GOLDBARSSupplement10/2013ZIJIN MINING GROUP CO LTDGOLD BAR MANUFACTURER IN CHINAZijin Mining Group Co Ltd, the largest gold producer in China, has itsinternational headquarters in Fujian Province at Shanghang, which islocated 200 km north west of the city of Xiamen.It has two main gold refining and cast bar manufacturing plants:Gold Refinery of Zijin Mining Group Co Ltd(Shanghang, Fujian Province – East China)Luoyang Zijin Yinhui Gold Refining Co Ltd(Luoyang, Henan Province – South Central China)The company’s minted bars are manufactured in Xiamen at a factory thatis part of Zijin Mining Group Sales (Xiamen) Co Ltd.Zijin Mining has its internationalheadquarters in Fujian Provinceat Shanghang.It is China’s largest gold producingcompany.Fujian Province, which faces the Strait of Taiwan, has a population of36 million. Xiamen is on the coast, 600 km north-east of Hong Kong.ACCREDITATIONGold Refinery of Zijin Mining Group Co Ltd2006 London Bullion Market Association (LBMA)2002 Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE)Luoyang Zijin Yinhui Gold Refining Co Ltd2002 Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE)OWNERSHIPZijin Mining Group Co Ltd is a state-owned public company.The major shareholder is Shanghang Minxi Xinghang State-OwnedProperty Investment Company (28.96%).The company manufacturesShanghai Good Delivery bars (since2002) and London Good Delivery bars(since 2006).The company is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (2003) andShanghai Stock Exchange (2006).RANGE OF GOLD BARSThe company manufactures an extensive range of “standard” and“non-standard” bars.“Standard” bars are defined as those that are London or Shanghai “gooddelivery”. “Non-standard” bars are all other bars.Gold Refinery of Zijin Mining Group Co LtdCast: 400 oz, 3000 g, 1000 gLuoyang Zijin Yinhui Gold Refining Co LtdCast: 3000 g, 1000 gZijin Mining Group Sales (Xiamen) Co LtdMinted Investment Bars: 12.5 kg, 1000 g, 500 g, 200 g, 100 g, 50 gIt also manufactures an extensive rangeof investment and decorative bars forthe Chinese market.

Zijin Mining Group Co Ltdwww.goldbarsworldwide.comThe factory in Xiamen also manufactures an extensive range of otherminted bars with decorative designs and in unusual shapes.The two refineries also manufacture other cast bars, including unmarkedbars, for internal and external entities.BACKGROUNDZijin Mining Group Co Ltd, known by this name since 2004, wasfounded as the Shanghang County Mining Company in 1986,subsequently renamed Fujian Shanghang Zijin Mining Company in 1993,Fujian Zijin Mining Corporation in 2000 and Fujian Zijin Mining GroupCompany in early 2004.It focuses on the production of gold, copper, silver and zinc. In additionto being China’s largest gold producer since 2005 (90.33 tonnes from itsown and external mines in 2012), it is also China’s second largest copperminer (216,599 tonnes in 2012).Zijin Mining has refined gold inShanghang since 1993.The company operates mines in 20 provinces in China, including15 mines that produce gold. The largest gold mine (and the largest inChina) is Zijin Shan Gold-Copper Mine (14 km from Shanghang), whichhas been developed since 1992.Internationally (since 2005), the company has become involved in theproduction or exploration of gold through joint-ventures or subsidiaries in5 countries: Tajikistan, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Australia and Congo (DRC).It also mines other metals in Myanmar, Peru and Russia.At Shanghang, a new gold refinery was opened in 2000. Gold refininghad previously taken place at another site since 1993.The gold refinery in Luoyang wasacquired in 2005.At Luoyang, the gold refinery has been in operation since the 1980s.It became a subsidiary of Zijin Mining, which owns a 70% shareholding,in 2005.At Xiamen, Zijin Mining Group Sales (Xiamen) Co Ltd was established in2011, its factory having operated since 2010. In the same year, shops toretail precious metal bars, medallions and jewellery were opened. Thereare now approximately 25 shops located in Beijing and Shenzhen, aswell as in Fujian and Guizhou Provinces and the autonomous region ofXinjiang Uygur.The gold refinery at Shanghang focuses on the refining of mine doré andsemi-refined gold, with plans to refine scrap in the future. Gold refiningmethods include wet chemical parting and solvent extraction. Annualgold refining capacity: 20 tonnes fine gold.The gold refinery at Luoyang is reported to have a larger capacity andannual gold output. In addition, gold refining also takes place at twoother sites in Shanghang and Luoyang, at sites in Guizhou and JilinProvinces and in Tajikistan.The factory, which manufactures mintedbars, was established in Xiamenin 2010.Number of employees: 20,000 (Group)Website: (Group) (Minted bar factory at Xiamen)2

