Construction AgreementBetween theBoilermaker Employers Divisionof theMechanical Contractors Associationof Northwestern Ohio, Inc.and theInternational Brotherhood ofBoilermakers, Iron Ship Builders,Blacksmiths, Forgers, and HelpersAFL-CIO, CFILocal Lodge No. 85Rossford, OHJuly 1, 2012 through July 1, 2015

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PREAMBLEWhereas, the parties hereto have maintained a mutually satisfactory relationship in the work area covered bycollective agreements between them which have been in effect over a substantial period of years; andWhereas, the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpersand/or subordinate subdivisions thereof embrace within their membership large numbers of qualifiedjourneymen who have constituted in the past, and continue to do so, a majority of the employees employed bythe Employer therein;Now Therefore, the undersigned Employer and Union in consideration of the mutual promises and covenantscontained herein agree as follows:Article 1Scope and Purpose of Agreement(a) This agreement governing wages and working conditions on field construction, erection, rigging, fieldfabrication, assembling and dismantling of all work coming under the jurisdiction of the Union in the field,shall govern the relations between the Union and Employer.(b) The parties to this agreement recognize that stability in wages and working conditions and competency ofworkmen are essential to the best interest of the industry and the public, and they agree to strive to eliminateall factors which tend toward unstabilizing these conditions.(c) The agreement shall apply to field construction work coming under the jurisdiction of the Union in thirtyone (31) counties of the northwestern part of the State of Ohio and three (3) counties in the State of Michiganas follows:Ohio Counties: Allen, Ashland, Auglaize, Crawford, Darke, Defiance, Delaware, Erie, Fulton, Hancock,Hardin, Henry, Huron, Knox, Logan, Lucas, Marion, Mercer, Morrow, Ottawa, Paulding, Putnam, Richland,Sandusky, Seneca, Shelby, Union, Van Wert, Williams, Wood, and Wyandot.Michigan Counties: Hillsdale, Lenawee, and Monroe(d) Wherever in this Agreement “man” or “him” or their related pronouns may appear, either as words orparts of words, they have been used for representative purposes and are meant to include both female andmales sexes.Article 2RecognitionThe Union having demonstrated to the Employer’s satisfaction that a majority of the bargaining unitemployees covered by this collective bargaining agreement has designated the Union to serve as its collectivebargaining representative, and is desirous of maintaining such representation, the Employer hereby agreesvoluntarily to recognize the Union as the exclusive bargaining representative of all such employees per Section9 (a) of the National Labor Relations Act, as amended, for all purposes even as if the Union had been certifiedby the National Labor Relations Board as exclusive bargaining representative pursuant to a representationelection conducted among employees in the bargaining unit, as the unit is defined elsewhere in this collectivebargaining agreement.The use of the word “employee” in the agreement shall be construed to mean “boilermaker”.3-3-

