When it comes tobusiness mobileand telecoms, weset the standardIf you’re a UK business, no matter how big or small,we can provide everything you need to keep yourbusiness connected and in control of its handsets.If you’re reading this, one of our business partnerswill already be working closely with you. Using ouraward-winning online portal, they will help shapethe best tariffs, bolt-ons and services for yourbusiness, and provide day-to-day support if andwhen it’s needed.As a customer, you will enjoy all thebenefits of the O2 network and its outstanding UKcoverage. In addition, we’ll give you my.plan – anonline portal that provides live information aboutyour account and handsets that is beyond anythingthat any network is able to deliver.All information valid as of 1 March 2019 2

Globe hopperFrequent flyerRolling stoneStay connected when you step off the plane. Global Travelleris our monthly roaming bolt-on that works in ALL countriesoutside the UK and Europe Zone.Roam without bordersEverywhere outside the UK and Europe Zone is covered,no matter where you visit.Worldwide data bolt-on prices slashed1GB to use anywhere in the world previously cost 159– now just 50 with Global Data 1GBRange of minutes and data allowances expandedYou can now get 300 global minutes or 2GB global data(previously 250 minutes or 1GB)Global TravellerPlease refer to the Terms & Conditions for more detailsAll information valid as of 1 March 2019 3

Global DataGlobal MinutesAny data that you use in a Global Traveller destination (anywhere outsidethe UK and Europe Zone) is included in the bolt-on allowance,no matter where in the world you travel while roaming.Global Minutes bundles cover any call made or received, includingout of region calls (e.g. USA to China) not previously covered500 1MBGB2Global DataGlobal Dataonly 30only 50Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for more detailsGB100 200 300MINSMINSMINSGlobal DataGlobal MinutesGlobal MinutesGlobal Minutesonly 90only 35only 60only 85All information valid as of 1 March 2019 4

Global Travellerexcluded destinationsGlobal Traveller destinations include most countries in the world but excludethe following destinations. Please note that these destinations are in Europe Zone, where you will use your domestic UK allowancesand do not require a roaming bolt-on.Excluded (domestic and Europe Zone) tugalBelgiumIcelandReunion IslandsBulgariaIsle of ManRomaniaCanary IslandsJerseySaint BarthélemyCroatiaIreland (Republic of)Saint MartinCyprus (Republic of)ItalySan MarinoCzech MadeiraSwitzerlandFrench GuianaMaltaGermanyMartiniqueUnited Kingdom(inc. Northern Ireland)GibraltarMonacoGreeceNetherlands (The)GuadeloupeNorwaySee Terms and Conditions for more detailsVatican CityAll information valid as of 1 March 2019 5

Additional chargeswhile roamingThe following additional charges will occur if you go beyond your daily allowance(s).Usage – anywhere outside the Europe ZoneCostAny call received or made (per minute)140pSMS (per message)40pData usage (per MB)600pFor more information and to view our online pricing guide, visit prices in this table are VAT exempt. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions.All information valid as of 1 March 2019 6

