDevice fault or dormantRed LED - Power charging statusStatus of indicatorRed led on all the timeRed led flashingRed led off4MeaningChargingLow batteryFull battery or charged full

4. S chipGPS sensitivityGPS accuracySpecs.50mm x 50mm x 20mm50gGSM/GPRS850/900/1800/1900Mhz – Quad bandUBLOX-159dBm5mTime To First FixCold status - 35-80sWarm status - 35sHot status - 1sCar charger12—24V input5V outputWall chargerBatteryStandbyStorage Temp.Operation Temp.Humidity110-220V input5V outputChargeable 3.7V 1000mAh Li-ion battery160-180 hours-40 C to 85 C-20 C to 55 C5%-95% non-condensing5. Before first use.Please charge the battery for 12 hours before first use. This conditions the battery for maximumperformance.5.1 SIM card installationMake sure your SIM has not got call divert switched on, is in credit, PIN code is off and call display ison (All standard SIM settings unless you have used the SIM in another device and changed thesesettings).The SMS text message must be in Text format and can’t respond to PDU format (again standardformat unless you have changed it).5

5.1.1 OpenTo open the cover remove the 4 screws with the supplied screwdriver.5.1.2 Insert SIMPush forward and open the metal SIM cover. Put the SIM card into the card slot and press the metalpiece to its original position, pushing it backward until it clicks – The SIM will only fit in one way.The SIM can only go in one way:5.2 Battery and ChargerEnsure the battery is charged for 8 -12 hours before first use. Please use the battery and chargerprovided by the manufacturer. This unit uses a built-in Li-ion battery, and full battery on standby canlast up to 180 hours. After first use the battery usually should achieve a full charge in 3-5 hours.6

5.3 Startup1. Install the SIM card as above and reattach the cover in place.2. Turn on the unit outdoors by pressing the “on/off” button until the indicator is on (these can bevery faint, especially in sunlight).3. For first use please initialize the unit and restore it to default setting. (Please refer to 6.1 forinstruction.)4. In 10 to 40 seconds the unit will begin to work and acquire the GSM and GPS signals. TheLED indicators will keep flashing every 3 seconds when the unit is receiving these signals.5. Once this unit receives a GPS signal you can use it and do any of the functions as describedin this manual.5.4 SMS Message contents description:1. Google Maps link: This is the link to Google maps showing the position of the unit. When youclick the link it will open maps on your smartphone showing the location of the unit.2. V:A/V: Indicates GPS signal. V:A indicates there is a GPS signal; V:V indicates there is noGPS signal and has provided a SIM location via mobile phone towers.3. 2013-10-17 10:48:18: The date and time stamp when the unit last received a GPS signal.4. S: 000km/h: This indicates the last known speed of the unit.5. B: The approximate amount of battery charge remaining. The value is between 1 and 6, with 6being fully charged.6. ID: 4102000759: The ID code of tracker device. This number is used for tracking website andthe app and is on the back of the unit.7. S25G03; p 46001 The GSM operator data from the cell towers. You can safely ignore thisinformation.8. L: 9531,c: 56662: Location based service data that indicates if the data came from a celltower, GPS, or GPRS- again please ignore this data.7

6. Commands and functions.The tracker unit works via SMS message sent to the SIM or through commands sent via thesmartphone app or website platform.6.1 InitializationSend “begin password” as a SMS text message to the unit. It will reply “begin ok” and initialize theunit. (Default password: 123456)For example, send SMS: “begin123456” to the tracker via a cell phone. If successfully received theunit will send a reply SMS back to you saying: “begin ok”.6.2 Change the passwordSend SMS: “password old password space new password” to the unit to change the password.For Example: “password123456 000000”. It will reply: “password OK”. The new password will now be000000 and should be used in place of 123456 in all the instructions in the manual.Note: Be sure to keep the new password safe. If you lose it you will have to upload the software torestore the original setting and won’t be able to use the Tracker.Make sure the new password is 6 digits or the tracker will not recognize the new password.6.3 Authorised numbersUsing an authorised number protects the unit from being accessed by anyone not authorised.If there is no authorised number any number that sends a message to the unit will receive a responseand can change any of the settings.Once an authorised number is set the unit will only respond to messages sent from that number.6.3.1. Set Authorised numbersTo set an authorised number send SMS:”admin password space cell phone number”.For example send SMS: “admin123456 13265790180”.If the command is successfully the unit will reply “admin ok!”8

