Parcels and MOD-IV data available for New JerseyPosted: June 1, 2021Parcels and MOD-IV data are downloadable from the NJGIN Open Data Site in Esri File Geodatabase10.7.1 format and ArcView Shapefile format for individual counties. The statewide parcels composite,statewide MOD-IV table, and statewide parcels composite with MOD-IV table are also available asseparate file geodatabase downloads. The statewide datasets range from approximately 250 – 900 MB.UpdatesApril 26, 2021Cumberland County – revised parcels were reviewed and edge-matched along county boundaries withAtlantic, Cape May and Salem Counties. Adjustments were also made to parcels in Atlantic and CapeMay Counties as a result of the edge-matching.Essex County – Irvington Township, block 183, lots 9.01-9.04 were renumbered when it was found thatthe parcels were incorrectly attributed with lot 9.01 located farthest south, sequentially increasing tothe north. Per Irvington tax maps, lot 9.01 is located farthest north, sequentially increasing to the south.The lot numbers were corrected to correspond to the tax maps.Monmouth County – From a Millstone Township Tax Map review, it was found that block 7, lot 5.03 wasmerged into lot 4.01 in 2002. That change is now reflected in the parcels data. In addition, lots 4 and4.01 were adjusted to represent the tax map delineation more closely. Lot 7.03 was also slightlyadjusted to maintain topology.Sussex County – Revised Vernon Township Tax Maps were approved by the NJ Department of theTreasury, Tax Map Division on 02/11/2019. These tax maps included a renumbering of block and lotnumbers used to update the parcels data.The Statewide Composite of Parcels, and Statewide Composite of Parcels with MOD-IV data have beenupdated with the county revisions.All county and statewide parcels data, and the Statewide Property Tax List have been updated with thetax year 2019 MOD-IV data.July 24, 2019Updates have been posted for a large number of counties. The updates are broken down as follows:The following counties have submitted updates that were reviewed and edge matched with theadjacent counties: Ocean CountyBurlington CountyCamden CountySalem CountyMercer CountyMiddlesex County

Hunterdon CountyHudson CountyThe following counties were edge matched with the above counties, but they did not submit updates forreview: Monmouth County Union County Morris County Bergen County Atlantic CountyThe Statewide Parcel Composite and the Statewide Parcel and MOD-IV Composite have been updatedwith the updated parcel information for all of these counties.The MOD-IV Tax Assessor data for each county download and the Statewide Property Tax List (MOD-IV)and Statewide Parcel and MOD-IV Composite downloads have also been updated with the currentlyavailable data for the 2018 tax year.October 18, 2018All of the county parcel datasets from the statewide parcel composite and the county MOD-IV tableshave been moved from the Information Warehouse to the NJGIN GIS Open Data site. Statewide parceland MOD-IV data have also been added and are available as downloads for the entire state. The MODIV data currently available is for the 2017 tax year.November 01, 2017Updates were posted for Monmouth County (Eatontown Borough, Manasquan Borough, OceanTownship & Marlboro Township) and Somerset County. In the Monmouth County towns, municipalparcels based on digital tax maps were incorporated into the county parcel dataset. This work includededge matching parcels along all affected county and municipal boundaries. In Somerset County, theentire county parcel dataset was replaced with updated parcel data provided by the county. Extensivework was done by Somerset County to improve the attributes for the parcels. This included the fullpopulation of the QCODE field for the entire county. Parcels along all of the county and municipalboundaries were edge matched.July 20, 2016Updates were posted for Essex County (Verona Township), Monmouth County (Asbury Park, BradleyBeach Borough & Neptune Township), Morris County (Kinnelon Borough), and Union County(Mountainside Borough). All of the updates (Except Bradley Beach Borough) were completed as a resultof town wide Block, Lot, and QCODE re-numbering by several towns due to the approval of new taxmaps by the NJ Division of Taxation. The updated parcels now reflect the Block, Lot, and QCODE valuescontained in the latest MODIV database and shown on the new tax maps for each town. In theMonmouth County towns, municipal parcels based on digital tax maps were incorporated into thecounty parcel dataset.November 20, 2015A file geodatabase of the entire State of New Jersey composite of parcels data was added to NJGIN fordownload. The composite can be accessed directly from the data download page. This file is quite large