Non-DiscriminationSection 1: In a desire to state their respective policies, neither the Company nor the Union shall unlawfullydiscriminate against any employee for any reason.Section 2: The use of the masculine or feminine gender or titles in this agreement shall be construed asincluding both genders and not as sex limitations unless the agreement clearly required a differentconstruction.Article 3Union SecurityAs of the effective date of this agreement all employees under the terms of this agreement must be or becomemembers of the Union thirty (30) days after their date of employment in accordance with the provisions of theNational Labor Relations Act. (This clause shall be effective only in those states permitting Union Security).Article 4Trade Jurisdiction(a) This agreement except as otherwise provided for herein, covers the working rules and conditions ofemployment for all journeymen boilermakers, apprentices, and helpers employed in the boilermaking tradeby a signatory Employer, including but not limited to :Boilermaking, welding, acetylene burning, riveting, chipping, caulking, rigging, fitting up, grinding, reaming,impact machine operating, unloading and handling of the boilermaker’s material and equipment, and suchother work that comes under the trade jurisdiction of the Boilermaker.(b) When the Employer’s major craft on a job is Boilermakers and a tool room is necessary, the tool room manshall be a boilermaker.(c) The Employers agree that Boilermakers will have jurisdiction over dismantling any work which they erector which comes under the trade’s jurisdiction of the craft, subject to decisions rendered by the ImpartialJurisdictional Dispute Board, Trade Agreements, and Final Decisions of the AFL-CIO.(d) Anytime it is necessary that work be performed that comes under the jurisdiction of the Boilermakersduring the testing or starting up of Boilermakers equipment, there shall be a minimum of two (2) men; one (1)shall be a foreman and the other shall be a steward, both of whom shall perform work as assigned.(e) All stress relieving and mechanical testing in the field of welds performed by the Boilermakers on workerected by the Boilermakers will be assigned to the Boilermakers subject to the decisions rendered by theImpartial Jurisdiction Disputes Board, Trade Agreements, and Final Decisions of the AFL-CIO.(f) Any crew testing boilermaker welds and/or equipment shall have a minimum of one (1) boilermakerassigned to the crew when manual assistance is required. It is understood that manual assistance does notinclude the performing of work which requires special license or special training. Foremen or Stewards willnot necessarily be required when the testing is being done at times other than the regularly established shifts.(g) In recognition of the work jurisdictional claims, it is understood that the assignment of work and thesettlement of jurisdictional disputes with other Building Trades organizations shall be handled in accordancewith the procedure established by the Impartial Jurisdictional Disputes Board in the Building andConstruction Industry or any successor agency of the Building and Construction Trades Department4-4-

approved by the International President and Executive Council of the International Brotherhood ofBoilermakers, Iron Shipbuilders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers.(h) When requested in writing by the Business Manager, the Employer shall furnish a signed letter onCompany stationary stating that Boilermakers were employed on specific types of work on a given project.(i) No lifts shall be made by a cranesman without receiving standard signals from a properly designatedboilermaker when the work falls within the proper jurisdiction of the Boilermaker.(j) On all actual erection and/or dismantling with the use of power operated rigs or cranes, no less than four(4) men and a foreman or assistant foreman shall be employed. On loading, unloading and field work a crewshall be assigned consistent with safe operations.(k) When a helicopter is used on a job for erection of Boilermaker work, there shall be a minimum crew of one(1) foreman or assistant foreman and four (4) boilermakers.Any deviation from the above shall be only by mutual consent between the Business Manager and theEmployer.Article 5Work and Subcontract Limits(a) No Employer shall subcontract or assign any of the field construction work described herein which is to beperformed at a job site to any contractor, subcontractor or other person or party who does no comply with allthe terms of the Agreement or a Field Construction Agreement in effect in the area where the work is erectedwhich has been approved by the International Brotherhood and does not stipulate in writing compliance tothe applicable fringe benefits funds and the trust agreement or agreements covering same.Article 6Referral of Applicants for Employment(a) The referral of applicants for employment shall be in accordance with the provisions of the Local JointReferral Rules and Standards for Lodge #85.(b) On new work, if a call for applicants for employment is not twenty-four (24) hours (excluding Saturdayand Sunday) prior to time of hire, then new employees shall be allowed two (2) hours to show up on the firstday without loss of pay.(c) If there are absentees at anytime, the Employer may notify the Union for replacements or additionalworkers.d) If a registrant is dispatched from the short term call list and the job opportunity goes beyond ten (10)working days, he shall be laid off by the Employer unless he agrees to stay, at which time his/her name willbe removed from the long term call list.(e) The Employer may select five (5) applicants for employment from the out of work list for repair andconstruction of tanks. The next five (5) applicants for employment required will be dispatched inaccordance with the provisions of the Local Joint Referral Rules and Standards for Lodge #85. Allsubsequent workers will be subject to an alternating selection/referral on a one (1) for one (1) basis. (i.e.Employer selects one applicant for employment, Local 85 dispatches the next applicant for employment.)5-5-

