Online Banking/Mobile Banking ApplicationNational Bank of Sallisaw, A Division of FNBFSP.O. Box 549 Sallisaw, OK 74955 Phone: (918) 775-5501 Fax (918) 775-5761CUSTOMER INFORMATIONNew ApplicationAccount ModificationUpon completion of this application, please sign in the signature space provided, deliver it to one of our convenient locations ormail to: The National Bank of Sallisaw’s eBanking Department, 1000 South Kerr, Sallisaw, OK 74955. If National Bank ofSallisaw (hereafter, "the Bank") accepts your application, we will provide you with an appropriate Online Banking / MobileBanking ID and temporary Online Banking Password in a separate mailing. The first time you access your Online Banking /Mobile Banking account, you will be required to change your Password. It is your responsibility to protect your Password. Email support can be accessed at [email protected] This application provides access to the accounts* listed belowon an individual basis only. Each account holder requesting access to Online Banking / Mobile Banking must complete anapplication.Name: Primary Checking Acct:Mailing Address: Tax ID or Soc Sec #: / /City, State, & Zip: Customer Birth Date: / /e-Mail Address: Inquiry Code Word:REQUESTED SERVICES(Please Check the Appropriate Boxes Below) Online Banking / Mobile Banking.User ID:Account #Access your account balances, transfer funds between accounts**, make First National Bank of Fort Smith loanpayments, review history, add and delete stop payments and other financial services that may become available (StopPayment services may be accessed with Online Banking, but not thru Mobile Banking option). The Bank will onlyexecute requested transactions during the Bank’s normal processing hours. Online Banking is a free service to ourcustomers. However, all other applicable transaction fees for your account may apply. You are responsible for any andall Internet Services Provider, Cell Phone, or Access Provider charges. Savings withdrawals are governed by FederalRegulations. Should you wish to restrict the availability to transfer funds between your accounts at the Bank, please check here.**“Transfer Funds Services” ARE NOT available for Certificates of Deposit, IRAs, Safe Deposit Boxes, or accounts that require two (2) signatures.

REQUESTED SERVICES -Cont.(Please Check the Appropriate Boxes Below) Account Access Information: If you wish to have access to ALL accounts, both current and future, of which you are the Primary or JointOwner, please check here. Otherwise, please list below the accounts that you wish to have access. (Please use another sheet if additional space isneeded)Account NumberType of Account*Account Description (Maximum 20 alpha / Numeric Characters)*Types of Accounts that are available for access: Checking, Savings, Certificates of Deposits, IRA, Loans, and Safe Deposit Boxes. eStatements and eNotices: Please list below the accounts that you want to receive eStatements and eNotices.Account NumberOnline Pseudo NameBy completing, signing, and returning this application, I hereby state I have received, read, understood, and agree to the attachedService Agreement and Disclosure. Failure to honor this Agreement and Disclosure may result in the termination of these servicesby the Bank. I hereby state the information I have supplied is accurate. I also hereby authorize the Bank to verify said information,as well as my credit history, by any necessary means, including obtaining a credit report from a credit reporting agency.(Applicant Signature)/ /(Application Date)( ) -(Daytime Phone Number)(Ext)Internal Bank Use Only:Net Teller ID: 7200 CIF Key Date Entered / / By:

NATIONAL BANK OF SALLISAWA DIVISION OF THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF FORT SMITHOnline Banking Service Agreementcommercially reasonable measures to notify you in advance of any suchtermination, but the Bank is not obligated to do so.SERVICES AGREEMENT: By making application for Online Banking, youacknowledge and agree that the terms and conditions outlined in theapplication and this agreement will apply to and govern your use of OnlineBanking offered by the National Bank of Sallisaw (the "Bank") and that youhave read and understand the terms and conditions of this application and thisagreement, and this application and this agreement create a valid and bindinglegal contract between you and the Bank. For the purposes of this agreement,Online Banking shall include the Mobile Banking and Bill Pay options ifselected and any other option which may become available in the future. Ifyou have questions about this agreement, contact: NATIONAL BANK OFSALLISAW, EBANKING DEPARTMENT, PO BOX 549, SALLISAW,OKLAHOMA 74955 (918) 775-5501 before entering into this contract.8. SECURITY. In order to maintain secure communications and reducefraud, you agree to protect the security of your numbers, codes, marks, signs,public keys or other means of identification. The Bank reserves the right toblock access to Online Banking