FOREWORDIn accordance with the National Defense Authorization Act Fiscal Year 2010 andDoD Directive 1400.25, the Marine Corps established the Civilian WorkforceStrategic Plan to set specific strategic goals aimed to improve civilian workforcemanagement and performance. The goals are aligned with the Marine CorpsService Campaign 2014-2022, to include the following initiatives: Attract and retain a highly competent and adaptive civilian workforce Provide the civilian workforce with technical and leadership developmentopportunities to support career progression and growth Further policies and programs that support employee diversity, work/lifebalance, and meaningful performance.The 36th Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Joseph Dunford, reiteratedhis priorities to the Marine Corps workforce in his planning guidance as follows:“You have my commitment that we will operate in a decentralized mannerthat capitalizes on the leadership, initiative, intellect, aggressiveness, andinnovation of marines at all levels and across the Total Force – both activeand reserve marines, Sailors who serve marines, as well as civilians. Fullyleveraging the talent and ability of every Marine is a critical component ofour warfighting culture. I realize that this method will sometimes lead toimperfect results, but leaders at all levels must be willing to accept mistakes asa part of the learning process”.The Marine Corps Director of Civilian Human Resources (DCHR) is responsiblefor designing, implementing, measuring, and communicating strategic progressto include reviewing and updating the strategic plan every three to five years. Theenclosed plan hereby replaces the 2012 CWSP effective immediately. The contentof this plan includes the Marine Corps’ civilian workforce mission, vision, valuesand strategic goals, objectives, initiatives and measures for 2016 through 2018.This plan is a living document that will keep pace with changing priorities andenvironmental influences.3

CIVILIAN MARINE CAREERSMarine Corps offers innovative, challenging, and meaningful work assignmentswhere military and civilian employees collaborate their talents to design, test, anddeliver equipment, materials and systems to the operating forces. Civilian jobsare essential to the mission of the Marine Corps, from facilities management,logistics, contracts and acquisition, manpower and human resources services,financial management, system design and engineering, cyber security,management and program analysis, research and development, policy, securityand intelligence, legal advice, information technology, safety, environmentalprotection, and so much more. Civilian employees are committed to the MarineCorps - the Nation’s expeditionary force in readiness“Join the Team and Support Our Marines”The Marine Corps provides competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, work/life flexibilities and extensive professional development and training to over35,000 civilians throughout the world. From pipefitters to financial managers,program managers to logistics management specialists, acquisition and humanresources professionals, scientists and engineers-the careers and opportunitiesthat make a difference are endless. Civilian Marines are dedicated and proud tobe part of the elite, the few, and the proud – the United States Marines.“Marines Take Care of their Own”The Marine Corps prides itself on ensuring both Marines and civilians arenurtured throughout their Marine Corps careers. Our focus for sustaining thehighest levels of performance across all occupations and locations encompassesthe Civilian Marine Work Lifecycle from recruiting through separation fromthe Marine Corps (USMC) workforce. We celebrate, appreciate, manage, anddevelop talent throughout the various phases of the Civilian Marine’s career, allthe while instilling teamwork and collaboration.Our leaders and managers utilize workforce planning strategies to attract and hirethe best talent in the nation. New employees attend Marine Corps Acculturationtraining and are encouraged to establish Individual Development Plans (IDPs),participate in the mentoring program, and to take advantage of a variety oftraining and development opportunities. Along those lines, the Marine Corpsestablished the Community of Interest (COI) Program that includes nineteenunique occupational communities. COIs provide opportunities for professionaldevelopment, technical competency development, networking, and informationsharing.The Civilian Marine culture promotes teamwork, creativity and innovation,and recognizes exceptional performance and contributions. The Marine Corpscontinuously strives for excellence that cannot be accomplished without ourCivilian Marines.4

MARINE CORPS VALUESHonorIntegrity, Responsibility, and AccountabilityCourageDo the right thing, in the right way, for the right reasons.CommitmentDevotion to the CorpsCivilian Marines exemplify the core values of the United States MarineCorps Honor, Courage, and Commitment, embracing esprit de corps,teamwork, and pride in belonging to the finest warfighting organizationin the world.INNOVATE FOR THE FUTUREADAPT to OVERCOME5