Article 7Hours of Work(a) Eight (8) hours per day shall constitute a day’s work. Winter and summer hours to coincide with localBuilding Trades Council work hours. Forty (40) hours per week shall constitute a week’s work, Monday toFriday inclusive. Building Trades working hours will be followed on all jobs unless changed by mutualagreement between the Employer and Business Manager.Article 8Overtime(a) All time worked before and after the established work day of eight (8) hours Monday through Friday, andall time worked on Saturdays, shall be paid for at the rate of time and one-half (1 1/2). All time worked onSundays and holidays shall be paid for at the rate of double time.(b) Employees assigned to work during the regular lunch period shall be paid at the overtime rate and beallowed 1/2 hour to consume their lunch on the contractors’ time after completing such necessary oremergency work during their lunch period.(c) If an employee is called back to work between the hours of his regular quitting time and four (4) hoursprior to his regular starting time, he shall receive a minimum of four (4) hours at the overtime rate of pay.(d) Employees assigned to a particular job during a regular shift shall not be replaced when overtime isrequired.Article 9HolidaysFor overtime purposes the following shall be recognized holidays: New Year’s Day, Decoration Day,Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. When a holiday fallson Saturday or Sunday, the day observed by the Nation will be observed. The double time rate shall be paidfor all time worked on the above named holidays except as follows:No work shall be performed on Christmas Day or Labor Day except to preserve life or property. Anyemployee required to work on Labor Day or Christmas Day shall receive triple (3) times the regular hourlyrate of pay.Article 10Shifts(a) Shift work may be established by the Employer on the following basis:(b) When two (2) or three (3) regularly scheduled shifts are working, for the purpose of calculating theovertime provisions that may be applicable to the second or third shifts, the regularly established starting timeof the first or day shift shall be recognized as the beginning of the twenty-four (24) hour work day and thesecond or third shifts immediately following shall be considered as belonging to that day.(c) When shifts are required the first shift shall work eight (8) hours at the regular straight time rate. Thesecond shift shall work seven and one-half (7 1/2) hours and receive eight (8) times the regular straight timehourly rate plus .25. The third shift shall work seven (7) hours and receive eight (8) times the regularstraight time hourly rate plus .50. A thirty (30) minutes lunch period shall be mutually agreed upon by thejob superintendent and the Union representative and shall not be considered as time worked.6-6-

(d) No employee shall be required to work more than eight (8) hours in any twenty-four hour period forstraight time. Beginning of the twenty-four (24) hour period for such purposes shall be the regular startingtime of the shift upon which the employee is regularly employed. The overtime rate will be paid to employeescontinuously employed beyond twenty-four (24) hours until they receive an eight (8) hour break.(e) In cases where employees are required to work in excess of ten (10) hours, the Employer will schedule asecond (2nd) paid meal break effective upon the commencement of the third (3rd) overtime hour. Subsequentmeal breaks shall be scheduled each four (4) hours thereafter.Article 11Minimum Pay and Reporting Time(a) Any employee starting to work or called to work after starting time, Monday through Sunday inclusiveshall be paid not less than two (2) hours pay at the applicable rate. If such employee is required to continueworking during the second period of the shift he shall receive pay for the actual number of hours worked.(b) Should any employee report for work on his regularly established shift as per Articles 6 and/or 9 and isnot given work, he shall receive two (2) hours pay at the applicable rate.(c) Any employee who reports for work and is unable to work because of inclement weather shall receive two(2) hours pay. Any employee in order to qualify for show up time shall remain on the job for two (2) hoursunless released by the Employer authorized representative.(d) The foregoing requirements shall not be applicable when the employee voluntarily quits in which case heshall be paid for actual time worked.(e) The Employer after discussing with the steward shall determine at anytime during the first (2) hourswhether or not the work can proceed.Article 12Transportation and Travel Expense(a) Travel expense shall be paid for each day the employee reports for work as follows:25 miles up to 40 miles 3.0040 miles up to 60 miles 4.0060 miles up to 80 miles 5.0080 miles and up 6.0030 miles and up to 50 miles . 10.0050 miles and up . 12.00When employees are working on jobs located 50 miles or more from Local 85, Rossford, Ohio, and a holidayfalls during the week he shall receive travel pay for that day provided he works the day before and the dayafter the holiday but does not work the holiday.(b) Distances shall be determined by actual road mileage from Local 85, 319 Glenwood Road, Rossford, Ohio,over the most direct main traveled route (as mutually agreed between the Employer’s Representative and theBusiness Manager of the Union) to the change shanty or the most distant parking space provided at the jobsite, whichever is farther.7-7-

