IJISET - International Journal of Innovative Science, Engineering & Technology, Vol. 1 Issue 9, November 2014.www.ijiset.comISSN 2348 – 7968Online Hotel Reservation SystemRichard Bemile1, Akwasi Achampong2 and Emmanuel Danquah3Information Technology Department, Methodist University College GhanaDansoman, Accra GhanaAbstractThe hotel industry is a business venture for the owner and asolace for the traveler and/or tourist. A customer can getstranded in the quest to secure a hotel room to pass the night ifhe has not made adequate plans by the existing system. Throughthis study, it was realized that for a customer to be guaranteed aroom, he or she has to physically come to the hotel since theattendants paid more attention to that. He could also send afriend or relative who lives around the neighbourhood of thehotel to do the booking for him. There is nothing to bond thehotel and the customer in person that he has indeed booked for aroom. This study took Hansonic Hotel as its case. It looked atcreating an online reservation system to enable customers choosethe room they wanted after a virtual tour to guarantee him aroom.Keywords: reservation, hotel, customer.1 IntroductionThe Hotel Industry like any other business opens up socioeconomic opportunities for both owner and customer. Ithas the function of providing hospitality services tocustomers. These customers can be travelers, foreigners,businessmen, tourists, visitors, etc. Customers are mostlyconstrained in trying to get a room to pass the night, as theusual practice is to look for a hotel when you have arrivedin the particular location, walk in and find out whetherthere is a vacant room. In the case that there is no vacantroom, you have to move to next closest hotel to enquireonce more. So what happens if you move aroundsometimes very late in the night in search of a room and allclose by hotels are fully booked? Other times you may belucky to have the contact number of the hotel to reach themto book for a room. But do the hotel attendants reallyensure to keep a room for you? You would be lucky to goand get a room booked for you. They are quick to servethose who walk in rather than those who may get access tothem on phone to book a room. On other times too, if youhave friends or family members in the area you want aroom booked, they have to go and do the checking for you.There is no system in place that bonds the hotel and thecustomer that the customer has actually booked a room andfor that matter he is guaranteed a room. This can makecustomers really stranded especially if it is getting late inthe night.established in the 1973. It is a budget hotel meaning it isless than a one star hotel. It was established to provideaccommodation and catering services for tourists, locals,foreigners who are in Accra to trade, rest, eat as wellas those on vacation. Hansonic Hotel has a sisterinstitution called Hans Cottage Botel in Cape Coast.Hans Cottage Botel compliments Hansonic hotel sinceit has a very spacious space to mainly receivetourists and holiday makers. It engages in touristactivities like Crocodile viewing, Fishing, Birdwatching as well as Boat riding, Monkey Playing, etc.The botel has other services for tourists like carrentals, swimming pool, tennis court, salon, etc. Thismakes both institutions very marketable because oftheir proximity. Hans Cottage Botel is present lities they have but there is scanty information onthe Hansonic Hotel. Though the Hans Botel attractsmore tourists because of its proximity in Cape Coast,Hansonic hotel also needs more online presence to servecustomers who are in Accra.Hansonic hotel uses a manual booking system to date andlikewise the Hans Botel. Normally when a the book forbooking gets filled, it is damped elsewhere and sometimesdisposed which is not a good practice as you cannotanalyse data to see trends, and make proper planning.Management is not excited about this since they are notable to keep proper records or details. This obviously canlimit their competitiveness since customers cannot bookfor a room from any location by themselves.The study therefore aimed at developing an online hotelreservation system to enable customers book for whateverthey need from wherever location they are before lodginginto the hotel. The system is to allow for easy access andretrieval of information and reporting. With such a systemin place, Hansonic Hotel would be more competitive inAccra.2 Literature ReviewIt is in this light that this study looks at the activities atHANSONIC Hotel in Dansoman. Hansonic hotel was2.1 Tools and Technology583

