ISO/IEC 81346Reference Designation SystemRDS for Oil & Gas – Launch Webinar25th June 2020

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Systems Engineering A/SABOUT USSystems Engineering A/S has specialized in the implementationand application of systems engineering.OUR MISSIONWe strongly believe that a common language across technical disciplines is necessary;a language that creates an unambiguous understanding among all stakeholders.OUR CONCEPTSystems Engineering Concept We created the concept to be a practical daily way of working with SE and the SEC-HUBSoftware Suite supports and accelerates leaning. RDS is a core element in our concept.3

RDS-O&G DEVELOPMENTJune 2020November 2019Today!1234TIMERDS-O&G Rev. 1Kick-off SeminarSpecialist WorkshopStakeholder WorkshopSystems Engineering A/S4

AgendaWhy – The Common LanguageHow – The 81346 Standard (RDS)What – Selected Use Cases5

The missiona common language / Used by kind permission

TMIt’s all about creating a common language

The premise: Systems thinking[SOURCE: ISO 15288, 4.31]9

The premise: Systems thinking10

RDS Designates Systems11

The Language - RDSReference Designation SystemISO/IEC 81346 Standard SeriesIndustrial systems, installations and equipment and industrial products12

ISO/IEC 81346 Standard SeriesIndustrial systems, installations and equipment and industrial productsApplication domainISO/ IEC 81346:2019Common ISO/IECISO/IEC 81346:2009IEC 61346:1996Technicalinformation ingeneralTechnicaldocumentation ingeneralIEC 60750:1983IEC 60113-2:1971Diagrams eeringOperationInstallationMaintenance /improvementsPhase out /recycleSystemlife cycle13

What RDS is aboutStructuring systems and their system elements –no limit and no fixed format!Excact and unambigious designation of O&G systems –based on classes and their definitionsMultiple views of systems: Function, construction, location, type14

Industry Specific ISO/IEC 8134681346-1081346-12Power ftOil and GasISO/IEC 81346-1 & 81346-215

Organizing Complexity so you can recognize objects within and across aspects16



The RDS-O&G System LibraryCreating Stability19

The RDS-O&G System LibraryA ZAA ZZAAA ZZZO&GsystemsTechnicalsystemsComponent systems20

RDS-O&G Systems emE.g Living quaters[H] SafetysystemWater[H] Safetysystem[D]Processing system[A]Drilling SystemSediments[F]StoragesystemChemicalOrWell D[C] Transportation systemWell CWell B[B]Production system[H] SafetysystemWell Storagesystem[E] Reservoirinjection system21

Location LibraryA ZAA ZZAAA ZZZConstructioncomplexConstructionentityActivity space22

RDS-O&G Location Example23

RDS Designates Object Occurrence81346 RDSdesignatesObject occurrenceholdsObjectObject individual24

Occurrence IndividualRetiredRDS25

Object Occurrences & IndividualsObject individual: A sub-systemObject individual: A sub-sub systemObject individual: A component26

Object Occurrences & IndividualsREQUIREMENTSOLUTIONS27

the common language Functional aspect-Product aspect Location asepct%Type aspect

The four RDS aspectsProductTypeFunctionLocation29

Selected RDS SpinoffsMulti purpose easy-to-understand overview of systemsThe spine in digitalization across models and IT platformsBrings structure to information of systemsProperties, Requirements and System Integration30

Use cases EPC Contractor Common language for all systemsOverview and baseline for new projectsStructure for requirementsStructure for quotationsStructure for schedulesStructure for responsibilitiesStructure for information / documentationSystem integration 31

Use cases Construction Sector Common language for systemsSame language for all disciplinesFundamental support for BIMTAG’s for new projectsNO conflict with existing TAG’sSystem pre-design and re-useRDS-CW is 81346-12 and go worldwide!32

Use cases Civil Aircraft Common language for Aircraft systemsCommon language for Manufacturing sys.The fundament for digital continutyThe fundament for system modellingSystem integration (AC-AC and AC-MS)Product ConfigurationFundamental for RDS-Properties 33

RDSReference Designation Systemopen end 34

RDS-O&GQ&AAllan Dam JepsenHenrik BalslevCTO - Ph.D. Eng.Associated SystemsEngineering SpecialistCEO – Eng.Expert SystemsEngineering Specialist

ISO/IEC 81346 Standard Series Industrial systems, installations and equipment and industrial products ISO/IEC 81346:2019 ISO/IEC 81346:2009 IEC 61346:1996 IEC 60750:1983 Design System life cycle IEC 60113-2:1971 Application domain Manufacturing Operation Phase out / recycle Engineering