March 9,1992 GENESISWINNERSHITSBOUNDore1U2 Isl/PLGJOE PUBLIC ColJODY WATLEY MCAC. WALKER Pend/ElekBRYAN ADA MS A& MMETALLJCA ElekNIRVANA DGCENYA Rep2ND INONEifYou WantItProfile 5361CHICaFeels Like ForeverCap 44827BRYAN AMETAL US A&M%.ElekTORI AMOS AtlChic MystiqueVB 419132JOE COCKEREARP1CKSteU2 I LGR. KELLYT.SPENCERShe's Got That.Jive/RCA 41469-2LIGHTNING S.Life OfRibeyMCA 5P-1548BAS NOIRSuperficialLoveAt 4-87529MOCCA SOUL QUEENSRYCHE SUGARLosing YouSavage 54348-AnMIListeningRO 4863 ,TESLALove MeCap 44820. ElekSPRINGSTEENHuman TouchT-74273Whet You GGef 19117TOPNumber One.Isl/F'LG 6702-2UGLY KID JOEMg About Youeft868-823


March 9,1992DENNIS LAVINTHALPublisherLENNY BEEREditorInChiefTONI PROFERAExecutive EditorDAVID ADELSONVice President/Managing EditorMIKE MURPHYSeniorBroadcastEditorVolume 6Issue 282Pluck o'theIrishSI N GLESWilliams— butnotforlong!DI AL O G UEROY TRAKINJive's Barry "Soul Brother #2" Weisslikesthe viewfrom the top, as HITS' own Grammy liner notesANITA WEBBchamp Harry "Soul Brother #2.5" Weinger tries toKAREN GLAUBERPost Modern EditorGRAHAM ARMSTRONGJamsEditorLONN FRIENDMetal EditorTODD HENSLEYCONNIE BREEZEBroadcastEditorsDARRYL LINDSEYRap Editor8Michael Jackson soars back to#1,just topping Mr.Big and holding ofthe incredible charge ofVanessaSeniorEditorOperations Manager 6.0038pick himself ofthefloor.POST M O DE R N47U2rides a"Satelite ofLove" tothetopofthePoMocharts, and the Sugarcubes could be next, but willWhatbetterway tocelebrate theupcoming St. Patty's Day thanTerryLippman respectIvana inthe morning?spotlighting U2 managerPaulJA MSMcGuinness, who comes outof63LaFace/Arista's TLC "Ain't 2Proud 2 Beg," whileJAMS' resident alms dealer, Graham "Canyon"hiding every three years orsotowheeland deal. This time,McGuinness isubiquitous InNICK BULLANGELA GARCIAArmstrong,gave attheoffice.supportofhis supergroup,MARK PEARSONM ETALtour as aprelude toarn erTERRY MOSERKANDACE TAYLORRUSTY STAGGERSBETSY ALTOMAREDAN FITZGERALDBUDDY DEALNirvana'sstill leading,butPearlJam and Pantera arecoming quickly, which reminds us of Inger Lorre's#1 fan, our own 30second wonder, Lonn "Is HisOwn Best" Friend.FRANCIS LAMBERTMICHAEL ALLENGrammy power sends Bonnie to#2 and Natalie to#3,butNirvana still holdstheultimate power.Research EditorsResearch CoordinatorResearch AssistantsComputerOperationsKEITH MACLEODArtDirectorRANDI RASKINDEditorial DesignBRIAN LINDSEYELLIE LEACOCKVAN ARNOArt &DesignDANNY FIELDSNEIL HARRISContributing EditorsMICHAEL FLYNNFacility ManagerCOLOR WESTLithography14958 Ventura Blvd.Sherman Oaks, CA 91403(818)501-7900which began an SRO smallarena7527Top Five album, "Achtungthe week it'stime forthe man84forward.even ifthat meansmaking this thoroughlydemeaning HITS "Contents"80Top TensRequests35NatalieKing".42Pantera and Boogie Down.Earpicksbehind the scenes tostepappearance.U2explodestothetop.Ugly Kid Joe's asmash!the new single, "One," from theBaby," the Most Added record ofALB U MSHitsboundstadium jauntthis summon WithreturnsBreakoutswith"the82U2and Bran.Front PageNearTruths1322New ArtistsPostToasted4547LettersWheels & Deals2545RerapWavelength8390On The CoverGenesiscan'tdance,buttheysure can sellrecords,which iswhy they're onthecoverofthisweek's issue,whereweproceed tostep ontheirtoes.