IJISET - International Journal of Innovative Science, Engineering & Technology, Vol. 1 Issue 9, November 2014.www.ijiset.comISSN 2348 – 7968According to Tim Berners-Lee (1998), HTML whichstands for Hypertext Markup Language is the predominantmarkup language for web pages, a building block of webpages. A web browser reads HTML documents andcompose them into visual or audio web pages( The browser does not display theHTML tags but uses the tags to interpret the content of thepage ( browsers can also refer to Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) to define the appearance and layout of text and othermaterials (Taylor, 2013). The W3C, maintainer of bothHTML and the CSS standards, encourages the use of CSSover explicitly presentational HTML markup (Debolt,2007)JavaScript is an implementation of the ECMA Scriptlanguage standard and is primarily used in the form ofclient-side JavaScript, implemented as part of a webbrowser in order to enhance user interfaces and dynamicwebsites (McFarland, 2008). This enables programmaticaccess to computational objects within a host environment.PHP is a general-purpose scripting language originallydesigned for web development to produce dynamic webpages. For this purpose, PHP code is embedded into theHTML source document and interpreted by a web serverwith a PHP processor module, which generates the webpage document (Pan, Chen, and Nguyen, 2012).SQL is a computer language designed for the managementand retrieval of data in a database management systemoften referred to as Structured Query Language, designedfor managing data in RDMS and originally based onrelational algebra and calculus (Ghosh, 2010).Notepad is a common text-only (plain text) editor. Theresulting files typically saved with the .txt extension haveno format tags or styles, making the program suitable forediting system files that are to be used in a DOS or HTMLenvironment ( Notepad supports bothleft-to-right and right-to-left based languages (Afriyie,2012).2.2 Hotel Reservation SystemsA hotel reservation system, commonly known as a centralreservation system (CRS) is a computerized system thatstores and distributes information of a hotel, resort or otherlodging facilities ( A CRS offersassistance to hoteliers to manage all of their onlinemarketing and sales where they can upload their rates andservice availabilities to be seen by sales channels( The list of main modules that arepresent in a CRS are: Content, Information stored on aCRS and Reporting.Content consists of Reservations, Profiles, Groups andBlocks, Rate and Inventory Control, Administration,Global Distribution Interface, Web-based Interface.Information commonly stored in a CRS consists of RoomTypes, Rate plans architecture, Room rates and conditions(guarantee, deposit, customized cancellation rules,minimum length of stay, maximum length of stay, closed toarrival, arrival not allowed, departure not allowed, ),Room inventories, Generic hotel information (address,phone number, fax number), Reservation information. TheCRS Reporting module provides a number of standardreports. System reports may be generated automaticallyand may be run daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. It includesExpected Arrivals, Reservation, Property Forecast, TotalBooking Activity, Stay Activity, Monthly BookingActivity, Daily Booking Activity and Property Detail.2.2.1 Reservation System for Shangri-La Hotel,SingaporeShangri-La Sentosa Resort in Singapore is one of the hotelchains for Shangri-La Corporation. Its official websiteconsists of many useful functions and is purposed atproviding the hotel’s information as well as an onlinereservation system. Visitors can get the hotel informationsuch as hotel location, room rates, promotions, roomdescription, photo gallery and other hotel facilities fromtheir website ( Ithas a virtual tour of the hotel. The places available invirtual tour are lobby, rooms, function rooms, recreation,restaurant and bars. The hotel’s menu bar is on the lefthand side of the page. Each visitor has to install a Java appbefore he/she can view the virtual tour application anyway.For businessperson usage, the website provides a function,which is called meeting planner to assist them to plan theirmeetings. To reserve a room, there is a form for guests tofill in their reservation details. In addition to roomreservation, guests may fill in another form to make specialrequests for their reservation.The structure of this website is well organized and easy tonavigate through. Visitors may get a lot of informationfrom this website. The content of the website is normallyup-to-date. These are important to apply in developingsuch a system, as information is crucial for potentialguests. The system must make sure that potential guests getthe correct information, such as room rates and hotellocation.2.2.2 Reservation system for Hotel Swiss-GardenKuala Lumpur, MalaysiaHotel Swiss garden is a well edified hotel located in KualaLumpur. Its website consists of several functions and aimsat providing customers accurate information about thehotel as well as their online reservation system( Visitors can get hotel information584

