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2017Media KITHüthig GmbH, Im Weiher 10, D-69121 Heidelberg, Phone 49 6221 489-207, Fax 49 6221 489-490, Internet: www.pharma-food.de1Magazine:2Profile in brief:Pharma Food1112Pharma Food is the specialist journal for production, equipment and organization decisionmakers in the pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics industries. Pharma Food uses application reviews, technical articles, interviews, product information and brief reports to provideknowledge and information to anyone manufacturing under hygiene constraints. Withits reader enquiry system, Pharma Food reaches management and specialists, planners,decision-makers, suppliers of components and systems, and service providers in hygienicprocessing technology, creating direct lines of contact to investment decision-makers.1314Optimum networking: At you will find up-to-the-minute information and a wide range of services.3Target group: Management and investment decision-makers in the areasof production, machinery and organization in the pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics industry.4Publication:7 x per year5Magazine Format:210 mm width, 297 mm hight6Volume/year:20th volume 2017157 Prices: Price (incl. shipping costs and VAT)domestic 74.00 (     9.00 shipping costs and VAT 89.25)foreign 74.00 ( 18.00 shipping costs and VAT 98.88)Single copy price 13.50 (including VAT, not including shipping cost)8Organ: Independent specialist trade and technical journal9Memberships: Deutsche Fachpresse, IVW10 Publishing company:Hüthig GmbHManaging Director:Fabian MüllerPublishing Director:Rainer SimonAddress: Im Weiher 10, D-69121 HeidelbergTel.: 49 6221 489-207Fax: 49 6221 489-490Internet:www.pharma-food.deE-mail: [email protected] Profile1Publisher: –Advertisements: Dipl.-Betriebsw. (VWA) Sabine Wegmann (responsible)Hagen Reichhoff, Holger WaldEditors: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Armin Scheuermann (responsible)Dipl.-Geoök. Philip BittermannDipl.-Biochem. Ansgar KretschmerVolume analysis:2015     7 issuesTotal volume:548.0 pages 100.0 %Editorial section:427.0 pages 77.9 %Advertisement section (pages):121.0 pages 22.1 %incl.: bound/loose inserts (pages):3.0 pages 4.0 % of advertising volumepublisher’s own advertisements (pages): 20.5 pages 16.9 % of advertising volumeSupplements:2 unitsAnalysis of editorial content:2015 427.0 pagesHygienic plant design47.0 pages 11.0 %Packaging, labeling43.0 pages 10.0 %Powder and bulk material handling41.0 pages 9.6 %Measurement and control, analysis andautomation technology41.0 pages 9.6 %Water and waste water treatment31.0 pages 7.3 %Contract manufacturing31.0 pages 7.3 %Organization27.0 pages 6.3 %Cleaning, CIP, SIP26.0 pages 6.1 %Clean-room technology24.0 pages 5.6 %Separation technology, filters20.0 pages 4.7 %Conveyor systems19.0 pages 4.4 %Biotechnology14.0 pages 3.3 %News16.0 pages 3.8 %Title pages, editorial, content28.0 pages 6.6 %Miscellaneous19.0 pages 4.4 %427.0 pages 100.0 %