Q U E E NS R Y C H EANYB O DY LISTENI N G?Start Listening,March 9th.EMI Records GrouIy Pri mePr.,dtlevd hl'ocr C.ellitis tor dill NItiNic. Ltd.

xalLSi MIy Got B(ILike Big Butts)A MAJOR BLO ebdebKUBEKBXX141024182740Written, Progra m med, Arranged, Mixed, Produced and Eigineered by Sir Mix-A-LotCartel Representation: Ricardo Frazer/Executive Producer: Rick Rubin1992 Del Arnerican Re ordings ar 36 24 36, — 3q 9 2ate aa3 1

MAMA S COMINGHOME!OZZY OSBOURNE'MAMA, I'M COMING HOME"FROM THEALBL14NOMORETEARSBrian Douglas, MDQ1023X"Top 5 cal-ou VAIready smash/May power"Jeff McCartnej„ PDWADE5XJim Fox, APDWYKS6X"#9 Phones, #10 Lp sales""Top 5 piares"Bill Catcher, OMWBBO7X"Lots of :ails at night"Ken Hopkins, PDKZZU3X"Top 2 piares"Steve Wilson, APDKC101 3X"Night ploies"Dave Hoeffel, PDWPST2X"Top 10 atones"Bill Shahan, PDVVSR2X"Selling/Male and female requests"Ralph Wimme. -.PDZ1026XBruce Stevens PDWBBQ5X"Smash/Ph:res & Retail""Top 10 at-ones and sales"Johnathan Pirk e, MDWOKI5X"Top 10 at-ones"Tim Smith, MDKMYZ4X"#1 oho -1es across the boardiHeavy 25-34'Rufus Hurt, PCWQUT4XRick Sticks, PCWRIIT5X"Power, J1. sales,"Night ploies"-op5phones Power rotation after 10' m"Tom Shermai. PDWilYP5X"Strong requests/Top 5"Tony WaitekLs, PDWCIL4X"#2 pholes, Top 1D sales"Allan Petit, MDWOMP6XJ.J. McKay, PDKNIN6X"Maintaining -op 1D phones""Top 5 mares""Huge retail/Top 15 calls"Dave Collins. DKFBQ4XJim Stacy PDWAZY3X"Good piones/Good night requests"Scott Robbins, MDWBNQ3X"Top 10 a*ones"(in', courtesy oftir Report)epic

H I TS T O P FI F T YSI NT GLJ S2WKSAGLASTTHISMichael Jackson reclaims the #1 position with monstrousinthe country. Eric Clapton leaps #15-7 with massive sales.sales and heavy MTV. Vanessa Willia ms closes inon theMariah Carey moves an impressive 10 slots after asolidWEEKWEEKA RTI STTI T L EL A B ELC O M MENTSM.JACKSONREMEMBER THE TIMEEpic 74200Back ontopMR BIGTO BE WITH YOUAtlantic 87580Huge salesVANESSA WILLIAMSSAVE THE BESTWing/Mercury 865 136Lpexploding nowATLANTIC STARRMASTERPIECEReprise 19076SmashRIGHT SAID FREDIM TOO SEXYCharisma 98671Still selling like crazySHANICE WILSONILOVE YOUR SMILEMotown 2093Peaking1 12112661E1ElLfl5131ElEltop two positions with sales exploding. Atlantic StarrcomesGrammy performance. U2. the most added record in theinat#4, and isonce again one ofthe mostrequested songscountry. debutsonthechartat#45.191151ERIC CLAPTONTEARS IN HEAVENReprise 19038From "RUSH"soundtrack1019AMY GRANTGOOD FOR MEA&M 1573Getting stronger1512MICHAEL BOLTONMISSING YOU NO WColumbia 74184Smash171MINT CONDITIONBREAKIN' MY HEARTPer/A&M 0004From Top 50 Lp1614GENESISICANT DANCEAtlantic 87532Explodingi131BOYZ IMENUHH AHHMotown 2141Building21161THE KLF T WYNETTEJUSTIFIED ANDArista 12401Good week here12119COLOR ME BADDTHINKIN BACKGiant 19074BuildingNKOTBIF YOU GO AWAYColumbia 74255Hotrequest recordEDDIE MONEYI'LL GET BYColumbia 74109Steadylo1611201iril7 Er]2018PM DA WNPAPER DOLLGSt/Isl/PLG 866-374Steady810inNIRVANASMELLS LIKE TEENDGC 19050Lpremains #12923DION & BRYSONBEAUTY & THE BEASTEpic 74090Smash242220RTZUNTIL YOUR LOVEGiant 19051Ballad1417ENTEVIN CAMPBELLTELL ME WHAT.Qwest/ WB 19131From gold LpMARIAN CAREYMAKE IT HAPPENColumbia 74239ExplodingPAUL YOUNGWHAT BECOMES OF.MCA 54311Steady301-13213126243834CECE PENISTONWE GOT A LOVE THANGA&M 1593Breaking3128M.C. BRAINS00CHIE COOCHIEMotown 2146Sales(Based on a co m bination of sales and airplay)8HITSMarch 9, 1992

