Microsoft Office Installation and Activation FAQJune 2013This document is intended to help Resellers understand the redemption, installation and activationexperience for the new Microsoft Office for Consumers, Students and Small Businesses. This documentcovers Full Package Products (FPP) and DOEM Office products (excluding Office 365 Small BusinessPremium).ContentsWhat is a Microsoft account? . 2Is Internet access required for installation and activation of the new Office? . 2How do I redeem and install the new Office on a PC? . 4How long does it take to install Office? . 4How do I redeem the new Office for my customer? . 4My customer has the Office 2010 transition image on their new Windows PC. What happens if thecustomer selects the Microsoft Office tile/shortcut on his/her new Windows PC? . 12How do I know if the customer is signed in into a Microsoft account?. 13Is there a multiple license deployment tool for FPP similar to Volume Licensing? . 13What’s the maximum number of Office Home & Business 2013 licenses I can activate using the sameMicrosoft Account? . 14How do I install and activate Office Home & Business 2013 on behalf of the customer? . 14How does the customer reinstall Office? . 19Additional Microsoft Resources . 201

What is a Microsoft account?A Microsoft account is the combination of an email address and a password that a customer uses to signin to Microsoft services like Skype, SkyDrive, Windows Phone, Xbox Live, Hotmail or the end customer uses an email address and password to sign in to these or other Microsoft services,they already have a Microsoft account. But he or she can also sign up for a new account at any time. Tocreate a new Microsoft Account, the customer can use any email address (such as Gmail,,Yahoo, etc.). A new email address does not need to be created for a Microsoft Account.A Microsoft account is used to: download, activate, install, and re-install the new Office softwareburn backup copies of Officeinstall Office onto other PCs or Macschoose a new language for an installationaccess services such as SkyDrive cloud storagemanage the subscription account, including renewals, cancellations, and billing informationVisit to learn more on Microsoft Account.IMPORTANT: When activating Office, it is critical that the Microsoft Account be uniquely owned andaccessible by the end customer. It will be the customer’s key to re-install Office in the future and accessOffice online services. For subscription, end customers cannot use Office until they have redeemedOffice with a Microsoft Account on, and are signed in. It is critical to guide endcustomers through the process to ensure redemption, installation and activation.Is Internet access required for installation and activation of the new Office?Office 365 Consumer subscriptionsRedemption, Installation & ActivationInternet access is required for the redemption, the installation and the activation of Office 365 HomePremium and Office 365 University.After the customer purchases their new Office subscription, they must: visit their Office product keylogin with their Microsoft account (If they do not already have a Microsoft account, they cancreate one)Customers can later login to their Microsoft account at to manage theirsubscription, re-install their software, or install it on another computer or device. Once the new Office2

has been redeemed and activated, the end customer will not need to use their Product Key anymore asthey will access their page with their Microsoft account to manage their product.For Office 365 Home Premium and Office 365 University, internet connectivity is required once permonth for uninterrupted service.Office 2013 SuitesRedemption and InstallationIf Office Full Package Product (FPP) does not come with a media (DVD), internet access is required toinstall Office Home & Student 2013, Office Home & Business 2013, and Office Professional 2013. When acustomer buys Office with no media in the packaging, the customer must visit, signinto their Microsoft account, and then download the software.If Office comes with a media, internet access is not required to install Office Home & Student 2013,Office Home & Business 2013, and Office Professional 2013 because customers receive a DVD with theirpurchase, and can install directly from the DVD.For DOEM licenses, if the PC has the Office transition image (Office 2010 preloaded), the customerneeds to go to, enter the product key, create a Microsoft account and downloadthe software. If the PC comes with the new Office image, the customer can click on the Microsoft Officetile and follow the instructions (Microsoft account recommended but not required).ActivationInternet activation is the preferred method for activating the product. If the customer is connected tothe Internet, the product will automatically activate. If the user is not connected to the internet, theycan activate by phone if the product has already been installed on the PC. To activate by phone, followthe prompts in the activation wizard. Alternatively, click File, click Office Account, and then follow theinstructions.For the first installation, or a reinstallation on the same PC, Office automatically activates if thecustomer is connected to the Internet (the Activation Wizard is not shown during installation). If thecustomer is not connected to the Internet during installation, the Activation Wizard will be shown andprovide options to either activate online or by phone.If significant hardware changes have occurred on the PC, or if Office is reinstalled or installed on adifferent PC, the Activation Wizard will appear after installation when an Office APP is started. Use thephone option in the Activation Wizard to contact the activation center.For more information, visit ORTANT: Office 2013 full-packaged product (FPP) can only be installed on one PC at a time.Phone activation can only help activate Office if Office is being transferred from one PC to another.Office DOEM licenses are not transferable.3