1Advertising rates in (for formats, see page 5):Rates do not include VAT.Rates for b/w advertisementsBasic rate5 % discount10 % discount15 % discount20 % discount1/1 page3,145.002,987.752,830.502,673.252,516.002/3 page2,135.002,028,251,921.501,814.751,708.00Junior page1,830.001,738.501,647.001,555.501,464.001/2 page1,605.001,524.751,444.501,364.501,284.001/3 page1,110.001,054.50999.00943.50888.001/4 page885.00840.75796.50752.25708.001/8 page470.00446.50423.00399.50376.00Total rates for 2c advertisements2c rate5 % discount10 % discount15 % discount20 % discount1/1 page3,615.003,457.753,300.503,143.252,986.002/3 page2,605.002,498.252,391.502,284.752,178.00Junior page2,220.002,128.502,037.001,945.501,854.001/2 page1,995.001,914.751,834.501,754.251,674.001/3 page1,500.001,444.501,389.001,333.501,278.001/4 page1,180.001,135.751,091.501,047.251,003.001/8 page765.00741.50718.00694.50671.00Total rates for 4c advertisements4c rate5 % discount10 % discount15 % discount20 % discount1/1 page4,245.004,087.753,930.503,773.253,616.002/3 page3,235.003,128.253,021.502,914.752,808.00Junior page2,690.002,598.502,507.002,415.502,324.001/2 page2,465.002,384.752,304.502,224.252,144.001/3 page1,970.001,914.501,859.001,803.501,748.001/4 page1,435.001,390.751,346.501,302.251,258.001/8 page1,020.00996.50973.00949.50926.003

2017Media KITAdvertising RatesList No. 19valid as of 01.10.2016Hüthig GmbH, Im Weiher 10, D-69121 Heidelberg, Phone 49 6221 489-207, Fax 49 6221 489-490, Internet: www.pharma-food.de2SurchargesPreferential placements:Inside front coverb/w 3,685.–Outside back coverb/w 3,685.–Binding placements:10 % surcharge on basic rateAdvertisements standing alone on a text page (min. format 1/4 page)20 % surcharge. Rates and conditions for cover placement on request.Color surcharges (not discountable):2-color 4-color1/1 and 2/3 page 470.– 1,100.–1/2 and 1/3 page 390.–860.–1/4 and 1/8 page 295.–550.–Surcharges apply to Euroscale colorsSpecial colors on request Format surcharges:Bled-off and gutter-bleed advertisements10 % on basic rate345Delivery: Specimens to be supplied as of order placement, circulation up to 14 days priorto publication. Format untrimmed w 217 mm, h 305 mm.4 mm inside trim allowance, 5 mm top trim allowance, 3 mm outside and bottom trimallowance. Multipage insert folded to above format.Loose inserts: (not subject to discount and only for total circulation, approx. 11,500 copies)Min. format 10.5 x 14.8 cm, min. weight per single sheet 150 g/m2up to 25 g weight 3,190.–up to 50 g weight 4,935.–each additional 25 g weight 1,530.–Max. paper format 20 x 28 cmDelivery: Specimens to be supplied as of order placement,circulation up to 14 days prior to publication.Stick-on advertising media (only for total circulation: 11,500 copies):In conjunction with advertisement or bound insertplus adhesive costs, min. format 6.0 x 7.5 cm at 150 g/m2– for machine processing– for manual processingPositioning on requestDiscounts: for purchase within 12 months (always on basic rate). Advertisements inPharma Food and CHEMIE TECHNIK qualify jointly for discountsFrequency discount rate:Quantity discount rate:3 x publication5%2 pages5%6 x publication10 %3 pages10 %9 x publication15 %5 pages15 %12 x publication20 %8 pages20 %Classified ads:Vacancies ads, job search ads,wanted/for sale per mm(1-column, 41 mm wide)Market and contactBox number feeSpecial advertising:Bound inserts: PaperVolume weight6p. 7up to120 g/m2up to170 g/m2over170 g/m22 pages120 g/m2 3,130.– 3,325.– 3,465.–4 pages80 g/m2 5,340.– 5,595.– 5,825.– 725.– 535.–1,160.–Delivery address, bound and loose inserts:Logistik Zentrum AZ Druck und Datentechnik GmbH, LZAZ, Heisinger Straße 21,D-87437 Kempten (clearly marked: ”für Pharma Food, Heft Nr. ”)Print 2.90 2.90 2.30 16.–Min.weightPContact:Advertising ManagerSabine WegmannPhone: 49 6221 [email protected] ProcessingMartina ProbstPhone: 49 6221 [email protected] Terms of payment:Net within 30 days of invoice date,2 % discount in the case of advance payment or direct debitBank details: HypoVereinsbankAccount: 157 644 60, bank code: 700 202 70,IBAN: DE66 7002 0270 0015 7644 60, BIC: HYVEDEMMXXX4