thanks. please, co me again.VANAa mawADD!ou are"the ne w track, single and video, the follo w-up to the no.5 platinu m single"s mells like teen spirit" fro m the m onu mental no. 1 albsales over 3, 000, 000 in Just four m onths.E!HITS TOPFIFTY ALBUMS!EARPICKS WINNER!MOST ADDED KWODKFM LYaddWAALaddWWFXaddQ105deb30KCHXdeb36KMCK40-33albS U B'Pr Or e'l DAVID GEFFEN COMPANYproduced and engmered by Dutch mg and nirvanamixed by andy wallacemanagement: danny goldberg end john silva for gold mountain entertainmentproduced by special arrangementwith sub pop w oods

Ite ,ceoiteliew. 1fro m the debut ZPj leIIeJJrdAW et(tobe 86.2,4Arecord sougly only a mother couldlove/ it.VProduced by Ryan Dorn ann.ugy Kid JoeExecutive Producers: Bobby Carlton and Dennis EiderM anage ment: Dennis Rider fOr Rider M anage mentee it %"GDistributedbY ele "IPPCUpaiaPosyG ra ,company

H I TS T O P FI F T Y2SAGoLASTTHISWEEKWEEKSI NTGL,USA RTISTTITLELA BELC O M ME NTSPRINCEDIAMONDS & PEARLSP.ParkAA/B 19083Peaked now291JODECISTAYUptown/MCA 54285Hotcrossover251 EDBONNIE RAITTICAN'T MAKE.Capitol44729From #2 Lp36RICHARD MARXHAZARDCapitol44797Breaking Top 403030MARKY MARKINEED MONEYInterscope 98614Steady351EliJOHN MELLENCAMPAGAIN TONIGHTMercury 866-414Developing137GERALD LEVERTBABY HOLD ONAtco/E W 98639Sales[421E]I-ISTACY EARLROMEO & JULIETRCA 62192Big gains this week[91 137 1 EnSIMPLY REDSTARSAtco/E W 98636Developing Top 404-8391 El]SMITHEREENSTOO MUCH PASSIONCapitol44784Building Top 40each week4238SALT-N PEPAYOU SHO WED MENext Plateau 50165Steady49aoWILLIAMS BROSCANT CRY HARDWarnerBros 19326Building Top 40KATHY TROCCOLIEVERYTHING CHANGESRevn/Geffen 19118Building atradio91211 3KARYN WHITETHE WAY IFEELWarnerBros 19088Peaked026 4PAULA ABDULVIBEOLOGYCapt/Virgin 4-98737FallingROXETTECHURCH OF YOUR HEARTEMI/ERG 5030Breaking Top 40431136382727THE SHAMENMOVE ANY MOUNTAINEpic 34T-74044Overnow2331GUNS N' ROSESLIVE AND LET DIEGeffen 19114Falling nowCHRIS CUEVASYOU ARE THE ONEAtlantic 87563PeakingU2ONEIsVPLG 422-866MostaddedTLCAIN'T 2 PROUD 2La Face/Arista 24008SalesJOE PUBLICLIVE AND LEARNColumbia 74012CrossingVAN HALENRIGHT NO WWarner Bros 19059RockOZZY OSBOURNEMAMA, I'M COMINEpic/Assoc. 46795Breaking Top 40 nowCAUSE & EFFECTYOU THINK YOU KNO W.SRC/Zoo 17043Building Top 40L4,1 4150-I-I49(Based on a co mbination of sales and airplay)NEXT UPHITSMarch 9,1992ENYA (Reprise)LA G U NS (Poly/PL G)CHRIS W ALKE R (Elektra)JODY W ATLEY (M CA)NI RVA N A (DGC)BRYAN A D A MS (A8iM)LIS A STANSFIEL D (Arista)A AR ON H ALL (M CA)LI DELL TO W NSELL (Mer)11