CIVILIAN MARINE MISSION,VISION, AND VALUESMissionCivilian Marines are committed to providing criticalservices and support to ensure Marine Corps missionreadiness.VisionThe Marine Corps is the premier employer that attracts,retains, and develops a motivated and proud civilianworkforce.Core ValuesThe USMC core values; Honor, Courage, and Commitmentshape and form the character of both our Marines andCivilians. They give us strength, and direct our behavior;they bond the Marine Corps into a Total Force, ready andable to meet any challenge. Civilian Marines embrace ourcore values in daily work activities and decision-making.6

CIVILIAN MARINE EMPLOYMENT VALUESThe Marine Corps is committed to building a strong Employment ValueProposition (EVP). The EVP is the value or benefit that a Civilian Marine gainsthrough employment with the Marine Corps. For example, what does the MarineCorps offer employees comparedto other Department ofWhat Employees Value and the impact it hason their decision to stay with Marine CorpsDefenseandfederalagencies seeking theAttract EmployeesMay do bothCause employees to Leavesame talent pool? Inorder to answer thisLack of recognitionJob SecurityPoor Manager QualityVacationWork/Life Balancequestion, the MarineLack of Promotion OpportunityCompensationDevelopment OpportunityCorps is focused onutilizingtheEVPframework to identify theaspects of work experiencethat are most valuable toour Civilian Marines such as:pay and compensation, job security, work/life balance, career and developmentopportunities, recognition, and manager quality. The overall feeling of satisfactiontoward these important work values is considered the EVP. The most importantCivilian Marine employment values fall into five categories listed in the table below.EVP CATEGORYVALUESRewards &RecognitionFair and equitable pay, awards based on performance,and recognition for creativity and innovation.DevelopmentOpportunitiesFormal programs to improve knowledge and skillssuch as career and leadership development programs,mentoring, academic degree assistance, and competitivejob opportunities based on merit principles.OrganizationCultureCommitment and belief in the mission and values of theorganization, inclusion and diversity, and respect andtrust of senior leaders.People andRelationshipsSupport from supervisors and managers such as opencommunication as well as collaboration with co-workersThe WorkExperienceBelief that work is important, employees are empowered,talents are fully utilized, and work/life balance issupportedMaximizing the Marine Corps’ EVP success factor will provide us the opportunityto be recognized as a “best place to work”, allows us to “advertise” our strengthsto candidates, and communicates our efforts to current employees sendingthe message that we care about our Civilian Marines and what matters most isstrengthening the EVP.7

ALWAYS WIN!2016 Civilian Workforce Strategic GoalsGOAL 1Attract and retain a highly competent andadaptive civilian workforceGOAL 2Cultivate a learning culture that trains, educates, anddevelops Civilian Marines to effectivelymeet evolving mission requirementsGOAL 3Provide a positive work environment8

Goal 1Attract and retain a highly competent and adaptive civilianworkforceObjectiveHire first-class talent into mission effective jobsInitiatives1.1 Utilize workforce planning strategies to enhance recruitmentrequirements1.2 Adapt hiring practices that will attract highly-competitivetalent1.3 Identify factors that impact turnover and implement bestpractice retention strategiesMeasures Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) Best Places to WorkIndex Score FEVS Talent Management Index Score Hiring cycle/fill-time Turnover Rate Retention Rate Utilization of Recruitment, Relocation and RetentionIncentives (3 Rs)9

Goal 2Cultivate a learning culture that trains, educates, anddevelops Civilian Marines to effectively meet evolvingmission requirementsObjectiveProvide the civilian workforce with technical and leadershipdevelopment opportunities to support career progression andgrowthInitiatives2.1 Increase utilization of training needs assessments and IDPs2.2 Increase centrally managed training and developmentopportunities across the enterprise2.3 Provide enterprise solutions and tools to support trainingand development2.4 Encourage the development/use of command successionplanningMeasures Centrally Managed Program Participation (Academic Degree,COI, Marine Corps Civilian Leadership Development) Number of Mentor Agreements FEVS Leadership and Knowledge Management Index FEVS Training & Development Satisfaction Index10