Zijin Mining Group Co Ltdwww.goldbarsworldwide.comTECHNICAL DESCRIPTIONWeightTypeLondon Good Delivery400 ozCastShanghai Good Delivery3000 g1000 gFinenessShapeDimensionsmmSerial NumberSystem999.9Rectangular255 x 81 x 37237 x 57 (base)Cast999.5/999.9Rectangular320 x 70Cast999.5/999.9Rectangular115 x 52.5Investment12.5 kgMinted999.9Rectangular1000 gMinted999.99Rectangular500 gMinted999.99Rectangular200 gMinted999.99Rectangular100 gMinted999.99Rectangular50 gMinted999.99Rectangular255 x 80240 x 60 (base)113 x 5496 x 37 (base)83 x 4070 x 27 (base)59 x 2949 x 19 (base)51 x 2642 x 17 (base)45 x 2339 x 17 (base)FirstIssued6 numbersPlus Year Date20062 LettersPlus 6 numbers2 LettersPlus 7 numbers200220027 numbers2012-2012-2012-2012-2012-2012Source: Gold Refinery of Zijin Mining Group Co Ltd (Shanghang)Cast Bars – Serial Numbers400 oz. 1st two numbers record the year of manufacture (e.g. “13” means“2013”). Next 4 numbers record the serial number within the year.3000 g. 1st letter records SGE number: “1” Refinery at Shanghang;“H” Refinery at Luoyang. 2nd letter indicates gold purity: “X” 999.9,“Y” 999.5. 1st two numbers record the year (e.g. “13” means “2013”).Next 4 numbers record the serial number within the year.1000 g. 1st letter records SGE number: “1” Refinery at Shanghang;“H” Refinery at Luoyang. 2nd letter indicates gold purity: “X” 999.9,“Y” 999.5. 1st two numbers record the year (e.g. “13” means “2013”).Next 5 numbers record the serial number within the year.DISTRIBUTIONZijin Mining manufactures ShanghaiGood Delivery kilobars in Shanghangand Luoyang.While almost all gold is compulsorily converted into good delivery bars forsale on the Shanghai Gold Exchange, the factory in Xiamen manufacturesbars for Zijin’s own retail shops, as well as for banks, jewellery retailersand other entities. The gold to do this is normally supplied by the tradecustomer in the form of bars purchased from the Shanghai GoldExchange.The factory also manufactures customized bars for several banks,including:Bank of ChinaChina Merchants Bank of China (CMBC)Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)China Xiamen BankChina Shanghai Pudong BankRefining gold at the refinery inShanghang.3