IS PR OU D TOANN OUNCE THEI R RENE WAL TH R OU GH JUNE 1992JeffAyeroff/Co-President, Virgin Records " 'Live' iswhatRockand Rollis,was, and willalwaysbeabout!"Irving Azoff/Owner, Giant Records "Ifeveryonestandsbehind thisshow, itwillmakeourbigartistsbigger, and our new artists meaningful."Al Cafaro/President and CEO, A M Records "ABC's 'In Concert' has builtcredibility throughquality broadcasts. It's agreat outletfor our talent."PhilCarson/Co-Chairman and Co-CEO,Victory Music "David Bowie, TinMachineand VictoryMusic were cleared for take-offon Runway 23 at LAX courtesy ofABC's 'In Concert'. Agreatshow and agreat startfor our record label."Clive Davis/President, Arista Records " 'InConcert'isveryimportanttoourindustry. Itgivesartistsan opportunity toshowcase their talents inthe best, most powerfulforum . LIVE!"Rick Dobbis/President and CEO, PolyGram Label Group "The 'In Concert' TWO ROOMSPrime-Time Special was ahighlight ofthe Christmas campaign. An entertaining and motivatingshow. The sales impact was dramatic."David Glew/President, Epic Records "Theprogram which combined PearlJam and Keith Richardsgave usadded support toour artist development eforts."Jerry Greenberg/President, W TG Records "PhenomenalcallsafterMotorhead'sperformanceon 'InConcert'."Don lenner/President. Columbia "The 'InConcert' wedidwithAliceinChains, LL CoolJ,Fishboneand 3rd Bass was ahistoric blending ofdiverse musicalgenres. They took achance and Iapplaudthem for that."Charles Koppelman/Chairman. EMI Records Group "The exposurefor Russ Irwin wasperfectlytimed inhelping tobreak the record."Jim Mazza/Co-President, Morgan Creek Music Group " 'In Concert' has rapidly become indispensable both for musicfans throughout the nation and for the record business. Live music hasbecome atrulyaudiovisualexperience inthe 90's, and 'In Concert'fills akeygap inbringing liveperformance by cuttingedge bands directly toconsumers' livingrooms."Hale Milgrim/President. Capitol Records "It'sgreatseeing rockand roll onnetwork TV. We needmore programs like this."Doug Morris/Co-Chairman and Co-CEO. Atlantic Records "This show isasimportant tooursuperstar acts asitistoour newer artists."Richard Palmese/President, MCA Records "ABC's 'InConcert'hasmade aplaceforliverockmusiconnational television. MCA Records wasespeciallyexcited tohave the national television debut ofThe Commitments livefrom Dublin on theshow. We believe that ented in arealconcert setting and therefore ABC's 'In Concert' isan assettoour industry."Executive Producers: David Saltz, Howard Kaufman, Trudy Green, Marty CallnerProduced By: Late Night Productions. Inc. inassociation with ABC Late Night EntertainmentProduction OfficeABC In Concert33 West 60th Street, 7th Fl.New York, NY 10023(212) 757-3493FAX (212) 757-3650

