Hybrid IP-PBXSystemsKX-TDA100KX-TDA200KX-TDA600The intelligent business solution.

Hybrid IP-PBX KX-TDA Telecommunication Platform:Investment in a telecommunication systemrequires business communication foresight.Businesses need to be able to effectivelycommunicate today - yet want to make surethat they are properly equipped to handle thegrowing demands of their futurecommunication needs. The Panasonic HybridIP-PBX TDA systems combine the advantages oftraditional telecommunications with theconvergence of IP technology offeringmaximum feature and functional flexibility tohandle all your business communication needs Today and in the Future.Makes Communications EasyPanasonic digital telephones are stylish, easy to use, andefficient.Features include a large, easy-to-read 6-line backlit LCDthat can display up to 24 characters, an easy-to-viewMessage/Ringer Lamp, Navigator Keys for quick and easyoperation, 4-step angle adjustment for greater comfort,and a USB terminal that provides simple plug-n-playconnection with a PC.Cost-Cutting PerformanceAny business could benefit from a low-cost, easyto-use, and reliable inter-office networkingsystem. Using a VoIP gateway, the Hybrid IP-PBXconverts telephone voice signals into IP packets,making it possible for you to use VoIP technologyeven with existing telephone units. The HybridIP-PBX also supports the QSIG* protocol, makingit effective for building a company-wide voicenetwork. And Automatic Route Selection (ARS)saves money by choosing the most inexpensivecalling route. Also, in addition to cutting costs,VoIP technology and networking give you easieraccess within networks.- QSIG*- Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)- Automatic Route Selection (ARS)* QSIG is an industry-standard digital networking protocol.2

The Future is hereEfficiency You Can AppreciateReliabilityOur versatile solutions will bring a wide range ofbenefits to your company. Wireless technologyallows you freedom of mobility so you can initiate orrespond to important calls from anywhere in youroffice, and the messaging solution adds value tovirtually all your services. Advanced call centrefunctions improve communication efficiency andallow you to serve customers more effectively. TheHybrid IP-PBX makes it easy to distribute calls,manage your telephone agents, and control officeuse of the phone system. Compatible with the CTIstandard protocols, TAPI and CSTA, the PanasonicHybrid IP-PBX can serve as the core of a powerful,high-value-added CTI system.The reliability of the Panasonic Hybrid IPPBX system is assured by a rigorous qualitycontrol system and extensive testing beforeit leaves the factory. The Hybrid IP-PBX isalso designed for quick, easy maintenanceto keep system downtime to an absoluteminimum. You can change or add moduleswithout switching off the system.An Affordable System that AddsValue to Your BusinessThe new Messaging Features offer greaterflexibility. If short of staff, you can handle calls withthe Automated Attendant Service. You canupgrade to Unified Messaging using CTItechnology that can combine e-mail, fax andvoice mail, giving you multi-mediacommunication capabilities. You can evencustomise the Hybrid IP-PBX to meet the needs ofdifferent callers. By adding a Panasonic VoiceProcessing System, you can utilise additionalfeatures that are available only from Panasonic,such as Live Call Screening, Two-way Recording,and Two-way Transfer.3

Extreme FunctionalityFor effective communication - Panasonictelecommunication systems allow you tohave a wide range of services at yourdisposal. Panasonic communication systemsallow businesses to choose from a range ofuser-friendly solutions allowing you to findthe right solution at the right price to handleyour business application needs.Alphanumeric DisplayNavigator KeyThe navigator key allows fast, one touch, access tothe multiple system functions.Programmable KeysOne-touch function access: the programmable softkeys save time and effort. These keys can be used tostore telephone numbers, or frequently used featureaccess. The dual colour Red/Green LED's give visualindication of feature accessed as well as the status ofcolleagues whether they are available or busy ontheir phone.Ergonomic-Design,4-Step, Tilt-AngleAdjustmentThe display screen can be adjusted to four differentviewing angles for optimum readability.4Visual feedback on the user-friendly LCD display makes iteasier to handle calls and perform other tasks. Use it to view avariety of information (see partial list below) or to access theHybrid IP-PBX system's many features. Users can also makecalls by simply following the visual prompts shown on thedisplay.- Incoming caller's name and number (ISDN, Caller ID)- Message waiting, absent messages, feature settings- Log of incoming and outgoing calls (Call Log)- System/personal speed dialling- Extension lists- Call Duration- Menu of system features- Time and dateHands Free ConvenienceThe built-in headset jack allows you to keep your hands freewhile taking important telephone calls, giving you thefreedom and flexibility to work on your PC or take notes etc.eXtra Device Port (XDP) and DigitalXDP (DXDP)Use the XDP port to add an analogue phone, cordless phone,or other single-line device to your extension without the costof an additional line. This lets you send a fax while talking to acustomer. Or, by connecting a modem to the XDP port, youcan access the Internet while you continue to use thetelephone conversing with a client. The DXDP port allows youto add a second digital telephone to your extension allowingyou to increase your system capacity without the need foradditional optional extension cards and wiring.