(approximately 400 MB) so it is recommended that users who only need parcels for one or just a fewcounties still download the county parcels datasets from the NJ Information Warehouse.November 02, 2015Essex County was added to the statewide composite of parcels data through a comprehensive edgematching process with Passaic and Union Counties. Revisions were also made to Passaic and UnionCounties for topology, duplicate PAMS PIN values, and records where PAMS PIN values did not equalthe concatenation of the MUN, BLOCK, LOT and QCODE fields.Updates were also posted for Burlington and Salem Counties. The Burlington County update reflects afull block and lot re-numbering in the City of Beverly.Salem County parcels were revised to align with an adjustment to municipal boundaries for PittsgroveTownship, Upper Pittsgrove Township and Elmer Borough. This boundary adjustment was the result ofinformation contained in a recent Green Acres survey in Elmer Borough.December 17, 2014Updates were posted for Ocean County encompassing multiple years of parcel changes for the county.Tax maps were gathered for all 33 municipalities in Ocean County and used as the primary source forupdating the parcel layer. Existing parcel data were compared against current MOD IV tax records todetermine whether spatial or attribute modifications were needed.December 10, 2014Updates were posted for Middlesex and Warren counties encompassing multiple years of parcelchanges for each county. Municipal tax maps were gathered and used as primary sources ofinformation.In Middlesex County approximately 25 parcels were removed along the county boundaries with Unionand Monmouth counties. These parcels had no MODIV record in Middlesex County. Alignmentbetween parcels at municipal and county boundaries was improved. A few parcels in Edison Townshipwere revised to align more accurately with the roads as shown on the 2012 NJ State orthophotography.Three parcels from Edison Township that overlapped with existing parcels in Union County wereremoved. Several duplicated PAMS PIN values were corrected.In Warren County multiple gaps and overlaps between parcels and municipal/county boundaries werecorrected. Several duplicated PAMS PIN values were corrected.August 28, 2014Updates were posted for Mercer, Salem and Sussex Counties encompassing multiple years of parcelchanges for each county. Municipal tax maps were gathered and used as primary sources ofinformation.Numerous updates and modifications were made to Hunterdon County parcel geometry and attributesbased on surveys and aerial photography. Duplicate block and lot numbers were also identified andcorrected.February 26, 2014Middlesex County is now available for download as a component of the statewide composite of parcels.The six individual municipalities in Middlesex County previously available for download were removed.Edge matching at county and municipal boundaries was completed, and updates were made throughoutthe county.

Updates were posted for Camden and Ocean Counties.In Camden County, 2013 parcel updates occurred in nearly all of the 37 municipalities in the County as athorough review of the tax map and MOD IV records were compared against the existing parcel base.Any spatial or attribute change as a result of this analysis was noted in the LAST UPDATE attribute field.The primary source data for parcel maintenance were municipal tax maps. However, in the absence ofcurrent tax map source data information contained in MOD IV, such as lot dimension, parcel address,and property class, were used in conjunction with the 2012 NJ State orthophotography to constructminor parcel updates, such as the subdivision of a single lot into two lots. The orthophotography wasused for georeferencing tax map source data and the alignment of lot lines to ground conditions.In Ocean County, modifications were made to parcels along the municipal boundary between TomsRiver Township and Lavallette Borough. Due to an annexation agreement between the municipalities in2009, the properties along Beach Bay Way, which had previously been within the jurisdiction of TomsRiver Township, came within the jurisdiction of Lavallette Borough. Changes to the municipality codewere made to these parcel records. PAMS PINs were also updated to reflect these changes.June 26, 2013An update for Burlington County was posted for download.Between 2/3/2012 and 6/19/2013 parcels of the following municipalities were updated:CinnaminsonEastamptonEdgewater ParkEveshamMansfieldMaple ShadeShamongMount HollyShamongTabernacleWestamptonWoodlandNew parcels were digitized from scanned tax maps which were georeferenced to 2010 Delaware ValleyRegional Planning Commission high resolution orthoimagery and Burlington County’s GPS roadcenterlines. Tax maps were provided by Remington and Vernick Engineers, Environmental Resolutions,Alaimo Group, CME Engineers, and Pennoni Associates. A portion of parcels along the Evesham/Berlinand Evesham/Vorhees border were modified in 6/2013 per recommendations by NJ OGIS in order toresolve boundary conflicts.June 20, 2013An update for Bergen County was posted for download. Parcels updates were checked and verifiedagainst the current MOD IV database, approved site plans and subdivision plans.May 24, 2013