Global Traveller Terms & ConditionsGlobal Traveller DestinationsGlobal Minutes: Compatability with other bolt-onsGlobal Data: Compatability with other bolt-onsGlobal Minutes: calling while roamingGlobal Minutes and Global Data bolt-ons cover voice ordata usage for any country not found domestically or inthe Europe Zone. Specifically, the countries notcovered by these monthly roaming bolt-ons are as follows:Global Minutes bolt-ons are compatable withDaily Explorer, Exec Traveller and Data Boosts, andInternational Minutes & Texts (Data Boosts andInternational bolt-ons are not applicable while roaming).Global Data bolt-ons are compatable with Daily Explorer,Exec Traveller and Data Boosts, and International Minutes& Texts (Data Boosts and International bolt-ons are notapplicable while roaming).Austria, Azores, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canary Islands,Croatia, Cyprus (Republic of) , Czech Republic, Denmark,Estonia, Finland, France, French Guiana, Germany,Gibraltar, Greece, Guadeloupe, Guernsey, Hungary,Iceland, Isle of Man, Jersey, Ireland (Republic of) , Italy,Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madeira,Malta, Martinique, Monaco, Netherlands (The) , Norway,Poland, Portugal, Reunion Islands, Romania, SaintBarthélemy, Saint Martin, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia,Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom(inc. Northern Ireland), Vatican CityGlobal Minutes bolt-ons are compatible with GlobalData bolt-ons.Global Data bolt-ons are compatible with Global Minutesbolt-ons.Only one Global Minutes bolt-on can be activate at atime (on the same calendar day). To apply a differentGlobal Minutes bolt-on, the existing bolt-on must firstbe removed. This can take up to 24 hours. The allowanceassociated with the existing bolt-on will remain ineffect during that day and for the rest of the month. Forexample, a Global Minutes 100 bolt-on is already appliedto a service. It is removed and a Global Minutes 200 bolton is applied. On the day of the removal, the service canstill use 100 minutes of global calling (if none has beenused to-date). The following day, 300 minutes of globalminutes is available for the rest of the month (if none hasbeen used): 100 minues 200 minutes.Only one Global Data bolt-on can be activate at a time (onthe same calendar day). To apply a different Global Databolt-on, the existing bolt-on must first be removed. Thiscan take up to 24 hours. The allowance associated withthe existing bolt-on will remain in effect during that dayand for the rest of the month. For example, a Global Data1GB bolt-on is already applied to a service. It is removedand a Global Data 2GB bolt-on is applied. On the day ofthe removal, the service can still use 1GB of global data(if none has been used to-date). The following day, 3GBof global data is available for the rest of the month (ifnone has been used): 1GB 2GB.While roaming, any calls made from a Global Travellerdestination (anywhere outside the UK and plan.comEurope Zone) to any destination is included in thebolt-on allowance. For example, while in Canada, a callto someone in Canada, the UK, China, or the USA willbe bundled as part of the monthly allowance. Calls topremium rate numbers such as game shows, adult chatlines or premium services may not be included.Activation, allowances and chargesThese are monthly bolt-ons, meaning you are chargeda fixed monthly fee, regardless of whether or not thebolt-on is used (bundles any usage). A new charge andallowance applies for each calendar month in which thebolt-on is active. They are not pro-rated, which meanthat if they are active for only 1 day, a full monthly chargeis applied, and the service will get access to the full bundleallowance. E.g. if a Global Data 500MB bolt-on is openedon 31st March and closed on 2nd June, then two chargesof 30 will be applied to the customer’s account and theservice will have access to two separate 500MB bundleallowances in both March and June for the period in whichthe bolt-on is active.Global Minutes bolt-ons are incompatible with all othermonthly roaming bolt-ons.These include, but are not limited to:Roaming voice & international direct dial:EU, USA & Canada (100mins, 200mins, 300mins)Roaming voice & international direct dial:Rest of World (50mins, 150mins, 250mins)Global Data bolt-ons are incompatible with all othermonthly roaming bolt-ons.These include, but are not limited to:Roaming terminated calls are also included, which meansreceving a call while roaming. Once the monthly GlobalMinutes allowance has been exceeded, the standardroaming rates associated with the region in which youare travelling will apply. Please see our price guidefor a full break down of additional charges.Global Data: usage while roamingWhile roaming, any data used in a Global Travellerdestination (anywhere outside the UK and plan.comEurope Zone) is included in the bolt-on allowance. Oncethe monthly Global Data allowance has been exceeded,the standard roaming rates associated with the regionin which you are travelling will apply. Please see our priceguide for a full break down of additional charges.Monthly roaming data:USA & Canada (500MB, 1GB, 2GB)Monthly roaming data:Business Zone (250MB, 500MB, 1GB)Monthly roaming data:Worldwide (50MB, 200MB, 500MB, 1GB) BES variantsDaily roaming data: USA & Canada (150MB)Daily roaming data: Business Zone (100MB)All information valid as of 1 March 2019 7

