PI System RoadmapStephen Kwan, Product ManagerSeptember 14th, 2016

PI InterfacesPI Connectors2

PI Interfaces – New options for securingInputReadData SourcePI InterfaceWriteOutputOperatingSystem3

PI Interfaces – New options for securingInputReadData SourcePI InterfaceWritePI Interfaces for:OPC DAOPC HDAModbus EWhite listXXOperatingSystemOutputNew Features:1. Least privileges2. Read-only and read-write3. White list output points4

PI ConnectorsConnectors Auto-discovers data source User selects data to collect Creates reference modelbased on assets in datasource Auto-creates: Elements Points Event Frames Updates automatically withdata source changes Collects real-time data Easy to configure5

Advancing the PI Connector technologyEnhancing and improving Performance, scalability and stability improvements Version 1.1 and 1.2 enhancementsAdding new PI Connectors 13 with general availability now Adding moreUser experience Data selection Configuration and management6

Available todayPI ConnectorMarketBACnetFacilitiesCygNetUpstream Oil and GasDC Systems RTscadaT&DEtherNet/IPHigh-speed PLC dataHART-IPMany. Wireless sensorsIEC 60870-5-104T&D SubstationsIPMIDatacentersNOV WITSMLUpstream, drillingOPC UAManyPingIT infrastructurePI System HealthIT infrastructureSiemens SIMATIC PCS 7ManyUFLManyWonderware HistorianMany7

PI Connectors in developmentPI ConnectorMarketStatusPI SystemAllBeta Q3RedfishDatacenterDevelopmentModbus for embedded systemsAllDevelopmentDNP3 for embedded systemsT&DDevelopmentIEC 61850T&DDevelopment8

PI Server9

formanceand ScalabilityNotificationsUsability and Features10

PI Data Archive11

What’s new in PI Data Archive?Improved Archive ManagementDetect when archive is corruptOnline reprocessing of archives via PI SMTAuto recovery of corrupt queues in Data Archive and BufSSConnection history12

PI Asset Framework13

Richer Context for your Data and Events Well defined traits for attributes– Limits– Forecasts– Geolocation Event frames enhancements– Severity– Acknowledgements– Annotations14

Enhanced Streaming Calculations15

Analytics Manual recalculation via PI System Explorer– Programmatic access via AF SDK Windows Clustering support for PI Analysis Service Additional functions– Compare with deadband– Rate of change SQC– Output to attribute– Generate event frame16

Performance and Scalability17

Faster and BetterNew search methods in AF SDK Elements, event frames, analyses, notification rules,cases and transfers Backwards compatible with existing search methods Data Access– Asynchronous data access calls in AF SDK– Replace/Delete events over a time range– Bulk retrieval for an array of timestamps and a mode Event Frame and FindChangedItems PerformanceImprovementsReduced Memory usage in client18


Notifications 2016 R2 in the PI System Leverage analysisservice to identifyimportant events Use event framesas a naturalcontainer for theevent ainerizeNotify20

GoalsScalability andPerformance Target: 1M configured notificationsMigration Migration tool for legacy notificationsIntegration Tight integration with PI AF First class citizen in PI client tools – PIDataLink, PI Coresight, etc.21

Comparison (Highlights)Legacy NotificationsNotifications 2016 R2InstallationSeparate installClient installed with AF, separate install for NotificationsServiceConfigurationPI System ExplorerPI System Explorer, PI Builder*TriggersSeparate configurationEvent frame – Analyses, programmatic, EFGen, manual, etc.Customizable contentYesYesSubscribers, GroupsYesYesEmail delivery channelYesYesWeb service delivery channelYesYesEscalationYesYesAcknowledgement andVisualizationVariousPI Coresight 2016 , PI DataLink 2016 **, PI BuilderCustom delivery channelYesNot in this versionNotifications HistoryStored in PI PointsEvent frame annotations* limited, ** read only22

