Modern technologyThe entire product rangeCommitment to tradition – setting the highest design and quality standardsA corporate groupwith traditionFor over 100 years, the ownermanaged GU Group has beenfascinated with the opening,swinging, closing and lockingof windows and doors. Technical innovations and continual development of architecturalhardware technology have andwill continue to shape forcesin the market, setting new standards and trends for thefuture.The Gretsch-Unitas GroupThe corporate group consistsof more than 50 manufacturingand distribution companies in35 countries. With the internationally leading brands GU(architectural hardware), BKS(locks, locking systems) andFERCO (architectural hardware),the group offers "Securing technology for you".Corporate group productoverviewIn its window technology,door technology, automaticentrance systems and buildingmanagement systems divisions,the GU Group manufacturesand distributes about 30,000single items which are easy tocombine.The corporate group has solutions for everyproduct range, offering greater convenienceand satisfying the criteria for barrier-freeconstruction in accordance with DIN 18040.2GU І WP00308-04-0-2 І 02/2016Securing technology for youSuitable forbarrier-freeconstruction toDIN18040We use the major challengesof creating innovative und visionary system solutions tobreak new ground. Togetherwith architects, planners andprofile system manufacturers,we develop individual comprehensive solutions.

Table of contentsInnovative functionalityand aesthetic window architectureSophisticated facade solutions .5The UNI-JET Tilt&Turn hardware range.5Tilt&Slide hardware .6Parallel-Slide hardware.6Fold&Slide hardware .7Horizontal- and Vertical-Pivot hardware .7Lift&Slide hardware .8Additional kits for Lift&Slide hardware.8Humidity-controlled ventilators.9Fanlight opening systems .9Electrical ventilation systems . 10Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems (RWA) . 10Hardware for doors, handles for windowsand sliding units. 11Thresholds for doors, windows and Lift&Slide units. 11Construction accessories. 12GU product range for new-buildand renovation work. 12The door as a convenient access zoneSecure mechanics and convenient mechatronics!. 14Multi-point locks. 14GU-SECURY system technology. 15GU-SECURY Automatic access controlled –the GU house entrance door concept. 15Electric strikes. 16Door closers. 16Mechanical locking systems . 17SE electronic locking system. 17Escape door system solutions. 18Access control systems. 18Transparent convenience for entrance solutionsAutomatic sliding doors. 20Revolving doors andsingle-person access control systems. 20Automatic swing-door drives. 21All-glass sliding panels. 21Where it all comes togetherGEMOS physical security informationmanagement system. 22Service. 23Exclusion of liability / Copyright notice / Image credits. 26GU І WP00308-04-0-2 І 02/20163

Window technologyInnovative functionality and aesthetic window architecture4GU І WP00308-04-0-2 І 02/2016