Any additional authorised numbers should be set by the first authorised number.6.3.2 Delete Authorised numbersTo delete an authorised number send SMS:“noadmin password space authorized number”.For example: Send SMS “noadmin123456 13265790180”.If the command is successful the unit with reply “noadmin ok!”6.4 Single Location6.4.1 Location via callWhen an authorized number calls the device, it will hang up your call and reply via SMS messagewith a real-time location latitude and longitude information – shown below:Note: When GPS signal is lost or is weak you will receive two SMS messages, one with the GPS lastlocation and one with the current GPRS location.Please note the time on the GPS signal as it will be the time the signal last was received.6.4.2. Location via Text SMSTo get a single real-time location through SMS send “G123456#” with 123456 being the password. Ifyou have changed the password use that 6 digit code.For example send SMS: “G123456#”.If successful you will receive the following message:9

Click on the Google maps link to open maps on your device and the location of the unit will be shownon the map.Note: If no authorised numbers are set any phone can call or text and receive the location message.If an authorised number is set and a non authorised number calls or texts the unit they will notreceive a reply.6.5 Monitor (Voice Surveillance)The commands to switch between Track and Monitor are “tracker” and “monitor”.The default mode is “tracker” (Track mode).To switch to monitor send SMS: “monitor password”.If successful you will receive “monitor ok!”. The unit is now in monitor mode.When in monitor mode you can call the unit and it will silently accept your call and allow you to listento the noise and conversations taking place around the unit.To switch to tracker mode send SMS: “tracker password”.If successful you will receive “tracker ok!”. The unit is now in tracker mode.6.6 Geo-fenceA Geo-fence is a geographical area you define on a map. When the unit passes the boundary of thisarea it will send you a message telling you it is passing into or out of the area.6.6.1. Set up via Text: (advanced)Once the unit has been immobile for 10 minutes you can send a SMS to set the geo-fence location.Send the following SMS: “stockade password space latitude, longitude; latitude, longitude” to theunit to set the geo-fence.10

If successful you will receive the following reply: “stockade ok”.Note: The first latitude & longitude is the coordinate of the top left corner of the Geo-fence, while thesecond latitude & longitude is the coordinate of the bottom right corner.If the unit passes out of the area it will send SMS to the authorised numbers every 3 minutes.To cancel the geo-fence send the following SMS: “nostockade password”.If successful you will receive the following reply: “nostockade ok”.6.6.2. Set up via Web or App (easy)Using the smartphone apps and online platform makes setting a geofence much easier as you can use the map to set the center and usingthe slide across the top make the area as large as you want.This Geo-fence is set around Gatwick Airport and will send you an SMSmessage if the unit moves outside of this area.This is perfect for vehicle security when you are on holiday, on abusiness trip, leaving your car in an insecure location or when you leaveyour car with a drop and collect company and you want to ensure youvehicle isn’t used without your authority while you are away.Of this can be used to inform you when whoever is carrying the trackerarrives at the airport – You family, your friends or your boss.11

6.7 Movement alertThe unit can be left in movement alert status and when it detects movement it will send you an alertmessage.To set up: When the unit stays immobile in a place for 3-10 minutes, the user can send SMS:“move password” to the unit, then the unit will reply “move ok!”. When the unit moves 200m of moreit will send SMS “Move ALARM Latitude and longitude” to the authorized numbers every 3 minutes.To cancel: Send SMS:” nomove password” to deactivate the movement alert, tracker will reply“nomove ok”.6.8. Over speed alert:The tracker can alert you when it goes over a certain speed.To set up send SMS: “speed password space 080” to the unit (suppose the speed is 80km/h), andit will reply “speed ok!”. When the target exceeds 80 km/h the unit will send SMS:”speed ALARM! Latitude and longitude” to the authorized numbers every 3 minutes.To Cancel send SMS “nospeed password” to deactivate the over speed alarm, tracker will reply“nospeed ok”.Note: The recommended speed should be not less than 50km/h.12