An update for Hudson County was posted for download. Parcel boundaries and attributes wereupdated, referencing Jersey City digital tax maps from February 2013, with new block/lot numbers thatwent into effect in February 2012. Due to a correction to the municipal boundary between Jersey Cityand Hoboken, changes were made to parcel delineations as follows:Jersey City:block 3004 lot 1block 2405 lot 2block 4002 lot 1Hoboken:block 35 lots 4 & 6block 24 lots 1, 2, 4-6May 20, 2013An update for Camden County was posted for download. 2010 DVRPC orthophotography were used forgeoreferencing of source data and alignment of lot lines to ground conditions. Specific municipalitieswhere parcels were updated include Voorhees Twp, Berlin Twp, Pine Hill Boro, Runnemede Boro, andWinslow Twp. Parcel adjustments were also made at the municipal boundary between Berlin Twp andVoorhees Twp, and along the county boundary with Evesham Twp, Burlington County, due tocorrections to municipal and county boundaries, in agreement with NJOIT-OGIS.April 11, 2013An update for Ocean County was posted for download. Updates were made in Barnegat Township(306), Brick Township (411), Jackson Township (78), Lakewood Township (1,329) and Stafford Township(111). Parcels data in these municipalities were compared against year-end 2011 MOD-IV tax records todetermine where parcel updates, either spatial or attributes, needed to be made. The primary sourcedata for the updates were municipal tax maps.March 26, 2013Cape May County was updated using source information from filed subdivision plans (generally Autocadfiles) received from the Cape May County Clerk. If the files were from georeferenced surveys, theparcel(s) were exported to a shapefile and brought into the countywide parcels geodatabase. Thesurrounding parcels were then adjusted to the surveyed parcel(s). If the files were not georeferenced,2007 and 2012 NJOIT orthoimagery was used to best fit parcels into the geodatabase. If the subdivisionplans were hardcopy, they were brought into Autocad Draw by point and direction boundary, exportedto a shapefile and best fit into the geodatabase. For condominium units, each was drawn individuallyaccording to subdivision plans and matched to corresponding MOD-IV records. Lots divided bysubdivisions were converted to multi-part polygons.December 11, 2012The upcoming merger between Princeton Borough and Princeton Township in January 2013 willnecessitate an update to Mercer County parcels. The municipality code, block and lot numbers, andPAMS PINs will change for the new municipality known as Princeton. The update to Mercer Countyparcels will be available in Summer 2013.Work continues for edge matching Essex County and Middlesex County parcels at and across municipaland county boundaries. This process will take several more months as it affects parcels in surrounding

counties, and also municipal and county boundaries. The work needs to be closely coordinated forsatisfactory results in all counties.March 13, 2012An update for Newark was posted for download. Topology for 54 parcels was corrected for overlaps,gaps and coincident geometry.February 9, 2012An update for Burlington County was posted for download.The following processes were used to update parcels for all the municipalities listed below: New parcels were digitized from scanned tax maps which were georeferenced to 2010 DelawareValley Regional Planning Commission high resolution orthoimagery and Burlington County's GPSroad centerlines. In cases were digital CAD data or GIS data were supplied, the digital line worksuperseded the tax maps and pre-existing parcel boundaries. Major and minor subdivisions recorded at the County Clerk's office were referenced to ensure thatno new subdivisions were omitted. Subdivision plans were incorporated by scanning and using thesame method as tax maps. Parcels were joined/related to the MOD4 tax assessor data and any parcels without a match in theMOD4 were investigated. Likewise, any MOD4 records that could not be matched to a parcel werealso investigated. Municipal Assessors were consulted regarding any Parcel/MOD4 mismatches that could not beresolved by the parcel editor. Those that still could not be resolved were documented.Bordentown City:Tax maps were borrowed from Land Engineering and scanned into Tiff formatBordentown Township:Digital CAD files for new tax sheets plus scans of all tax maps were obtained from Alaimo Engineering.New Hanover Township:PDF files of the current tax maps were provided by Remington & Vernick Engineers. The PDFs wereconverted to Tiff format for georeferencing. 1 CAD file for a new tax map was also supplied.Wrightstown Borough:Files of the current tax maps were provided by Kluk Consultants. The PDFs were converted to Tiffformat for georeferencing.January 18, 2012Updates for Cumberland County and Salem County parcels were posted for download.The Cumberland County update incorporates a significant revision developed for the county in 2010using updated tax map information. It was reconciled with the 2009 OGIS normalized parcels data set.Features from the update that did not conflict with the normalized data set or improved upon it wereintegrated into the normalized version. During the process of integration the following operations wereperformed: Merged parcels for newly consolidated properties Split parcels for newly subdivided properties Reshaped parcel geometry based upon land use/landcover changes or newly surveyed data

