DATA SHEETmitel 5000communications platformIntroducing Mitel 5000Communications PlatformThe Mitel 5000 Communications Platform (CP)for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMB)leverages the benefits of today’s convergednetworks and your business’ existing datanetwork infrastructure investments.In today’s challenging businessenvironment, Mitel’s customersare demanding:· Better return on investment (ROI) on their networkinfrastructure investments· More cost-effective communications solutions· Productivity enhancing applications· Simpler, more efficient communications· Improved customer interactions· Improved mobility solutions· Solutions which are easy to install, configure and maintainConverged networks consisting of digital, IP and hybridtechnology are offering organizations improved ROIon network investments and tangible productivitygains through enhanced digital and IP-basedcommunications applications.The 5000 CP is the answer for your converged communicationsneeds offering you choice of digital, IP or analog options forphones and network interfaces. It features full call handlingand messaging, as well as full networking support andfeature transparency for multiple systems.The 5000 CP is designed to help your business benefitfrom the cost savings and infrastructure improvements ofVoIP technology:· Designed to deploy more easily and cost-effectively inconverged network environments, while not duplicatingthe features and functions of today’s LAN switchesand routers.· Based on Internet-style networking to more easily supporta wider variety of best-of-breed productivity and businessprocess applications:– Advanced call routing and find-me / follow-me features– Feature-rich conferencing and web collaboration– Powerful contact center and customer relationshipmanagement solutions– Meet-Me Conferencing– Ideal for multi-location businesses that cantake advantage of IP internetworking of Mitelcommunications servers and voice applications– Significantly simpler and more cost-effective thantraditional PBX internetworkingBy combining rich voice communications with datanetworks and applications, the 5000 CP helps youaccomplish your most important business objectives –delivering lower costs and enhanced value from yournetwork infrastructure investment:· Streamlining and enhancing customer interactions· Integrating with critical business process applications· Improving employee productivity and efficiency· Lowering overall communications cost

data sheet MITEL 5000 COMMUNICATIONS PLATFORM5000 CP Base Features· 2-line LCD display panel· Ad-hoc and Meet Me conferencing· Unified Messaging· Compact flash for storage· 4 x analog trunk interface*· 4 x single line station interface· Embedded Call reporting (up to 7 days of information)· Integrated 4 port unified voice mail (80hrs storage asstandard)· Linux operating system· Modular processor bay· Music on hold port· Page port· Four modular expansion bays· Three USB portsCapacities· 240 digital phones· Up to 250 IP Phones· Up to 300 hours of voice mail storage· Door relay capability*Not available in Malaysia.2 MITEL DATA SHEETExpansion· Four expansion bays in main chassis:– Dual T1/E1 (with enhanced echo cancellation)PRI modules– Analog Trunk Module for four ports of analog trunks(LSM-4)*– Analog Phone Module for four ports of analog phones(SLM-4)– Basic Rate Module for two ports of ISDN Basic Ratetrunks (BRM-2) [UK only]– Digital Desktop Module for 16 ports of digital phones(DDM-16) (max three per system)· Four Digital Expansion Interfaces (DEI), each with threeexpansion bays capable of supporting:– 16-port digital phone module (DEM-16)– 8-port analog phone module (SLM-8)· Up to 32 Unified voice mail ports and 300 hoursstorage capacity· Processor Expansion Card (PEC-1) for larger IP installations· Processing Server (PS-1) for large or heavy traffic installations

Phones and PeripheralsIP Phones· Mitel 5304 / 5312 / 5320 / 5324 / 5330 /5340 / 5360 IP Phones· Mitel Unified Communicator (UC) Advanced Softphone· Mitel Unified Communicator (UC) Express SoftphoneIP Peripherals· Mitel 5610 DECT Handset / IP DECT Stand· Mitel 5310 IP Conference Unit· Mitel IP Programmable Key Module (PKM) 12 / 48· Mitel Gigabit Ethernet Stand· Mitel Cordless Accessories / Cordless Handset /Cordless Headset· Mitel Line Interface ModuleDigital Phones / Peripherals· Mitel 8528 Telephone· Mitel 8568 Telephone· PKM 12 / 48 for the 8528 / 8568 TelephonesWireless Phones / Peripherals· Mitel 5610 DECT Handset / IP DECT Stand· Polycom 8440 Wireless Handset (SIP WiFi)· Polycom 8450 Wireless Handset (SIP WiFi)Trunk Interfaces· Four analog loop start ports (on board)*· Up to four analog trunk modules (LSM-4)*· Up to four basic rate modules (BRM-2) [UK only]· Up to four dual T1/E1/PRI modules (T1M-2)· SIP (carrier) trunks· SIP / MGCP gatewaysManagement· Network-based administration client· Web browser-based diagnostics· System Administration & Diagnostics: powerful taskoriented diagnostic interface· Embedded System ReportingProtocol Support· 802.11· CSTA· G.726-32· G.729· Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP)· Phones support 802.1p/q; 802.3af; ToS; TFTP· RTP / UDP / TCP· Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)· TFTP· TSAPI· MP3*Not available in Malaysia.MITEL 5000 COMMUNICATIONS PLATFORM 3

