BlazeVideo HDTV Player v2.0User’s Manual1. Overview . 21.1 BlazeVideo HDTV Player Introduction. 21.2 Major Features. 31.3 Other Features. 41.4 Supported Media Types . 51.5 System Requirements . 51.6 Setup Step . 62. BlazeVideo HDTV Player Appearance . 62.1 Main Control. 72.2 Advanced Panel . 92.3 EPG Panel. 102.4 Floating Panel . 112.5 Right-click Menu . 122.6 Hot Keys . 133. Using BlazeVideo HDTV Player . 143.1 Scanning Channels. 143.2 Playing HDTV Program . 163.3 Playing Teletext . 173.4 Playing FM Radio. 183.5 TimeShifting . 203.6 Program Guide. 223.7 Record TV . 233.8 Schedule Record TV. 243.9 Schedule Watch TV . 263.10 Multi-channel Preview. 273.11 Favorite Management . 283.12 Capture Image. 303.13 Playlist Management . 313.14 Color Adjustment. 323.15 Equalizer. 333.16 Zooming Video . 343.17 Screen Control . 353.18 Playing DVD . 353.18.1 DVD Navigator . 373.18.2 Playing VCD/SVCD . 383.18.3 Playing Media Files . 383.18.4 Playing Video Devices . 383.18.5 Playing Photos as Slide Show . 393.19 Special Functions. 393.20 Record DVD Video/Audio. 423.21 DVD Bookmark. 43-1-

3.22 Using Media Detector. 444. Setup BlazeVideo HDTV Player. 454.1 General Setting . 454.1.1 Power Setting . 464.1.2 File Associate Setting . 474.2 DTV Setting. 484.3 Video Setting . 494.4 Audio Setting . 494.5 Parental Control . 504.6 Record Setting . 514.7 Appearance Setting . 524.8 System Information . 525. Support. 535.1 Technical Support . 535.2 Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) . 531. Overview1.1 BlazeVideo HDTV Player IntroductionWelcome to use all-in-one BlazeVideo HDTV Player!BlazeVideo HDTV Player is a full-featured and easy to use BlazeVideo HDTV Player software, combiningHDTV playback, FM receiving, video record and DVD playback functions. You can make advantage of PCmonitor's high resolution, watch, record, playback high definition HDTV program or teletext broadcastprogram.BlazeVideo HDTV Player also acts as your multi-media center, with superior video and audio quality, itsupports DVD, VCD, SVCD, MP3, MPEG, RM, MOV, SWF, WMV, DIVX and Pictures playback. The moreadvanced features, such as video/audio record, video capture, bookmark preview, picture slideshow, screencontrol, special audio effect, optional skin, bring you an infinite wonderful multi-media world.BlazeVideo HDTV Player has wide compatibility, supporting most popular TV Card with BDA interface onmarket, runs stably and smoothly on Windows 2000/XP operating system.Let’s see what can BlazeVideo HDTV Player do for you? Playing HDTV program Realtime record favorite HDTV program Schedule record favorite HDTV program Live update program list and program guide-2-

Schedule watch HDTV program at specified time TimeShifting, pause watching HDTV program Playing teletext broadcasting Playing FM radio with Visualization effect Capture HDTV program video as still image Manage favorites program Multi-channel preview to quickly access favorite programs Playing DVD/SVCD/VCD/CD disc DVD bookmark preview to quickly access favorite title/chapter Playing most popular media files Playing picture as slide show with background music Playing external video devices1.2 Major FeaturesAdvanced HDTV Playback Features: Auto scanning channels and save all channels Support Electronic Program Guide(EPG) navigation Support teletext & FM radio broadcasting Live update and forecast HDTV Program Support multi-channel preview, easily access target channel Support TimeShifting function Check programs info, such as service provider, channel frequency, service type, etc Notify current program's duration time, the start time and the end time Advanced Power Saving Scheme for notebook PCSupport Multiple Real-time & Schedule Task: Real-time record and save your favorite program while watching HDTV program Schedule record HDTV program, never miss any wonderful programs-3-