Created new parcels corresponding to tax map information, MOD-IV tax list search table records andorthophotographyUpdated parcel attribute table records based upon tax map information and MOD-IV tax list searchtable records.The following sources were used for these operations: 2009 OGIS normalized parcels data 2010 parcels update by Michael Baker Corp Municipal tax maps Municipal CAD data 2007 OGIS Orthophotography 2010 NAIP Orthophotography 2011 MOD-IV tax list search tablesThe following modifications were also made for Cumberland County: Changes to parcel boundaries to match improvements to coincident municipal boundaries along theMarlboro Township/Fairfield Township border north of County Route 692 to the municipal boundarywith Millville, and south of County Route 692 to County Route 553. Changes to parcel boundaries to match improvements to coincident municipal boundaries along theStow Creek Township/Greenwich Township border at, and just east of, County Route 602. Changeswere also made to parcel boundaries coincident with the municipal boundary along Racoon Ditch(formerly Newport Creek) where a correction was made to the municipal boundary. The stream wasimpounded (date unknown) to form a lake just east of its confluence with Stow Creek. Thecorrection follows the old stream centerline delineated on municipal tax maps. It replaces themunicipal boundary delineation through the middle of the lake. Parcels were added in Maurice River Township that represent properties on small islands in themiddle of the river at the outlet of the Maurice River into Delaware Bay.The following modification affects Cumberland and Salem Counties:Changes were made to parcel boundaries to match improvements to coincident municipal boundariesalong tributaries to the Maurice River. The boundaries were replaced by an NJDEP hydro centerlinesegment and an NJOIT orthophoto delineated segment of a photo-identifiable water feature affectingthe eastern boundaries of block 2502, lots 5.01, 7.01 and 17 in Pittsgrove Township in Salem County,and the western boundaries of block 2601, lots 14-18, and block 2608, lot 1 in Vineland in CumberlandCounty.September 27, 2011An update for Cape May County was posted for download. Duplicate PAMS PIN records were fixed inall municipalities with the exception of Wildwood and Wildwood Crest. Since the November 2010update, several parcels were merged and 287 parcels were either added or modified.August 26, 2011An update for Union County was posted for download. In addition to fixing duplicate PAMS PINrecords, spatial updates were made for recent subdivisions and corrections made to qualifier codes.August 9, 2011

