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Microsoft Open Programs Licensing GuideTable of ContentsMicrosoft Open Programs Overview . 1Benefits . 1The Open Program Family . 1Open Value . 2Open License . 3Program Offerings for Eligible . 3Government, Academic, and Charity Organizations . 3Government . 3Academic . 3Charity . 3Software Assurance . 4Acquiring Software Assurance . 5Open Programs Comparison Chart . 5License Management . 7Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) . 7Placing an Order . 7Placing an Order for Online Services . 7Making Copies . 7Additional Resources . 7Appendix . 9Determining the Licenses You Need . 9Microsoft Volume Licensingi

Microsoft Open Programs Licensing GuideMicrosoft Open Programs OverviewSmall and midsize organizations looking for a cost-effective way to purchase software licenses can rely on Microsoft Open Programs,which include Open Value and Open License. The Open programs are a convenient and simple way for organizations with at least fivedesktop PCs to acquire the latest Microsoft technology. The Microsoft Open Programs are for corporate, academic, charity, andgovernment organizations that want to make a minimum initial purchase of five software licenses. With features such as a customizableplatform and volume discounts for minimal up-front purchases, Open programs give you value and flexibility in a convenient MicrosoftVolume Licensing program.BenefitsThe Open Programs offer many benefits, including:Licensing Simplicity. Place an order and start using licensed products immediately. The flexible pay as you go model helps eliminate theneed for forecasting. After you place your order in Open License, you receive a single authorization identification number that you canreuse and share with qualified affiliates. Good for the entire two-year agreement, this identification number helps reduce procurementcosts and simplifies the purchasing process.Licensing Flexibility. Open Value gives you a single platform option, which allows you to choose components from the WindowsDesktop Operating System Upgrade, Microsoft Office, and Client Access Licenses (CAL) under a single platform, rather than beingrequired to choose between the Small Business or Desktop Professional platform.You can also choose the latest offerings in midsize IT solutions from Microsoft with Windows Essential Business Server. If yourorganization requires enterprise solutions, latest version of Microsoft Office Professional Plus, Enterprise CAL, and Microsoft DesktopOptimization Pack (MDOP) are available.Licensing Convenience. You will have fast, convenient access to Microsoft licensed products through a broad worldwide resellerchannel.Licensing Manageability. Online tracking tools make managing licenses easy and convenient. With the Volume Licensing Service Center(VLSC), you can easily view licensing information, download Microsoft software, and manage Volume Licensing benefits andsubscriptions from one convenient online location.Licensing Affordability. Stretch software procurement budgets further than retail purchase options. With a simple one-time transaction,you can pay for what you need when you need it, giving you the flexibility to manage your software needs. Greater cost savings areavailable in Open License for commercial and eligible government customers who require a larger initial up-front order of 500-pluspoints in one or more product pools (applications, systems, and/or servers).Purchase Online Services. Open Programs customers can now purchase limited Microsoft Online Services in the same way as onpremises software. Geographic restrictions apply.Open Value. Customers can now take advantage of improved volume pricing for 250 or more desktop PCs combined with an additionalprice level. (Commercial only; does not apply to Open Value for Government, Academic, or Charity.)The Open Program FamilyMicrosoft recognizes that small and midsize organizations have a variety of license acquisition needs. Open Value and Open Licenseshare many of the same program features, but give you different license purchasing options. These options ensure that you are gettinga program that fits your specific needs.Microsoft Volume Licensing1

Microsoft Open Programs Licensing GuideImage 1: Options for Microsoft Volume Licensing customers.Open ValueOpen Value is the recommended program if you have a small to midsize organization with five or more desktop PCs and want tosimplify license management, manage software costs, and get better control over your investment. Open Value includes SoftwareAssurance, helps you get the most out of your software spending through each phase of software management. In addition, access tovaluable benefits such as training, deployment planning, software upgrades, and product support help you boost the productivity ofyour entire organization.Open Value Organization-Wide OptionOpen Value Organization-Wide offers commercial and government organizations additional savings opportunities to organizations thatwant to standardize all their desktop PCs on one or more Microsoft enterprise products. This program includes discounts onorganization-wide deployment, so you get the best deal for your software license purchases.By choosing Open Value Organization-Wide, you receive the rights to the latest Microsoft licensed products with a single platformoption. With the single platform option, you can customize your desktop PC as you choose components from the Windows operatingsystem, Microsoft Office, and CAL product pools, plus additional software products selected in your agreement that include the latestversion of following platform product options: Microsoft Office: Microsoft Office Professional Plus Operating Systems: Windows Professional Plus Upgrade Client Access License (CAL) Suites: The Enterprise CAL Suite or Core CAL SuiteOpen Value Subscription OptionSimilar to the Organization-Wide option, the Subscription option allows you to pay a single price per desktop PC to deploy Microsofttechnology as the standard across your organization. Open Value Subscription provides the lowest up-front costs of the Open ProgramMicrosoft Volume Licensing2