Sophisticated facade solutions using standard hardwareThe UNI-JET Tilt&Turn hardware range makes anything possibleSophisticated facade solutionsThe UNI-JET Tilt&Turn hardware rangeSkilled in the development of innovative opening mechanisms andspecialised in every method of facade opening, Gretsch-Unitashas been a competent partner in facade construction for manyyears. GU experts take project-related special parts developedexclusively for individual projects as innovative engineering workand combine them with elements from the tried-and-tested GUrange. With hardware for lowering Top-Hung, Parallel-Projecting,Horizontal-Pivot or Turn-Only windows, as well as special designsbased on individual customer specifications, it is possible tosatisfy demands for new methods of opening and window shapeswith unique aesthetic qualities. The range of services extendsfrom technical planning and design through to production of thespecial parts and handling of projects together with customers allover the world.Each window makes particular demands of the hardware –whether its the variety of the materials used for the frame (PVC,timber or aluminium) or the desired look (face-fixed or concealedhinge side). The UNI-JET Tilt&Turn hardware range for windowsand balcony-doors offers the right solutions: aesthetically pleas ing, high-quality and easy to work with.The last word in versatility: the modular UNI-JET central lockingsystem can be used for all profiles with a 16 mm hardware groovein Tilt&Turn, Tilt-First, Turn-Only, Tilt-Only, Top-hung, Horizon tal-Pivot and Vertical-Pivot windows as well as Fold&Slide, Parallel-Slide and Tilt&Slide balcony-doors. Gretsch-Unitas isa system supplier for burglar-inhibiting solutions up to RC 2 fortimber, aluminium and PVC elements with a comprehensiveCE certification programme especially for timber units.The GU Group supports its customers as a system partnerfrom the planning stage until eventual delivery.Technical dataSash widthin mmSash heightin mmSash weightin kgUNI-JET M (milled)280 – 1700280 – 2800up to 200UNI-JET S (screwed)280 – 1600280 – 2800up to 130UNI-JET S-CONCEALED F390 – 1400350 – 2800up to 130 *Hardware versionTimberTechnical dataLowering Top-Hungsash m, timber, PVCAluminium, timber, PVCUNI-JET D (drilled)280 – 1600280 – 2800up to 150Sash weight in kgup to 180200UNI-JET S-CONCEALED F390 – 1400350 – 2800up to 130 *Sash height in mm276 – 2500380 – 3000AluminiumHollow dimension in mm17 /-121 /-1ALU-JET AK 8355 – 1700500 – 2800up to 130Handle version– SPACIO, standard– SPACIO, lockable– Concealed gear forstandard handles– Other standardhandles– SPACIO, standard– SPACIO, lockable– Concealed gear forstandard handles– Other standardhandlesUNI-JET C (clamped)280 – 1600280 – 2800up to 130UNI-JET D (drilled)280 – 1600280 – 2800up to 100UNI-JET C-CONCEALED390 – 1400350 – 2800up to 130PVC* up to 150 when using the load-absorbing deviceGU І WP00308-04-0-2 І 02/20165

Window technologyInnovative functionality and aesthetic window architectureIntegrated mishandling device supplied as standardThe hardware solution without a tilting function for projects with changing usersTilt&Slide hardwareParallel-Slide hardwareTilt&Slide hardware allows the user to place the balcony-door inthe tilt position. Sashes tilted for ventilation are held securely bystorm-proof stays. The additional power-control feature (mZ) ofthe hardware variants for large and heavy units ensures that thesash is pulled against the gasket evenly upon closing and returnedto the tilt position upon opening. This makes things really easy andconvenient for the user.The version without the power-control feature (oZ) uses components from the Tilt&Turn range, which helps reduce storage. Also,the stays are joined together in a way which ensures the sash ispressed evenly against the frame upon closing.Used in conjunction with the GU DKS threshold, GU-966/100 bbhardware without power control is also suitable for "barrier-freeliving" in compliance with DIN 18040. Gresch-Unitas Tilt&Slidehardware also ensures the highest burglar resistance up to resistance class RC 2 in accordance with EN 1627.With its precise functionality, Parallel-Slide hardware is designedto last. It meets the individual demands of frequently changingusers for convenience and security associated with certain projects. These may include hotels or public buildings. Sashwidths of up to 2000 mm are possible, as are large passagewidths. Thanks to the innovative combination of PVC-coated and ball-bearing-supported (i.e. maintenance-free) rollers and the proven Tilt&Slide bogies fitted to the sash at the bottom, thesliding sashes slide gently and quietly into their open or closedposition. This kind of functionality prevents maloperation ofbalcony-doors. This hardware system without a tilting functioncan be used in all the usual standard window profiles.Technical dataHardware versionSash widthin mmSash heightin mmSash weightin kgTimber or PVCHardware versionGU-966/200 mZ640 – 2000700 – 2350up to 200GU-966/150 mZ720 – 1600820 – 2350up to 150GU-966/150 oZ640 – 1600700 – 2350up to 130GU-966/100 oZ bb720 – 1600700 – 2350up to 100GU-90 oZ640 – 1600700 – 2350up to 90GU-968/200 mZ740 – 2000895 – 2400up to 200GU-968/150 mZ740 – 1600895 – 2400up to 150GU-968/150 oZ600 – 1600730 – 2400up to 130GU-90 oZ640 – 1600700 – 2350up to 90Metal6Technical dataGU І WP00308-04-0-2 І 02/2016Sash widthin mmSash heightin mmSash weightin kgTimber or PVCGU-966/200 oZ720 – 2000820 – 23501301050 – 2000820 – 2350up to 180*1050 – 20001050 – 2350up to 200**MetalGU-968/200 oZ600 – 2000730 – 24001301050 – 2000730 – 2400up to 180*1050 – 2000730 – 2400up to 200*** with tandem scissor sliders at top** with tandem bogies at bottom and tandem scissor sliders at top