to maintain or restore security to the Bank'ssystems if the Bank reasonably believes your access codes have been or maybe obtained or are being used or may be used by an unauthorized person(s).You are liable and responsible for all Online Banking transactions made usingyour means of identification, whether those transactions are made by you orany person you authorize, permit or enable to have your means ofidentification (even if the person exceeds your authority) or by any personwho obtains through you, by whatever means, your means of identification. Ifyou have given someone your means of identification and wish to terminatetheir authority, or if you know or believe that your means of identification isotherwise compromised, you must notify the Bank so the Bank can take thenecessary steps to change the means of identification. You agree to defend,hold harmless and indemnify the Bank from and against any and all claims ofany nature arising out of any such access by a person you have authorized,permitted or enabled to have access to your bank accounts via OnlineBanking.1. WHAT THIS AGREEMENT COVERS. WHAT THIS AGREEMENTCOVERS. This agreement between you and The Bank governs your use of theBank's Online Banking services, and the Mobile Banking and Stop Payoptions if selected defined as any electronic service provided by the Bank thatpermits you to access financial services or account information through theuse of a personal computer or mobile phone. Access will be provided throughthe Worldwide Web of the Internet. You are responsible for providing yourown access to the Internet through the Internet Service Provider of yourchoice. The terms and conditions of this Agreement are in addition to, andshall supplement, the terms, conditions, rules, and regulations that apply toany of your existing National Bank of Sallisaw accounts or services of theBank which you currently use.9. LIMIT OF THE BANK AND OTHER PROVIDERS’RESPONSIBILITY. The Bank agrees to make reasonable efforts to ensurefull performance of Online Banking. The Bank will be responsible for actingonly on those instructions sent through Online Banking which are actuallyreceived and cannot assume responsibility for malfunctions incommunications facilities not under its control that may affect the accuracy ortimeliness of messages you send. The Bank is not responsible for any losses ordelays in transmission of instructions arising out of the use of any InternetService Provider or caused by any browser software. Any information youreceive from the Bank can only be provided on a best-efforts basis for yourconvenience and is not guaranteed. The Bank is not liable for any deficienciesin the accuracy, completeness, availability or timeliness of such informationor for any investment or other decision made using this information. The Bankis not responsible for any computer virus or related problems which may beattributable to Online Banking or to any services provided by any InternetServices Provider or phone system. In the absence of negligence on the part ofthe Bank, none of the Bank, any of its affiliates or any of their respectiveofficers, directors, employees or agents, is responsible for any direct, indirect,special, incidental or consequential damages arising in any way out of the useof Online Banking. Because some states do not allow the exclusion oflimitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages, in such statesthe liability of the foregoing entities and individuals is limited to themaximum extent permitted by law. The Bank makes no express or impliedwarranties concerning Online Banking, including but not limited to, anywarranties of merchant ability, fitness for a particular purpose or noninfringement of third party proprietary rights unless, and then only to theextent, disclaiming such warranties is prohibited by law.2. ONLINE BANKING SERVICE. The Online Banking service enablesyou to review your current account information and to transfer funds betweenand among your accounts with the Bank, to the extent you identify yourapplicable accounts on your Online Banking application. Some aspects of theonline banking service may be accessed from your mobile phone if the MobileBanking option is selected.3. ONLINE BANKING TRANSFERS AND PAYMENTS. When youinstruct the Bank to transfer funds between or among your National Bank ofSallisaw accounts through Online Banking, you authorize the Bank towithdraw the necessary funds from the bank account you designate. As withany funds transfer request, whether or not utilizing Online Banking, you agreethat you will instruct the Bank to make a withdrawal only when a sufficientbalance is or will be available in your designated National Bank of Sallisawaccount at the time of withdrawal. The Bank will not be obligated to act onany withdrawal instruction from you if sufficient funds, including overdraftlines of credit are not available in the account you designate. If yourtransaction requires the Bank's use of your