Microsoft Open Programs Licensing Guideoptions with the flexibility to reduce the total licensing costs in years when the desktop PC count declines This option gives yourorganization the rights to run the software throughout your organization only during the term of the agreement with Microsoft. Youalso have the ability to add the single platform option to an Open Value Subscription agreement.For Government customers: A one-year Open Value Subscription option is available for eligible government customers. This optionbetter aligns with government procurement requirements by giving you the flexibility to choose from a one-year or three-year term.The up-to-date (UTD) discount is not available for the one-year option, and you must have purchased Open Value Subscription for acontinued period of three or more years at the time of buyout.Note: Open Value for Government is not available in all regions. Please contact your Microsoft reseller for availability in your country.Open LicenseOpen License is a good choice if you are a corporate, academic, charitable, or government organization that wants to pay as you go.Because you pay for licenses as you need them, you get maximum flexibility to grow with your organization’s increasing and changingbusiness needs. You must have a minimum initial purchase of five software licenses for an Open License agreement, but you can acquireadditional licensed products through Open License in any quantity at any time during the two-year agreement term. Online Servicessuch as Office 365 do not have a minimum order requirement. Software Assurance can be purchased at the time of the licensepurchase, but the benefits terminate with the expiration of agreement Authorization Number. In order to maximize the benefit periodof Software Assurance, Open License customers can order Software Assurance as a new order (not as an additional purchase underexisting Authorization Number).Open License also offers a volume discount with an additional price break for larger purchases. This additional price point is offered tocommercial organizations that purchase 500 points or more in a single product pool. Online Services purchases will count towardvolume price levels.Program Offerings for EligibleGovernment, Academic, and Charity OrganizationsEligible public and private organizations may receive special pricing levels.GovernmentQualified government organizations are eligible for special government pricing with Open Value orOpen License for Government. You can access government eligibility requirements at: s/for-industries.aspx#tab 1.AcademicMicrosoft is committed to providing licensing solutions for education customers. Learn more about licensing options for educationcustomers, including Open License for Academic at ns/for-industries.aspx#tab 2.CharityEligible charity organizations may qualify for Open License for Charities pricing. You can access charity eligibility requirements ions/for-industries.aspx#tab 4.Open License for Charities is not available in all regions. Check with your reseller for availability in your country.Microsoft Volume Licensing3

Microsoft Open Programs Licensing GuideSoftware AssuranceMicrosoft Software Assurance for Volume Licensing helps boost productivity across your organization by enabling you to get the mostout of your Microsoft software with 24x7 support, deployment planning services, end-user and technical training, and the latestsoftware releases and unique technologies, all in one cost-effective program. Improve end-user productivity with online training andhome-use licenses to help enhance skills and accelerate familiarity with Microsoft software. To help IT staff efficiently manage yourMicrosoft technology, Software Assurance provides new software releases as they become available, provides access to unique desktoptechnologies including Windows Enterprise and the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack, 24x7 phone and web support, technicalclassroom training, and deployment planning services.For access to these benefits, purchasing an Open Value Agreement, which includes Software Assurance, is recommended. Software1Assurance purchase is optional with Open License. Software Assurance benefits available through Open Programs are listed below. Fordetails on each benefit and for the latest benefit list, please visit 1Open Value NonOrganization-WideOpen Value OrganizationWide or Open ValueSubscriptionOpen LicenseNew Product VersionsXXXSpread PaymentsXXMicrosoft SharePointServer DeploymentPlanning ServicesXXDesktop DeploymentPlanning ServicesXXMicrosoft DesktopOptimization Pack(MDOP) for SoftwareAssuranceXXIT TrainingXXE-Learning CoursesXXXHome Use Program(HUP)XXXWindows EnterpriseEditionXXX24x7 ProblemResolution SupportXXXTechNet Subscriptionthrough SoftwareAssuranceXX“Cold” Backups forDisaster RecoveryXXXExtended Hotfix1Support (Server Only)XXXXBenefits as of December 2012. See for the most recent benefits list.Microsoft Volume Licensing4