Summary view of activation andRedemptionAndInstallationActivationOffice 365InternetrequiredInternetrequiredOffice 2013 SuitesInternet required if Office FPP comeswith no media; internet not required ifthe FPP Office product comes with amedia.Internet not required but recommended(alternative is activation by phone)Office 2013 DOEMInternet requirement depends onthe Office image on the PC: iftransition image, download isrequired, if new Office image, nointernet connection neededInternet not required butrecommended (alternative isactivation by phone)How do I redeem and install the new Office on a PC?Before you install the new Office, the customer will need to redeem it with the Office product he/shepurchased. There are four simple steps to get started: to (if customer has purchased DOEM, go to the Office Product KeySign-in or create a Microsoft account, choose your country and languageClick on the install button on the My Account page to install OfficeThese same four steps are used for any customer who has purchased one of the following versions ofOffice (medialess only): Office 365 Home PremiumOffice 365 University - additional step for verifying eligibility after signing in to the MSAOffice Home & Student 2013, Office Home & Business 2013, or Office Professional 2013Individual Office applications (for example Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)If the customer uses a product with media (where available), he or she will need to insert the DVD intothe DVD drive of the PC (or external DVD drive) and follow the prompts to install.How long does it take to install Office?Office installs more quickly than ever with Click-to-Run, a streaming technology that lets you begin touse Office applications before installation is complete. All consumer versions of the new Office use Clickto-Run. The actual download speed depends on the speed of your internet connection.How do I redeem the new Office for my customer?You need to follow the steps below for any medialess FPP version of the new Office that the customerbought (excluding Office 365 Small Business Premium):4

Step 1: Redeem the Office LicenseThis first step can be done on any Windows 7 or later version of the PC, it does not have to be done onthe customer’s PC. To begin the redemption, visit In the fields provided, enter the25-character Office product key and click Get Started.After entering the product key, you will be asked to create a new Microsoft account, or log in with anexisting Microsoft account. The customer will need to enter their existing Microsoft Account if theyalready have one or create a new one.5

After logging in, select the country and language. Make sure that the language is the same language thatwill be used to install Office on the PC.Next, you will see the My Account page. This is where the customer will manage their Office services, aswell as the PCs and devices connected to their account.IMPORTANT: At this point, if you are not using the customer’s PC, exit your browser window. DO NOTclick the Install button if you are not using the customer’s PC. Clicking Install will attempt to reinstallOffice on your computer.6


Step 2: Install and activate Office on the PC of the customerLog in to using the Microsoft Account used for the redemption of the product.Select Office for Windows or Office for Mac version and click on Install.1. To install Office, thecustomer chooses betweenOffice for Windows andOffice for Mac and clicks onInstall and then follow theprompts2. The customer needs to clickon “run” to launch theinstallation.8

3. Once the installation isfinished, the Office welcomescreen appears. Click Next.4.The customer is asked toaccept the end-user licenseagreement (EULA).5.A 30-second video plays tointroduce the new Office.6.If you are signed in into aWindows 8 PC, the customerwill go directly to step 9. Ifnot, the customer can Sign inif he/she wants to useMicrosoft services such asconnect to SkyDrive9