Migration FlowInstallMigrateRun Use Migration Tool Use MigrationReport Resolve issues (ifany) Legacynotificationscontinue to run Configure/run newnotificationsTest Compare resultsCompleted Turn off legacynotifications23

2017 and Beyond24

PI Server 2017 FocusManageability Integratedinstaller PI DirectoryService PI SystemDashboard Configurationportal Improve archivemanagement Actionable errormessagesPerformance andScalability Data access Event frames Searches andqueries Analyses Caching andmulti-userenhancementsAnalytics Autorecalculation Extensibleanalytics with 3rdparty integrationUsability andFeatures Localizedattribute names UOM grouping Deliverychannels25

PI Coresight26

PI Coresight 2016 New Display Editor: Author high fidelity displaysStill Quick & Easy to find and visualize dataProcess Monitoring: Visual alerts with multistatebehaviorsAd Hoc Analysis: Synchronized trend cursors, & basictime manipulationEvent Enabled: Discover related events on your assetsEvent Comparison: Easily compare and analyze datafrom similar events using overlay trends.Event Details & Comments: View details to quicklyassess the situation, acknowledge the event, and viewand add comments so your colleagues always have thelatest information.PI Notifications Beta Support: View Event Details andacknowledge events.New Display EditorEvent Comparison27

PI Coresight 2016 Mobile: Take your data anywhere on any device.Extensibility CTP (technology preview): Customers &Partners can add symbols and pallets to the application,extending the functionality.No Customer Left Behind: Previous PI Coresightdisplays are brought forward & ProcessBook displaysare still viewable through PI Coresight.Integrated with PI AF 2016: PI Coresight leverages newcapabilities like AF Attribute Trait Limits and EventSeverity within the application.Visualization Rebooted: Completely redesigned userexperience with a new look and feel.Customer Feedback Integrated: Customers can suggestenhancements directly from the PI Coresightapplication.PhoneTabletProcessBook Viewer28

PI Coresight 2016 R2 Analyze Events with Notifications Support:Investigate an event after receiving aNotification email link. Advanced Search for Events: Search andfilter events on your display from aplethora of criteria. Editor Enhancements: symbol switcher,radial gauge, trend configuration (tracecolors, scales), etc. PI BatchView replacement / Batch to EFmigration support: Advanced EF search,Save Event Comparison display, Align andzoom to child events.Investigate Events from a notificationAdvanced Event Search29

PI Coresight 2017 (tentative, TBD) Role Based User Access: support forViewer users and Contributor users. Initial Dashboards Support: EventsDashboard table symbol, Collections,Drill in Navigation, TBD Editor Enhancements: symbol library,display background config, TBD PI BatchView replacement / Batch toEF migration support: Golden events /Golden Batch support30

PI Integrators for Business Analytics31

Problem Complexity Drives the Need for IntegratorsDisparate assets or interacting one-by-oneInteracting with common assets as a fleetSystem OptimizationBenchmarkingProcess OptimizationComplexityMonitoringReal-time visibility HMIReal-time & historicalview across any plantasset PI ProcessBook PI Coresight PI DatalinkFleet-wideperformancecomparison BI App (i.e. Tableau,Spotfire, Lumira) PI Integrator forBusiness Analytics PI Integrator for SAPHANALarge scalemultivariate analysis Machine Learning(Azure ML, R) PI Integrator forBusiness Analytics PI Integrator for SAPHANA32

More integration options, more systems2015BusinessIntelligence &Data Warehouses1H-2016FutureAvailable TodayAvailable TodayPlanned (2H 2016)Scalable BI for the PI Systemv1.0 Fleet Asset Reporting Reduce Reporting Time Integrate w/ Data WarehouseExpanded Systems and Eventsv1.1 Oracle Hadoop (HIVE & HDFS) Event FramesCloud Platforms Microsoft Azure Azure SQL, SQL DW Azure Data Lake SAP HANA Cloud PlatformResearchPlanned (1H 2017)Streaming Pattern Enabling computations in realtime with an external computeengineStream Systems Azure Event & IoT Hub Kafka Custom jsonStreamingSystemsResearchPartner PlatformEnable partners and customersto build applications and interactprogrammatically using PIIntegrator Framework