data sheet MITEL 5000 COMMUNICATIONS PLATFORMSystem Features· Account codes– Forced– Forced on toll calls– Optional– Standard· ACD agent ID· ACD / UCD hunt members spanning nodes· Administrator station programming· Advanced CO interfaces· Agent help· Analog phone support· Attendant console· Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)· Automatic Daylight Saving Time· Automatic Route Selection (ARS)· Call accounting system· Call routing to public network· Caller ID· Calling Line Identity Presentation (CLIP) for UKsingle-line sets· Database conversion utility for Inter-Tel Axxess · Database user export feature· Database restore / save· Desktop interface (through Ethernet)· Diagnostics and audit trail (database change log)· Digital networking (ISDN-based)· Digital phone support· Direct Inward System Access (DISA)· Embedded System Reporting· Emergency outgoing access· End User Web Portal· Extension lists· Fax over IP (based on T.38 standard)· File import tool· House phones· Hotdesking· Hunt groups (75)– ACD and UCD– Announcement recording– Automatic camp-on– Overflow recording– Playback device capability– Programmable hunt group wrap-up– Recall recording– Remote ACD hunt group– Send camp-on notifications to members in DND4 MITEL DATA SHEET· IP networking· IP phone support· Keymaps (configurable)· Loop loss measurement tool· Meet-Me Conferencing (max 20 parties per conference,max 40 parties in total· Multilingual voice prompts: Canadian French, Japanese(Katakana characters), Spanish, American and BritishEnglish· Multiprotocol phone support· Music on hold– Persistent MOH– Ring back– Silence– Tick tone– File-based music sources· Night answer· Off-Premise Extension (OPX)· Open Architecture Interfaces (OAI)– System level (ASAI, MVIP, CSTA, TSAPI, ASCII)· Operator console· Paging (10 zones)· Passwords· Peer-to-peer audio for IP devices· Privacy· Scheduled database back-up· Secondary extension appearance· Single line sets· SIP trunking· SIP Phone support· System alarm display and reporting· System forwarding· System hold· System OAI events· System OAI third-party call control· System speed dialing· Toll restriction– Multiple classes, day and night trunks· Uniform Call Distribution (UCD)· UPS monitoring Phone Features· User Web Portal

Phone Features· Automatic call access· Automatic camp-on to busy stations, trunks and ARS· Background music· Busy trunk / station callback (queue)· Call forwarding (on or off premises)– All calls– If busy– If no answer– If no answer or busy· Call screening· Call transfer (on or off premises)– To hold– To park– To ring· Call waiting (camp-on)– Outside and intercom calls– Off-hook ringing· Caller ID name / number toggle· Conferencing– Maximum 20 parties per conference– Maximum 40 parties in conference at any one time· Configurable caller ID propagation· Data calls· Directed call pick-up (reverse transfer)· Directory (IC, CO and feature)· Do-not-disturb messages· Dynamic Extension Express· Emergency call· Feature buttons· Feature directory· Group call pick-up· Group listen· Group remove / replace from UCD / hunt groups· Handsfree answer· Hookflash capability· Hot keys· Hotdesking· Individual hold and recall· Microphone mute· Off-hook voice announce· On-hook dialing· Power fail transfer (supports 2 loop start trunks and 2single line stations)*· Programmable feature codes· Redial· Remote feature programming· Self-test function· Station password· Station speed dialing· Station-to-station intercom calls· Station-to-station messaging· User-programmable keys· User-programmable ring tone*Not available in Malaysia.MITEL 5000 COMMUNICATIONS PLATFORM 5