In a continuing effort to improve parcels data quality, the New Jersey Office of Information Technology,Office of GIS (OGIS) and parcel data stewards coordinated work to identify and fix duplicate PAMS PINrecords. Most duplicates were related to condominium qualifier codes. A much smaller proportion wasdue to incorrect data input and/or duplicate block and lot numbers on tax maps. Additional minorspatial and attribute modifications were made to various county and municipal data sets where needed.Updates for Atlantic County, Bergen County, Burlington County, Camden County, Gloucester County,Hudson County, Hunterdon County, Mercer County, Monmouth County, Ocean County, Passaic County,Salem County, Sussex County and Warren County, and Newark, East Brunswick Township and SouthBrunswick Township were posted for download.Updates for New Brunswick, North Brunswick Township, Piscataway Township and WoodbridgeTownship will be completed as part of a countywide data development project for Middlesex Countyparcels due for completion in Spring 2012. That project is using the same methodology as used for thestatewide parcels normalization project. The parcels data development work completed for thenormalization project will be leveraged for the county project.November 15, 2010An update for Monmouth County was posted for download. The Pine View subdivision was annexed toHowell Township from Wall Township in 2005 by Ordinance 05-316. Referencing the scanned 2010 WallTax Map, sheet 74, the municipal boundary was modified to reflect the annexation and the parcels werenormalized to the new boundary.November 3, 2010Updates for Atlantic County, Burlington County, Camden County, Cape May County, Hunterdon County,Morris County, Somerset County and South Brunswick Township were posted for download.For Atlantic and Camden Counties, parcel boundaries that were offset crossing the county boundarywere re-aligned. Parcels in Waterford and Winslow Townships in Camden County, and parcels inHammonton and Folsom Borough in Atlantic County were affected.In Burlington County, parcels were updated for Burlington Township.For Cape May County, the latest municipality to be updated was Sea Isle City where 5,200 parcels(mostly condos) were added. Municipalities re-done prior to Sea Isle City were Avalon, Cape May, CapeMay Point, Dennis Township, Middle Township, Ocean City, Upper Township, West Cape May, andWildwood Crest.In Hunterdon and Somerset Counties, a group of parcels along the county boundary in ReadingtonTownship in Hunterdon County and Branchburg Township in Somerset County were replaced with dataderived from surveys. This also necessitated a modification to the municipal (nj munis) and county(nj counties) boundaries datasets.In Morris and Somerset Counties, a modification was made to the municipal (nj munis) and county(nj counties) boundaries datasets along the east shoreline of Osborne Pond between BernardsTownship in Somerset County and Harding Township in Morris County. It was determined that thecause for the incorrect municipal boundaries delineation was an incorrect delineation of a parcel(Harding Township, Block 48.01 Lot 8) used in the boundaries delineation. The change necessitated amodification to four contiguous parcels (Block 48.01, Lots 4, 5, 7 and Block 52, Lot 2) in Harding

Township. Two Bernards Township parcels (Block 804, Lot 17 and Block 1701, Lot 1) were also modifiedto be consistent with the change to the Harding Township parcels.For South Brunswick Township, parcel geometry was modified due to the changes in tax maps:subdivisions, parcels consolidations, property line adjustments, etc. Parcels were re-numberedaccordingly.June 18, 2010An update for Cape May County was posted for download. Improvements were made across the entirecounty, but were focused on corrections to Middle Township and adding previously missingcondominiums.February 4, 2010An update for Hunterdon County was posted for download. Changes were made to several parcelsalong the Hunterdon County boundary with Morris County where surveyed data were used for thedevelopment of Morris County parcels.February 2, 2010Sussex County parcels are now posted for the first time.January 28, 2010An update for Hudson County was posted for download. This update incorporates a change revertingback to old block and lot number attributes for Jersey City. New block and lot numbers for Jersey Cityhave not yet been integrated into the MOD4 database. Consequently, in order to provide the capabilityfor the parcels data to join with the MOD4 database, a change back to the old block and lot numberswas necessary. When the new block and lot numbers are integrated into the MOD4 database, the newblock and lot numbers will be added back to the parcels dataset.Changes were made to several parcels in Hudson County municipalities in the Meadowlands Districtwhere the Meadowlands Commission has more current data.December 29, 2009An update for Warren County was posted for download. A correction was made to the boundary linebetween parcels 2109 1303 1 (Block 1303, Lot 1) and 2109 1304 1 (Block 1304, Lot 1) in HardwickTownship.December 16, 2009An update for East Brunswick Township was posted for download. Corrections were made to theattribute table for erroneous block and lot numbers.An update for Monmouth County was posted for download. Corrections were made to the attributetable for the county/municipal code (MUN) and Parcel ID # (PAMS PIN) for Freehold Township andHazlet Township.December 4, 2009An update for Warren County was posted for download. This update incorporates a change at theHardwick Township (Warren County)/Stillwater Township (Sussex County) boundary where it was foundthat surveyed data used to define the municipal boundary were flawed.October 13, 2009

The width for the MUN (county/municipality code) field in the attribute tables of the Bergen County andWarren County datasets was corrected. Updates for those counties were posted for download.

Jun 01, 2021 · available data for the 2018 tax year. October 18, 2018 All of the county parcel datasets from the statewide parcel composite and the county MOD-IV tables have been moved from the Information Warehouse to the NJGIN GIS Open Data site. Statewide parcel and MOD-IV data have also been added and