2017Media KITFormats andTechnical DetailsSupplement to AdvertisingRates List No. 19valid as of 01.10.2016Hüthig GmbH, Im Weiher 10, D-69121 Heidelberg, Phone 49 6221 489-207, Fax 49 6221 489-490, Internet: www.pharma-food.deF*Bleed formats quoted include 3 mm trim allowancesType area formatsBleed formats1/1 page178 x 257 mmJunior page126 x 178 mmbleed216 x 303 mm*bleed145 x 203 mm*1/3 pagevertical56 x 257 mm1/3 pagehorizontal178 x 83 mmbleed75 x 303 mm*bleed216 x 105 mm*2/3 pagevertical117 x 257 mm2/3 pagehorizontal178 x 169 mm1/2 pagevertical86 x 257 mm1/2 pagehorizontal178 x 126 mmbleed136 x 303 mm*bleed216 x 194 mm*bleed105 x 303 mm*bleed216 x 149 mm*1/4 page block86 x 126 mm1/4 page vertical41 x 257 mm1/8 page block86 x 62 mm1/8 page vertical41 x 126 mmbleed105 x 149 mm*bleed60 x 303 mm*1/4 pagehorizontal178 x 62 mm1/8 pagehorizontal178 x 29 mm1/16 page vertical41 x 62 mmbleed216 x 85 mm*bleed216 x 52 mm*Magazine format: DIN A4, width 210 mm, height 297 mm51/16 pagehorizontal86 x 29 mm

2017Media KITHüthig GmbH, Im Weiher 10, D-69121 Heidelberg, Phone 49 6221 489-207, Fax 49 6221 489-490, Internet: www.pharma-food.de1Magazine format:width 210 mm, height 297 mm, DIN A4Type area: width 178 mm, height 257 mmNumber of columns: 4 columns, column width: 41 mm2Printing and binding process:Printing process: Sheet-fed offsetBinding process: Adhesive binding3Data transfer:4Data formats: Delivery of data in PDF format, version 1.3 (PDF/X-1a), generated withAcrobat Distiller as of version 4.0 and with screen modulated proof. Image data with highresolution (at least 300 dpi), resolution for 60 screen, color model must always be CMYK(no RGB or LAB elements). Bitmaps (barcode scans) should have at least 800 dpi. The format must have original dimensions plus trim allowance and bleed marks.5Colors: For digitally delivered masters for color advertisements, the customer must provide a color proof with Fogra Medienkeil Version 2.0 or 3.0 and a proof or measurementprotocol ( certificate). If no such proof is provided, the customer has no right to damageclaims based on color deviations.Proof: According to FOGRA standard. With FOGRA Medienkeil 2.0 or 3.0 according tostandard, PSO LWC Improved eci.icc for contents as a rule paper type 3 FOGRA 45L –according to standard, ISOcoated v2 eci.icc for cover as a rule paper type 2 FOGRA 39L –according to standard. For further information on PDF format pre-settings call thetechnical hotline at 49 8191 125-3387Data archiving: Data is archived, thus unmodified repeats are generally possible.However, no warranty for data is assumed.8Warranty: 1. The inclusion of advertisements in certain issues or editions or in certain positions isnot guaranteed.F 2. The publisher warrants the printed, defect-free reproduction of the advertisementscorresponding to their representation on circulation paper, and requires the delivery ofsuitable masters (see details in price list).3. Color advertisements: the customer must provide a color proof with digitally deliveredmasters for color advertisements. Failure to provide such proof shall result in the customer forfeiting claims for compensation due to possible color deviations. 4. Complaints must be asserted by the customer in respect of obvious defects not laterthan two weeks after receipt of invoice. For non-obvious defects, the customer mustissue a complaint not later than one year after publication. If, despite prompt delivery ofperfect copy and complaint in good time, the advertising material has been reproducedwith defects, the customer may demand a substitute placement appearance of theadvertisement (subsequent fulfillment) without defects. Claims for subsequent performance are excluded if they subject the publisher to unreasonable expenses. If the publisher is given a reasonable deadline and allows it to expire, the customer shall have theright to cancel the contract or obtain a reduction in payment to the extent to which thepurpose of the advertisement was impaired. Warranty claims from merchant customersexpire 12 months after publication of the corresponding advertisement or [email protected] andTechnicalDetails5. If defects in the print documents are not immediately apparent but become apparentduring the printing process, the customer shall have no claims in respect of inadequatepublication quality.6. Customers failing to abide by the publisher’s recommendations regarding the creationand transmission of digital print materials shall forfeit all claims relating to publicationof defective advertisements.7. The customer warrants that all files supplied are free of computer viruses. The publisher is authorized to delete files containing viruses. Such deletion shall not provide thebasis for any claims by the customer. The publisher also reserves the right to claim damages if the computer viruses cause further damage at the publisher.8. The publisher assumes no warranty for the accuracy of the quality or volume of materials (bound inserts, inserts etc.) which the customer claims to have made available.96Contact: Advertisement processing:Martina ProbstPhone: 49 6221 [email protected]