overdraft line of credit, anoverdraft fee will be charged. line of credit, an overdraft fee will be charged.4. BILL PAYMENT is an option for Online Banking which allows you tomake bill payments thru online services. The terms and conditions of the billpayment agreement are in addition to the account agreements, disclosures andother documents in effect from time to time governing your account. Billpayment terms and conditions are available through the Online Bankingwebsite.10. NO OTHER USE. Online Banking gives you access to services andinformation from the Bank which may be presented with a distinctive lookand feel. These services, information and look and feel are the proprietaryproperty of the Bank. You may use Online Banking only for your personal useand may not reproduce, sell or distribute all or any portion of the informationprovided to you by the Online Banking.5. COST OF Online Banking. There are currently no monthly servicecharges or transaction fees for the Retail Online Banking service. However,you are responsible for all telephone charges you incur in connecting toOnline Banking. You are also responsible for charges by any Internet ServiceProvider you use.11. SEVERABILITY. In the event any one or more of the provisions of thisAgreement shall for any reason be held to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable,the remaining provisions shall remain valid and enforceable.6. CHANGES IN TERMS. The Bank may change Online Banking servicesand the terms, including fees, set forth in this Agreement at any time. You willbe notified of any such change as required by applicable law, either by mail orby an electronic message. You understand that, by using Online Banking afterchange becomes effective and after you are notified of the change, you areagreeing to the change.12. GOVERNING LAW. The terms and conditions of this Agreement shallbe governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State ofArkansas without regard to its conflicts of law provisions. In the event of aconflict between Arkansas law and Federal law or regulation, Arkansas lawwill be modified only to the extent required to comply with such Federal lawor regulation. Your existing account relationships shall continue to begoverned and construed to be in accordance with the laws of the state wherethe Bank branch at which you initially established your bank account islocated or has been transferred by the Bank or as otherwise specified in theapplicable agreements between you and the Bank. Any issue relating to anaccount or service with the Bank which you access through Online Banking7. CANCELLATION. This Agreement will remain in effect until it isterminate by you or the Bank. You may cancel this Agreement at any time bynotifying the Bank by mail to: NATIONAL BANK OF SALLISAW,EBANKING DEPARTMENT, PO BOX 549, SALLISAW, OKLAHOMA74955 (918) 775-5501. The Bank may cancel this Agreement and terminateyour use of Online Banking for any reason, at any time The Bank will use-1-

17. MINIMUM SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS. Online Banking requiresaccess to the Internet through an Internet Service Provider (ISP) of yourchoice. You must have browser software installed on your computer systemthat supports 128 bit encryption. If the Mobile Banking option is selected, youwill need to check with your cell phone / Internet access provider for service,hardware, and software requirements.shall be governed by the laws specified in the agreement for that account orservice if there is a separate agreement for that account or service.13. ASSIGNMENT. The Bank may assign its rights and delegate its dutiesunder this agreement to a company affiliated with the Bank or to any otherparty. You may not assign any of your rights or duties under this Agreementat any time.18. ELECTRONIC BANKING DISCLOSURE.14. ENTIRE AGREEMENT. This Agreement is the entire agreementbetween you and the Bank regarding your use of Online Banking, and itsupersedes any prior discussions and agreements between you and the Bankregarding Online Banking, and supersedes any marketing or other similarmaterial pertaining to Online Banking delivered to you in writing, verbally, orobtained at any of the Bank's sites or the site of any Internet Service Provider.(A) INTRODUCTION. This Electronic Banking disclosure applies toElectronic Funds Transactions (EFT's) and Online Banking involving theaccounts of a "consumer" (a natural person). If you are not a consumer, forexample, if you are a corporation, a limited liability company, or apartnership, then neither this disclosure nor the terms contained therein applyto you. Electronic Funds Transactions ("EFTs") cover a growing range ofmethods for moving funds. The common link between all these methods isthat they are all means of moving money between accounts and bankselectronically, rather than using the physical movement of checks, drafts,negotiable orders of withdrawal or other similar paper instruments. EFT iscurrently defined as any transfer of funds that is started through an electronicterminal or magnetic tape for the purpose of ordering, instructing orauthorizing us to debit or credit your account. The term includes, but is notlimited to, Online Banking. Transferring funds through Online Banking willsupplement the use of checks, credit and cash, but will not replace thesepresent methods of doing business. As a consumer, you should be aware ofyour rights if you choose to utilize Online Banking information in a clear andconcise manner. