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Table of contentsIntroduction3It’s not business as usual.How to communicate youremployer brand now.4 Be supportive. Stay connected. Bring your values to life. Tell human stories. Embrace people virtually. Build community.Conclusion Bottom line? Nurture your culture.10

IntroductionIt’s not business as usual.As everyone navigates through today’s new normal, the worldis increasingly turning to trusted platforms to stay connectedand understand how companies are reacting to these evolvingtimes. This is a defining moment. And your employer brand —the perception of your company as an employer by past, current,and potential employees — matters more than ever, especially inbuilding and maintaining business relationships.But how you should be talking to your employees, candidates, andcommunity has dramatically shifted. In the following pages, youcan learn helpful suggestions on how best to communicate throughthese evolving times.40%of LinkedIn Members report reading the newsmore frequently along with 30% checking socialmedia more often to stay up-to-date as the resultof the COVID-19 outbreak.** LinkedIn survey data, March 11 - 17, 2020

How tocommunicate youremployer brand now.It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and lose focus on what matters most right now.But acting decisively, stepping up, and prioritizing your employer brandis what people may remember most during these times. Communicatingempathy and authentically showcasing your company is a better short- andlong-term solution to grow loyal and lasting connections.Do you know how to answer these questions? If not, it’s OK. We can help.1How are you displaying your culture and values?2How are you talking to your community?3How are you supporting your employees and candidates?

How to communicate your employer brand now.Be supportive. Stay connected.While technology is crucial for collaboration, keeping spirits high andhelping teams thrive are also key. Support employees with resources thathelp them do their jobs better. Also, focus on staying connected — fromvirtual gatherings to company-wide initiatives — to keep your culture alive.But be mindful of tone, timing, and delivery.LinkedInThe LEGO GroupBT GroupLinkedIn hosted asing-along sessionwith over 85 of theiremployees’ kids.The LEGO Groupexhibited theircompany culturethrough fun virtualcommunicationsand activities.BT Group sharedproductivity tips toensure their workforceand their networkare work-from-home(WFH) ready.LinkedIn Learning is a great resource to help employees advance their skills.How companiestreat employees duringthis pandemic will definetheir brand for decades.”Mark CubanEntrepreneur, Shark Tank Shark, Investor, and Author

How to communicate your employer brand now.Bring your value to life.Big or small, everything you do can help make a difference — whetherit’s showcasing company values, supporting employees, or helpingyour local community. And companies of all sizes are increasinglyidentifying and executing ways to support response efforts.Everytable3MLVMHEverytable, a Californiacafé, launched a helpline to ensure theircommunity has accessto healthy meals duringthis time.Mike Roman, CEO of3M, announced thecompany’s plan toincrease production forcritical medical suppliesto impacted cities.LVMH pivoted theirproduction strategy tohelp meet increasingdemands for medicalsupplies.Start thinking about how you can contribute to your local community.It’s a good way to show support and help the greater cause.

How to communicate your employer brand now.Tell human stories.Use this time as an opportunity to humanize your employer brand.Leverage hashtags and employee-generated stories to sourceand organize content. Consider sharing positive, upbeat imageryassociated with virtual collaboration, communication, and teamoriented work environments as a brief respite from the news.DeloitteDeloitte has a series featuring their employees’ WFH situations.Executives set a strong example for their team by sharingcontent using the #DeloitteWFH hashtag.A relevant hashtag that resonates like our #InItTogether, whichconnects 690 million LinkedIn members, can help sparksupportive conversation.

How to communicate your employer brand now.Embrace people virtually.Where possible, more companies are going remote or promotingflexible working arrangements to keep employees safer. Learning newways to collaborate and keep business as close to normal as possible,organizations are opting toward virtual recruitment processes byhosting online events, fairs, and interviews.54%of senior leaders reportthat their companies areimplementing virtualevents as a result of thecoronavirus outbreak.*Commonwealth BankErnst & YoungGlaxoSmithKline PLCCommonwealth Bankpromotes open roleswith the flexibilityto work from homein today’s uncertainenvironment.Ernst & Young nowhosts virtual careerinformation sessionsas a new alternative tograduate career fairs.GlaxoSmithKline PLChas announced thatthey’re still hiring, buthave transitioned tovirtual recruitment tokeep candidates andemployees safe.Platforms like LinkedIn Events let you broadly share virtual events and bringattendees together digitally before and after to encourage conversation.* LinkedIn Platform Survey, March 2020

How to communicate your employer brand now.Build community.We’re all in this together. While staying silent can seem more sensitive,showing solidarity can feel far more supportive to your team —especially when working apart. You can bring your network togetherwith messages of empathy, news, or inspiring innovations throughLinkedIn Live keynotes.Ideal BiteCommunity KitchenRestaurants like IdealBite CommunityKitchen let theirfood do the talkingby donating tocommunities in need.GuinnessL’OréalGuinness, a Diageobrand, stood with itsindustry and pledged 1 million to supportbartenders.L’Oréal announcedtheir Europeansolidarity program tocontribute to the fightof COVID-19.Broaden how you define your community – from those receiving goods andservices to suppliers, virtual collaborators, and beyond.In this unprecedentedcrisis, it is our responsibilityto contribute to the collectiveeffort in every way possible.”Jean-Paul AgnonChairman and CEO of L’Oréal

ConclusionBottom line? Nurture your culture.Subscribe to our blogNow is not the time to go quiet. It’s the time to double down on communication that illuminates yourcompany’s remarkable culture. What you do now matters.Connect with us on LinkedInWhile doing right by your employees is essential, so is letting your network know the decisions beingmade and how they could be impacted. Be open about your current challenges, but also embracehow your brand is innovating during these uncertain times. Be tirelessly empathetic and human.Follow us on FacebookInvesting in your employer brand can benefit you today — and tomorrow.Follow us on TwitterGet in touch with a LinkedIn Talent Solutions specialist Learn how LinkedIn can help strengthen the bonds with your talent community.PlanFindPostAttractUse data to inform difficult hiring andrecruiting decisions.Search, connect with, and manageyour top candidates in one place.Post jobs to reach candidates you won’tfind anywhere else.Showcase your company culture andspotlight jobs with targeted ads.Talent InsightsLinkedIn RecruiterLinkedIn Talent HubLinkedIn JobsCareer PagesRecruitment AdsPipeline Builder

Navigating employer branding in the new normal. It’s not business as usual. Be supportive. Stay connected. Bring your values to life. Tell human stories. Embrace people virtually. Build community. Introduction 3 Ho