2017Media KITSpecial IssuesHüthig GmbH, Im Weiher 10, D-69121 Heidelberg, Phone 49 6221 489-207, Fax 49 6221 489-490, Internet: www.pharma-food.dePharma Food Industry in focusPrices:All benefits at a glance – present your company successfully:Company portrait 1/1 page 4c: Advertisement 1/1 page 4c: A complete overview of suppliers and service providers The efficient reference guide for buyers and investment decision-makers! Valid for 2 years 2,750.00Inside front cover (photo logo URL): 1,500.00Combination profile / inside front cover: of the company and product range/program possible Divided into the fields packaging labeling technology, sensors for hygienicprocesses, pumps and valves for hygienic processes Presented for all relevant industries: Food, drinks, pharma, cosmeticsJune 14, 2017Closing date:May 15, 2017Circulation:9,000 copiesFormats: Magazine format 1,750.00 Combination portrait / advertisement(2/1 page 4c): 2,500.00All formats incl. entry in the supplier address directory and online company entry for 1 year Placement of comprehensive company portraits with detailed descriptionsDate of publication: 1,500.00210 mm wide x 198 mm highPortrait / advertisement 185 mm wide x 180 mm high7

2017Media KITHüthig GmbH, Im Weiher 10, D-69121 Heidelberg, Phone 49 6221 489-207, Fax 49 6221 489-490, Internet: www.pharma-food.deTrade Fair Guide to PowtechPrint run:55,000 copiesTarget group:Visitors and exhibitors at PowtechPublication date:September 18, 2017Advertising deadline: August 24, 2017Can only be booked in combination with CHEMIE TECHNIK 9/17or Pharma Food 6/17Combined rates:b/w4c1/1 6,820.– 7,920.–Junior page 3,950.– 4,810.–1/2 3,375.– 4,235.–1/3 2,565.– 3,425.–1/4 1,890.– 2,440.–1/8 1,020.– 1,570.–Other rates on requestThis trade fair guide is not IVW/EDA certified8Special Issues

2017Media KITHüthig GmbH, Im Weiher 10, D-69121 Heidelberg, Phone 49 6221 489-207, Fax 49 6221 489-490, Internet: www.pharma-food.deCompendium: Custom ManufacturingPrint run:8,000 copiesTarget group: Managers, executives, purchasing managers, chemistsand pharmacists involved in production, productionmanagers in the areas of chemicals, pharmaceuticals andcosmeticsSpecial advertising: 2-page advertorialsPublication date: December 28, 2017Advertising deadline: December 1, 2017Rates for format adsb/w4c1/1   1,435.–   2,535.–1/2 905.–   1,765.–1/3 635.–   1,495.–1/4 600.–   1,150.–1/8 430.– 980.–Other rates on request9Special Issues