Article 13Wages and Fringe Benefit Contributions(a)Journeyman Wage Rate:The Employer shall pay and the employees covered by the terms of this Agreement shall accept the followingminimum wage scales:Effective July 16, 2012:Base RateHealth & WelfarePensionAnnuityApprentice TrainingEducational FundMOST/Common ArcContractor Safety FundSupplemental WelfareTotal 32.21 6.97 (hours paid) 10.77 (hours paid) 3.00 (hours paid) .35 (hours worked) .75 (hours worked) .34 (hours worked) .10 (hours worked) 1.00 (hours paid) 55.49Effective first full pay period after July 1, 2013: 1.25 per hour to be allocated.Effective first full pay period after July 1, 2014: 1.35 per hour to be allocated.Deductions:Savings PlanUnion Dues 1.00, 2.00, 3.00, 4.00, or 5.00 per hour worked4.25% of gross wage plus 0.20 per hour worked(b) Supervisory Rates over Journeyman Rate:Foreman10% over Journeyman RateGeneral Foreman15% over Journeyman Rate( c) The apprentice wage scale shall be:1st 6 months70%2nd 6 months72.5%3rd 6 months75%4th 6 months77.5%5th 6 months80%6th 6 months85%7th 6 months90%8th 6 months95%(1) All apprentices working on erection, repairing and dismantling of smoke stacks, smoke stack liners, standpipes and water towers shall receive boilermaker journeyman’s rate of pay.(2) Pension and Annuity shall be paid at the rate of twenty-five ( 0.25) cents per hour each for all apprenticesduring their probationary period (normally 2,000 not to exceed 1000 hours). After the probationary period,pension and annuity shall be paid at the full rate as journeyman. All other fringe benefit contributions shall bepaid at the full rate as journeyman from initial employment.(d) Helpers Clause: – Helpers will be referred and employed in the event that qualified journeymenboilermakers or boilermaker apprentices are not available. On any specific project, helpers will be laid offbefore any qualified journeymen boilermakers and boilermaker apprentices. Effective first full pay periodfrom initial employment, Helpers shall be paid in accordance with the following wage scale:8-8-

0 – 1000 Pension hours1001 – 2000 Pension hours2001 – 3000 Pension hours3001 – 4000 Pension hours4001 – 5000 Pension hours5001 – 6000 Pension hours50% of journeyman base rate60% of journeyman base rate70% of journeyman base rate75% of journeyman base rate80% of journeyman base rate90% of journeyman base rate(1) Pension and Annuity shall be paid at the rate of twenty-five ( 0.25) cents per hour for each Helper forhis/her first 2000 hours of employment. After that, pension and annuity shall be paid at the full rateas journeyman. All other fringe benefit contributions shall be paid at the full rate as journeyman frominitial employment.(e) Journeyman Metal Tradesmen, (Ironworkers, Asbestos Workers, Plumbers, Pipefitters, SheetmetalWorkers, Millwrights, and Electricians) will receive 100% of the journeyman rate.Article 14Pay Day(a) Employees shall be paid weekly on a designated day during working hours and in no case shall more thanthree (3) “working” days be held back in any one pay period which ends on Sunday.(b) Accompanying each payment of wages shall be a separate statement identifying the employer andemployee, showing date by the week, total hours, total earnings, net pay and all deductions separately,indicating clearly what they are for, (excludes Boilermaker-Blacksmith Pension, Boilermaker Health &Welfare, Boilermaker Annuity, Apprentice and other non-taxable Employer contributions.)(c) When an employee is to be terminated due to a reduction in force, he shall be notified one (1) hour inadvance of quitting time. When an employee is discharged he shall receive his wages immediately thereafter.(d) The Local Union office shall, within three (3) days be furnished a written verification of termination,stating reason for termination, on form provided by the Union with removable copy for the Employer’srecord.(e) When there is a reduction of force, it is understood that the intent is to give preference of employment toqualified employees of the local area, consistent with the efficient operation of the job.(f) If a recognized holiday falls on or before the designated pay day, the employees shall be paid no later thanthe third working day (excluding holidays) from the last day of the Employer’s payroll work week.Article 15Union Access to JobsAuthorized representative of the Union shall have access to jobs where employees covered by this Agreementare employed, providing they do not unnecessarily interfere with the employees or cause them to neglect theirwork, and further, provided such Union representative complies with customer rules and regulations.9-9-