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contactthe Bank:15. INTERRUPTIONS IN SERVICES. The Bank shall not be responsiblefor nor shall it incur any liability as a result of any interruption in servicesprovided to on-line banking customers resulting from matters outside theBank's control, including but not limited to interruptions in telephone service,electrical services, equipment failures, failures of outside service providers, orother interruptions in service resulting from causes beyond the Bank's control.In addition the Bank may on a regular basis, perform maintenance on theBank's equipment or systems, which may result in interruption of on-linebanking at Online Banking. The Bank will not incur any liability as a result ofany such interruptions.16. MANDATORYARBITRATION ANDWAIVER OF JURY TRIAL.Unless otherwise required by law or regulatory provisions, all unresolveddisputes or claims arising out of or related to this Agreement or services to beprovided pursuant to the terms of this Agreement of any nature whatsoever,whether in contract, tort or otherwise, at law or in equity, shall be subject toand resolved by a binding arbitration under the expedited procedures of theCommercial Financial Disputes Arbitration Rules of the American ArbitrationAssociation (AAA) and the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA), Title 9 of the U.S.Code. To the extent conflicts arise between the AAA procedures and the FAA,the FAA shall control. Any arbitration held pursuant to this requirement shallcontrol. Any arbitration held pursuant to this requirement shall be conductedin the city where your account is established or as otherwise mutually agreed.Arbitration shall be conducted by a single arbitrator appointed by the AAA.The person so appointed by the AAA shall have experience and knowledge ofbanking transactions. Any issue concerning whether or to the extent to whicha dispute or claim is subject to arbitration, including but not limited to issuesrelated to the validity or enforce ability of these arbitration provisions, orrights pursuant to federal law or regulations, shall be determined by thearbitrator so selected. All statutes of limitation or other defenses relating to thetimeliness of the assertion of a dispute or claim that otherwise would beapplicable to an action brought in a court of law or equity shall be applicableto such arbitration and the commencement of an arbitration proceeding underthis Agreement shall be deemed the commencement of an action for suchpurposes. No provision of this paragraph shall restrict the ability of any personto exercise all the rights and remedies available under applicable law,regulations, or this agreement; provided, that the exercise of those rights orremedies is subject to the right of any other person to demand arbitration asprovided herein to the extent not otherwise inconsistent with such other rightsand remedies. Unless otherwise required by state statue, federal law or judicialruling all costs and expenses of arbitration shall be born by the non-prevailingparty and all legal costs and expenses shall be allocated in accordance withapplicable state and federal law. The commencement of legal action by aperson entitled to demand arbitration does not waive the right of that person todemand arbitration with respect to any counterclaim or other claim. No personentitled to demand arbitration herein shall be permitted to assert a dispute orclaim that is on behalf of any other person. In addition, no claims of any otherperson or persons shall be joined in such arbitration proceeding, eacharbitration proceeding being an individual and exclusive action. Similarly, anarbitration proceeding under this Agreement may not be consolidated withother arbitration proceedings. Judgment upon the award rendered inarbitration shall be final and may be entered in any court, state or federal,having jurisdiction. IF A DISPUTE OR CLAIM IS NOT SUBJECT TOARBITRATION FOR ANY REASON, THEN THE DISPUTE OR CLAIMSHALL BE DECIDED IN A COURT OF COMPETENT JURISDICTIONTRIED TO THE BENCH WITHOUT A JURY. YOU AND WEIRREVOCABLY WAIVE ALL RIGHTS TO JURY TRIAL AND SUBMITSUCH ACTION TO THE JUDGE SITTING AS ATRIER OF FACT.National Bank of [email protected] South KerrSallisaw, OK 74955Monday-Friday8:30AM-5:00PM(918) 775-5501You may also find out information about your account by calling the Bank's"INFO-LINE", which allows access from any touch-tone telephone.Depending on the