General roaming Terms & ConditionsThese Terms & Conditions form part of the CustomerGuide and are incorporated into the BusinessCustomer Contract between each Customerand Plan Communications Limited (“”).What is roaming?‘Roaming’ is when a Service is used outside of the UK, forexample, when you travel to a foreign country with yourmobile phone. Your tariff does not include use ofyour service(s) outside of the Europe Zone (“EZ”).Therefore, using Equipment (e.g. a phone or device such asa connected tablet or laptop) outside of the UK or EZ meansthat you may incur additional charges, other than thosedescribed as part of your tariff, while using your device.Roaming usageEquipment is ‘being used’ while abroad when oneor more of the following events take place:Data is accessed by your device. This may happen as soonas a device (“Equipment”) connects with a foreign networkprovider. will charge you a fixed standard perMB rate for this data usage without an applicable roamingdata bolt-on. To prevent this, either mobile data mustbe turned off, roaming data must be turned off, theEquipment must be in Flight Mode and/or the Equipmentmust be turned off. PLEASE NOTE: Data can be accessedby your Equipment as soon as it is turned on, or Dataaccess is enabled having been previously disabled. Data isnot limited to specific apps being opened e.g., Facebook,an internet browser or Spotify. Background tasks oftenaccess data on your Equipment without your specificinteraction. Therefore, your Equipment may be sending orreceiving data simply by being turned on.A call is made or received. In order to make or receive acall, your Equipment will automatically attempt to connectto a foreign network provider. The third-party will fulfil thiscall request. You can prevent calls from being receivedwhile abroad by keeping your Equipment in Flight Mode, orasking for an incoming call bar to be applied. willcharge you a fixed standard per minute rate for this usage(see pricing) unless the usage is bundled with a roamingvoice bolt-on.A text message is sent. As above, this Service will befulfilled by a foreign network provider and willcharge you a fixed rate per text (see our pricing guide)unless the usage is bundled with a roaming SMS bolt-on.Multimedia Messages (MMS) are not covered by roamingbolt-ons and are prices accordingly.Roaming bolt-onsTo help control costs while roaming, roaming boltons can be applied to a service. There are a variety ofdaily and monthly bolt-ons available. Bolt-ons provideadditional allowances for data, calls and/or texts whileroaming for a fixed price, and cover a variety of differentroaming destinations. To find out which bolt-on is bestfor you, please visit our roaming bolt-ons guide.connecting to a foreign network if you do not havea roaming data bolt-on or your bolt-on allowance isexceeded. See our pricing guide for more information.The reporting of data usage can be subject to delay.Data reporting is controlled by the network provideron which data is being used and it is beyond the controlof with regards to when the foreign networkprovider releases this information.Roaming callsRoaming in the Europe ZoneRoaming calls are calls that are made from a Servicewhile roaming, or received by a Service while roaming.Customers with tariffs and bolt-ons that include UKallowances may use their UK allowances when roamingin the Europe Zone (EZ).Calls made to the UK while roaming are classed asroaming calls.Please note that calls made from the UK to non-UKdestinations are never classed as roaming calls.These are classed as international calls and charged atseparate fixed rates, specific to you tariff. They are notcovered by the majority of roaming bolt-ons.You may be charged for receiving a call while not in theUK/EZ. The amount charged is related to the destinationin which the call is received, and the duration of the call.Please see our pricing guide for more information.Calls made and received while roaming will either becharged at a fixed per minute rate, which relates to thedestination in which the call is made or received, ordeducted from your bolt-on allowance(s). For example,if you receive a 30-minute call from the UK while roamingin Canada, you will be charged the appropriate amount forreceiving a 30-minute call, or 30 minutes will be deductedfrom your daily or monthly roaming bolt-on allowance(s).Calls made to premium-rate numbers such as supportlines or competition