2017Circulation andDistributionAnalysisMedia KITHüthig GmbH, Im Weiher 10, D-69121 Heidelberg, Phone 49 6221 489-207, Fax 49 6221 489-490, Internet: www.pharma-food.de21Circulation monitoring:Distribution by federal states:2Circulation analysis: Copies per issue on averagefor the period*July 1, 2015 to June 30, nt run:Berlin, Brandenburg,Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania3.1325Bremen, Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein10,508 Copies sold:– Subscribed copies:– Other sales:– Single copy sales:7101305800Free copies:including abroad:966including abroad:including associationmember copies:HesseLower Saxony290249Percentage of copies actually distributed%Germany9,029Abroad9.2Other**Copies actually 455Saarland0.882Saxony, r**4.9513Rounding difference0.875100.010,508Breakdown of foreign circulation:***copies85. actually distributedGeographical distribution analysis:Economic region:copies18.8North Rhine-Westphalia9,798 Residual, archive andspecimen copies:3%10,757 Number of copiesactually distributedPercentage of copies actually distributedPercentage of copies actually 4444.9513Other countries12.8124100.010,508100.0966Copies actually distributed* includes all copies published during the reporting period** portion of circulation not analyzed, e.g. trade fair and congress copies etc.*** publisher’s claim10

2017RecipientStructureAnalysisMedia KITHüthig GmbH, Im Weiher 10, D-69121 Heidelberg, Phone 49 6221 489-207, Fax 49 6221 489-490, Internet: www.pharma-food.de3-E1.1 Sectors / industriesWZ 2008CodeRecipient groups(according to industrial sector classification 2008)Percentage of copiesactually distributed%recipientsFood industry11.91,25320, 21, 22Pharmaceuticals, chemicals and cosmetics industry48.95,14024, 25, 28, 26.2Plant and machine engineering12.81,34227, 26.3, 26.5Measurement and control technology, electricity generation3.839546, 47Trade brokering, trade5.254271.12Engineering, consulting engineers, design5.861472Research and development2.3246Other sectors3.6380Other*4.9513Rounding difference0.883100.010,50810, 11Copies actually distributed* Circulation not analyzed, e.g. trade fair and congress copies etc.11

2017Media KITRecipientStructureAnalysisHüthig GmbH, Im Weiher 10, D-69121 Heidelberg, Phone 49 6221 489-207, Fax 49 6221 489-490, Internet: www.pharma-food.de1.2Size of business unit2.1Job feature: field of activityPercentage of copiesactually distributed1 - 49 employees50 - 199 employees200 - 499 employees500 and more employeesCompany size according to EDA criterianot surveyed / knownOther*Rounding differenceCopies actually ,2861,2843,5067424.90.3100.05133410,508Percentage of copiesactually distributedCorporate managementResearch, development, trialingDesign, planning, technical consultancyProduction, manufacturingMeasurement and control, quality assurance,maintenancePurchasing, distribution, sales, marketingOther functions (e.g. environmental protection,waste disposal, information technology,documentation, administration, electrical design,processing technology)Function according to EDA Criterianot surveyed/knownOther*Rounding differenceCopies actually distributedJob feature: position in companyPercentage of copiesactually distributedCEO, board member, supervisory board memberSubsidiary / plant / company managementDepartment / section / project headSkilled staffAssistantDepartmentOther*Rounding differenceCopies actually .82944.90.0100.0513010,508* Section of circulation not analyzed such as trade fair and congress copies etc.* Section of circulation not analyzed such as trade fair and congress copies etc.12