Microsoft Open Programs Licensing GuideLicense MobilityXXX1SERVER: 90-day enrollment not required. Annual contract fee for Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Operations Manager, Microsoft SystemsManagement Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and Windows Server 2008 is included as part of the Software Assurance program. DESKTOP: Not eligible.Acquiring Software AssuranceSoftware Assurance coverage is included for the entire term of an Open Value agreement, so if you want these benefits, we recommendthis option.You may also purchase Software Assurance with an Open License Agreement for the remaining balance of the term of the Open LicenseAuthorization number. Software Assurance must always be paid for in two-year increments, regardless of when it was purchased. Incases where time has passed after the initiation of an Open License, it may be better to acquire a new Open License authorizationnumber to receive the most value from your Software Assurance purchase.Software Assurance may also be purchased on its own if system or server software products are purchased through retail full-packagedproduct (FPP) or from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). There is a 90-day period during which time Software Assurance maybe added to these purchasesOpen Programs Comparison ChartOpen ValueOpen LicenseOEMFPPInitial PurchaseFive Desktop to startcontract withOrganization-wideoption. Five licenses forNon-organizationoption.One license for MBSproducts, MSDN,TechNet, and otherproducts designated inthe Product List.Five licenses. Someproducts, including Office365, have minimumpurchase of one.To qualify for additionalprice discount, the initialorder must have 500point minimum within aspecific product pool(applications, systems,and servers); each licensecarries a point value.One license with acomplete system.One unit.Single Agreement forMultiple EntitiesYesNot applicableNot applicableReorderingYes, until three yearsafter the agreement wasentered into.Yes, until two years afterauthorization numberwas created. Possible toplace new order with anew authorizationnumber with no timerestriction.Not applicableNot applicableProduct PortfolioNearly all businessoriented products.Nearly all businessoriented products.LimitedNearly all consumeroriented products.Software AssuranceIncludedOptionalAdd through Open3Value or Open LicenseAdd through Open4Value or Open LicenseDowngrade RightsYesYesNo, with a fewNo, with a fewMicrosoft Volume Licensing1Yes125

Microsoft Open Programs Licensing GuideSubscription of onpremises softwareOnline ed availabilityLimited availabilityNoLimited availability1Limited to affiliates within the same defined region. For more details, refer to ns/open-regional.aspx.Products available through an OEM license are Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Small Business Server, and several Microsoft Officeproducts.3Software Assurance can be added to OEM licenses for up to 90 days after licenses acquisition.4Software Assurance can be added to full packaged product licenses for desktop PC operating systems and server products for up to 90 days afterlicenses acquisition.5For example, Windows Vista can be downgraded, but the 2007 Microsoft Office system cannot.6Geographic limitations exist. Offer for government, academic and charitable organizations timing may vary. Please refer to Online Service Use Right fordetail.2Open Value99Open LicenseOEMFPPSpread PaymentsYes, optionalNoNoNoPrice ProtectionYes for Open ValueSubscriptions.No for Open Value, butspread out payment willensure subsequent year’s10order price.NoNoNoStandardizationBenefitsYes, reduced pricing,price protection, andadditional SoftwareAssurance benefits.NoNoNoInstall BeforeYou edia IncludesYes, also for newversionsDefault media deliverymethod is the free onlinedownload.NoProducts are availablefor free online download.Recovery media includeddepending on hardwarevendor.YesProduct ActivationNoYesYes11YesUnlike Open Value, Open Value Subscription only offers annual spread payments.10Open Value Subscription provides price protection for all products ordered during the term of the agreement. In Open Value, additional quantitypurchased will be priced at the list price, however, spread out payment option is available where all future annual payments are priced the same as theinitial order.11In most cases, your hardware vendor completes Product Activation for you as part of the installation procedure.Microsoft Volume Licensing6