lines may be subject to additionalcharges, which are set by the third-party provider.Roaming textsTexts sent while roaming are charged at a standardroaming rate (please see our pricing guide for moreinformation). Texts made to or received from premium ratenumbers such as a support line or competition line may becharged, with prices are set by the third-party provider.Roaming dataIf you do not have a roaming bolt-on or you exceedyour daily bolt-on allowance(s), you will be charged ourstandard out of bundle roaming data rates. Note thatdata usage in or outside the EZ is charged at 6 perMB and we strongly recommend disabling data beforeNon-domestic use limitationsRoaming in the EZ is intended for people whooccasionally travel outside the UK where they live orhave stable links i.e. they work or study there. It’s notmeant to be used for permanent roaming. As long asyou spend more time at home than abroad, or youuse your Equipment more at home than abroad, youcan roam freely at domestic prices when travellinganywhere in the EZ.We reserve the right to check your usage patternsto determine if you might be abusively using your EZroaming (regulated roaming services at domestic price).Usage in these destinations will be deducted from yourtariff allowances. For example, our more.plan 5GB tariffcustomers will enjoy unlimited calls and texts as well as5GB of data to use in the UK and EZ. If you use 500MBin France, 500MB will be deducted from your more.plan5GB data bundle.If you spend more than two months abroad out of fourmonths, and if you have consumed more data abroadthan at home over this time, we may send you an alert.Once the alert is received, you will have two weeks toclarify the situation. If you continue to remain abroad,we reserve the right to apply surcharges (equivalent towholesale roaming caps, agreed on 31 January 2017).EZ usage that exceeds standard tariff allowances will becharged at the sameadditional charge rates that apply tothe UK.Roaming near bordersThe following usage is included with the UKtariff allowance: All data usage in the EZ Calls and texts back to the UK from an EZdestination (including voicemail retrieval) Calls and texts within an EZ destination,e.g. Spain to Spain Calls and texts from one country to another whereboth are in the EZ, e.g. Spain to Germany (exceptwhere calls or texts originate in the UK – these arestill regarded as international calls/SMS)The following usage is excluded from the UKtariff allowance: Calls and texts from the UK to destinations in theEZ will not be included in UK Tariffs – these areInternational calls/texts Calls and texts from in the EZ to a non-EZ destination,e.g. Spain to the USA are classified as Out of Zone Calls/Texts and subject to fixed per minute/SMS charges All calls and texts to Premium/Non-Geographicnumbers are not included, neither are texts receivedfrom premium rate numbersWhile roaming in countries that border with otherdestinations that fall outside the region or zone (e.g.The Republic of Cyprus, which borders with the TurkishRepublic of Northern Cyprus), it is possible for aroaming mobile phone to connect with a mobile mastin the neighbouring country. In the example of Cyprusand Turkey, voice, text and data charges are set at thehigher, non-EZ rates. When it comes to data usage, thiscan be up to 6 per MB. This is also true of maritime,satellite and airborne is not able to control which network yourEquipment connects to. For this reason, we are notliable for any additional charges that are incurred.Maritime, satellite and airborne networksMaritime, satellite and airborne networks are not includedin any tariff or bolt-on allowances, even thoughthey may be based in one of our roaming cannot be held responsible for Equipmentaccessing these networks and is not liable for anyadditional charges that are incurred from Equipmentusing these networks, even if accidental. Please takeextra care when travelling off-land or within areas notcovered by mobile operators. We suggest putting yourdevice into flight-safe mode in these situations orturning off roaming data on your device.All information valid as of 1 March 2019 8

Roaming voice & international direct dial: Rest of World (50mins, 150mins, 250mins) Global Data: Compatability with other bolt-ons Global Data bolt-ons are compatable with Daily Explorer, Exec Traveller and Data Boosts, and International Minutes & Texts (Data Boosts and Internati