type of account accessed, you may obtain information aboutyour current and available balance: transaction inquiries (which will includepaid checks, deposits, ATM transactions, EFT debits, etc.) or a specifictransaction by paid check number. During regular business hours, you canspeak to one of our Associates who will be happy to assist you. You maycontact our Bank-By-Phone by: Telephone (918)775-7555, Available: 365Days a year, 24 hours a day (Except for routine maintenance) Please use thisdisclosure in conjunction with the appropriate account Rules and Regulationsand Truth in Savings disclosures. Please refer to our current service feebrochure for further information. Finally, you may also find out informationabout your account through Online Banking. We will not sell lists containingnames, address or other information about consumers using Online Banking.(B) DEFINITIONS.ACCOUNT: Any deposit account of yours at the Bank. For transactionsconducted using Online Banking, the term includes your DemandDeposit/Checking, NOW Checking, Statement Savings and Money MarketAccounts, (savings withdrawals are governed by Federal Regulations.)PASSWORD: a unique code which is selected and is known only to thecustomer and must be used along with your Online Banking ID to performtransactions through Online Banking or used to access Info-Line services.RULES: The Bank's Rules and Regulations for its accounts, including thoserules about the use of Online Banking and Electronic Funds Transfer services.TRANSACTION: Debits (limited to deposit accounts) or credits on anaccount, including, withdrawals, deposits and transfers.(C) GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT ONLINE BANKING. OnlineBanking enables you to place stop payments, review your current accountinformation and to transfer funds between and among your accounts, to theextent that you identify your applicable accounts on your Online Banking,does not affect the applicable minimum balance requirements of, or rates ofinterest payable on, any Account.(D) QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR ELECTRONIC FUND TRANSFER(S)AND/OR ERROR RESOLUTION. If you have a question or problem with-2-

(2) Your PASSWORD and ID is known to someone other than yourself;(3) You believe someone has transferred or may transfer money from yourAccount without your permission; or(4) Your statement shows transfers that you did not EFT, contact the Customer Service Department promptly at the address andtelephone numbers below:National Bank of [email protected] South KerrSallisaw, OK 74955Monday-Friday8:30AM-5:00PM(918) 775-5501You could lose all the money in your associated accounts plus the maximumamount of any overdraft line of credit. To the extent a transaction is anelectronic funds transfer, if you tell us within two (2) business days after youlearn of the loss, theft or unauthorized transaction, you can lose no more than 50.00 if someone used your password or made a transaction without yourauthorization. If you do NOT tell us within two (2) business days after youlearn of the loss, theft or unauthorized transaction, and we can prove we couldhave stopped someone from using your Password or the Online Bankingwithout your authorization if you had told us, you could lose as much as 500.00. Also, if your statement shows a transaction that you did not make orauthorize, tell us at once. If you do not tell us within 60 days after thestatement was mailed, electronically transmitted, or otherwise made availableto you, you may not get back any money you lost after the 60 days if we canprove that we could have stopped someone from taking the money if you hadtold us in time. If a good reason (such as a long trip or hospital stay) kept youfrom telling us, we may extend the time periods as may be reasonable underthe circumstances.Examples of possible problems are: you think your statement is wrong; youneed more information about a transaction listed on your statement; or youneed more information about a transfer. We must hear from you no later thansixty (60) days after we sent the FIRST statement on which the problem orerror appeared. You need to provide us with the following information:(1) Your name, address and account number;(2) Description of the suspected error or problem; with a clear explanationabout why you believe it is an error, problem or why you need moreinformation;(3) The dollar amount of the suspected error or problem;If you notify the Bank orally or in person, we require you to send us theforegoing information in writing within ten (10) calendar days after that oralor in person notification. Failure to provide that foregoing information inwriting may result in your not receiving provisional credit during theinvestigation period. The bank will inform you of the status of itsinvestigation within ten (10) calendar days following the date you notified theBank. The Bank will correct any error as promptly as possible; however, itmay take up to forty-five (45) calendar days to complete the investigation. Ifmore than ten (10) calendar days is needed to investigate, the Bank willprovide you with provisional credit so you may have use of the money. TheBank will correct any error within one business day after determining that anerror occurred. If the Bank decides that there was no error, the Bank will sendyou a written explanation within three (3) business days after the completionof its investigation. Upon request, the Bank will make the documentation usedin its investigation available for your inspection or provide you with copies,for a reasonable fee, to cover duplication costs. The Bank’s record of youraccount will be binding if there is a difference between the Bank’s record andyour assertion.