Microsoft Open Programs Licensing GuideLicense ManagementManaging software licenses is easier than ever with our online tools. The following are descriptions of the services we provide.Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC)The Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) is where you can easily manage all your Volume Licensing agreements, downloadlicensed products, and access product keys for your software. The site features your customized Microsoft License Statement, an easyto-use report that provides a real-time calculation of Volume Licensing entitlements across agreements. You can also use it to quicklyidentify and activate Software Assurance benefits. Access the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center r/home.aspx.Please note that a Windows Live ID is required to log into the VLSC.Placing an OrderIf you are interested in volume pricing through the Microsoft Open program, locate a reseller near you. To find a Microsoft reseller, call(800) 426-9400 in the United States or (877) 568-2495 in Canada. Outside the United States or Canada, please see to find a reseller.Placing an Order for Online ServicesMicrosoft Hosted Online Services such as Office 365 Midsized Business will be available in Open Programs. Upon placement of order,customer and reseller will receive email information of how to activate Online Services. The Online Service Subscription term will beindependent of Volume Licensing Agreement. For more detail, please refer to the Online Services Use Rights.Making CopiesAfter your Open Value or Open License Agreement has been initiated, you may run the exact number of copies of product for whichyou are licensed. Use legally acquired downloads or media kits to install licensed products across multiple workstations or servers, whichmay reduce the volume of media per desktop PC maintained as a result of retail software license purchases.Additional ResourcesFor additional information on Open Programs: efault.mspxFor information about Microsoft Volume Licensing Programs: learn more about Software ceMicrosoft Product Use censing/product-licensing.aspx#tab 1For a list of available licensed products through Microsoft Volume userights/PL.aspxVolume Licensing for Government icensing-options/for-industries.aspxMicrosoft Volume Licensing7

Microsoft Open Programs Licensing GuideVolume Licensing for Academic icensing-options/for-industries.aspx#tab 2Volume Licensing for Charitable icensing-options/for-industries.aspx#tab 4To determine the right Volume Licensing program for your organization, use Microsoft License Advisor at: Volume Licensing8

Microsoft Open Programs Licensing GuideAppendixDetermining the Licenses You NeedA software product license can be broken into five main elements: product pool, product, version, edition, and product type.Product PoolMicrosoft software programs fall under one of the following three product pools:Applications: Examples of Microsoft applications include the Office suites, Microsoft Visio drawing and diagramming software, andMicrosoft Project. Developer tools and utilities such as Microsoft Visual Studio development system are also part of the Microsoftapplications pool.Systems: An example of Microsoft desktop PC operating system software programs is Windows Professional Upgrade.Servers: Examples of Microsoft server software programs are Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server database software,Windows Server operating system and Office 365 Subscriptions.ProductThe product software is, for example, Microsoft Office, Visual Studio, Windows, or SQL Server.VersionVersions differentiate various releases of the product (e.g., Microsoft Office 2013 and Microsoft Office 2010).EditionThe edition specifies the level of features and/or applications included in a product (e.g., Microsoft Office Standard 2013 includesMicrosoft Word 2013, Microsoft Excel 2013 spreadsheet software, Microsoft Outlook 2013 messaging and collaboration client, andMicrosoft PowerPoint 2013 presentation graphics program where Microsoft Office Professional 2013 includes Word 2013, Excel 2013,Outlook 2013 with Business Contact Manager, PowerPoint 2013, Microsoft Access 2013 database software, and Microsoft Publisher2013.Product TypeLicense: Provides the right to run a specific version of the product ordered (for example, Microsoft Office Professional 2013). The OpenLicense and Open Value programs provide perpetual use rights. Customers with Software Assurance will have perpetual use rights tothe latest product version available at the time the contract expires. Open Value Subscription provides use rights for the latest productsversion for the duration of the agreement’s term.Software AssuranceSoftware Assurance may be ordered for any underlying licensed product and provides the right to upgrade to and run the latest versionof that product that Microsoft makes available during the covered period. Software Assurance is automatically included in the OpenValue, Open Value Subscription. Purchase of Software Assurance is optional in the Open License program.Note: Options and rules differ across products. 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.Microsoft provides this material solely for informational and marketing purposes. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS DOCUMENT.Customers should refer to their agreements for a full understanding of their rights and obligations under Microsoft’s Volume Licensing programs. Microsoft software islicensed not sold. The value and benefit gained through use of Microsoft software and services can vary by customer. Customers with questions about differences between thismaterial and the agreements should contact their reseller or Microsoft account manager. The contents of this document are subject to change. Please contact your Microsoftaccount manager for the most current version of this document.1212Microsoft Volume Licensing9

Microsoft Open Programs Licensing Guide Microsoft Volume Licensing 2 Image 1: Options for Microsoft Volume Licensing customers. Open Value Open Value is the recommended program if you have a small to midsi