Goal 3Provide a Positive Work EnvironmentObjectiveFurther policies and programs that support employee diversity,work/life balance, and meaningful performance.Initiatives3.1 Establish and communicate Equal Employement Opportunity(EEO) and special emphasis policies and programs3.2 Promote awareness and value of work/life programparticipation3.3 Increase knowledge and communication of performancemanagement program requirements and responsibilitiesMeasures FEVS Diversity Support Index Work/life Program Participation and Satisfaction Performance Management Reports Performance Award Distribution Reports FEVS Employee Engagement Index FEVS Results Oriented Performance Index11

Communities of InterestCivilian career opportunities within the Marine Corps civilian workforce aredistributed across 19 Communities of Interest (COI). Each COI has a leader anda manager. The Community Leader works as an advocate for Civilian Marineswithin their COI to uphold the community mission, vision and goals; defineresponsibilities; provide community guidance; establish and maintain careerroadmaps, and maintain community-wide communication. COI Leaders managetheir community’s competency requirements and proficiency expectations toensure that each civilian member possesses the training and skills necessary tosupport Marines in the field.COI Managers are technical experts who work in conjunction with their COILeader to support community competency requirements. The COI Manager,acting as Action Officers (AO), coordinates and provides communication;professional and career growth opportunities; and conducts community-wideoutreach activities.Our COIs are grouped according to associated or related occupational groupsand/or job families as follows: AdministrationCommunity SupportContractsEducation and TrainingEnvironmentalFacilitiesFinancial ManagementHuman ResourcesIntelligenceInformation TechnologyLegalLogisticsManagement & Program Analysis (0343 occupational series)Profession Analyst (1515 occupational series)Program ManagementSafety and Occupational HealthScience and EngineeringSecurity and Emergency ServicesVisual Information and Public Affairs12

Community of Interest Strategic Plan SummaryAdministrationCOI LEADERDirector of Administration and Resource ManagementCOI MISSION STATEMENTThe Administrative COI mission is to develop and provide a systematicprocess for Civilian Marines to identify and assess technical andbehavioral competency requirements, training opportunities, careerroadmaps and mentoring partnerships to support career development.COI VISION STATEMENTThe Administrative COI encompasses professionals that serve as skilled,innovative and efficient team members dedicated to supporting ourNation’s force in readiness both today and in the future while upholdingMarine Corps value of honor, courage and commitment.COI GOALS Ensure broader access to a range of developmental opportunitiesand informational resources targeted for Administration Communitymembers Increase proficiency in job-related technical and analytical skills, whilebuilding leadership competencies to improve succession planning andcareer growth across the community Engage in targeted outreach activities to increase awareness of theAdministration COI across the Marine Corps13

Community of Interest Strategic Plan SummaryCommunity SupportCOI LEADERDeputy Director, Marine & Family ProgramsCOI MISSION STATEMENTThe Community Support COI provides opportunities for growth anddevelopment to those who support and provide expert professional Marineand Family Programs that support the mission readiness requirements ofthe Corps and the unit and individual health and wellness goals of thosewe serve. Our employees are dedicated to the well being of Marines andfamily members and to providing customer centric core services.COI VISION STATEMENTThe Community Support COI advocates for equitable development andgrowth opportunities of a vastly diverse workforce engaged in a widearray of professional and personal services. The workforce combinationof Appropriated Fund (APF) and Non-appropriated Fund (NAF)supported employees requires imaginative advocacy to provide equalaccess to training and career enhancing opportunities for the resoluteemployees who serve our Marines and family members.COI GOALS Establish professional development opportunities aligned withorganizational needs Support Morale, Welfare, Recreational, and Warfighter and FamilyServices contributing to the overall mission, readiness, retention andquality of life Establish targeted executive development opportunities for highperformers. Develop a standardized IDP for community members Establish and sustain a Performance Coaching program Promote use of the Learning Management System to allow widerparticipation and availability of training opportunities to this diverseworkforce14