2017Media KITHüthig GmbH, Im Weiher 10, D-69121 Heidelberg, Phone 49 6221 489-207, Fax 49 6221 489-490, Internet: www.pharma-food.deMarket & ContactTerm:12 calendar months 7 issuesConditions:The order covers 12 calendar months after which itcontinues to run until cancellation. The order can becanceled at six weeks' notice to the end of the term.Size:single column 41 mm wide; minimum height 20 mmPrice per issue:per mm height:  b/wcolorThe benefits for you:If you opt for a presence in Market & Contact,your company will be advertised for a 12-monthperiod.Corrections:At any time before advertising deadline,cost per change 50Combined offer with sameduration:Online business directory:Plus entry: 100/yearPremium entry: 250/year 2.30 3.45The amount is calculated for one year in advance! In the case of arrangementby an advertising agency: 15% agent commission.www.pharma-food.de13Market & Contact

TSchedule andTopic eJuneAugustSeptemberTrade cation dateFeb. 28, 2017Apr. 26, 2017May 18, 2017June 14, 2017June 29, 2017Aug. 29, 2017Sept. 18, 2017Sept. 18, 2017Oct. 30, 2017Nov. 15, 2017Dec. 28, 2017Feb. 28, 2018AdvertisingdeadlineFeb. 3, 2017Mar. 30, 2017Apr. 24, 2017May 15, 2017June 2, 2017Aug. 3, 2017Aug. 24, 2017Aug. 24, 2017Oct. 12, 2017Oct. 19, 2017Dec. 1, 2017Feb. 5, 2018Editorial deadlineJan. 17, 2017Mar. 13, 2017Apr. 3, 2017May 8, 2017May 15, 2017July 17, 2017Aug. 4, 2017Aug. 4, 2017Sept. 18, 2017Sept. 29, 2017Nov. 14, 2017Jan. 17, 2018Trade fairguide onveyingsystems, pumps,valvesManufac turing tocustomerordercompendiumPlant construction, plantplanningCirculation:8,000 copies –with map ofproductionserviceprovidersAnalysis andmeasurementtechnologyHüthig GmbH, Im Weiher 10, D-69121 Heidelberg, Phone 49 6221 489-207, Fax 49 6221 489-490, Internet: www.pharma-food.deMedia KIT2017Trade fair editionsTopicsCleaning, CIP, SIPHygienic plantdesignAnalysis andmeasurementtechnologyBatch productionPackaging,labellingValves and pipesFluid processtechnologySeparationtechnology, filtersPlant construction, Powder and bulkplant planningmaterial handlingSeparationtechnology, filtersBiotechnologyProductionservices, contractmanufacturingSensor technology,measurementtechnologyWater treatmentCleaning, CIP, -room andair-conditioningtechnologySpecialsAnalysis andmeasurementtechnologyInterpackContainmentTrade fairsAutomationconference,Boeblingen,Mar. 28 - 30Hannover Messe,Apr. 24 - 28Sensor Test,Nuremberg,May 30 - Jun. 1Schüttgut,Dortmund,May 10 - 11SeparationValves and pipestechnology, filters ProductionBatch production ygienic plantdesignClean-room andair-conditioningtechnologyFluid processtechnologyBiotechnologyConveyingsystems, pumps,valvesPackaging,labellingSealsCleaning, CIP,SIPFilling, nalyticsPowder andbulk materialhandlingCirculation:55,000 copies(togetherwith CHEMIETECHNIK)NamurAnnualGeneralMeetingFluid Hygienic plantdesignHygienic entDrinktec,Munich,Sept. 11 - 15Powtech,Nuremberg,Sept. 26 - 28SPS IPC Drives,Nuremberg,Nov. 28 - 30NamurAnnual GeneralMeeting,Bad Neuenahr,Nov. 9 - 10Parts2clean,Stuttgart,Oct. 24 - 26Biotechnica,Hanover,May 16 - 18Anuga, Cologne,Oct. 7 - n,Jun. 27 - 28Cleaning, CIP,SIPAutomation,measurementtechnologyInterpack reviewInterpack previewsInterpack,Duesseldorf,May 4 - 10BIF,sector focusClean-room andair-conditioningtechnology

