Business Challenges Today– Ever-changing complex business needs– Teams that are not in the same physicallocation– Telecommuting and mobile staff– The need to lower costs and increaseproductivity– The cost of supporting separateinfrastructures for voice, video, and data– The lack of flexibility with traditional solutions

Benefits of Cisco UnifiedCommunications– Enhances the way everydepartment within yourorganization does business– Enables effective interactions withvirtual teams all over the world– Works on-the-go in real time as ifyou were everywhere at once– Makes everyone more efficientand productive– Reduces aggregate costs, whichlowers total cost of ownership– Increased business agility due tocontinuous innovation and quickadaptation to changes

Cisco Unified are-BasedPhonesIP PhoneApplicationsVoice MailPresenceContact CenterAdaptiveDistributedEndpointsCisco Unified Communications Manager ProductsDirectory bleCall Processing

oice MailPresenceServerThird-PartyServerPSTNIP WANSRSTPSTN public switched telephone networkSRST Survivable Remote Site Telephony

Call chesUnifiedCommunicationsApplicationsCisco Unity Expressfor VoicemailAdd network infrastructure as requiredAbility to add services: collaboration,messaging, customer contact, etc.Mobility ServicesPresence ServicesVideo ServicesPresence ServicesMobility ServicesMessaging ServicesVideo ServicesMobility ServicesPresence ServicesVideo ServicesCisco UnifiedCommunicationsApplicationsCisco UnifiedCommunicationsManager ExpressCall ProcessingServicesCall ProcessingServicesCall ProcessingServicesCall ProcessingUp to 48 usersUp to 240 usersUp to 500 users30,000 usersCisco UnifiedCommunications 500Series for SmallBusinessCisco IntegratedServices RoutersCisco 7800 SeriesMedia ConvergenceServersSolutionComponentsCisco SmartBusinessCommunicationsSystemCisco UnifiedCommunicationsManager ExpressCisco UnifiedCommunicationsManagerBusiness EditionCisco 7800 Series PlatformMedia ConvergenceServersCisco UnifiedCommunicationsManager

Call Processing—Cisco SmartBusiness Communications System– Is composed of: Cisco Unified Communications 500 forSmall Business platform, which providescall processing IP phones Wireless access point (optional) Cisco Unity Express, which providesvoice mail and auto-attendant services– Includes switching, basic VPN, and firewallcapabilities– Provides a simpler platform for easier training– Is plug-and-play– Includes many integrated ports such as: IP phone station, analog trunks, digitaltrunks, SIP trunks, analog stations, MOH,and expansion

Call Processing—Cisco UnifiedCommunications Manager Express– IP telephony solution for 240 users or lessintegrated into Cisco Integrated Services Routers– Full-featured solution for small business, enterprisebranch office, or service provider-managed service– Robust networking across sites using H.323or SIP– Voice mail and auto attendant with integratedCisco Unity Express or Cisco Unity UnifiedMessaging– PBX or key switch configuration– Many options, including video telephony,teleworker support, Cisco IP Communicator, basiccall center functions, SIP phone support, and more– Centralized provisioning and fault reporting usingCisco Unified Provisioning Manager and CiscoUnified Operations Manager

Call Control—Cisco UnifiedCommunications Manager– Choice of operating system: Windows-based servers Linux-based appliance– Call processing for up to 30,000 seats– Signaling and device control– Dial plan administration using a GUI– Many phone features– Directory services that can bestandalone or integrated with anexisting directory– A standardized interface to externalapplications for expanded functionality

EndpointsCommercial/RetailColor TouchCisco Unified IP Phones:7931G/7921GCisco Unified IP Phones:7970G/7971G-GE/7975GMobilityVideoCisco Unified IPPhones:7921G/IPCCisco Unified IP Phones:7985GSoftware: Cisco UnifiedVideo AdvantageBusiness ClassConferenceCisco Unified IP Phones:7940G/7960G/7941G/7961GCisco Unified IP Phones:Advanced MediaCisco Unified IP e advantage of continuousdevelopment in endpoints plus customand off-the-shelf IP phone applications


Cisco Messaging ChoicesProductsCisco UnityExpressCisco UnityConnectionCisco Up to250Voice mailandintegratedmessagingRouterbasedNoYesNoUp to3000Voice rserverVoice basedYesYesYesUsersMessagingType*TDM time-division multiplexing

Cisco Unity– Is a messaging platform for largeenterprises and multisite deployments– Provides voice mail, unifiedmessaging, and integratedmessaging options with speechaccess– Is ideal for large multisite, networkeddeployments– Provides powerful capabilities to easemigration to IP communications– Has features that facilitate Octel andNortel EOL system replacement– Is a global solution with support formany languages

