Office 365 ProPlus FAQWho can get Office ProPlusAll Faculty and Staff on Creighton owned Windows computersAfter install Office ProPlus it shows Office 2013Microsoft did that by design but you still have Office ProPlus installedHow do I know if I am running Office 2013 or Office ProPlus?Open an Office application then click on File Account or Office Account. Under the ProductInformation section on the right it should say “Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus”Will Classrooms and Labs get Office ProPlusNot at this time. We are working on how licensing will work in those areasWhat Operating Systems can run Office ProPlus?Windows onlyI have a Mac, can I get Office ProPlusThe Mac equivalent of Office ProPlus is called “Office 2016 for Mac”. You can download it by logginginto, click on the “gear” icon in the upper right hand corner and select “Office365 Settings”. Then click on Software and Install at the bottom of the page.I have a red bar saying my product is not licensed/activatedVerify you are connected to the internet then close the application and launch it againI use Access databases, can I upgrade?Before upgrading it is recommended that you make a copy of your database and test on a separatemachine first. Once it is verified that the database will work all users that use the database will want toupgrade.Will my Excel Macro’s continue to work after upgrading?Depending on the amount of customizations made to the Macro some features may not work untilupdated to work with the new version of Office.Recent file list erasedOffice ProPlus uses the recent file list from OneDrive so the local recent file list will be erasedShortcuts gone after upgradingYou will need to recreate any shortcuts you had for previous versions of OfficeHow do updates work Updates happen automaticallyDownloaded directly from MicrosoftMachine needs to be connected to an internet connection and powered on

Not all machines will be updated at the same timeo Some users may not get an update for 30 days after it is releasedScheduleo Weekly 3:00 AM every Sunday, Tuesday and Fridayo At log on 15 minutes after log on 30 minutes after log onCan be manually run from within the Office applicationo File Account Office Updates Update NowMy coworkers Office ProPlus updated with new features that I don’t have yetMicrosoft can take up to 30 days to roll out new updates to all customers. You can manually check forupdates to try to update soonerInstall Limit ReachedIf have installed Office ProPlus on more than 5 devices you will see a message that the install limit hasbeen reached. This can happen if you received a new computer or if you logged into another userscomputer and activated Office.Solution: Click the Go to your account link oSelect a device to Deactivateo This will not uninstall office but remove the license from that device for you only oAfter clicking on yes your Office application will display the following message

oUpdating OfficeForced UpdateIf you haven’t updated in several months you may be forced to install an update. Office will prompt youto save your work then to close all Office applications so it can run the update.Manually check for updatesYou can manually check for updates by opening an Office program, click on File Account or OfficeAccount then select Update Options and Update Now. If no updates are available you will see thismessage.

Office is busyThis message will appear when an update is installing and you attempt to launch an Office program.Wait about one minute then try the application again.Activation issuesSystem Clock incorrectSolution: Adjust Date/Time then close the office application and launch againKnown issues Items in the Outlook Outbox are removed after upgradingInstall fails if previous ProPlus applications are installed; uninstall prior to installing the newversionAdobe Acrobat Pro 10 and older will no longer have the PDF option on the toolbaro Office now has the ability to save a document as a PDFo Alternative is to upgrade to Acrobat Pro 11

Office 365 ProPlus FAQ Who can get Office ProPlus All Faculty and Staff on Creighton owned Windows computers After install Office ProPlus it shows Office 2013 Microsoft did that by design but you still have Office ProPlus installed How do I know if I am running Office 2013 or Office ProPlus? Open an