7.If the customers click on “signin”, he/she will need to entera personal Microsoft accountor an organizational ID.8.The customer signs in with aMicrosoft account to activatethe product9.While Office is activating, thecustomer can take a look atthe new Office to learn more.10

10. While Office is activating, thecustomer can open an Officeapplication.11. The Office icons appear onthe customer’s Windows 8start screen.11

My customer has the Office 2010 transition image on their new Windows PC.What happens if the customer selects the Microsoft Office tile/shortcut onhis/her new Windows PC?The easiest way for a customer to activate Office on a PC with the Office 2010 transition image is to goto (or if they purchased a DOEM license).If the customer uses the Office 2010 out of box experience, these are the following steps to follow:1. Select “Already purchasedanother version of Office”hyperlink in the Office 2010out of box experience(OOBE). Do not click on “Ialready purchased Office2010”2. Select Download on the webpage that opens12

3. The customer then begins theOffice redemption process asexplained in the sectionabove.How do I know if the customer is signed in into a Microsoft account?Look at the top right corner of any Office application. When a customer is signed in, his or her accountname will appear. If it’s not there, click Sign in and have the customer enter his or her Microsoft accountemail and password. Once signed in, the customer can update his or her profile, or switch accounts anytime.Is there a multiple license deployment tool for FPP similar to Volume Licensing?No, there is no multiple license deployment tool like there is for Office Volume Licenses. For a smallbusiness company who may be purchasing multiple licenses of Office 2013 full-packaged product (FPP)to be installed on multiple PCs, the partner must install and activate each license on each PC.13

What’s the maximum number of Office Home & Business 2013 licenses I canactivate using the same Microsoft Account?Office Home & Business 2013 is designed for small businesses with low IT needs and up to 25 users sothe customer can activate up to 25 licenses using the same Microsoft Account. For larger companies,Volume Licensing offerings are a better option as it includes deployment tools for volume activations.Customers with activation issues can contact Microsoft customer support for additional help.How do I install and activate Office Home & Business 2013 on behalf of thecustomer?Step 1: Download and install Office at The customer will need to enter their MicrosoftAccount information (email address and password).Step 2: Activate Office using the same Microsoft accountIMPORTANT: The Microsoft account must be uniquely owned and accessible by the end customer. Itwill be the customer’s key to re-install Office in the future and access Office online services. Endcustomers cannot use their Office subscription until they have redeemed Office with a Microsoftaccount on, and signed in. It is critical to guide end customers through the processto ensure activation.Failure to follow these steps could lead to end customer issues including: Corrupted Office installations on the customer’s PCLoss of access to online Office services paid for by the customer including, but not limited to:online SkyDrive storage, Skype calling credit, Office personalization settings, Office subscriptionmanagement/renewal capability, Office re-installation capability and Office licensing foradditional PCs/MacsBreach of end customer private data and information14

1. How do I install multipleOffice Home & Business 2013licenses on one MicrosoftAccount? You need to and enterthe 5 X 5 Product Key n.1 andclick on Get Started2. The customer signs in withtheir Microsoft Account (orcreate one).3. Choose the country andlanguage and click oncontinue15

4. The customer is now on theMy Account page where thelicense redeemed has beenadded5. To add another product, thecustomer goes again and entersthe 5 x 5 product key n.216

6. The customer then uses thesame Microsoft account asused to redeem the firstlicense7. You then choose the countryand language. You canchoose a different languagethan for the first productredeemed (we chooseSpanish in this example toshow the difference)17

8. The second product appearsin Spanish. You can repeatthe same action for the otherlicenses and add up to 25licenses on the sameMicrosoft Account.9. The 4 products are nowvisible, 3 ofthem have not been installedyet18