EARL SCHEIB: HE W ON'T BE PAINTING THE TO WN RED ANYMORE.rALiFRONT PAGEMarch 9,1992Volume 6ENCREDIBLEIssue 28266.00Some SimilarFacesAreBackAtTheTopOfTheAlbum ChartGRAMMYSALESEXPLODE!RetailersGear ForNAR M ShowdownIt was only a couple ofweeks ago that folks were anticipating the calmest NAR MConvention ever.Guess again, Rollo. Sayhello to the Longbox Controversy."All ofour fixtures are setup for the long box," saidMike Pfaffl of Milwaukee's1-outlet Mainstream Records. "We're going to haveto invest alot of money onplastic boxes and the labelsare going to have to pitch insomehowandhelptheretailerout."In the aftermath of theRIAA's announcement thatall labels would be eliminating the environmentally controversial CD longbox byApril 1993, the stage hasbeen set for one of theliveliest NAR M Conventionsinhistory.Willthelabelsoferretailers some financial helpin refixturing or securingtheir outlets? "I would hopethatthe labels would make anallowance to the retailer forrefixturing or purchasing the6x12 Alpha box," said Jeffrey Morse, VP Purchasingfor Michigan Wherehouse."Plus the major expense willbe in the man-hours ittakestoput the CDs into the AlphaContinued OnPage 20HITSMarch 9,1992AQuick Note AboutOurGrammy Party CoverageFolks, this isour Editor'sdreaded "Get Deluged WithMultipleGrammyPartyPhotos Issue." You know, theone where every publicistsays, "Idon't care how manyphotos you run, just as longas Sony doesn't get more."Well, to help us through theannual obligatory mcnotonyofthis crap, we've decided tospice things up abit by running anifty little contest called, "Where's rumba?" Allyou have todo islook ateachGrammy party photo, locatethe head of Billboard EditorIn-Chief TimothyWhite,circle itand send itback tous. We'll draw one luckywinner who located all ofthelim bo's and buy him orher aone year subscription toBillboard. So everyone getout your markers and play!!!Send entries to Where'sTimbo? do HITS Magazine,14958 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks, California 91403.Sure, we'll accept faxes. Godbless you all, but most importantly, God bless you,Timbo.There may not have beenas many people watching thisyear's Grammy telecast, butthey obviously were the rightpeople. Grammy sales aregoing through the roof, folks.Boring or not, this telecastsells records.Without question, the biggest winner ofGrammy nightwas also the biggest winnerof the following week, asNatalie Cole explodes 22-3on this week's Top 50 Albums chart. Guess four hoursof sitting and watching onetelecast turns those inactivesinto actives.But Natalie is hardly theonly story. Check out thechartjumps forsuch Grammynotables as Bonnie Rain,who jumps 7-2 behind herwin and incredible performance. Also, Michael Boltongoes 12-9, Metallic jumps1915, Mariah Carey moves18-16, Amy Grant leaps 2517, R.E.M. re-explodes 45-21and Bryan Adams moves48-42.That ain't all, folks. BestNew Artist winner MarcCohn re-debuts inthe Top 50this week while Queensryche, Luther Vandross andSeal are picking up massivesteam and are poised to boiloverinto theTop 50.Slam 'em all you wantfolks, but the Grammys sellrecords.13

reFR O N TPA G EHey, Color Me Bodd is atalented group of musicianswho we're sure are verydownto-earth folks once yougetpast the make-up,jewelryand egos. However, iftheyever pose for another photolike this with Brian AustinGreen (far left) of "BeverlyHills 90210" and the twofolks from "Beauty & TheBeast," then we're going toslit their itinking throats.These people need bettercareer management.OuidcThe RCA Grammy Droolathon-Where'sTimbo?MTVaddsU2(sland/PLG), Bruce Springsteen (Columbia), Queen(Hollywood),Nirvana(DGC), Van Halen (WB),School Of Fish (Capitol) andNed'sAtomicDustbin(Columbia).Rotationincreases go toTod Amos (Atlantic), which moves intoBreakthrough,and'RC(Arista).W I L DC A R DBRUCESPRINGSTEENColumbiaAt atime when Top 40 radiocontinues to support thefaceless, dance ditty, alongcomes a legitimate superstar to challenge progra mming philosophies and darePDs to expand horizons.This anthemic, crescendobuilding smash marks thereturn of a born in theU.S.A.favorite.Giganticupper demo appeal, but thekids'll get ittoo. We're notin Nebraska anymore folks.The Boss isback!New York'sfamed Tatou was the spot where RCA held itswonderful Grammy party, where Lisa Hartman revealed to theworld that Clint Black never takes his hat of, not even whenhe's parading around inher underwear, singing "Rawhide."Pictured with Timbo (circle him and win — seepage 13) are(l-r):RCA Records President JoeGalante,BMGChairman/CEO Michael Do memann, Stacy Earl, BruceHornsby, Clint,lisa & limbo.U2vs.AIDSU2 has chosen a paintingby controversial H.I.V. positive acti% ist, artist and writerDavid Wojnarowicz for thecover of their new four-songCD, "One," with.all royaltiesto be donated to AIDSresearch. According to theband, Wojnarowicz's workhascausedcontroversy"through its uncompromisingdepiction of theartist'shomosexuality, his infectionby the H.I.V. virus and thepolitical crisis surroundingAIDS. The cover art showsIndians hunting buffalo bydriving them ofcliffs, whichthe artist says ilustrates"mankind being pushed intothe unknown by forces wecannot control or understand." Besides "One," thefour-song CD also includescovers of Lou Reed's "Satellite of Love" and Cole Porter's"NightandDay,"originally from the all-starAIDS relief album "Red, Hot& Blue," as well as thepreviously unreleased "Ladywith theSpinning Head."HITSMarch 9,1992