Safety, convenience and installation friendliness in perfect harmonyHorizontal-pivot window for sash weights up to 300 kgFold&Slide hardwareHorizontal- and Vertical-Pivot hardwareLarger sections of glass with sash widths of up to 1000 mmand a permissible sash weight of 130 kg offer the maximum possible opening widths based on a total frame width of 6700 mm.Qualities such as an incomparable running smoothness and reallyeasy operation provide even more comfort and make Fold&Slidehardware from Gretsch-Unitas something quite special.Ball-bearing-supported and PVC-coated rolls in the bogies at thebottom and in the guide roll at the top ensure even heavy sashesare really easy to move and that sashes are securely guided alongthe tracks with hardly any noise at all.Depending on the profile system, this Fold&Slide hardware generation is also suitable for use in barrier-free areas and, inthe context of burglar inhibition, the hardware system offers the highest level of security. The improvements in burglar inhibitioninclude the concealed screws for the hinges and the option toattach the central locking system to just one sash. The two-dimen sional adjustability of GU hinges ensures optimal installationconditions.The UNITAS series can be used for both rectangular and roundHorizontal-Pivot windows weighing up to 300 kg. The adjustablesash brake in the pivot holds the sash securely in any position,while still allowing the window to rotate 180 . Barrier-free solutions, whereby sashes can be moved without using any force,can be implemented, for example, by combining Horizontal-Pivothardware with the ELTRAL K35 concealed chain drive.One of the advantages of using Vertical-Pivot hardware, as opposed to Horizontal-Pivot hardware, is the possibility of positioning the pivots eccentrically, and also the fact thatit supports windows with a sash height of up to 2850 mm.As a r esult, interior design requirements can be perfectly implemented.Technical dataSash widthin mmSash heightin mmSash weightin kgUNITAS 5 Bo, 7 Bo576 – 2950700 – 2200up to 175UNITAS 10/22 576 – 2950700 – 2200up to 300UNITAS 4 circular windowØ 424 – 2016FERCO 44 E576 – 1450700 – 2000up to 80FERCO 45 E576 – 1450700 – 2200up to 120576 – 2950*700 – 2200*up to 175580 – 2800*600 – 2200*up to 175Hardware versionHorizontal-Pivot hardwareTimberTechnical dataHardware versionSash width*in mmSash height*in mmSash weight*(in kg)Timber or PVCup to 100GU-922 (bottom-running)400 – 900850 – 2350up to 80PVCGU-923500 – 1000851 – 2350up to 130UNITAS 16GU-925 (top-running)400 – 900850 – 2350up to 80AluminiumGU-822 (bottom-running)000 – 1000000 – 2350up to 80Vertical-Pivot hardwareGU-823500 – 1000851 – 2350up to 80UNITAS 93 Bo (timber)356 – 1600800 – 2850up to 175GU-825 (top-running)400 – 1000851 – 2350up to 80UNITAS 88 (aluminium)600 – 1600*600 – 2800*up to 175MetalUNITAS 18/3* depends on the processing guidelines of the profile manufacturer* max. SW and SH as specified by the system supplierGU І WP00308-04-0-2 І 02/20167