10. Prior to installing, you maywant to record the productkey associated with theinstalls by clicking “Installfrom a disc” (note: thisproduct key is different fromthe product key used duringredemption) if you expect tohave many productsassociated with yourMicrosoft account. Knowingthe product key will help youidentify the right product touse if you need to reinstallfrom My Account.How does the customer reinstall Office?To reinstall Office, the customer can come back to their paged and sign in withtheir Microsoft account used to redeem the product (step 1).If you reinstall Office 2013 from the page on the same PC while connected to theInternet, activation will happen in the background. The Activation Wizard will appear only if you’vemade significant changes to the hardware on the PC.If an employee leaves the company, how can the company owner be sure thatthe Office license stays in the company?In this case, the small business owner is concerned about an employee who redeemed and activated thelicense, left the company and could potentially keep the Office 2013 perpetual license (FPP).This topic is more related to the small business policy and their internal rules so Microsoft does notprovide guidance on it. It’s the company’s choice to manage any of the products, services and licensespurchased for their employees. Here is a suggestion which we think can help a small business ownermanage the Office 2013 perpetual licenses that they purchased and own:The small business owner can create his/her own “company” Microsoft Account to use and activate theOffice 2013 perpetual licenses. The employee will still be able to sign in with their own MicrosoftAccount and use the product but the license will appear under the “company” Microsoft Account.19

Additional Microsoft ResourcesOEM Partner aspxOEM Training tp:// product fice-products-bFX104054518.aspx?CTT 97Office product CTT 97Office download, install, setup,and activate Office 365 HomePremium or Office e news blog

Additional information on the Microsoft AccountWhy does a customer need to use a Microsoft account with Microsoft Office?A Microsoft account can be needed to redeem, install and activate the Office software. It is also requiredany time a customer wants to install Office on another PC or Mac, choose a new language for aninstallation with their subscription, or make other changes to their account. Customers can access allthese options by returning to and signing in with their Microsoft account.For Office 365 Home Premium and Office 365 University customers, subscription benefits, such asadditional storage with SkyDrive, are linked to the Microsoft account that is used to manage theirsubscription.What are the benefits of using a Microsoft account with Office? The customer can go login to to re-download Office or transfer theirOffice license to a new PCFor Office 365 subscriptions, they log-in to to install Office on multiplePCs and Macs, change or install a new language.The Microsoft account is also used for saving documents to SkyDrive cloud storage, so thedocuments can be easily accessed from multiple devices.Microsoft account is also used to login to where users can accesstheir documents stored to Sky-Drive, start a new document using an Office WebApp or useOffice on Demand to stream full Office onto any Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC.What if a customer signed into and sees the message "Itlooks like you don’t have Office yet. Do you want to visit the Store to get acopy?"The customer will need to sign out and then sign back in. Alternatively, the customer can sign out andthen sign in with a different Microsoft Account. If they do not know their Microsoft account information,have the customer contact Microsoft Support.What if a customer has used the incorrect email address for their Microsoftaccount? How can that be changed?If the customer knows the incorrect email address that they set up their account with, they can changeit in a few simple steps, see the next page for instructions.If they do not know their Microsoft account information, have the customer contact Microsoft Support.Changing the email address for a Microsoft accountIf the customer remembers the incorrect email ID and password they used to redeem Office then youcan help them change it with the following steps:1. Ask the customer to go to If they get auto-signed in, have them sign out manually.3. Have the customer sign in using the incorrect email id they have used.4. Normally a customer on sign-in would be redirected to the mail box. However, since the account isunverified, they will be taken to Account Summary page.21