6.9. SOS buttonThe SOS button sends a SMS to up to 3 numbers set by the authorised user. When pressed the unitwill send a “help me” SMS with the location of the unit to those numbers.6.9.1 Set up SOS SMS Mode:To Set SOS number, Send SMS: “sos password space cell phone number”For example, please send:“sos123456 13265790180”to tracker to set 13265790180 as a SOSnumber.Press the SOS button for 3 seconds, it will send “help me! Latitude and longitude” to all the SOSnumbers every 3 minutes. It will stop sending such a SMS when any authorized number reply SMS“help me!” to the tracker.6.10 Low battery alertWhen GPS device battery is low it will send SMS: “bat:low” at 30 minutes interval.6.10. Terminal (local) Time SettingThe default time setting is based on China local time. Please change to local time in order to makebest use of online tracking program and tracking location report’sSend SMS “time space zone password space local time”.For example, Send SMS “time zone123456 8” (time zone of China). GMT is 0.13

If the local time zone is negative as “-8”, then it should set as SMS: “time zone123456 -8”.6.11. Sleeping/power-save modeOn normal mode, when the unit doesn’t receive any commands and is still for 10 minutes it willautomatically enter sleep mode. In sleep mode the power consumption is only 4mah/h.When it receives a command or is moved it will start GPS locating automatically.To force the unit to go into sleep mode (to save battery) send SMS “sleep password”, the unit willreply “sleep ok”, and enter the forced sleeping power-save mode.To turn off the auto sleep function send SMS “sleep password off”, The unit will reply “sleep off ok”and will continue in GPRS and GPS location modes until the battery runs out, the unit is powered offor you tell it to go back into sleep mode. This ‘sleep off’ setting will reset when the battery runs out.6.12. Shock alertShock alert lets you know when the unit is moving and must be set by the authorised user.Send SMS command “shock password”, the unit will reply “shock ok.”Cancel: Send SMS command “noshock password”, the unit will reply “noshock ok.”6.13. Restore factory settingsThis must be sent by authorised user’s number.Send SMS command “format”, the unit will reply “The tracker will immediately restore the factorysettings. All previous settings will be canceled.”14

7 GPRS / APN settingUser must send SMS via cell phone to set up IP, port and APN before starting GPRS.7.1 APN SettingsEach SIM card provider has their own APN settings. These are usually provided when you activateyour SIM.7.1.1. Set APN NameAPN standards for Access Point Name and differs from country to country and SIM providers. Formore information about the local APN, inquire with your local GPRS network operator.Text the tracker a SMS “apn password Space your local APN” via a cell phone and if succeededin setup, the tracker will return the message “apn ok”.e.g. “apn123456 giffgaff”7.2.2 APN User nameThis is your user name to access your SIM providers network.Send SMS command “apn123456 cmnet”. If succeeded, “apn ok” is returned by the tracker in SMS.Notes: 123456 refer to password of tracker and CMNET is the APN of China Mobile (One of GSMOperator in china).7.2.3. APN PasswordSend SMS command “apnpasswd abc123”. If successful you will receive “apnpasswd ok”.If you SIM doesn’t have a password you still need to send the “apnpasswd” message with a spaceafter the word apnpasswd.8 Manufacturer’s advice.Please comply with the instructions to extend the unit life:15

Keep the insides of the unit dry. Any liquid, i.e. rain, moisture, may destroy or damage theinside circuitry.Don’t use & store the unit in dusty places.Don’t put the unit in overheated or overcooled places.Handle carefully. Don’t vibrate or shake it violently.Clear the unit with a piece of dry cloth. Don’t clean in chemicals, detergent.Don’t paint the unit, this may cause some foreign materials left in between the parts.Don’t disassemble or refit the unit.Please use the battery and charger provided by manufacturer. Using other batteries andchargers will cause unwanted situation.9. TroubleshootingFaultsStartup FailHang up FailSolutionCheck the battery and see if it is fully charged.Please initialize the unit and re-set up the authorized numbers – Once setthe unit will only communicate with an authorised number.Monitoring failurePlease check the authorization number is set to the correct timeNo GSM SignalPlease make sure SIM Card is GSM Net and installed correctly; also calldisplay should be on; but no call transfer and PIN code off.16

TK-STAR DETAILED USER MANUAL Preface . The SIM will only fit in one way. The SIM can only go in one way: 5.2 Battery and Charger Ensure the battery is charged for 8 -12 hours before first use. Please use the battery and charger . area it will send you a message telling you it is passing