FR O N TPA G EmineThe Incredible Sony Grammy Bash -Where'sTimbo?Sony held itsPost-Grammy bash atthe beautifulPlaza Hotel,where awhole lot ofpeople did some serious butt-kissing ofmajor industry executives and stars. Pictured, on the left, inthesixth levelofprivate rooms, were(1-r): Sony Exec. VP MelIlbennan, Columbia President Don ho mer, Grammy winnerMichael Bolton, Grammy winner U. Cool .1and Sony MusicPresident Tommy Mottola. (Ed Note: Don'tforgetfolks,findTimbo and win — Nee page 13). On the right, Tommy joinsGranuny winner Shabba Ranks, Epic Sr VP Black MusicHank Caldwell, and Epic PresidentDave Giew. C'mon folks,where'sTimbo (see page 13)?Geffen AidsThe AIDS FightAIDS service organization,Showbusinessentrecurrently provides 20 difpreneur David Gefen hasferent programs and servicesdonated 1 million to AIDSfor more than 3,000 peopleProject Los Angeles (APLA)to establish a new facilitywith AIDS, including a foodbank, home health care,fund. The contribution isthelargest individual donationgroup and individualcounseling, a 14-bed residenceevermade toanAIDS serviceacility, legal assistance and aorganization. Geffen is a fmember of APLA's Board of dentalclinic."It takes not only theGovernors.commitment of volunteers,APLA, California's largestcaretakers and researchers tofight this tragic modernplague, but funding to support their eforts," said Geffen. "I hope to encouragemore people to donate whatthey can to support APLA[and] toget involved intheirmission to fight AIDS andcare forthose whose livesarebeing destroyed byit."The MostAdded singles ofthe week atTop 40 radio are#1U2 (Island/PLG), #2Bryan Adams (A&M), #3Metallica (Elektra), #4 JodyWatley (MCA) and #5 ChrisWalker (Elektra). Nirvana(DGC) scores with a secondstraightbigweek.Clive's Pre-Grammy Spectacular - Where'sTimbo?Itwas ajoyous nightfor those lucky enough toget invited toClive Davis' tres exclusive annual pre-Grammy bash at thePlaza, where not only can you hobnob with the elite, butyoucan have Arista Sr VP ofPromotion Rick Bisceglia provideyou with towels, combs and cologne in the men's room andyou don't even have togive him a dollar!!! The photo on theleft shows amassive jam session featuring Kenny G, AlanHITSMarch 9,1992Jackson, Curtis Stigers, Lisa Stansfield Dionne WarwickLuther Vandross, Gladys Knight and Steve Howe. Folks.Timbo was there, too. Find him and win (see page 13). Inphoto two is(l-r): Lindy Benson, Kenny G. Crystal Franklin,Harry Hairston. Aretha Franklin, Donald Trump, CliveDavis and Maria Maples. Will you look where that nuttylimbo ended up this time? Circle him and win (see page 13).15

mfr.:FR O N TPA G EThe MCA Grammy Love Fest - Where'sTimbo?Itwas agloriousnightat MCA 'sGrammy lovefestattheposhFour Seasons. Itcould be even more glorious for you, ourreader ifyou can find that nutty, nutty Timbo (win prizes —see page 13). Pictured in photo one (l-r): MCA Sr VPMarketing/Promotion Black Music A.D. Washington,Manager Armstead Edwards, MCA Records PresidentRichard Palmese, MCA Music Entertainment GroupChairman Al Teller, Grammy winner Patti LaBelle, MCARecordsBlack Music Division PresidentErnie Singleton, andPattiLaBelle'sson, Zuri Edwards. Hey folks, where'sTimbo?(win prizes— seepage 13). Inphoto two, Geffen PresidentEdRosenblatt(c) isflanked by Grammy-winning GRP Exec. VPDave Grusin (I) and GRP President Larry Rosen. Hey,where'sour guy? You know, Timbo (circle him and win — seepage 13).Andy's Dandy At MercuryThe Poly Grammy Wonderama - Where's limbo?Andy"He'llBuyAVowel" Szulinski has beenrenamed Mr. Mxylptyk andpromoted to Vice PresidentPop Field Promotion forMercury Records by thelabel's Sr. Vice PresidentPromotion David "BloodSucking" Leach.In his new post, Szwyzkicici will oversee the promotion field staff in securingairplay, coordinating radioAndySzulinski:Rhymeswith Nastassja Kinski.16promotions and the correctpronuniciation of his name.Szytktzgki joined PolyGraminJanuary, 1985, doing localpromotionandshuckingcrabs in Baltimore. He wasre-named Szqptvzski and appointed National Director ofSecondaries in 1988, then became National Director PopPromotion in 1989, knownsimply as "Andy." Prior tojoining the label, Sxvptwhstywas with radio station WFBRinBaltimore.Commented Leach: "Andyisvery deserving of his VPstripes. He's worked veryhard to hire, teach and improve our field staff. He'sdone a damn good job. Hispromotion took this long onlybecause Ijust learned how tospellhisname."Added Sxbpqitcheui: "I'mdelighted at the opportunitytobroadenmyresponsibilitiesunderthe leadership of what's his name. Ilook forward to the challengesof1992 and working withthischampionpromotionstaff under my new name,John Doe."71P/1 11*4eIWhen Main Levy brought A& M, PolyGram and Island underone umbrella, he knew itwould be acost-cutting measure,thushe wasable toassemble freeloadersfrom allthree labelsat one free-drinks-and-chow Grammy party. Talk about avisionary! Pictured with Timbo (find him and win — see page13) inphoto one are Aare. Neville and A& M Founder &Ruler Jerry Moss. Yo limbo!!! Inphoto two are (l-r): OletoAdams, Jimmy Jam, Vanessa Williams and, of course,Timbo (circle him and win — seepage 13).HITSMarch 9,1992