Community of Interest Strategic Plan SummaryContractsCOI LEADERAssistant Deputy Commandant for Installations and Logistics, ContractsDivisionCOI MISSION STATEMENTMembers of the Contracts COI develop and manage processes andexecute strategies necessary to provide quality goods and services for theMarine Corps.COI VISION STATEMENTThe Contracts COI vision is to be the premiere community of contractingprofessionals turning requirements into capabilities in support of Marinesand their families through good business decisions and executingfiduciary responsibility with honesty and integrity.COI GOALS Build and sustain professional development across the community Conduct community outreach Foster stakeholder partnerships to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes Provide community advocacy and workforce management15

Community of Interest Strategic Plan SummaryEducation & TrainingCOI LEADERExecutive Director, Training and Education Command (TECOM)COI MISSION STATEMENTTo provide every community member with the opportunity to continueto learn and reach their potential, to lead fulfilling and productivecareers, and to contribute positively to the mission of the Marine Corpsby enabling each of his or her constituents to fully maximize their talents,imagination, skills and character.COI VISION STATEMENTSuccessful, skilled, and innovative education workforce - engaged inpositive, productive and supported learning experience with highexpectations for our learners and a strong commitment to the pursuitof excellence and innovation in our Marines, our programs, and in ourresources.COI GOALS Further education, adult learning and skills Retain a highly qualified, motivated, and supported workforce throughstrong professional development Promote a positive, inclusive and responsive learning environmentthat contributes to the success of each learner and ensures continuousimprovement Engage learners through creative, innovative and supported learningprograms and environments Establish balanced, flexible and responsive learning and trainingpathways to encourage lifelong learningFor more information please visit the Education and Training web site 16

Community of Interest Strategic Plan SummaryEnvironmentalCOI LEADERDeputy Director, Facilities and Services DivisionCOI MISSION STATEMENTThe Environmental COI’s mission is to develop and sustain a superiorenvironmental workforce by supporting and training personnel to matchcapabilities with existing and emerging requirements.COI VISION STATEMENTThe Environmental COI provides a superior workforce that ensures,enhances and sustains the Marine Corps Mission and Quality of Lifethrough sound stewardship of air, land, and sea resources.COI GOALS Establish key stakeholder relationships Support workforce management Build and sustain professional development across the community Provide COI advocacy and outreach17

Community of Interest Strategic Plan SummaryFacilitiesCOI LEADERDeputy Director, Facilities and Services DivisionCOI MISSION STATEMENTThe Facilities COI’s mission is to foster communication and cooperationacross the COI; define, shape, and identify training and experience levelsof the workforce through competency-based development that leveragesemerging technologies that provide highly effective facility management.Collaborate with other COI’s to promote adequate professionaldevelopment for Installation and Environmental workforce within therespective COI’s.COI VISION STATEMENTThe Facilities COI advocates best practices for recruitment, professionaldevelopment, and retention of Facilities Community members to enableInstallation Commanders to provide efficient and responsive facilitiessupport to the warfighter.COI GOALS Pursue realignment of Installation and Environmental workforce fromother COIs into Facilities COI Build and sustain professional development across the community Develop and execute Communication Plan Advocate for proper funding for professional development18

Community of Interest Strategic Plan SummaryFinancial ManagementCOI LEADERAssistant Deputy Commandant, Programs and ResourcesCOI MISSION STATEMENTThe Financial Management Community of Interest exists to build anagile workforce responsive to the Marine Corps’ financial managementrequirements in support of operational forces. Our community willuse competency-based criteria to identify the training and experiencerequired within the Financial Management (FM) community. We willpromote professional development, technical competency and ethicalbehavior to provide the Corps with Marines, equipment, and training.COI VISION STATEMENTThe FM COI encompasses professionals that serve as experts in planning,programming, budgeting, and executing fiscal resources for theMarine Corps both today and in the future. We uphold Marine Corpsvalues of honor, courage, and commitment by executing our fiduciaryresponsibilities with honesty and integrity. We are the stewards of theUnited States Marine Corps’ financial resources.COI GOALS Build and sustain professional development across the community Streamline overhead, eliminate waste, and improve business processes toensure the community is operating in an accountable and modernbusiness environment Achieve a consistent, motivated and highly skilled community Strive for every FM member to be certified in the DoD FM Certification Program Expand opportunities in FM career progression training courses Improve systems, business processes and internal controls across allfunctional areas to achieve an unmodified audit opinion19