Zijin Mining Group Co Ltdwww.goldbarsworldwide.comEXAMPLES OF SUPPLEMENTARY BARSIssued progressively since 2010.NameCHINESE ZODIACTraditional ShapeRectangularEight-CirclesAncient MoneyCULTURAL THEMESRoundOvalRectangularBowlAbacusFESTIVALS AND CELEBRATIONSRound: “Moon & Flowers”Rectangular: “Moon & Flowers”BadgeFishWEDDINGSTwo-Part BarAncient MoneyREGIONALRound: Fujian – GutianRectangular: Fujian – Good FutureRound: Fujian – World HeritageWeightsTypeFineness1000 g, 500 g, 200 g, 100 g, 50 g, 30 g, 10 g200 g, 100 g, 50 g, 30 g, 10 g30 g, 10 0 g, 20 g (4)5g30 g10g (5)88 9.9999.999999 g (45 g 45 g 9 g)50 g, 5 gMintedMinted999.99999.998 g, 48 g, 30 g, 20 g, 15 g, 10 g100 g, 50 g, 30 g, 20 g, 10 g45 g, 15 g, 10 gMintedMintedMinted999.9999.9999.9g, 1 ozg, 50 g, 30 g,20 g,10 ggg, 50gSource: Zijin Mining Group Sales (Xiamen) Co LtdZijin Mining has opened 25 precious metal retail shops in China since 2010.4

Zijin Mining Group Co Ltdwww.goldbarsworldwide.comLONDON GOOD DELIVERY BAR400 ozPouring gold at the refinery in Shanghang.OFFICIAL STAMPOn cast bars manufactured by Gold Refinery of Zijin Mining Group Co Ltd since 2002.On “Investment Bars” manufactured by Zijin Mining Group Sales (Xiamen) Co Ltd since 2012.A certification mark has also been applied to London Good Delivery 400 oz bars since 2006.5

Zijin Mining Group Co Ltdwww.goldbarsworldwide.comSHANGHAI GOOD DELIVERY BARS1000 g3000 gManufacturing 3000 g bars at the refinery in Shanghang.The refinery in Luoyang also manufactures ShanghaiGood Delivery bars as a separate company. The bars aremarked with its own official stamp.6

Zijin Mining Group Co Ltdwww.goldbarsworldwide.comINVESTMENT BARSMinted “investment” bars were launched in 2012.Gold purity: 999.99Range: 12.5 kg, 1000 g, 500 g, 200 g, 100 g, 50 g12.5 kgThe Chinese script on the “investment” bars refers to“Good Fortune”.7

Zijin Mining Group Co Ltdwww.goldbarsworldwide.comEXAMPLES OF SUPPLEMENTARY BARSCHINESE ZODIACTraditional “Year of the Snake” bars.Gold purity: 999.99Minted bars: 1000 g, 500 g, 200 g, 100 g, 50 g, 30 g, 10 gRectangular “Year of the Snake” bars.Gold purity: 999.9Minted bars: 200 g, 100 g, 50 g, 30 g, 10 g8

Zijin Mining Group Co Ltdwww.goldbarsworldwide.comCHINESE ZODIACEight-Circles “Year of the Snake” bars.Gold purity: 999.99 or 999.9Minted bars: 30 g (999.99), 10 g (999.9)Round “Ancient Money” bars.Gold purity: 999.9Minted bar: 8 g9

Zijin Mining Group Co Ltdwww.goldbarsworldwide.comCULTURAL THEMESRange of 5 decorative “Buddha” bars.Gold purity: 999.99Minted bars: 30 g plus 4 x 20 gRectangular “Buddha” bar that includes a prayer for good fortune.Gold purity: 999.99Minted bars: 30 g10

Zijin Mining Group Co Ltdwww.goldbarsworldwide.comFESTIVALS AND CELEBRATIONSRound “Full Moon & Flowers” bar in shape of a plate.Gold purity: 999.9Minted bars: 100 g, 1 ozRectangular “Full Moon & Flowers”.Gold purity: 999.9Minted bars: 100 g, 50 g, 30 g, 20 g, 10 g11

Zijin Mining Group Co Ltdwww.goldbarsworldwide.comWEDDINGSWedding bar joins two parts that represent the bride and groom.Gold purity: 999.99Minted bars: 99 g (45 g 45 g 9 g)Bars in the shape of ancient Chinese money.Gold purity: 999.9Minted bars: 50 g, 5 g12