M ARC COHNTORI A MOS-GRA M MY WINNER -"Silent All These Years"r! BEST NE W ARTIST!!ACTIVE!The ne w single "Ghost Train"TOP 40 MOST ADDED!EARPICKS WINNER!fro m the self-titled Gold debut LP.KWODKJ103KIKX999KHIHOT95COMING SOON!addaddaddaddaddKC101KISRKNOEKPATKTRSFIVE STAR VIDEO!addaddaddaddaddKYYYWBXXWHTOWNYPManageommosts Arthur Spivak/ Spivak lusfertelousuifitDEVONSQUAREBAS NOIR"If You Could See Me No w""Superficial Love"fro m the LP BYE BYE ROUTE 66.fro m the LPEARLY ACTION INCLUDES:"Notonly has every club jock called about'Superficial,'the phones gocrazy everytime weplay it!"— Randy Street, KCHXKSNDKLYVWBNOWLANWROKWNYPKFM WWERZKIKX999KHIKFFMKISRKNINKNOEKTMTWILNW WFXW1992 M oran Recordong CorpA/.11ATnne WarnerCompanyAH. .BAS NOIR.WCKZaddHOT97.7 35-31KCHX20-9PWR102GOING FOR ADDS 3/9 -3/10!addaddaddadd

rasFR O N TPA G EThe Capitol/E MI Records Gra mmy Gala - Where's Ti mbo?"21" was thespottobespotted Grammy night, and ifyou canspotTimbo, you can win — seepage 13. Pictured being elatedover thefact thatthey'llsoon have the inside track on RollingStonesand Paula Abdul tickets are (photo one, 1r): CapitolEMI Music President/CEO Joe Smith, CapitolRecords President Hale Milgrim, Grammy winners BeBe Winans, BonnieRaitt & C.C. Winans, CEMA President Russ Bach, EMIMusic President/CEO Jim Fifield and ofcourse, Timbo (circlehim and win!!!). Pictured inphoto two, along with Timbo (findhim and win!!!), are (1-r): Queensryche's ScottRockenfield &Michael Wilton, EMI RG Chairman/CEO Charles Koppelman, Queensryche's Geof Tate, EMI Music President/CEOJim Fifield and Queensryche's Chris DeGarmo. Hey, where'sTimbo?"Toad" HoldSanta Barbara PoMo rockers Toad The Wet Sprocketare at the center of acontroversy over their newsingle, "Hold Her Down,"from the album "bear." Thesong deals with the touchytopic of date rape in awayTurBiDDiNGthat isambiguous enough tohave already been misinterpreted,thoughvariousrepresentatives of rape crisiscenters have praised it."It's adisturbing song about adisturbing subject," says theband.6TSFOCU FOP SIRRiCIJARUSemotiFOLKS, lek TALilitiG AROUTTIE GUY WiTll ¡PE LIPS, NliClIAEL'SSISTER,AND EMiLiO'S FIANCÉ,MOTTO MENTION NIS CUTE LiTTLEFELLA . DO IWEAR 850 Mil ?Nothing could make Mike Murphy's weekly subliterate radiophoto any more sub/iterate than a shot that includes MikeMurphy. Sowe're morethan thrilled torun thisphoto of"TheNose That Knows" with (1-r): RCA Sr VP Promotion ButchWaugh, Consultant and general radio groupie BarryRichards, and some really lame tequila-server who thoughthehad the stupidestjob in America until he met this crowd. Forthose thinking ofgoing into radio, we recommend the book"FinalExit."18SlARTBiDDir16FORTtliS (MGMHITSMarch 9,1992

C HI CNile Rodgers. Bernard Edwards. Sylver Logan Sharp. Jenn Tho mas.EARLY ACTION AT:WZOUWJMOKMELP102C HI Cdeb 3427-2233-3134-32myst quthe new single from their Warner Bros. debut album C HI C IS M.Produced by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers.Management: Borman Entertainment, Gary Borman & Dick Willia ms.