Community of Interest Strategic Plan SummaryHuman ResourcesCOI LEADERAssistant Deputy Commandant for Manpower and Reserve AffairsCOI MISSION STATEMENTThe Human Resources COI’s mission is to be the center of excellenceproviding credible, professional resources needed to support the HumanResources Community by: Enhancing competency proficiency of community members Promoting the use of retention and recruiting flexibilities Providing career management opportunitiesCOI VISION STATEMENTThe Human Resources COI’s vision is to engage Human Resourceprofessionals to support a shared goal of developing and implementingstrategies, policies and procedures related to the management and careerprogression of community members.COI GOALS Promote the value of HR to Marine Corps leadership through: Improved communication with Human Resources Departments(HRDs), Human Resources Offices (HROs), and the Office of CivilianHuman Resources Operations Center Increased recognition of the contributions that HROs provide to theMarine Corps Increase the technical knowledge and professional experience ofcommunity members through: Provide targeted technical training and professional developmentopportunities Provide HR developmental rotational opportunities20

Community of Interest Strategic Plan SummaryIntelligenceCOI LEADERAssistant Director of Intelligence for Support, HQMC IntelligenceDepartmentCOI MISSION STATEMENTThe mission of the Intelligence COI is to develop a workforce possessingthe aptitude, training, education, and experience to understand the threatenvironment and provide Commanders with information, resources, andanalysis needed to make sound and timely decisions.COI VISION STATEMENTThe Intelligence COI is a blend of professionals that recognize theneed for seamless connections between intelligence and operationsencompassing: A premier workforce that collects, analyzes, solves and translatesknowledge of the enemy and environment into operational opportunities Trained professionals with technical, tactical and leadership expertiseto meet the challenge of future threats Billet assignment based on certifications and career qualificationsCOI GOALS Establish a structured system of civilian leadership developmentthrough revitalizing the Civilian Leadership Board and developingcivilian career roadmap tools to enhance the leadership and technicalskills of community members Establish a mobile cadre of civilians by developing an educationalcontinuum that provides the succession of identified competenciesand opportunities for civilians to receive education and training frommilitary institutions Develop and strengthen the supervisory cadre through meaningfulperformance management, Enterprise-promotion and recognition, andtargeted civilian leadership development21

Community of Interest Strategic Plan SummaryInformation TechnologyCOI LEADERDeputy Director, C4/Deputy CIOCOI MISSION STATEMENTProvide career development advocacy which supports, informs, andempowers Information Technology Management (ITM) COI members.COI VISION STATEMENTTo be an acknowledged workforce sponsor for information technologyand information management professionals across the Marine Corps,positively impacting the careers of COI members.COI GOALS Shape the development of the COI Increase awareness and engagement across the COI Use data to drive COI decisions and actions Communicate better and fasterFor more information please visit our website 22

Community of Interest Strategic Plan SummaryLegalCOI LEADERDeputy Counsel for the CommandantCOI MISSION STATEMENTThe Legal COI develops the professional competence of the Legal civilianworkforce across the Marine Corps. As the designated Marine Corpsproponent for professional development of the legal field competency, theCommunity focuses on the development of technical, mission-orientedcompetencies through internal training and external/commercialeducational programs.COI VISION STATEMENTThe Legal COI encompasses professionals that serve as expert, innovativeand distinct team members dedicated to supporting our Nation’s force inreadiness both today and in the future while upholding Marine Corpsvalue of honor, courage and commitment.COI GOALS Seek development of members through formal training Request training to educate and develop the skills of personnel inspecialized practices Encourage members to share skill sets obtained from formal or onthe-job training to enhance individual development of others in thecommunity Continue to advocate for members’ upward mobility to assist inattracting and retaining the highest qualified members Encourage mid-career and senior community members to mentor andcoach personnel new to the Legal Community23

