Microsoft LicensingAcademyAzure licensing, Part 1October 2021

AgendaAzure licensing overviewAzure purchasing options Via an Enterprise Agreement Direct from a Microsoft Salesperson Via CSPAzure Cost ManagementUseful Resources

Microsoft Azure

What is Microsoft Azure?“The Azure cloud platform is more than 200 products and cloud servicesdesigned to help you bring new solutions to life—to solve today’s challenges andcreate the future. Build, run, and manage applications across multiple clouds, onpremises, and at the edge, with the tools and frameworks of your choice.

Azure Global Infrastructure

Microsoft Azure

Types of Azure ServicesConsumption ServicesFor example:Virtual Machines: /hourUser Licensed ServicesFor example:Azure Active DirectoryStorage: /GB & /transactionAzure Information ProtectionDatabases: /GBAzure Advanced Threat Protectionfor UsersArtificial Intelligence: /transactionMarketplace SolutionsFor example:

Buying Microsoft AzureDirect from Microsoftvia the websiteThrough a VolumeLicensing agreementThrough the Cloud SolutionProvider program

Microsoft Azure SubscriptionsAs Azure resources arecreated they are assigned toAzure SubscriptionsAzure Subscriptions are tiedto a payment mechanismMultiple AzureSubscriptions are allowedon a single tenantNames of AzureSubscriptions maybe customized Enterprise AgreementCredit cardCSP accountBilling account

Paying for Azure Consumption ServicesAzure prepaymentMonthly in arrearsVolume Licensing agreementsDirect from Microsoft and CSPAn “Azure prepayment” amount ispaidInvoices are issued monthly in arrears forthe services that the customer has usedAs services are used, this amountdecreases

e Pricing Calculator: Windows VM

Managing ResourcesAzure Management PortalVolume LicensingUsed directly by customers purchasing throughall Volume Licensing agreementsDirect from MicrosoftUsed directly by customers purchasing throughthe web portal or from a Microsoft salespersonCSPEither used by partners on behalf of customers,or access is granted to customers

Understanding your options for purchasingMicrosoft products and services

Enterprise Agreement

Buying through theEnterprise Agreement (EA)

Buying Azure consumption services through the EAEnterprise AgreementEnterprise EnrollmentServer and Cloud EnrollmentCommit to Enterprise Products for allQualified DevicesCommit to Azure Make an upfront Azure prepayment of aminimum of 100 per month Make an upfront Azure prepayment of aminimum of 1,000 per monthCommit to a server product Pay for services used monthly in arrears, or Make an upfront Azure prepayment of aminimum of 100 per month

Direct from a Microsoft salesperson withMicrosoft Customer Agreement

Buying from your Microsoft sales teamthrough the Microsoft CustomerAgreement

What’s available?How do customers pay?Microsoft Azure Services All of the Azure services which are charged ona consumption basis (e.g., virtual machines) Invoiced either monthly in arrears or via Reservations 1 or 3-year term, paid for upfrontAzure prepaymentAzure Support Plans Developer, Standard, and ProfessionalDirect plans Invoiced upfront monthly

Azure through the Cloud SolutionProvider Program

Buying from a Microsoft partner inthe Cloud Solution Provider program

The Azure planPartner CenterTransact “Azure plan” offerAzure SubscriptionRename, if requiredAzure Management PortalCreate additional SubscriptionsProvision and manage resourcesBillingMonthly in arrears

The Azure planThe Azure plan links a partner and customer, and groups Subscriptions together from a billing perspectivePartner:We-R-IoTPartner:VMs-R-UsAzure plan: Subscription: VMs 1Subscription: VMs 2Customer:Wingtip ToysAzure plan: Subscription: IoT

In reviewing your purchasing options,consider the following:

Azure Cost Management

Azure Cost ManagementAzure Cost Management gives you the tools to plan for, analyze and reduce your spending to maximize yourcloud investmentHow much do theservices cost?Are there any spending anomalies?Will we stay withinbudget?How do our spending habitschange month-over-month?What are we spending, on what?How much have wespent so far this month?What are our spending trends?

Azure Advisor

Azure Advisor: cost recommendationsOptimize virtual machine spend by resizing or shuttingdown underutilized instancesMonitors VM usage for 7 days and identifies VMs with CPU utilizationof 5% or less and network utilization of less than 2%, or VMs where thecurrent workload can be accommodated by a smaller virtual machinesizeRecommend Reserved InstancesReviews VM usage over the last 30 days to see if money could besaved by purchasing a Reserved InstanceIdentify resources that could be deletedIdle virtual network gatewaysUnprovisioned ExpressRoute circuitsUnassociated public IP addressesFailing Azure Data Factory pipelines Cost Management: August 2021 update

Licensing resources

Get Licensing Ready - GLR

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