5. Click on Rename account and you will see the below page. Select the option “Use a different address”to correct the misspelled email ID.6. You’re done. If the correct email id does not already exist as a Microsoft Account, then the rename issuccessful.Note: If they already receive an error message that the account already exists, it is possible that theyalready have an account under their email address. Have the customer logout and use the “Can’t accessyour account?” link on the sign in screen to reset their password.Important Precautions for the new Office (Office 365 Home Premium, Office2013 Suites and Office 2013 Applications) Service Installations:Establishing a unique Microsoft account is a necessary first step in installing and enjoying the fullfunctionality of the new Office product. A unique Microsoft account is required for each customer, tomanage the customer’s installation, subscription, and billing information. It is also used to provide Office365 Home Premium and Office 2013 features and benefits, such as additional SkyDrive storage andSkype minutes that can only be accessed with a Microsoft account. Microsoft accounts are used toaccess a variety of personal and confidential information of the user, and therefore some importantsteps and privacy precautions should be taken with all customers.Dos and Don’ts:Do: When a reseller’s technician installs the new Office on behalf of a customer, it is important that thetechnician require the customer to establish and enter his/her own unique Microsoft account during theinstallation process.Don’t: To protect the customer’s privacy, a reseller’s technician should not create the Microsoft accounton behalf of the customer or access or view the customer’s password under any circumstances. A“generic” account should never be used to install the new Office, and the same account should never beused with more than one customer.What happens if the new Office is not installed using a Microsoft account that isunique and known to the customer? When the new Office is installed using a Microsoft account that does not belong to thecustomer, or for which the customer does not know the credentials, Microsoft will be unable toreset the credentials or assist the customer.Microsoft support will have no option other than to redirect the customer back to the resellerthey purchased Office from. The new Office does not provide any options to further assist thecustomer other than reinstalling Office with a new product key at the reseller’s expense.The reseller may be liable for data breaches, identity theft and identity fraud in the event that ituses or retains a customer’s Microsoft account information and the customer is victimized.For these reasons, a Microsoft account should not be created by a reseller’s technician on behalfof the customer, nor should a generic reseller-owned Microsoft account ever be used tocomplete an installation.22

Additional problems that can occur if the new Office is not installed using aMicrosoft account that is unique and known to the customer:Some new Office product features and benefits will not be available to the customer For Office 365 Home Premium:o Customers will be unable to manage additional PC, Mac or device installationswithout access to the Microsoft account used to install Office.o If the same Microsoft account is used for multiple Office installations for multiplecustomers, those customers will share the same five maximum PC/Mac installations,and only one shared subscription will be created. (i.e. if five customers Office 365Home Premium purchases are registered to one Microsoft Account, each customerwill only have one of the five allowed installations, and they will all share a single,five-year subscription).o Customers will be unable to use the additional 20 GB of SkyDrive storage they havepurchased as part of Office 365 Home Premium.o Customers will be unable to use the 60 minutes per month of Skype world minutesthey have purchased as part of Office 365 Home Premium.o Customers will be unable to manage their Office subscription options, such asrenewal options. This option is enabled through their Microsoft account.For Office 2013 suites and standalone applications:o Customers will be unable to order back-up DVDs with their own Microsoft account.o Customers will be unable to re-install Office on their PC or Mac.Significant data privacy and security concerns may arise for the customer and the partner: A Microsoft account may contain personal information, such as personal email, billinginformation, photos and documents. It may also be used with other non-Office Microsoftservices, including Windows login accounts, Windows services, Xbox Live and Xbox Music,, HealthVault, and Skype.Creating a Microsoft account on behalf of the customer creates risk of exposing thecustomer’s personal information to partners’ employees if the customer’s password is notchanged.Creating a Microsoft account on behalf of the customer may create a legal liability for thepartner for data breaches, identity theft and identity fraud, and creates data protectionobligations and costs that can be avoided by having the customer create his/her ownMicrosoft account.Using a generic Microsoft account for a customer creates risk of exposing the customer’spersonal information to resellers’ employees and to other customers that may also use thegeneric account.23

Office Home & Student 2013, Office Home & Business 2013, or Office Professional 2013 Individual Office applications (for example Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) If the customer uses a product with media (whe