Window technologyOliver Schuster, Stuttgart / baukunst philipphaus GmbHInnovative functionality and aesthetic window architectureAdditional kits for Lift&Slide hardwareBarrier freedom– Turn handle 400 mm– Tension spring for gear– Comfort profile for thresholds– HS-Master motor-driven driveBurglar protection– SE security centre-closer– Anti-jemmy device– Anti-drill plate for gear– Locked status monitoring– HS meeting stile security profileMore than 50 years of innovative hardware technologyLift&Slide hardwareGretsch-Unitas developed the first Lift&Slide system in 1958 andis still setting the standards for others to follow. As a result of theconsistent further development of Lift&Slide hardware, a multitudeof hardware solutions including profile-system-related variants isavailable today for all customary joinery materials. A high level ofburglar inhibition is achieved thanks to security components testedto resistance class RC 2 in accordance with EN 1627 and certifiedfor retrofitting in accordance with DIN 18104-2. The stringent requirements of Germany's energy saving ordinance (EnEV) aremore than satisfied, which means the systems are suitable in passive house applications. Motor-driven drives are available ifrequired, and these offer even greater convenience in terms ofbarrier-free solutions in accordance with DIN 18040.Technical dataHardware version,manualSash widthin mmSash heightin mmSash weightin kgGU-934 door700 – 33001851 – 3250**up to 300*GU-934 window700 – 3300850 – 1865up to 300*GU-937 door700 – 33001851 – 3250**up to 150***GU-937 window700 – 3300850 – 1865up to 150***GU-934 balcony-door/windowdepending onprofile systemdepending onprofile systemup to 300*GU-937 balcony-door/windowdepending onprofile systemdepending onprofile systemup to 150***Hardware version,motor-drivenSash widthin mmSash heightin mmSash weightin kgChild safety– Speed limiter– Handle damper for controlledlowering of the sliding sashDesign– LED lighting– Stainless turn handle– Concealed P 1850 guide trackTimberPVC / MetalTimber, PVC or metalHS-Master, pattern A950 – 33001855 – 2765up to 300HS-Master, pattern C950 – 33001855 – 2765up to 300HS-Master CONCEALED, 1200 – 3300pattern A1840 – 2765up to 300* with tandem bogies up to 400 kg. Maximum of 600 kg upon request** with gear extension 3750 mm upon request*** with tandem bogie up to 300 kg8GU І WP00308-04-0-2 І 02/2016Ventilation– Night ventilation– Bottom keeper andnight ventilation frame cam– Humidity-controlled ventilatorsGU-thermostep 204 threshold– Excellent thermal properties– With structural sealing setex works– Prefabrication: service based onvarious stages of pre-assembly

Ventilation as required: easy installation and retrofittingManual or motor-driven operation for ventilation purposesHumidity-controlled ventilatorsFanlight opening systemsThe demand-driven ventilation system – whereby air is exchangedwithout any user input – creates a very comfortable place to live,helps to save energy efficiently and protects the building structureby preventing the formation of mould. With their discreet looks,the ventilators can fit seamlessly into the relevant domesticsetting.The self-regulating ventilators with humidity sensor requireno electricity. A special sound insulation version is available. Designed for use with timber, PVC and aluminium frame materials,the devices are easy to install and do not require any additionalinstallation work on the building. R etrofitting is just as easy.The VENTUS fanlight opening system from the GU Group enablesmanual operation of a fanlight or, when combined with the ELTRAL electric drive, a cost-effective means of m otor-drivencontrol for more than one sash unit. The flat design of the opening stays means fanlights require little space when installedwith inward-opening, vertically-installed, rectangular Tilt-Only windows made of timber, PVC or metal. The automatic locking inthe stays and the optional additional locking on the sash enable ahigh gasket pressure and therefore increase the tightness of thesash. The system is easy to install and is highly v ersatile in termsof operation.Technical dataFree ventilation(shaft ventilation)Ventilator-basedventilationAir quantity control Intensive ventilation possibleonly possiblemanually Minimisation of heat losses Low energy consumption Air quality indoorsTechnical data – manual operationHardware versionSash widthin mmSash heightin mmOpeningwidth in mmVENTUS F 200400 – 3600from 300165/200VENTUS F 300620 – 3600from 350220/300Energy efficiencyTechnical data – motor-driven operationELTRAL S 230ELTRAL 300 E1Thrust in N12003000Current consumption in A0.150.1Acoustic characteristicsLow-noise operationInstallation / maintenanceLow costs Max. travel in mm50/7040 – 70Simple installation Duty ratio in %20100Simple retrofitting IP protection type5054Simple maintenance / cleaning Dimensions in mm (L/W/H)210/36/76270/55/102GU І WP00308-04-0-2 І 02/20169