IJISET - International Journal of Innovative Science, Engineering & Technology, Vol. 1 Issue 9, November 2014.www.ijiset.comISSN 2348 – 7968such as location of hotel, room rates, room description andhotel facilities. The reservation process requires gueststo fill their details on a reservation form. Reservation isguaranteed by giving credit card details or by cash deposit.The layout of their online system is clear and user-friendly.Guests can browse through to get information easily. Thisonline system shows a picture of the hotel room. Guestsare not able to view the whole picture of the room they aregoing to reserve but a picture is worth thousand words.Instead of using words to explain the room condition, it ismore suitable for guests to have a virtual tour of the roomthey are going to stay in. This can increase customersatisfaction. The online system of Swiss-Garden is fullyorganized by its developer. The disadvantage of theironline system is that there is no telephone/mobile phonenumber to enable customers reach them; they have onlyprovided the physical address.3 The Existing SystemThe Hotel currently runs a manual booking system andtherefore requires customers to only book for rooms or anyother service by walking to the receptionist or calling themon phone or using a third party option. Any enquiry to bemade demanding feedback must usually be forwarded tothe hotel in person. Sometimes management is given falsereports concerning the work flow of the hotel andemployees also give falsified pricing information tocustomers from time to time.From an employee’s account, details of customers arehardly used in the workflow and that also, records are notproperly kept; books used to keep records are disposed ofwhen they get filled up. Hansonic Hotel hardly advertisesand depends on word of mouth adverts by some loyalcustomers in and around its vicinity. Well laid out information aboutHansonic hotel.The manual booking system system isreplaced with an online reservationsystem.Management can pull reports at anytimeto tell the current situation in order to putthe necessary measures in place.The system helps secure customerinformation since no information isdisposed off.A customer surfs through any of the items of the proposedsystem. An about us page is designed to allow customersget all necessary information about the hotel and itsfacilities. A contact us page is provided where customerscan send emails. More importantly, customers can makereservations at their own pace. This study has beencategorized into four groups: System monitoring done by systemadministrator Filling forms to make enquiries andreservations Approving or deleting enquiries Virtual TourEnquiry systemConfirmation detailsFig. 2: Context Diagram of Proposed System5 MethodologyfeedbackFig.1: Context Diagram of Old System4 The Proposed SystemThe proposed system is a web based application thatallows customers to make enquiries online and book forservices providing the required details. It adopts the virtualtour feature that was seen in the Shangri-La Hotel inSingapore.The following are solutions the proposed system brings onboard:Macromedia Dreamweaver was used because it is userfriendlyandhasalotoffeatures.Dreamweaver lets users build Web pages by droppingelements onto the page (Malloy, 2001). It provides transferand synchronization features, the ability to find and replacelines of text or code by search terms and regularexpressions across the entire site, and a templating featurethat allows single-source update of shared code and layoutacross entire sites without server-side scripting( The behavior panel also enables use of basicJavaScript without any coding knowledge (Sfetcu, 2014).Microsoft internet explorer was the browser used for theproject as it is free and comes with all windows basedoperating system. Once the browser has connected to awebsite, a document file is sent to the user’s computer. Thebrowser contains HTML commands, it interoperates these585