Article 16Stewards(a) A steward shall be a working journeyman appointed by the Business Manager. Workmen going to workon the job and finding no steward acting thereon shall immediately notify the Business Manager of the Union.The steward shall represent the Local on the job where he is employed and enforce the terms and conditions ofthe Agreement, collect dues, and other Union obligations of employees owing the Union. The steward, inconjunction with the Business Manager, shall take up the complaints and grievances of employees and help toadjust same. He shall report to the Lodge on infractions of terms and conditions of this Agreement. He shallperform such other duties as the Local Business Manager may direct consistent with the terms and conditionsof this Agreement. The steward shall be allowed a reasonable amount of time to perform his duties.(b) It is understood and agreed that the Steward’s duties shall not include any matters relating to referral,hiring or lay-off of employees.(c) Stewards shall be notified two (2) hours in advance of all lay-offs, as to the number to be laid off, reasonfor lay-off, time of lay-off in order to expedite the dispatching of men as provided under Article 5.(d) The Employer agrees that the Steward will not be laid off until proper notification has been given to theUnion and further, when employees are laid off the Steward will be the last man laid off providing he iscapable of performing the work in question.(e) If, in the opinion of the Employer, the Job Steward is not performing his duties impartially, the Employerand the Business Manager shall meet within twenty-four (24) hours and adjust the difficulty to the mutualsatisfaction of both parties.Article 17Field Dues and Building Trades Check OffsUpon presentation of a signed authorization card, the obtaining of which shall be the responsibility of theUnion, the Employer shall withhold field dues of 4% of gross pay and current Building Trades assessmentsand Boilermaker Local 85 assessments combined in the amount of twenty ( 0.20) cents per hour worked, in theamount set forth in Article 13, Section 13(a), and submit same to the local office no later than thirty (30) daysafter the end of the month in which the dues accrued. The Union holds the Employer harmless and agrees todefend the Employer fully in any litigation resulting from this activity which is deemed to be a service to theUnion by the Employer.Article 18Supervision(a) All classification of foremen shall be practical mechanics of the trade.(b) The selection of all classes of foremen shall be entirely the responsibility of the Employer. It is understoodthat in the selection of classes of foremen the Employer will give first consideration to the qualified menavailable in the local area without persuading any employee to leave one Employer for another. TheEmployer shall have the right to send general foremen into any local territory where work is being performed.(c) There shall be a foreman on every job.(d) After more than two (2) crews (each containing no more than six (6) men per crew, per shift including acategory of foreman) are employed on any job under the terms of this agreement, no category of foreman maywork with the tools.10- 10 -