Best ComfortKX-NT136llllllIP Proprietary Telephone6-Line Back-lit Display24-Programmable KeysDigital Speakerphone2nd Ethernet PortPower Over Ethernet (POE)KX-NT265*llll1-Line Display8-Programmable KeysMessage / Ringer LampDigital SpeakerphoneKX-T7665KX-T7636 withKX-T7603llllll1-Line Display8-Programmable KeysSpeakerphoneDigital Proprietary Telephone6-Line Back-lit Display24-Programmable KeysDigital SpeakerphoneUSB Connection (optional)12 additional programmable keys(KX-T7603)KX-T7633llllllllDigital Proprietary Telephone3-Line Back-lit Display24-Programmable KeysDigital SpeakerphoneUSB Connection (optional)KX-T7710llllllProprietary Telephone8-Programmable KeysModem Data PortMessage Waiting LEDIdeal as an office or hotel roomphoneOne-touch Button PanelKX-T7630llllDigital Proprietary Telephone3-Line Display24-Programmable KeysDigital SpeakerphoneKX-T7640lDigital DSS Console (60 DSS)KX-T7625lllDigital Proprietary Telephone24-Programmable KeysDigital SpeakerphoneCompatible Operating Systems :* KX-TDA100/KX-TDA200 : PMPR Software File Version 3. 0000 or laterKX-TDA600 : PLMPR Software File Version 3. 0000 or laterKX-TDA0470 (IP-EXT16) : PIPEXT Software Version 1. 001 or later/ PVOIPEX Software Version 1. 011 or later5

More selectionWith its intelligent call-handling functions,the Panasonic Hybrid IP-PBX can serve asthe core of a contact centre that efficientlyand intelligently handles all business calls.Higher Productivity,Greater Customer SatisfactionDesktop PC Integration improves call handling andprovides added functionality for power users. A 'snap-in'high-speed USB module makes it easy to connect thedigital telephone to your desktop or laptop computer.User ProductivityUsing PC Phone software, you can integrate your phonesystem with a database. Selective or automatic CallRecording, Intelligent TAM, as well as Microsoft Outlooksynchronisation are just a few of the exceptional featuresthat can provide enhanced added functionality totelephony power-users in your company.Attendant ProductivityProductivity can be improved further by using the PCConsole software application giving operatorattendants the ability to answer and transfer calls andperform other routine call-handling duties by simple,visual drag-and-drop operations using a standard PCmouse or other similar pointing device.The attendant can also take notes in the absence of auser. These notes pop-up when the user calls theattendant to retrieve the messages.6

More success1st Party CTITDA oprietaryTelephone3rd Party CTITDA lephoneProprietaryTelephoneLAN7

More Freedom, Greater ClarityHave you ever had an important customeron the phone and needed to walk away fromdesk? Panasonic Wireless DECT connectivityis here to help. The Panasonic Hybrid IP-PBXsystem lets you simply continue your currentconversation over a lightweight, businesssmart wireless telephone while you are awayfrom your desk or moving around the office.Because the system is digital, the voicecomes through loud and clear.8

DECT MobilityThe Hybrid IP-PBX system allows wirelesscommunication over an extended range by usingmultiple cell stations that boost the flexibility andmobility of your wireless handset. Using theWireless XDP, you can set your wireless telephoneto have the same extension as your desk phone,and then receive calls even when away from thedesk. You are always there, ready to receive yourcustomers' calls, and make the most of everybusiness opportunity that comes along.For Superb Mobility (Mobile Phone Integration)To further enhance mobility, calls that come in foran employee who's out of the office can beautomatically routed to his or her mobile phoneand all telephones in the same group can ringsimultaneously.KX-TDA100/200 OnlyKX-TCA155 and KX-TCA256 Featureslllllllllll6-line, Blue LCD BacklightIlluminated KeypadMultiple Language DisplaySpeakerphoneProgrammable Soft KeysPBX functionality support200 entry PhonebookHeadset Compatible9 polyphonic Ringer Melodies and 6 ringingpatternsVibrate Alert*Meeting Mode** KX-TCA256 Only9