IJISET - International Journal of Innovative Science, Engineering & Technology, Vol. 1 Issue 9, November 2014.www.ijiset.comISSN 2348 – 7968commands and displays the document as a webpage. Adobe Flash (formerly Macromedia Flash) isa multimedia platform used to add animation, video,and interactivity to web pages (Bidgoli, 2011).WAMP is a package of independently-created programsinstalledoncomputersthatusea MicrosoftWindows operating system ( WAMP is anacronym formed from the initials of the operating systemMicrosoft Windows and the principal components of thepackage: Apache, MySQL and one of PHP, Perl or Python( PHP is a scripting languagethat can manipulate information held in a database andgenerate web pages dynamically each time content isrequested by a browser ( PHPwas used for the server programming which is basicallyqueries used to link the website to the database. Otherprograms were included, such as phpMyAdmin whichprovides a graphical user interface for the MySQLdatabase manager.6.1.1 Administrator Interface DesignThe administrator interface has a log in feature for theadministrator to gain access to the system.ADMINISTRATORADMINISTRATOR’S DOMAINUsernamePasswordLoginClearFig. 4: Administrator Interface Design6.2 Database DesignTable 1: Room details6 Design and Development of the ProposedSystem6.1 User Interface DesignThe webpage design helps users gain access to theinformation that the website presents. Users are givenhigher priority before any building can be done and for thatmatter the size of the system and the general outlook has tobe taken into consideration. There is an interface designedfor the user and the administrator.Field NameRoomNoRoomTypeRoomPriceData TypeIntVarcharCurrencyWidth1020Table 2: Admin DetailsFieldNameAdmin idData eAboutUsGalleryOurServicesContact UsReservationDescriptionRoom NumberRoom TypeRoom PricePasswordAdminofTable 3: Customer DetailsNewsField NameWidthDescriptionCustomer char201515Customer IdFirstNameofCustomerLastnameofCustomerResidential addressof CustomerPostal addressEmail AddressTelephone numberof customerBody and Welcome InformationFig. 3: User Interface Design586

IJISET - International Journal of Innovative Science, Engineering & Technology, Vol. 1 Issue 9, November 2014.www.ijiset.comISSN 2348 – 79686.3 Development of the Proposed SystemThere is a proper use of colors, font type and size to makereading easy. Hyperlinks change color to show whether thecustomer has already visited. Text boxes and buttons areprovided to enable users input data. Labels are placed nextto the text boxes to help users know what kind of data isrequired for each box. On the top are menus that help userssee what has been hidden by clicking on the hyperlinks.The main page gives a front view image of HansonicHotel, and to the left, daily information and newsconcerning the hotel.Fig 8: Make a ReservationFig. 5: User InterfaceFig. 9: Reservation Details6.4 IMPLEMENTATIONFig. 6: Administrator InterfaceA customer’s web browser issues an HTTP request fromthe Contact page. On clicking the button, the content of thefields are posted from the customer’s browser as a requestto the web server. On receiving the request, the web serverretrieves the file, Contacts.asp from its disk or memory andpasses it to the php, php.dll, after processing the file phpsends the HTML page to the server.Fig. 7: Contact PageFig. 10: Transfer of Request587

IJISET - International Journal of Innovative Science, Engineering & Technology, Vol. 1 Issue 9, November 2014.www.ijiset.comISSN 2348 – 79687 ConclusionThe Online Hotel Reservation System was developed toreplace the manual process of booking for a hotel room orany other facility of the hotel. The old system does notserve the customer in a better way; rather it makescustomer data vulnerable. The new system keeps properrecords of customers for emergency and security purposes.The hotel’s advertising effort is now accompanied by avirtual tour created on the system.References[1] B.S. Afriyie, Concise ICT Fundamentals VolumeOne, Trafford Publishing, 2012.[2] T. Berners-Lee, Web Design Issues, ] H. Bidgoli, Essentials of Software Engineering 2011.[4] V. DeBolt, Mastering Integrating Html and CSS,ISBN: 978-0-470-09754-0, 2007[5] P. Ghosh, SQL Popcorn, Eastern Economy ed, NewDelhi : PHI Learning, 2010.[6] R. Malloy, Internet and Personal ComputingAbstracts: IPCA, Volume 22 Issues, InformationToday, Incorporated, 2001, 2001.[7] D.S. McFarland, Dreamweaver CS4: The MissingManual. O’Reilly Media Inc, 2008.[8] J. Pan, S. Chen, and N. Nguyen, IntelligentInformation and Database Systems: 4th AsianConference, ACIIDS, Proceedings Part 2, Kaohsiung,Taiwan, 2012.[9] N. Sfetcu, Web Design & Development, 2014.[10] M. Taylor, A General Understanding of MicrosoftExcel, Visual Studio and Webmatrix2, Mark Taylorand Paragon Publishing, Rothersthorpe, 2013.[11], Accessed on15/11/14.[12] ows-operating-system/, Accessed on 15/11/14.[13] knagarsh/html.html,Accessed on 15/11/2014.[14] intro.asp,Accessed on 15/11/14.[15] ts/hotel-management-system/, Accessed on15/11/14.[16], Accessed on15/11/14.[17] server config,Accessed on 15/11/14.[18] , Accessed on 15/11/14.[19] ssed on 15/12/12.[20], Accessed on 15/12/12.[21] ;[22], Accessed on 15/12/12.[23], Accessed on 15/12/12.588

2.2 Hotel Reservation Systems . A hotel reservation system, commonly known as a central reservation system (CRS) is a computerized system that stores and distributes information of a hotel, resort or other lodging facilities ( A CRS off