Schedule watch program at specified time Real-time capture favorite video as still imageEasily Manage HDTV Programs: Support favorite program list Support Parental ControlSupport Multiple Source Files Playback: Compliant with DVB-T based protocol Support playback HDTV, DVD/VCD/CD disc, media file, video device, etc Playback picture as slideshow Support Teletext broadcasting Support MPEG-2 decoderOutstanding Video & Audio Quality: High video quality, support multiple aspect ratio and video hardware accelerating Video desktop lets you view video in true background mode, just like wallpaper Smart stretch lets video smart fit on all monitor with different aspect ratio, avoid video loss ordistortion Enhanced audio effect and equalizer, supports 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 channel output1.3 Other Features Record DVD segment into MPEG2 video or MP3 audio file Capture your favorite DVD Movies scenes, preview the images and save the favored ones. Bookmark preview, quickly access desired DVD title/chapter 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X Fast Forward/Fast Backward Step forward for precise title/chapter watching Freely select Menus: Title, Root, Chapter, Subtitles, Language, camera Angles Repeat title/chapter Number of subtitles: 32 Close captioning Multiple angles: 9 Automatically resuming from the last scene Parental control level Configurable user Interface-4-

Zoom in Video Images, maximize eight times. Language learning function Support files : MPG, VOB, AC3, ASF, M1V, M2V, MOV, QT, AVI, WMV, DAT, VRO, WAV, MID, WM,WMA, MP2, MP3, RMI, RM, RMVB, MOV, QT, SWF, OGG, OGM and other popular media formats.1.4 Supported Media Types Supports all of the following disc formats:oDVD-Video, DVD-ROM, DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, DVD RW,oVCD1.1, VCD2.0, SVCDVideo file formatsoAudio-Video Interleaved (AVI)oMotion Picture Experts Group (MPEG, MPG, M1V, DATMPA, MPE, MPV2)oWindows Media Video (WMV)oAdvanced Streaming Format (ASF, ASX)oDigital Video (DV, DV1)ovideo Object File (VOB)oMPEG 2 VIDEO (M2V)oIntel Video Technology (IVF)oQuickTime Content (MOV, QT)oReal Networks Content (RM, RMVB)oDivX (AVI)oOgg dio file formats:oMicrosoft Waveform audio files (.WAV)oAIFF (.AIF)oAU (.AU)oSND (.SND)oMIDI (.MID)oWindows Media Audio (.WMA)oMPEG Audio Layer-3 (.MP3, .MP2, .MP1, .MPA, .M2P, .M2A)oCD(CDA)oOgg Audio(OGG)1.5 System RequirementsBasicCPUIntel Celeron 600MHz or higher-5-

System Memory128MB RAM or higherOperating SystemWindows 2000, Windows XP(comprise SP2)Display cardHave 24 Bits resolution and support DirectX, 8MB Video-ROM ormorePCI sound cards, Integration chipset on Mother Board, USBSound cardaudio devices etc. compatible with Windows and stereospeakersDeviceAll DVD drivesHard-disk availableAt least 512 MB temporary disc space for Time Shifting function;capacityLarge enough space for HDTV program or DVD recordDirectXDirectX 9.0 or laterHardwareHDTV device and its driver should be properly installed1.6 Setup step1、CD erUser Name:( user-defined)Serial Number:(label on the disc)2. BlazeVideo HDTV Player AppearanceBlazeVideo HDTV Player is designed with user-friendly interface, the default video window and main controlare as below:-6-

2.1 Main ControlStartup BlazeVideo HDTV Player and keep the active status.Main Control Panel when playing HDTV:-7-

Note: When playing DVD, not each section is fit to all DVD's titles. Only manufacturers can confirm thespecific functions burned on discs. The functions which are unavailable to special titles will be displayed grayand not able to be accessed.The following descriptions are about the sections on control panel:Button/IconNameDescriptionEPGOpen EPG window for HDTV playbackPlayPlay HDTV or MediaPauseTimeShift during the HDTV playbackor pause during the DVD playbackStopStop the current playback. Click play to restart playback.RecordRecord HDTV or DVD filePreviousSkip to previous HDTV channel or DVD chapter to playBrowseBrowse channelNextSkip to next HDTV channel or DVD chapter to playOpenSelect playback typeSubtitlesSelect Subtitles. Select language caption when there are multiple languagecaptions.AudioSelect Audios: Click to select audio if there are various audio optionsCaptureCapture video as .bmp still imageVolume ControlDrag slider right/left to increase/decrease volume.MuteClick it, the audio is muted, click once again, get back the previous conditions.Media TypeDisplay current media type, vary with different media typePlayback statusDisplay current playback status, vary with different playback statusSignal QualityDisplay HDTV signal quality (Available when playback HDTV)Signal StrengthDisplay HDTV signal strength (Available when playback HDTV)Channel/chapterDisplay current HDTV channel or DVD chapter info-8-