(G) THE BANK’S LIABILITY FOR FAILURE TO MAKETRANSFERS. If the Bank does not complete an electronic funds transfer toor from your Account on time or in the correct amount, according to thisAgreement with you, the Bank will be liable for proven losses or damages.However, there are some exceptions. The Bank will NOT be liable, forinstance: If, through no fault of the Bank, you do not have enough money inyour Account to make the transfer; If the funds in your account are subject tolegal process or other encumbrance restricting such EFT; If the transfer wouldgo over your credit limit; If the Bank’s internal computer system was notworking properly and you knew about the breakdown when you started thetransfer; or, in the case of a pre-authorized transfer, at the time such transferwould have occurred;If the system failure was not intentional and resulted from a bona fide error,notwithstanding the maintenance of procedure reasonably adapted to avoidany such error;(E) STOP PAYMENTS. If you have arranged for pre-authorized transfers orissued a check to a third-party from your account, you can stop any of thesepayments by contacting our Bookkeeping Department in time for us to receiveyour request three (3) business days or more before the payment is scheduledto be made or before the check is negotiated. It is understood that a StopPayment Order IS NOT EFFECTIVE until an actual signed order is delivered(by mail or in person) to:If circumstances beyond the Bank’s control (such as fire or flood) prevent thetransfer despite reasonable precautions that we have taken;If the delay causes you no losses or damages which you can prove in court; orIf the transfer was not in compliance with some other condition set forth onthis notice.The Bank will be liable if you request us in writing to stop payment to aparticular EFT at least three (3) business days before the scheduled debit andwe do not stop payment, or our failure to credit a deposit which would haveprovided sufficient funds for the transfer out, if such request is otherwise incompliance with the Terms and Conditions of this notice.National Bank of Sallisaw,Bookkeeping Department1000 South KerrSallisaw, OK 74955orPOB 549Sallisaw, OK 74955(H) TERMINATION. You may terminate any agreement authorizingtransfers to or from your Account by written notice to both the person orcompany initiating the transfer and the Bank. Only transfers, scheduled tooccur, after the Bank receives your notification are affected. Your writtennotice must be received with enough time so that both the Bank and the otherperson or company have a reasonable opportunity to act on your request.within fourteen (14) days of notification and that it remains effective for onlysix (6) months thereafter. We will charge you a fee for each stop paymentorder. Please refer to our Service Fees brochure for current fees. The initiationby you of certain EFT’s from your account will, except as otherwise providedin this Agreement, effectively eliminate your ability to stop payment of thetransfer. Unless Otherwise Provided in this Agreement, You May Not StopPayment of EFT’s; Therefore, You Should Not Employ Electronic Access forPurchases and Services Unless You Are Satisfied That You Will Not Need toStop Payment. Stop Payment Orders can be initiated with Online Banking butnot thru the Mobile Banking option. All conditions apply to Stop Paymentorders initiated thru Online Banking.(I) CHARGES FOR TRANSFERS OR RIGHT TO MAKETRANSFERS. As indicated in Section 4, there are currently no monthlyservice charges or transaction fees for the Retail Online Banking. There areother fees associated with your Account or Accounts, such as stop paymentfees, insufficient funds fees, uncollected funds fees and ATM transactionsfees; please refer to our current Service Fee Brochure.(J) PROHIBITION OF COMPULSORY USE. No person may:(F) YOUR LIABILITY FOR UNAUTHORIZED TRANSFERS ANDDUTY OF PROMPT REPORTING. Inform the Bank AT ONCE if youbelieve there is any, or the potential for any, fraud regarding your Account.Telephoning is the be

Online Banking shall include the Mobile Banking and Bill Pay options if selected and any other option which may become available in the future. If you have questions about this agreement, cont