Hüthig specialist portals for your marketing mixOur portals offer the reader editorially high-value specialist information and solutions online. The Hüthig web portfolio gives youaccess to 265,000 specialists and executive personnel in business, industry and the electrical trade each month.We offer attractive, response-generating advertising space for your online campaigns. We'd be glad to consult with you!Hüthig GmbHIm Weiher 10D-69121 HeidelbergTel.: 49 6221 489-207Fax: 49 6221

2017WebsiteProfileMedia KITHüthig GmbH, Im Weiher 10, D-69121 Heidelberg, Phone 49 6221 489-207, Fax 49 6221 489-490, Internet: www.pharma-food.de1pharma-food.de1 Website (URL): www.pharma-food.de2 Profile in brief:Extensive internet provision in B2B communication for decision-makers in theareas of production, equipment and organization of hygienic processing technology for the pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics and chemicals industries. Daily news,product and company database, market overviews, background reports, job marketand a topic-based weekly newsletter with over 4,700 subscribers.3 Target group:Opinion leaders and decision-makers working in hygienic processing technology.4Publishing company:5Editorial Contact:6Contact – Online Advertising: Sabine Wegmann, Advertising ManagerTel.: 49 6221 489-207E-mail: [email protected] delivery: Sabine GreinusTel.: 49 6221 489-598E-mail: [email protected]* 18,114 visits/month 35,779 page impressions/month 1.83 minutes average dwell time 4,737 newsletter subscribersHüthig GmbH Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Armin Scheuermann,Editor-in-chiefTel.: 49 6221 489-388E-mail: [email protected] Technical articles Product reports News Editorials VideosChannels Plant design Equipment Solid sampling technology Organization Service Packaging Market overviewse-food.dpharma rtifiedceis IVW Hagen Reichhoff, Media ConsultantTel.: 49 6221 489-304E-mail: [email protected] Holger Wald, Media ConsultantTel.: 49 6221 489-298E-mail: holge[email protected]*Source: IVW, as of 4/2016, non-search engine17

2017Media KITWebsiteRates andAd FormatsHüthig GmbH, Im Weiher 10, D-69121 Heidelberg, Phone 49 6221 489-207, Fax 49 6221 489-490, Internet: www.pharma-food.deP1 Rates and Ad FormatsPortal:Ad FormatFormatBookable ChannelsFull-Size-Banner468 x 60 pixelsTotal rotation200.–Superbanner ( Big-Size-Banner)728 x 90 pixelsTotal rotation345.–Billboard Ad800 x 250 pixelsTotal rotation545.–Sponsoring-Button900 x 30 pixelsTotal rotation380.–Skyscraper160 x 600 pixelsTotal rotation295.–Content Ad300 x 250 pixelsTotal rotation329.–Rectangle300 x 250 pixelsTotal rotation395.–Wallpaper728 x 90 and max. 160 x 900 pixelsTotal rotation495.–300 x 120 pixelsTotal rotation175.–Partner-site-ButtonSpecials / WhitepaperSpecials / MicrositeSpecials / Microsite VideoSponsored PostJob vacancy AdPrice in Euros per week/issueBy agreementLink in main navigation sidebar200.–400 x 280 pixelsLink in main navigation sidebar200.–By agreementLink in main navigation, sidebar company entry350.–Text max. 5 images1 week integration on homepage archiving for at least 1 yearJob market1,150.–995.– per month