Flexible AccessThe human voice remains the most effective mode ofcommunication. We all know how frustrating it can bewhen trying to contact someone and the line isalways busy or not answered. Panasonic hascombined its knowledge of Call handling with theirIntelligent PBX systems to ensure that calls from yourcustomers can always be answered by someone, orvoice messages can be left to request a follow-up call.10

Intelligent Call Handling CapabilitiesPersonal Mailboxes and emailnotification.Using the advanced KX-TVM Messaging Solution - eachExtension can be assigned its own personal mailbox thatcan be contacted any time of day or night. If a caller leaves avoice message for a user, the extension user is notified by amessage-waiting lamp available on proprietary telephonesor can be additionally notified via an e-mail with voicemessage attached sent to the user's personal computer.Incoming call information is also recorded with themessage and is displayed on a Proprietary telephone. Thisinformation includes Callers telephone number, time of call,and length of call. Multiple PBXs(KX-TDA100/200) can alsoshare a single voice mail unit to enable centralised voicemail control.The perfect service for yourcustomersWhatever the size of your company, efficient and courteoushandling of telephone calls is a major factor in a successfulbusiness. Panasonic provides multiple solutions for CallCentres, to help control and make use of the limitedresources that may be available. Use the Hybrid IP-PBX toautomatically distribute incoming calls as desired. You canprogram the Hybrid IP-PBX to direct callers to theappropriate group for efficient call handling.Other features—such as VIP Call, whichprovides special handling for key customers;Automated Attendant, which answers callsautomatically; and queuing, which puts thecaller on hold and plays messages and musicwhen no one is available—help ensure greatercustomer satisfaction and prevent missedbusiness opportunities.The Hybrid IP-PBX provides a variety of calldistribution patterns. Effective use of thedifferent patterns – Automatic Call Distribution(ACD), Uniform Call Distribution (UCD), PriorityHunting, and Simultaneous Ring – can helpyou manage calls more efficiently.Designated member extensions can "log in" tojoin their designated group and begin handlingcalls, or "log out" to exit the group temporarily,such as when taking a break. An extension canalso be designated for use by the supervisor,who can access information about incomingcalls to each group (the number of gueuedcalls, the longest queuing time, etc.), check thelog-in/log-out status, and monitor the status ofgroup members.You can also assign a backup extension as an overflowdestination for calls not answered within a specified periodof time. You can designate any extension you want as theoverflow destination—a company message box, forexample—and you can designate different overflowdestinations for when the PBX is in day, lunch, break, ornight mode.11

Integrating Voice and Data networksIP Network infrastructures, which alreadyexist in the majority of companies, can nowcarry voice along with data. Designed tosupport Convergence via modular structure,the Hybrid IP-PBX systems allow aharmonious migration towards VoIP,allowing voice and data communication towork within the same network.PC-ClientPC-ClientIP ProprietaryTelephoneSOHOIP ProprietaryTelephoneBranchOfficeIP NetworkVoIP/QSIG Network with Centralised operatorVoice-over Internet Protocol(VoIP)VoIP is the latest proven technology for voicecommunications where packets of digitallycompressed voice are sent over IP data networks,which gets converted back to voice once it reachesthe destination. By leveraging existing data networks,VoIP can bypass PSTN and therefore avoid all costsassociated with PSTN calls no matter how far thedistance and how long the conversation. In addition,VoIP also allows for more advanced telephonysolutions and applications.VoIP is an ideal solution for site-to-sitecommunications between multi-site offices and retailchains - as well as for networking branch office andremote office employees, small office/home office(SOHO) workers, and home sales personnel, allowingfor flexible working environment and lowering cost.12ISDN