TSFR O N TPA G ENauseatingly Cute Baby Photo OfThe WeekThis week's lesson on how toget your kids to grow upmusically is provided bySmashRecordsPresidentMarvin Gleicher, who hasvirtually assured that histhree beautiful triplets willgrow up hating thepiano because he'smade them pose insuch a nauseatingly cutebaby photo. Trust us thatMarvin doesn't deserve thesebeauties. Pictured are tripletsBen, Simone and Lily.NAR M ShowcaseContinued From Poge 13hat isneeded and then goboxes. I'd like to see a wback and decide the best waysizable discount for thejeweltoproceed."box like the one PGD gaveTransworld's Dave RoyonU2."took a diferent angle on theCEMAPresidentRusssituation, stating, "One oftheBach says the manufacturersthings this does isforce theare prepared to discuss allmarketing departments attheavenues of cooperation. "Nodecision has been made yet labels tobe more creative onon how to proceed. We're album graphics."New Orleans will be rockgoing to NARM with anopenn'this year, folks.mind. Our goal isto talk to iaccounts at NARM, find SOFAN-4.6m26254.6m3srom ORMYMOM-43m28013.0m4FRIED GREEN TOMATCIES4m328047.0m5MEDICINE MAN3m258930.8m6HAND THAT /Sz8BEAUTY &THE 2.6m—13m1252TITLE10 PRINCE OFTIDESMCAarundo wn of executives on the movePollock"Door" Matt Pollock hasbeen appointed VP AlbumPromotion for Atco/EastWestRecords by VP PromotionKevin "And Hell" Carroll.Immediately prior to hispromotion, Pollack was playing air-guitar inhis bathroomto AC/DC records . "TheWizard of' Roi Blanch hasbeen promoted toSr. VP Div.Mktg. Svcs. for Sony Musicby the label's Exec. VP Mel"In Your Mouth, Not In YourHands" Ilberman. Blanchhas been with CBS Recordssince 1961, when she was incharge of trimming MitchMiller'sbeard.Marilyn"Monroe 'sDeath Was A ConspiracyInvolvingRobertKennedy, the Mafia and theFBI" Arthur was named Dir.W.C. Publicity for RCARecords by VP PR Marilyn"Loose" Lipsius "Sink Shipsius." Marilyn hired Marilynbecause she liked her firstname. Brian C. "No Evil"Roberts has been promotedto VP Finance for EMI MusicPublishing by the company'sActingWorldwideCFOBrian D. "ABird IntheHandIs Worth Two In George's"Bush. Prior tohis current appointment, Roberts won apersonality contest with PaulTsongas. Ward "I ThinkSomething's Wrong With TheBeaver" White has beenCIArthurRobertshanded the props as Nat'l.Rap Promo. Mgr. for WarnerBros. Records by Sr. VPBlack Music Mktg. andPromo. "X"-Ray Harris. Inhis new position, Ward willlearn to dis, chill and livelarge.AtEMIMusicPublishing, where they're always striking uptheBondi«,Denise Weathersby "I'mRight or Weathersby I'mWrong" has been namedCrtve. Mgr. Black Music, bythecompany's VP/GM Crtve.Ops. W.C. "Punch and"Jody Gerson. Weathersbywas previously Dir. of Sp.Projects atTabu. Don "Corleone" Poccione has beenraised from sleeping with thefishesand promoted toDir. ofCrtve. Svcs. at WarnerChappell Music by Sr. VP Crtve.Rick "Thanks God He's NotWillie"Shoemaker. Paccione has been following theJohn Gotiitrial with greatinterest."Mon"Shari"Amour" Segalini has beenupped to Mgr. Nat'l SinglesSales at RCA Records by VPNat'l. Promo. Geary "If ISpent More Time Under theUltra-Violet Light, I'd Be"Tanner and VP Sales RonHowie "Ya Doin'?" Segalinihas been with RCA for thepast 15 years before anyonerealized who she was.63m ColumbiaWhi

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