A Guide to QuarkXPress 10

CONTENTSContentsAbout this guide.15What we're assuming about you.15Where to go for help.15Conventions.16Technology note.16The user interface.18Tools.18Menus.21QuarkXPress menu (Mac OS X only).21File menu.21Edit menu.22Style menu.24Item menu.26Page menu.28Layout menu.28Table menu.29View menu.30Utilities menu.31Window menu.33Help menu .34Context menus.35Palettes.35Advanced Image Control palette.35Callout Styles palette.36Colors palette.36Conditional Styles palette.37Content palette.37Glyphs palette.37Grid Styles palette.38Guides palette.39HTML5 Palette.39Index palette.39Item Styles palette.40Layers palette.40ii A GUIDE TO QUARKXPRESS 10

CONTENTSLists palette.41Measurements palette.41Measurements palette - Mac OS X.42Measurements palette - Windows.44Page Layout palette.45Profile Information palette.45Reflow Table of Contents palette.46Reflow Tagging palette.46Scale palette.46Style Sheets palette.46Tools palette.47Palette groups and palette sets.47Layout controls.49Views and view sets.49Splitting a window.50Creating a window.51Using Story Editor view.51View sets.51Projects and layouts.54Working with projects.54Options for Print layouts.55Saving and naming a QuarkXPress project.56Exporting layouts and projects.56Working with layouts.56Project-level and layout-level resources.57Working with guides.58Column and margin guides.58Ruler guides.58Snapping to guides.59Undoing and redoing actions.59Boxes, lines, and tables.60Understanding items and content.60Understanding handles.61Understanding Bézier shapes.62Working with boxes.64Creating text and picture boxes.64Resizing boxes.66Locking box and picture proportions.66Reshaping boxes.67Adding frames to boxes.67A GUIDE TO QUARKXPRESS 10 iii

CONTENTSApplying colors to boxes.68Applying blends to boxes.68Merging and splitting boxes.69Adding text and pictures to boxes.69Changing box type.69Creating a box from a clipping path.70Working with lines.70Creating lines.70Line modes for straight lines.71Resizing lines.71Reshaping lines.72Controlling line appearance.72Joining lines.72Joining, extending and closing open paths.73Manipulating items.73Selecting items.73Moving items.73Cutting, copying, and pasting items.74Controlling the stacking order of items.74Grouping items.74Duplicating items.75Spacing and aligning items .76Rotating items.76Skewing items.77Locking and unlocking items.77Anchoring items and groups in text.77Working with callouts.77Understanding callouts.78Creating a callout.80Configuring a callout anchor.81Working with callout styles.82Callouts and runaround.83Working with tables.83Drawing a table.83Converting text to tables.85Importing Excel tables.86Importing Excel charts.87Adding text and pictures to tables.88Editing table text .88Linking table cells.88Formatting tables.89Formatting gridlines.89Inserting and deleting rows and columns.90iv A GUIDE TO QUARKXPRESS 10

CONTENTSCombining cells.91Manually resizing tables, rows, and columns.91Converting tables back to text.91Working with tables and groups.91Continuing tables in other locations.91Text and typography.96Editing text.96Importing and exporting text.97Import/export filters.97Importing and exporting text with Unicode options.98Finding and changing text.98Special character codes.99Checking spelling.100Auxiliary dictionaries.101Counting words and characters.102Applying character attributes.102Applying a font.102Choosing a font size.103Applying type styles.103Applying color, shade, and opacity.104Applying horizontal or vertical scale.104Applying baseline shift.105Applying emphasis.105Controlling half-width characters .106Counting characters.106Working with font sets.106Working with grouped characters.107Aligning characters on a line.107Applying multiple character attributes.110Applying paragraph attributes.111Controlling alignment.111Controlling indentation.112Controlling leading.113Controlling space before and after paragraphs.114Setting tabs.114Controlling widow and orphan lines.115Working with non-breaking character sets.115Controlling kerning.116Kerning manually.116Kerning automatically.116Controlling hyphenation and justification.117A GUIDE TO QUARKXPRESS 10 v

CONTENTSSpecifying hyphenation exceptions.119Using discretionary hyphens.119Controlling tracking.119Tracking manually.120Editing tracking tables.120Sending .120Working with style sheets.121Creating and editing paragraph style sheets.121Creating and editing character style sheets.123Applying style sheets.125Appending style sheets.126Working with conditional styles.126Creating a conditional style.128Applying a conditional style.130Removing conditional styles.131Using conditional style markers.131Editing a conditional style.132Bullets and numbering.133Working with bullet styles.133Working with numbering styles.135Working with outline styles.136Bullets, numbering, outlines, and style sheets.138Positioning text in text boxes.139Using baseline grid.139Aligning text vertically.139Specifying text inset.140Specifying story direction.140Controlling font usage.141Converting text to boxes.141Using text runaround.141Running text around all sides of an item.142Running text around lines and text paths.142Running text around text boxes .143Running text around pictures.143Fine-tuning a runaround path.144Editing a runaround path.145Working with text paths.145Creating drop caps.146Creating rules above and below paragraphs.146Using anchored boxes.147Anchoring boxes and lines in text.147Cutting, copying, pasting, and deleting anchored boxes and lines.147Unanchoring boxes and lines.147vi A GUIDE TO QUARKXPRESS 10

CONTENTSWorking with OpenType fonts.147Applying OpenType styles.148Using ligatures.151Working with the Glyphs palette.151Displaying invisible characters.153Inserting special characters.153Inserting spaces.153Inserting other special characters.153Specifying character language.153Using font fallback.153Importing and exporting text with Unicode options.154Working with font mapping rules.154Working with design grids.155Understanding design grids.155Design grid basics.159Working with grid styles.170Using design grids.173Working with rubi text.175Rubi alignment options.177Mono rubi.179Rubi base alignment options.180Rubi overhang options.182Working with hanging characters.183Creating hanging character classes.186Creating hanging character sets .187Applying hanging character sets.187Working with mojigumi sets and classes.188Creating and editing mojigumi character classes.188Creating and editing mojigumi sets.189Applying mojigumi sets.192Character mapping for legacy projects.192Mapping for projects that use UDA/VDA characters.192Mapping for projects that use custom characters.194Pictures.195Working with pictures.195Importing a picture.195Moving pictures.196Resizing pictures.196Cropping pictures.196Rotating and skewing pictures.196Coloring and shading pictures.197A GUIDE TO QUARKXPRESS 10 vii

CONTENTSFlipping pictures.197Listing, verifying status of, and updating pictures.197Specifying background colors for pictures.197Maintaining picture attributes.198Working with clipping paths.198Creating clipping paths.198Using embedded clipping paths.200Manipulating clipping paths.200Creating special effects with clipping paths.200Working with alpha masks.201Working with PSD pictures.20

Creating text and picture boxes.64 Resizing boxes . Creating an automatic text box.219 Working with master pages .