HeadOffice3rd Party CTITDA Hybrid IP-PBXCTI ServerPC-ClientPC-ClientIP ProprietaryTelephoneTDA Hybrid nalogueProprietaryTelephoneIP TelephonyCustomers interested in gradually evolving theirbusinesses towards IP telephony can benefitfrom the optional IP Extension card thatsupports the KX-NT136 and the KX-NT265 IPtelephones.The KX-NT136 is based on the familiar KX-T7636high-end Digital Proprietary Telephone, the KXNT136 IP Telephone includes the familiar onetouch feature access to:l Call Holdl Conference Calll Call Transfer l Call Forwardand many more.The KX-NT265 is a cost effective IP telephoneand provides one-touch features via eightprogrammable keys.Leveraging standard data-network cabling - andsupporting Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), IPtelephony can reduce your installation cost aswell as make telephony available wherever thereis a data network available.The Panasonic IP telephones are perfectsolutions for both office employees or remoteworkers / home workers connected over highspeed IP network.DECTCell StationDECTHandsetQSIG NetworkingThe KX-TDA Hybrid IP-PBX system supportsQSIG protocol, allowing you to interconnectmultiple PBX locations to build a large,effectively seamless virtual telephone system,as well as giving you access to more advancedcommunication functions. As an example, forcustomers with a legacy PBX in the corporateoffice, QSIG can be used to implementPanasonic Hybrid IP-PBXs in all the branchoffices. Using the network numbering plan, youcan assign a telephone number to eachextension in a branch or head office, reducingcommunication costs.13

The possibilities are endlessFor the majority of businesses, personalcontact with the customer is a significantfactor for success. The telephone system isat the heart of all communications - withoutany concern as to how the communication isconveyed: via IP, by traditional telephony orby employing wireless technology. What iscrucial for businesses is quality andreliability. Panasonic provides wide varietyof solutions to cover any individualrequirements.Health ServiceA telecommunication system in nursing facilities andresident housing must be consistent above all to therequirements of people in need. Panasonic offerscustom-made solutions that can be integrated withcomputers to support administrative tools andemergency call systems. The investment ensuressecurity by flexible, future-safe technology.HospitalityThe Hospitality market requires the communicationssystem to be flexible, economical, and easy to use,with maximum reliability and adaptability for theindividual needs. The possibility of PC integration toallow guest room billing and system managementhas also become a requirement of this sector. TheHybrid IP-PBX Systems are perfectly equipped withall these necessary hospitality features and solutions.Customer ServicesWe all would like to offer our customers the bestservice we possibly can, and while you might be thebest today, what about tomorrow? PanasonicTelecommunication systems offer service-orientatedsolutions, which can be expanded to meet yourcustomer's needs now and for days to come.MedicalTo be able to work effectively and comfortably in amedical environment, it is necessary that thetelecommunication system is adapted perfectly to fitthe needs of this type of activity. In the field ofhealth, Panasonic alleviates the continual increase incosts and allows easy integration with life savingtechnologies.14AdministrationPublic administrations see themselves today morethan ever as service providers. Their services mustbe carried out in spite of the increasing pressure ofcost management for government, council andmunicipal authorities. Panasonic offers suchestablishments a telecommunications solutionwhich helps them maintain and keep their costs incheck.

with digital communication.SalesIn today's competitive world, personal contactbecomes ever more important to the customer.Customer satisfaction, maximum flexibility andaccessibility provide the crucial lead in this sector. Witha solution from Panasonic, everything that you need isalready built in as standard.LogisticsLogistics requires smooth and reliable transport ofinformation. This is why logistics companies haveparticular requirements when it comes totelecommunications systems. With possibility forintegration into modern EDP systems and mobileaccessibility, Panasonic Hybrid IP-PBX systems canbecome the driving force for your business today,tomorrow and in the future.ConstructionCustomers like to only invest in well built products,displaying them attractively and place them within adelightful environment. These same guidelines shouldalso be followed by your telecommunication systems.When it comes from Panasonic - you are sure that allthese important points have been meticulouslyfollowed - so customers can be proud to own aPanasonic system.Production EnterprisesHigh flexibility, economy and maximum reliability aswell as adjustment to individual needs are importantcriteria, which telecommunication systems must fulfil.The Panasonic Hybrid IP-PBX outshines here as it wasdeveloped with manufacturing plants and productiondepartments in mind. With its ultramodern design andfuture ready solutions, experience a new dimension ofefficient communication.LegalThe legal industry of law firms, notaries, attorneys,solicitors etc have specific requirements when itcomes to business communication.Attorney client conversation may need to berecorded - or clients may need to be billed for calls.Law firms may prefer to have secure entrancesmonitored via IP cameras. The Panasonic Hybrid IPPBX addresses all these unique communicationneeds of the legal industry - yet provides all theseand more solutions in a cost effective manner.With Panasonic the possibilities are endless.15

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. 2M56KY-TDAv2.02.X Printed in Japan

Hybrid IP-PBX makes it easy to distribute calls, manage your telephone agents, and control office use of the phone system. Compatible with the CTI standard protocols, TAPI and CSTA, the Panasonic Hybrid IP-PBX can serve as the core of a powerful, high-value-added CTI system. Efficiency Yo