Window technologyInnovative functionality and aesthetic window architectureChain drives ensure rooms receive the perfect amountof ventilation with opening widths up to 750 mmLow smoke density rescue routes with SHEV system solutions from GUElectrical ventilation systemsSmoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems (RWA)Ventilation drives are the convenient solution for daily room ventilation, ensuring health and well-being with automated, electromotive ventilation. Chain drives from the ELTRAL L seriessupport a large selection of fastening types and make almost anyinstallation situation or mounting type possible (concealed or face-fixed) with inward- and outward-opening Turn-Only, Tilt-Only,Top-Hung, Parallel-Projecting, lowering Top-Hung, Horizontal- orVertical-Pivot windows and skylights. Intelligent, integrated electronics allow for synchronous control of two or more drives(for large sash widths).Spindle drives and rack and pinion drives from the ELTRAL S/Zseries are the ideal solution for opening and closing heavy and largeskylights or openings in facades – such as may be found in shoppingcentres, theatre lobbies, airport terminals or conservatories.The Gretsch-Unitas Group offers state-of-the-art smoke and heatexhaust ventilation systems powered by electric motors for allkinds of natural smoke extraction (NRA) applications: from smokeevacuation in staircases to complex smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems associated with major projects and SHEVsystem solutions with tested and certified components for timberprofiles and euro groove aluminium profiles from major systemsproviders in all common opening types. With the GU range ofspindle drives, chain drives, locking drives and combined openingand locking systems, there is a hardware solution for any individualapplication.Technical dataTechnical dataChain/spindle drives K25ELTRAL 24 V ACKS 30/ K3040K35K60S80Z45Pull/push force in N250300300350600800450Current consumption in A0,80,90,90,90,81,00,25230to550Opening width(travel) in mm200up 00adjust- 600ment300up to1000300up to1000IP 54IP 44Protection typeIP 32IP 30IP 32IP 32IP 32IP 65IP 65(travel 190)x43x76Lx54 x115Dimensionsin mm W x H x DLx26 x41386 x38 x58456 x43 x60Lx35 x35Lx40 x56(travel (travel 342) 342)x 36x 36Chain/spindle drivesELTRAL 230 V ACK25KS30/40K30K60S80Z45Pull/push force in N250300300600800450Current consumptionin A0. width (travel)in mm200up to400250400300up to750Protection typeIP 32IP 30IP 32IP 32Dimensionsin mm W x H x DLx26 x41386 x38 x58456 x43 x60Lx40 x5610variable variableadjust- adjustmentmentGU І WP00308-04-0-2 І 02/2016