timeDisplay hours, minutes, seconds of the current HDTV time or DVD chaptertimeFast backwardFast backward, switch between 1X, 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X at each pressSlider barDrag the slider to new position for playback.Fast ForwardFast forward, switch between 1X, 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X at each pressOpen FloatingPanelShow AdvancedPanelMinimizeExitShow Floating PanelShow/Hide Advanced PanelIt is a standard windows icon. Click it, the control panel and the view windowwill be minimized and displayed as icons on system toolbar.Exit BlazeVideo HDTV Player.2.2 Advanced PanelClickon Main Control Panel to show "Advanced Panel" or clickpanels:Default open with TV advanced panel:Click to show TV advanced panel.1.Scan: Click to scan channels.2.Recall: Click to return to last channel3.Favorite: Click to add current channel in favorite list.4.Teletext: Display teletext-9-to hide it, which has six sub

5.Previous: Skip to previous page of the teletext6.Next: Skip to next page of the teletext7.8.display total and current teletext page infoSave current page of teletext as a .txt file.Click to show DVD advanced panel, please refer to DVD Navigator.Click to show color advanced panel, please refer to Color Adjustment.Click to show equalizer advanced panel, please refer to Equalizer.Click to show zoom panel, please refer to Zooming Video.Click to show screen panel, please refer to Screen Control.2.3 EPG PanelBlazeVideo HDTV Player provides with Electronic Program Guide (EPG), through which you can scanchannels, preview channel, access program guide, check all programs info, manage favorites and createschedule task.- 10 -

There are four sub windows in EPG window, you can click the four buttons at the bottom of EPG window foryour desired operation:1.Show Transport: scan channels, refresh channels and access all channels properties.2.Show Guide: access program guide.3.Show Favorite: manage favorite programs.4.Show Schedule: create task, including schedule record and schedule watch.2.4 Floating PanelClickbutton on Main Control Panel, or right click Video Window, select "Show Floating Panel" toopen Floating Panel. Here you can access more advanced functions and operations.- 11 -

There are four sub pages in Floating Panel:Show Playlist, please refer to Playlist.Show Bookmark, please refer to Bookmark.Show Capture, please refer to Capture.Show Record, please refer to Record.2.5 Right-click MenuDuring playback, position the cursor above the video window to right click for the menu, the menu'scommands is same of general menu. The menu is followed:Play:start playback- 12 -

Pause:pause/continue playbackStop:stop playbackForward:playback DVD under the fast forward modeBackward:playback DVD under the fast backward modeGo to:jump to certain title/chapter/timeRepeat:repeat the current chapter/titleMenu:select available options from the current DVD disc (root,language, captions etc.)Title:display the current HDTV frequency or DVD titleChapter:display the HDTV channels or current DVD chapterSubtitle:select caption languageAudio:select audio optionsAngle:select camera anglePlay from:choose the source for playbackBookmark:mark your favorite scenesCapture Image:capture your favorite scenesVisualization:Switch different visualizationVideo Window: Select different video windowFull Screen:zoom in the video window to your monitor's available areaShow Floating Panel: show Floating Panel or bring the Floating Panelto topOptions: open the Options dialog for change settingsPurchase & Register:purchase or register BlazeVideo HDTV PlayerHelp:access online helpExit:exit BlazeVideo HDTV Player2.6 Hot KeysFor user’s operating convenience, BlazeVideo HDTV Player provides a lot of keyboard express keys, theexpress keys is active when the cursor is over the video window.Two keys indicate holding the first key and pressing the second key or pressing the two keys at the same time.Non-letter key is put in bracket. The Express keys include:- 13 -