data sheet MITEL 5000 COMMUNICATIONS PLATFORMMessaging FeaturesSignaling Interfaces· Automated attendant application with recall destination· Automated attendant recall destination· Unified Messaging· Call diversion (send to voice mail or selected location)· Call screening· Cancel unheard messages· Cascading remote message notification· Centralized voice mail support· Configurable 7 and 9 key for saving and deleting messages(per mailbox)· Custom call routing announcements with digit translation· Directory services· Email integration**· Fax recognition**· Fax-on-demand**· Inbound and outbound faxing**· Information storage· Message notification / retrieval· Optional G.726-32 for compression of storage· Phantom extension· “Play only” mailbox· Record-a-call· Return call via caller ID or to an extension· Schedule Time-based Application Router (STAR)· Speech-enabled applications**· Supervised transfer· System group lists· Undelete message· Unified messaging with email synchronization· Voice mail· Voice mail networking (VPIM, Digital and / or AMIS)· Web Portal for end user information and personalization· Automatic Number Identification (ANI)· Caller ID· Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS)· Direct Inward Dialing (DID)· E&M· MGCP· PRI national ISDN-2 support· SIP· T1 / OPX / Disconnect· Trunk group PRI call-by-call· Two-stage caller identification**Requires Mitel NuPoint Unified Messaging6 MITEL DATA SHEETHardware RequirementsThe following lists the hardware requirements for theAdministration Console:· 1.0 gigahertz (GHz) or higher Central Processing Unit(CPU)· 1 gigabytes (GB) or higher Random-Access Memory (RAM)· 1024 x 768 high-color 32-bit display· 100 MB available hard disk space (not including the spaceneeded for the Microsoft .NET Framework)Software RequirementsThe following lists the software requirements for theAdministration Console:· Microsoft Windows XP (SP2 / SP3), Windows Vista (SP1), or Windows 7· .NET Framework version 3.5 SP1 (included in theinstallation program)Linux is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in theU.S. and other countries.

DIMENSIONSDIMENSIONSSIZEHeightWidthDepthWeight (approx. loaded)3.5 in. (8.9 cm) - 2U15.5 in. (39.4 cm)8.75 in. (22.2cm)9.2 lbs (4.2 kg)ENVIRONMENTAL REQUIREMENTSREQUIREMENTSTempaeratureEquipment ChassisStation InstrumentsRelative Humidity(Non-Condensing)AltitudeIN OPERATIONIN STORAGE32 to 104 F (0 to 40 C)32 to 113 F (0 to 45 C)5 - 95% 40 to 185 F (-40 to 85 C) 40 to 185 F (-40 to 85 C)5 - 95%Up to 10,000 ft (3,048 m)Up to 40,000 ft (12,192m)MITEL SIMPLY COMMUNICATING MITEL 5000 COMMUNICATIONS PLATFORM 7

Data Sheet MITEL 5000 COMMUNICATIONS PLATFORMmitel.comGLOBAL HEADQUARTERSU.S.EMEACALAASIA PACIFICTel: 1(613) 592-2122Fax: 1(613) 592-4784Tel: 1(480) 961-9000Fax: 1(480) 961-1370Tel: 44(0)1291-430000Fax: 44(0)1291-430400Tel: 1(613) 592-2122Fax: 1(613) 592-7825Tel: 61(0) 2 9023 9500Fax: 61(0) 2 9023 9501FOR MORE INFORMATION ON OUR WORLDWIDE OFFICE LOCATIONS, VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT MITEL.COM/OFFICESTHIS DOCUMENT IS PROVIDED TO YOU FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. The information furnished in this document, believed by Mitel to be accurate as of the dateof its publication, is subject to change without notice. Mitel assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions in this document and shall have no obligation to you as aresult of having made this document available to you or based upon the information it contains.M MITEL (design) is a registered trademark of Mitel Networks Corporation. All other products and services are the registered trademarks of their respective holders. Copyright 2012, Mitel Networks Corporation. All Rights Reserved.GD 1550 10951 PN51012867RJ-EN

MIteL 5000 COMMUNICatIONS PLatFORM InTrODuCIng MITEL 5000 COMMunICATIOnS PLATFOrM . · Polycom 8450 Wireless Handset (SIP WiFi) TRUNk INTERFACES · Four analog loop start ports (on board)* · Up to four analog trunk modules (