Coordinated design lines for the entire buildingTailor-made solutions for any installation situationHardware for doors,handles for windows and sliding unitsThresholds for doors,windows and Lift&Slide unitsThe hardware solutions and lever handle series from theGU Group make it possible to maintain a consistent design throughout a building for both windows and doors – from standard hardware and burglar inhibition versions throughto versions for glass doors, fire protection and smokeprotection doors, and escape doors.The hardware range offers a broad spectrum of hardware fortimber and steel doors as well as aluminium and PVC narrow stiledoors. The series also extends to hardware for large-format slideelements such as, e.g., Tilt&Slide and Lift&Slide elements and tohardware for all-glass doors and escape doors to EN 179 and panicdoors to EN 1125.The option to combine the various lever handles and backplatetypes allows plenty of scope for customisation. Hardware forproject doors includes a maintenance-free lever handle bearing(WDL), and all of these satisfy the user category 4 criteria inaccordance with EN 1906.A wide range of thresholds for Lift&Slide units, balcony-doorsand house entrance doors made of timber and PVC and withCE certification in accordance with EN 14351-1 ensure energyefficiency, a high level of stability and problem-free adaptationto individual installation situations.The needs of the fabricator inform ongoing technical development with a view to making Gretsch-Unitas products easy, quickand safe to put together. The GU-thermostep 204 thresholdfor Lift&Slide units represents a kind of made-to-measure prefabrication service for fabricators. It is possible to choosethe level of prefabrication required.A comprehensive range of accessories and standard installationheights make simple installation in new buildings and renovationprojects possible. Almost all of our system solutions are suitablefor "barrier-free living" in accordance with DIN 18040.Technical dataRONDOLift&SlideunitsGU-thermostep 164n67 mmGU-thermostep 204n68 mmn47 mmn22 mmn24 mmn22 mmGU-threshold 47GU-flatstep 164GU-flatstep 222BELCANTODIRIGENTBELCANTO-PANIKGU-timberstep 164GU-timberstep 204OFFICELEGATOTREMOLOGU modularthreshold systemOverview of seriesBalconydoorsHouseentrancedoorsThreshold22 mmnGU system thresholdnDKS thresholdnHTS thresholdHeightn20 mm20 mmnGU І WP00308-04-0-2 І 02/201620 mm11

GU product range for new-build and renovation workSealing systems– Weathering protection– For heat and sound purposes– Separating indoor andoutdoor environment– Construction-foil adhesiveand sealantsSealing systems, building chemicals, glazing technology:all from a single sourceConstruction accessoriesProfessional installation significantly influences the usability ofwindows and doors over a reasonable usage period. Continueddevelopment of structural engineering, in particular as regardsbuilding air tightness by reducing unplanned infiltration heatloss, requires air-tight window attachment. General requirementsfor the installation of windows should be derived from energyconservation regulations (in Germany, the Energieeinsparverordnung, EnEV) among other things. In order to keep the indoorenvironment completely separate from that outdoors, the internalseal must be air-tight.In contrast, the external seal must allow transmission of watervapour but include protection against driving rain. To ensurethat all relevant features, standards and regulations are includedin planning right from the start, everyone involved in the build– from designers (architects) to executors (workmen), right up tothe client – should work as a team for the success of the buildingproject and only use mutually compatible product systemswhich comply with the standards. The Gretsch-Unitas Groupoffers e xactly that: a range of accessory products covering every requirement in the professional installation of windows and doors– and all from a single source.Building chemicals– Sealing compounds andsmoothing agents– PVC adhesives and PVC cleaners– Aluminium cleaners andaluminium adhesives– Maintenance setsGlazing accessories– GU filler tapes– GU glazing packers– GU glazing packers with vent– GU compensating blocks– GU glazing paddleWindow and door sealsSash rebate seals with wire,without wire or for welding;frame, overlap, faceplate, glazing,renovation and tube sealsGU frame for projecting installation– Approved for use in passive houses– Load-bearing capacity of up toapprox. 500 kg– High sound insulation– RC 2 tested according to EN 1627GU installation bracketand retaining angle– Secure load transfer, tested as iftsystem to 250 kg– Ideal connection for compositethermal insulation system– RC 2 tested according to EN 162712GU І WP00308-04-0-2 І 02/2016