PauseChapterCFast forwardFReduce brightness-Fast backwardBIncrease brightness-BookmarkKReduce volumeIncrease volumealphanumeric keyboard"-"alphanumeric keyboardEjecting discExit BlazeVideo HDTVPlayerNext channel/chapterPrevious channel/chapterAdjustmentDVD menu selection inCaptureEndSpace[Ctrl] CTitle menuT-Subtitle menuS-Main menuRPgDownMute on/offMStep forwardN" "PgUpCorrespondingfour directionsDirectional ArrowsAttribute page-Switch between the full screenmode and the window modeEnter DVD MenuResumeZEnterU3. Using BlazeVideo HDTV PlayerAfter the previous journey, you have learned the features of the HDTV Player. Do you want to try it, feel it? OK,let's go.3.1 Scanning Channels1. Auto Scan ChannelsIf a HDTV device installed or connected to your PC, and its driver has been properly installed, after launchBlazeVideo HDTV Player, a message box will pop up to enquire you whether to scan channels.- 14 -

Click Yes, the "Scan" box ejects for you to set scan options.Advanced Setting: Check on "Advanced Scan" and click "Advanced." to popup "Advanced Setting" box:Click "OK", it will begin to scan all the available HDTV channels.- 15 -

During scanning channels procedure, "Scanning Channels" appears on screen with a progressing scanningbar. If "Preview found channels" box checked, you can also preview all available HDTV channels. When avalid channel detected, HDTV player will auto add this channel in channel list.After scanning finishes, BlazeVideo HDTV Player will auto play the first channel.2. Manually Scan ChannelsBlazeVideo HDTV Player supplies with convenient channel scanning function. There are three ways for you tolaunch channel scanning:;1. In TV Advanced Panel click "Scan Channels" button2. In "Transport" sub page of "EPG" window, clickbutton;3. In "DTV Options" window, click "Scan" button under "DTV Source".The manual scanning step is same as auto scanning. After scanning finishes, HDTV Player will auto play thelast scanned channel.Abort Scanning:If you want to abort scanning, just press the "Abort" button. (It is recommended you finish scanning one timeat least).3.2 Playing HDTV ProgramWhen yout run BlazeVideo HDTV Player for the first time, and if your PC have a HDTV device installed, afterauto scanning all available channels, the program will auto play the first scanned channels.In the future every time when you startup HDTV Player, HDTV Player will auto play the last channel you haveviewed.There are also below operations available for you to quickly and easily access your desired channels.Directly PlayIn EPG window, double click a desired channel, you will directly play this channel's program.Switch ChannelYou can clickorbutton in Main Control Panel to freely switch to previous or next channel.Browse Channel- 16 -

Click"Browse Channel" button, you will open a channel list dialogue box, all of the channels and yourfavorite channels will be displayed. Here you can freely select your desired channel to watch.Return to Last ChannelIn TV Advanced Panel, click "Recall" button, you can quickly access and play the last viewed channel'sprogram.Select SubtitleClick"Subtitle" button in Main Control Panel, you can freely select your desired subtitle.Select AudioClick"Audio" button in Main Control Panel, you can freely select your desired audio.3.3 Playing TeletextNote: The Teletext is activated only if HDTV service provider has provided such program.1.Teletext: Display teletext2.Previous: Skip to previous page of the teletext3.Next: Skip to next page of the teletextdisplay total and current teletext page info4.5.Save current page of teletext as a .txt file.Play Teletext:There are two ways to play teletext:1. In Main Control Panel, click Subtitle buttonand tick "Teletext" in popup menu, teletext will display onvideo window.- 17 -

2. In TV Advaned Panel Teletext area, click Teletext buttonand tick "Show Teletext" in popup menu,teletext will display on the video window.Go To:click to popup a menu allowing you to go to specified teletext page. You can also click theorbutton to go to previous or next page.Hold: Always hold and keep playing the current teletext program during other operations.Transparent: Display Teletext over the current video by transparent mode, if not checked, there will be onlyteletext, no video displaying.3.4 Playing FM RadioBlazeVideo HDTV Players supports FM Radio receiving and playing. In "Transport" sub window of "EPG"window, click "Refresh" button, all the available HDTV program and FM radio will be scanned.After scanning finishes, the HDTV program will be listed with the thumbnail of the current video, while the FMradio program will be listed with the default thumbnailsdistinguish DHTV or radio program.- 18 -, thus you will easily and quickly