Cisco Unity Connection– Voice and integratedmessaging solution formedium-sized organizations– Integrated messaging allowsreceipt of voice mail using ane-mail client– For medium-sizeddeployments– Many languages– Powerful voice userinterface: Speech navigation forvoice mail browsing Speech-enableddirectory dialing Text-to-speechtechnology– Personal call transfer rules: Based on time of day,caller ID, and calendar Forward calls to singlenumber or series ofnumbers Select which calls toacceptin real time

Cisco Unity Express– For small deployments– Rich features and functionality IMAP compliant e-mail integration “Browse” voice mailbox usingCisco IP Phone display– IVR capabilities for efficient callrouting and an improved customerexperience– Support for fax messages– Easy to configure, deploy, andmanage with Cisco UnifiedCommunications Manager, CiscoUnity, and Cisco UnifiedCommunications Manager Express– Support for many languages

Auto-Attendants–––Auto-attendants allow callers to self-routeand provide basic treatment for callers. Replaces the operator Provides the following:– Directory functions– Self-routing to an extension– Basic menus Can implement informationalapplicationsCisco Unity has a built-in auto-attendant. Provides a web interface to buildauto-attendant functionalityCisco Unity Express has a built-inauto-attendant.Example: A caller hears “Thank you for calling ACME. If you know the extension of the party you aretrying to reach, you may enter it at any time. Press 1 for sales, 2 for support, 3 for a directory of users,or press 0 for an operator.”

Cisco IP IVR Overview Cisco IP IVR provides advanced call treatmentand has the following characteristics:– Is an IP-based IVR– Provides self-service applications– Can provide call treatment and queuing forcall center calls– Is fully integrated with Cisco UnifiedCommunications Manager and CiscoUnified Contact Center Enterprise– Supports multiple languages– Provides historical reportingExample: A caller hears “Thank you for calling telephone banking. Please enter youraccount number followed by your PIN. .Your account balance is 37.23.”

Cisco Unified Contact CenterExpress– Contact center in a box: ACD Integrated IVR functions Screen pop-ups to agents Outbound dialing capabilities– Entire solution on one server– Virtual contact center– Support for Cisco Unified E-mailInteraction Manager and CiscoUnified Web Interaction ManagerExample: “Thank you for calling ACME airlines. All agents are currentlyhelping other customers. Your call will be answered in the order it wasreceived.”

Cisco Unified CommunicationsMobile SolutionsRich User ExperienceTelecommutingand sharinga deskCisco UnifiedPersonalCommunicatorOn-site mobilityfor when you arenot at your deskWide areamobility for offsiteconnectivityCisco Unified Mobile CommunicatorCisco WirelessIP PhonesCisco IPCommunicatorThird-PartyPhone ClientsCisco Unified MobilityMobilityThird-PartyPhone Clients

Cisco Unified PersonalCommunicator– Increases productivity and reducesphone tag with presence indicators– Streamlines communication methodsfor more effective interactions: Instant messaging, voice, video,and web conferencing– Provides an intuitive user interface forMac and PC– Enhances collaboration using instantmessaging– Expands access with Outlook toolbar– Allows you to take control of your“reachability”

Cisco Unified MobileCommunicator– Has an intuitive, common userexperience across different mobilehandsets– Extends unified communicationsto mobile phones and smartphones– Supports BlackBerry, SymbianOS, and Windows mobilehandsets (phased)– Supports multiple mobileoperators and networks

Cisco IP Communicator– Uses a PC to deliveradvanced CiscoUnified IP phonetelephony capabilities– Provides access tophone extensions andservices outside of theoffice22

Cisco Unified Video Advantage– Adds cost-effectivevideo to Cisco UnifiedIP phones, includingCisco IP Communicator– Provides a familiar userexperience for voiceand video using phonenumbers– Combines software,camera, and an IPphone

Presence– “Presence” is real-time information about thewillingness and availability of a person tocommunicate.– Examples of presence in action today are: Instant message “Buddy List” statusindication “Busy” tone on traditional phones Cisco Contact Center Agent status– Business applications are enhanced withpresence and location information, creatingstreamlined business processes.

Cisco Unified Presence– Provides enhanced user-based presencecapabilities through many clientendpoints: Cisco Unified Personal Communicator Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator Cisco Unified IP Phone Messenger Microsoft Office Communicator IBM Sametime Communicator– Enables rapid presence applicationdevelopment Masks the intricacies of presence anddata collection from the presenceapplications– Supports standards to facilitate greaterapplication functionality and choice

Cisco TelePresence Meeting– Creates a face-to-face experience regardless of the location of participants: Life-size, high-definition video High-quality audio– The Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch extends the Cisco TelePresenceexperience: Supports both point-to-point and multipoint meetings










Business Edition Cisco Unified Communications Manager Wireless Routers Switches Unified Communications . Call Processing—Cisco Smart Business Communications System – Is composed of: . 3000 Cisco Unity Connection No Yes No R