(e) No category of foreman shall apply in any respect, any regulation, rules, By-Laws or the provisions of theUnion Constitution on the Employer’s job site.(f) All orders from the Employer shall go through the proper chain of command with the followingmodifications.1.2.3.The general foreman may give orders to the men in the interest of safety of the men or welfare of thecompany.It is agreed that the foreman or general foreman shall accept instructions from the Employer’serectors.The Employer’s erector or erectors shall not give direct orders to any journeyman except in the interestof safety or welfare of the company.Article 19Incentive PlansUnder no condition shall piece, task bonus or wage inducement systems be allowed.Article 20Safety Measures, Health and Sanitation(a) All work of the Employer shall be performed under mutually approved safety conditions which mustconform to State and Federal Safety regulations.(b) Whenever practical and local conditions permit, and water and sewer services are available, flush toiletfacilities will be maintained in a clean sanitary condition, properly heated, lighted and ventilated and quarterswith light, heat and ventilation shall be provided for the men to change clothes and eat their lunches.Employees shall be reimbursed for loss or damage to their belongings by fire or natural disaster whenproperly stored in a place designated by the Employer at the job site, not to exceed 150 three hundred dollars( 300) per employee. Employees shall be reimbursed for belongings lost on nuclear job sites to radiationcontamination, not to exceed 300 per employee.(c) Potable and properly cooled drinking water shall be furnished employees at all times.(d) In Chemical Plants, refineries, and other jobs where any unusual conditions exist which causes unusualdamage to wearing apparel the Employer shall give consideration toward compensating for same.(e) Scaffolding, staging walks, ladders, gangplanks and other safety appliances shall be provided wherenecessary and shall be constructed in a safe and proper manner by boilermaker mechanics consistent withdecisions rendered by the Impartial Jurisdictional Disputes Board.It is not the intent of this section by the parties involved to schedule work in a prejudicial manner that onecraft would receive the major portion of scaffold building, consistent with efficient progress of the job.Boilermakers will use existing scaffolding constructed in a safe condition by other crafts providing the aboveconditions are not circumvented.(f) Lighting and ventilation shall be provided for all enclosed working spaces.(g) Reasonable arrangements shall be made to be sure that another boilermaker is working within hearingdistance of a boilermaker working alone in order to render assistance in the event of injury or illness.11- 11 -

(h) If and when recommendations of the National Committee on Radiation Protection and Measurement areavailable, the Agreement insofar as this particular subject is concerned may be opened upon thirty (30) daysnotice for the purpose of discussing such recommendations in the interest of protecting the health and safetyof the employees.(i) Employees will be permitted to partake of coffee or other non-alcoholic beverages twice during workinghours (morning and afternoon) at their work station at a designated time established by the Employer with amaximum total of ten (10) minutes for each break. The foreman shall prevent abuses of this privilege.(j) The Employer must provide Worker’s Compensation coverage at all times regardless of the number ofemployees.(k) When welding or burning is to be performed there shall be a sufficient number of employees providednear the welders or burners to insure a safe condition.(l) Boilermaker employees shall provide themselves with one (1) pocket knife and one (1) six foot rule. Anyadditional tools, safety equipment and personal protective equipment shall be furnished by the Employer.Personal protective equipment shall be furnished by the Employer and he shall instruct the employee to usesuch equipment. It shall be issued to the employee in sanitary and proper condition so that it will effectivelyprotect against the hazard involved.Protection equipment includes but is not limited to the following:1. Eye protection2. Face shields3. Respirators and masks4. Helmets and hoods5. Head protection6. Welder gloves, aprons, welder’s leathers and sleeves7. Rigging belts with safety line attached8. Hearing protectorsThe listed items will be made available on the job for employee’s use when at the discretion of thesuperintendent and foreman they are necessary for the employee’s safety and protection. Failure to use suchprotective equipment may result in discharge.Such equipment shall be the property of the Employer.(m) Portable grinders shall be provided with safety guards so mounted as to maintain proper alignment withthe wheel and the guard and its fastenings shall be of sufficient strength to retain fragments of the wheel incase of accidental breakage. The maximum speed of the wheel shall not be exceeded.(n) More than one (1) means of access shall be provided for employees working in confined spaces. If this isnot possible an employee shall be assigned or stationed outside of such confined space to maintaincommunication with those working within it and to aid them in an emergency.(o) Adequate protection shall be provided for employees exposed to an atmosphere which could bedangerous to life (lack of oxygen or gaseous contaminates).(p) Boilermakers shall not be required to use endless belt manlifts for ascending and/or descending.(q)

Article 26 Annuity 16 Article 27 Apprenticeship Program 17 Article 28 Boilermaker L-85 Savings Plan 18 Article 29 Boilermaker L-85 Trng. Fund 18 Article 30 IBB Local 85 Supplemental Welfare Fund 19 . Boilermakers, Iro