Door technologyThe door as a convenient access zoneGU І WP00308-04-0-2 І 02/201613

Door technologyThe door as a convenient access zoneOne lock series with one lock case for any door requirementGU-SECURY Automatic: reassurance with the door just pulled shutSecure mechanics and convenient mechatronics!Multi-point locksThe GU Group offers convenient and secure door functions on timber, steel, aluminium, PVC or glass doors. The technology usedis sophisticated, from the the simple mortise lock in accordancewith DIN 18251 class 1 to the panic lock for escape doors inaccordance with EN 179/EN 1125. Performance features such asburglar inhibition, fire protection and escape door suitability aswell as possible integration in access control systems enable youto use BKS mortise locks for doors in many areas.Main entrance and facade doors present special challenges withregard to burglar resistance, fire protection, impermeabilityand accessibility. GU multi-point locks meet these challenges perfectly: additional locking elements at the top and bottomof the door as well as individual solutions for many installation situations – from the manual version to the self-locking centrallocking system with panic function.Security for timber, PVC, aluminium and steel doors: with largeand small backsets in all standard lock faceplate variants, withcustomised lever handle height for the slim profiles of aluminiumor PVC doors, with continuous one-piece strikers in the frame andmulti-point locks with fire-retardant characteristics – you can finda secure solution that fits your needs.Manual-locking locking systems Room door locks, project and heavy-duty locks forinternal doors Escape door locks in accordance with EN 179/EN 1125for use in 1- and 2-leaf narrow stile, PVC, timber andsteel doors Locks for fire and smoke protection doors and burglar inhibition doors Miscellaneous locks such as radius bolt or hook bolt locksfor sliding, side entrance or double-action swing doorsSelf-locking locking systems Escape door locks in accordance with EN 179/EN 1125 foruse in 1- and 2-leaf narrow stile, PVC, timber and steel doors Electrically-locking panic locks (EVP) Mechatronic locks such as electrically coupled locks or motor-driven locks (e.g. for access control or barrier-freedesigns or in conjunction with swing-door drives) Radio battery locks: battery-operated, electrically coupled paniclocks for 1- and 2-leaf timber and steel doors14GU І WP00308-04-0-2 І 02/2016Manual-locking locking systems SECURY key-operated locks andSECURY EUROPA l ever-operated locks with– Massive bolt ('MR')– Hook bolt ('SH')– Double bolt ('DR')– Mushroom and roller camsSelf-locking locking systems SECURY Automatic self-locking locks with– Automatic latchbolt– Automatic double latchbolt– Automatic pin bolt– Automatic with panic function– A-opener as an option

Standard dimensions for all door locking systems and one-piece strikersGU house entrance door concept: safe, comfortable and flexibleGU-SECURY system technologyGU-SECURY Automatic access controlled –the GU house entrance door conceptNowadays, door fabricators must be flexible in order to satisfythe wide range of customer requirements. In view of the securityand convenience requirements as well as the design constraintsand associated variation in door heights that presently exist,particularly specialised demands must be met. This is whyGretsch-Unitas has developed GU-SECURY system technology– a particularly efficient modular system which also enablesvery high doors to be fitted with GU locking systems from thestandard range. At the heart of GU-SECURY system technologyis a faceplate length concept based on a standardised faceplatelength of 1750 mm. The extension elements make it possibleto adapt the lock system for house entrance doors, using amodular approach, to the high security level associated with Gretsch-Unitas and to suit the specific requirements associatedwith the respective entrance situation.The modular system offers outstanding flexibility

living" in compliance with DIN 18040. Gresch-Unitas Tilt&Slide hardware also ensures the highest burglar resistance up to resistance class RC 2 in accordance with EN 1627. Parallel-Slide hardware With its precise functionality, Parallel-Slide hardware is designed to las