Community of Interest Strategic Plan SummaryLogisticsCOI LEADERAssistant Deputy Commandant for InstallationsCOI MISSION STATEMENTThe Logistics COI identifies and provides opportunities for the civilianworkforce to enhance and support the mission of the Marine Corps in ajoint and modernized environment.COI VISION STATEMENTPromote and foster an interoperable civilian workforce by providingprofessional development opportunities, career progression, successionplanning, mentorship, and community forums in support of the MarineCorps.COI GOALS Create, validate and maintain career road maps and training strategiesfor community members in Life Cycle Logistics, Supply Management,Maintenance Support, and Deployment, Distribution, andTransportation occupational series. Provide COI advocacy and outreach Develop and strengthen the community through meaningfulperformance management, recognition, and targeted civilian leadershipdevelopment24

Community of Interest Strategic Plan SummaryManagement & Program AnalysisCOI LEADERAssistant Deputy Commandant, Programs and Resources/Fiscal Directorof the Marine CorpsCOI MISSION STATEMENTThe Management and Program Analysis COI’s mission is to foster theorganization, professional growth, and success of community membersthrough the identification and execution of quality training and educationprograms.COI VISION STATEMENTProvide a professional analytical workforce that supports senior MarineCorps leaders through strong, in-depth and well-conceived analysis andprogram management.COI GOALS Enhance and sustain professional development across the community Provide and conduct community advocacy and outreach Foster stakeholder partnerships to achieve mutually beneficial relationships25

Community of Interest Strategic Plan SummaryProfessional AnalystCOI LEADERDirector, Analysis Directorate, Deputy Commandant, CombatDevelopment & IntegrationCOI MISSION STATEMENTThe Professional Analysis COI develops the professional competenceof the civilian analytical workforce across the Marine Corps. As thedesignated Marine Corps proponent for professional development of the1500 occupational family, the community focuses on the developmentof technical, mission-oriented competencies through internal trainingand external/commercial educational programs. As a result, the COIsupports the growth of professional analysts and the development/upgrading of analytical capabilities across the community.COI VISION STATEMENTProvide a professional analytical workforce that supports the MarineCorps, and advances the state of knowledge on issues of concern tosenior leaders. Develop individuals to enhance the best qualities of bothCivilian Marines and Operations Research Analysts.COI GOALS Meet professional education needs of management and analysts alike Extend and expand expertise in available tools and development of newmethodologies Encourage COI members to expand their expertise in managementskills to implement succession planning for the community26

Community of Interest Strategic Plan SummaryProgram ManagementCOI LEADERProgram Executive Officer Land SystemsCOI MISSION STATEMENTThe Program Management COI’s mission is to promulgate ProgramManagement career competency requirements as defined in the DefenseAcquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) and other applicablelegislation, and enhance the capability of the USMC Program Managementworkforce through mentoring, access to training opportunities, careerroadmaps, and other positive support mechanisms.COI VISION STATEMENTThe Program Management COI encompasses acquisition professionalsthat serve as leaders and managers of the Marine Corps’ programs/projects, working to ensure best value acquisition of material and servicesrequired by the Marine warfighters to accomplish their missions.COI GOALS Restructure the community to provide a balanced structure thatpromotes growth and provides for upward mobility Recruit at the lowest grade level to create developmental positions andenhance succession for the community Create opportunities for development of entry and mid-level personnel27

Community of Interest Strategic Plan SummarySafety and Occupational HealthCOI LEADERDeputy Director, SafetyCOI MISSION STATEMENTDevelop and sustain a competent Safety & Occupational HealthCommunity through policy, training, education, and technologyCOI VISION STATEMENTA dynamic and capable Safety & Occupational Health COI that enhancesoperational readinessCOI GOALS Establish training, education, and professional developmentrequirements across the community Identify training, education, and professional development opportunitiesacross the community Provide advocacy and conduct outreach for the community Enhance career management for community m

are essential to the mission of the Marine Corps, from facilities management, logistics, contracts and acquisition, manpower and human resources services, financial management, system design and engineering, cyber security, management and program analysis, re