Zijin Mining Group Co Ltdwww.goldbarsworldwide.comREGIONALRound “World Heritage” commemorating a traditional style ofbuilding in ancient China.Gold purity: 999.9Minted bars: 45 g, 15 g, 10 gRectangular bars commemorating the election of Mao Zedong asChairman of the Communist Party at Gutian in the Fujian Province.Gold purity: 999.9Minted bars: 100 g, 50 g, 30 g, 20 g, 10 g13

Zijin Mining Group Co Ltdwww.goldbarsworldwide.comGOLD PRODUCING MINES IN CHINAZijin Mining Group manages 15 gold producing mines in China.RegionNorth WestProvinceGansuShaanxiName of MineYate Gold MineYixingzhai Gold MineNorth EastJilinHungchun Gold-Copper MineNorthHebeiDongping Gold MineEastShangdongAnhuiFujianLongkou Jinfeng Gold MineJiaochong Gold MineZijinshan Gold-Copper MineSouth CentralHubeiXiaohe Gold MineSouth WestSichuanYunnanYunnanGuizhouDongbei Zhai Gold MineYuanyang Jinzihe Gold MineMalipo Tungsten MineShuiyindiong Gold MineThe international headquarters ofZijin Mining in Shanghang.The company manages20 gold-producing mines inChina and internationally.Autonomous Region TibetXietongmen Xiongcun Gold-Copper MineInner MongoliaBayanhaer Gold MineGuangxi Zhuang Longsheng Pannei Gold MineSource: Zijin Mining Group Co LtdGOLD PRODUCING MINES IN OTHER COUNTRIESZijin Mining Group manages gold producing mines in 5 other countries.It initiated its international programme in ngo (DRC)Gold Mine or ProjectZGC Gold MineNari Tolgoi Gold MineNGF Gold MineTaldy-Bulak Leveoberejny Gold MineMisisi Gold ExplorationZijin Shan Gold-Copper Mine,the largest gold mine in China,is located near Shanghang.Source: Zijin Mining Group Co LtdZIJIN MINING GROUP GOLD PRODUCTIONTonnesYear20082009201020112012Gold Production57.3275.3769.0786.1790.33Gold Mined*28.4830.6529.1828.6332.08Gold Refined#28.8444.7239.8957.5458.25Source: Zijin Mining Group Co Ltd. *Refers to gold mined in China and internationally.#Refers to the refining of gold-bearing materials supplied by external entities.Zijin Shan Gold-Copper Mine produced16 tonnes of fine gold in 2012.14

Zijin Mining Group Co Ltdwww.goldbarsworldwide.comXinjiang Ashele Copper MineXinjiang Uygur – Autonomous RegionZijin Mining is also China’s second largest mined copper producer,mining copper in China, Peru and Russia.The Zijin Shan Gold Mine opened the Zijin Shan Mine Park to the publicin 2011.The park, which includes a large botanical garden, illustrates thecommitment of Zijin Mining to operating to a high environmental standardat all of its mine sites.This supplement is indebted to the support ofZijin Mining Group Co LtdGold Refinery of Zijin Mining Group Co LtdZijin Mining Group Sales (Xiamen) Co LtdWorld Gold CouncilRefer to disclaimer on website: Grendon International Research Pty Ltd 2013. All rights reserved.15

Gold Refinery of Zijin Mining Group Co Ltd Cast: 400 oz, 3000 g, 1000 g Luoyang Zijin Yinhui Gold Refining Co Ltd Cast: 3000 g, 1000 g Zijin Mining Group Sales (Xiamen) Co Ltd Minted Investment Bars: 12.5 kg, 1000 g, 500 g, 200 g, 100 g, 50 g GOLD BARS Supplement 10/2013 Zijin Mining has