Newsletter:Ad FormatFormatBookable ChannelsPrice in Euros per week/issueNewsletter / Content Ad480 x 150 pixels600.–Newsletter / Skyscraper160 x 600 pixels400.–Newsletter / Button156 x 60 pixels200.–Newsletter / Text AdImage: max. 150 x 150 pixels Text: max. 330 charactersNewsletter / Sponsoring600.–Exclusive booking, any 2 positions1,000.–Bookable ChannelsPrice in Euros per week/issueCompany entry / StandardCompany entryFreeCompany entry / PlusCompany entry325.– per yearCompany entry / PremiumCompany entry520.– per yearFormatBookable ChannelsPrice in Euros per week/issueMarket Overview Sponsorship900 x 250 pixelsFull rotation in a market overview480.–Market Overview Top RankingEditorial entry in consultation with the editorial teamTop position in a market overview245.–Business Directory:Ad FormatFormatMarket Overviews:Ad FormatAll prices in Euros without applicable value added tax.18/19

2017Media KITHüthig GmbH, Im Weiher 10, D-69121 Heidelberg, Phone 49 6221 489-207, Fax 49 6221 489-490, Internet: www.pharma-food.deWebsiteFormats andTechnicalDetailsF1 Banner FormatsYou can book a wide variety of banner formats on Whether an animated gif, a flash banner or java application,the choice is yours. The banner sizes are always displayed within the total rotation, with a maximum of one additional advertisingpartner at this placement. Your campaign will be billed at the weekly fixed-price rate.Full-Size-BannerFormat: 468 x 60 pixelsPrice/Week: 200.–File type: flash, jpg, gifFile size: max. 50 KBSuperbannerFormat: 728 x 90 pixelsPrice/Week: 345.–File type: flash, jpg, gifFile size: max. 50 KBBillboard AdFormat: 800 x 250 pixelsPrice/Week: 545.–File type: flash, jpg, gifFile size: max. 50 KBSponsoring ButtonFormat: 900 x 30 pixelsPrice/Week: 380.–File type: flash, jpg, gifFile size: max. 50 KBSkyscraperFormat: 160 x 600 pixelsPrice/Week: 295.–File type: flash, jpg, gifFile size: max. 50 KBContent AdFormat: 300 x 250 pixelsPrice/Week: 329.–File type: flash, jpg, gifFile size: max. 50 KB

RectangleFormat: 300 x 250 pixelsPrice/Week: 395.–File type: flash, jpg, gifFile size: max. 50 KBWallpaperFormat: 728 x 90 pixelsand max. of 160 x 900pixelsPrice/Week: 495.–File type: flash, jpg, gifFile size: max. 50 KBPartner-Site-ButtonFormat: 300 x 120 pixelsPrice/Week: 175.–File type: flash, jpg, gifFile size: max. 50 KBSpecials / WhitepaperContains: Name of whitepaper Short text/teaser:approx. 50 characters Long text: approx. 600characters PDF for download Company logo(180 x 20 pixels)Price/Week: 200.–Specials / MicrositeContains: Name of special Short text/teaser:approx. 50 characters Long text:max. 2,000 characters max. 7 graphics(jpg, gif)Price/Week: 200.–Specials / Microsite VideoContains: Name of special Short text/teaser:approx. 50 characters Long text:max. 2,000 characters max. 7 graphics (jpg, gif) Video (FLV file)Price/Week: 350.–All prices in Euros without applicable value added tax. All banner formats up to a max. of 50 KB. File type for banner ad: flash, jpg, gif20/21

2017Media KITHüthig GmbH, Im Weiher 10, D-69121 Heidelberg, Phone 49 6221 489-207, Fax 49 6221 489-490, Internet: www.pharma-food.deSponsored PostA Sponsored Post is a sponsored advertising element on in the form ofa marked news article. It runs through the entire news stream on thehomepage and in a topic area selected by the customer and is archived there for at leastone year.The contents can be freely structured in terms of text and image. A Sponsored Post

Logistik Zentrum aZ druck und datentechnik GmbH, LZaZ, Heisinger Straße 21, d-87437 Kempten (clearly marked: ”für Pharma Food, Heft Nr. ”) 6 Contact: Advertising Manager Advertisement Processing Sabine Wegmann Martina Probst Phone: 49 6221 489-207 Phone: 49 6221 4