Click "Views" button, you can also switch the view status of all the programs.- 19 -

Double click a selected FM radio program, you will directly playback this program.While playing radio program, the Visualization effect will be default activated, Video window will displaymulti-colored shapes and patterns that change in harmony with the audio track being played.3.5 TimeShiftingBlazeVideo HDTV Player supports TimeShift function, which enables you to pause the live playback program,but never miss any part of the wonderful program. You can pause a live program or skip a boring have abreak, then continue to watch from the pause position; or directly skip to the real-time playback status. Forinstance, you can freely pause watching a program to enjoy a cool drinker, then go back to continue watch thepaused program.1. Launch TimeShiftJust pressPause button during HDTV program playback status, you will pause watching and launchTimeShift function, then you will do any other thing if you want.- 20 -

In TimeShift status, playback status displays as, the time stops at the TimeShift stat time, and a green barwill display and keep changing at the center of Main Control Panel.Depending the TimeShift buffer size you preset in DTV Options, the whole TimeShift duration time will bedifferent, which can be estimated by contrasting the TimeShift start time and the current System time.Note: Due to the certain size of TimeShift buffer file, upon green bar reaching at the end, if you do not cancelTimeSift, the previous TimeShift program will be removed, what you reserved will be the latest program. Youcan also enlarge the Buffer Size in DTV Optons.2. Play TimeShift Program:PressPlay or pressPause button again, you will play timeshift program, continue to watch HDTVprogram from the paused position, thus you will never miss any of the wonderful instance of the HDTVprograms.In TimeShift playback status, there is still a green bar displaying.3. Exit TimeShift, Resume Live Playback:PressPlay button two times, you will skip some content (such as boring Ad.), resume live playback andkeep along with the actual playback status offered by HDTV service provider. This function is useful for you toskip the boring Advertisement and enjoy a short time break.In Live Playback status, the green bar disappears and the Main Control Panel returns to normal status.Notes:1. The TimeShift function is only activated for HDTV program playback, not available for media file playback.2. The paused duration time depends on your TimeShift Buffer Size, which can be set in DTV Setting.- 21 -

3.6 Program GuideClick "EPG" button in Main Control Panel to pop up EPG window, then click the "Show Guide" buttonyou will switch to Guide sub window.,All the available programs and start time will be listed.Click a selected program, you can access more details of this program, such as program title, start time, endtime and program description.SearchType the start time or keyword of your desired programs in Search box, all the relative program guide info willbe quickly searched and displayed in EPG Guide list. click Clear buttonand resume display all the program guide info.Add to Schedule:- 22 -, you will clear the search result

Right click a selected program and select "Add to Schedule", you will add this program in a schedule task.3.7 Record TVYou can real-time record your favorite HDTV program into MPEG2 video file while you are watching HDTVprogram. The record file will be saved as ".mpg" file in the folder you have preset in Record Setting page foryour future viewing.The operation is very easy, just directly click Record buttonon Main Control Panel, or clickinFloating Panel to activate Record page, then click record button, you will begin to record file.RecordClick to start to record, during recording procedure, the file size will keep dynamically changedStop RecordClick to stop record, then the record file will be auto saved as ".mpg" file named by record time in the specifiedfolder you have set in Record Option page.- 23 -

Play RecordClick to playback the selected record fileDeleteRemove the selected record file in Record ListRemove all record files in Record ListRemove the record file from the record file's folderRight-click Menu:Begin to recordPlayback the selected record fileRemove the selected record file from Record ListRemove all record files from Record ListQuickly access and open the record file's folderDelete the selected record file from record file's folder3.8 Schedule Record TVBlazeVideo HDTV Player allows you to schedule record HDTV program, if you have to be away from PC atthe time of your favorite program playback; or you can not bear sitting in front of PC to wait your desiredprogram to begin; or you have multiple favorite programs to watch at the same time. Don't worry, theSchedule Record feature will assure you never miss any of your favorite programs. Your favorite program willbe au

1.1 BlazeVideo HDTV Player Introduction Welcome to use all-in-one BlazeVideo HDTV Player! BlazeVi