PI Integrator for ESRI ArcGIS34

What’s next for the PI Integrator for Esri ArcGIS?New Features Asset SyncArchitectureRelated FeatureServiceRewindable Maps!Widgets Ops Dashboard WebApp BuilderProduct Enhancements Stream identification ArcGIS environmentmanageabilityResearchEvent Frames4Q16 - Beta1Q17 - 2017 Release

How it WorksPI ServerOption 1GeoEvent Extensionfor ArcGISArcGIS OnlineOrPortal for ArcGISInputsOutputsGeoEvent ServicesPI DataArchiveArcGIS Clienttools andanalyticsprogramsFeatureServicesoperation viewsweb mapsPI AssetFrameworkOption 2available1Q2017Directpublication to atime-enabledfeature layerTimeenabledfeaturelayersEsri Feature ServiceStandard applied for fullplatform coverage36

New architecture – what does it mean for you? Self-Hosted Web Server– No longer uses IIS Time-enabled feature layer– Does not require GeoEvent Extension for ArcGIS– ArcGIS 10.2.2 or later supported37

In/[email protected]

PI Cloud Services39

Market Landscape is evolvingPlant EnterpriseOperations Small number of AssetsMostly staticLong LifetimeDiverse and ComplexOptimization/PerformanceDistributed AssetMonitoring Medium number of AssetsSome movingMedium lifetimeQuite Similar but DispersedRemote MonitoringInternet of Things &M2M Massive number AssetsDynamic provisioningShort lifetimeRelatively SimpleAnalytics/Big Data40

A Journey to a more connected world

Cloud Services – Market requirementsQuick Deployment“Zero” Admin.IoT/IIoT andCommunity ScaleData Collectionfrom DevicesData CollectionAcrossCompaniesData SharingwithinCommunitiesOther Needsfor Communities42

First Delivery TargetQuick Deployment“Zero” Admin.IoT/IIoT andCommunity ScaleData Collectionfrom DevicesData CollectionAcrossCompaniesData SharingwithinCommunitiesOther Needsfor Communities43

Cloud Services Target Audiences Industrial operators (traditional customers) Service Providers (CSAs) Application providers (Partners)44

Qi – Features & Capabilities Multi-tenant design Highly available Accessible via REST API– Ingress & Egress Supported on severaldevelopment platforms Support complex datatypes Support multiple indexes Lossless compression Handles any timestamps– .Net, JavaScript, Python45

Developer’s Technology46

What are PI Developer Technologies? Programmatic access to the PI System PI System’s “surface area”Access to PI System DataPI AF SDKPI Web APIPI SQLPI OPC ServersPI AF SDK.NET Framework ToolsetPI Web APIREST-based Service LayerPI SQL FrameworkSQL Data Access ProductsPI OPC ServersOPC DA/HDA Standard47

SQL Family48

PI SQL Family Standards-based access to PI System using SQL Products:– PI OLEDB “Classic”– PI OLEDB Enterprise– PI ODBC– PI JDBC In 2017, moving to common architecture with SQL processingtaking place on a PI SQL Data Access Server

PI SQL Initiatives Performance– Begin streaming data to clients before query is doneon the server Scalability– Support for large AF models and Event Framedatabases Investigate simpler data model– Reduce complexity of common queries50

PI Web API51

PI Web API 2016 R2 – CurrentSchedule– EMEA UC (Berlin) timeframeFeature: AF Security Artifacts– Operations of managing AF security artifacts– Operations of managing AF objects permissionsFeature: Time zone– Ability to specify time zone when retrieving stream valuesFocus: Configuration experience– Improve PI Web API Admin Utility to help system managers52

PI Web API Initiatives Performance and Scalability––––Support OSIsoft visualizationCaching schemasHorizontal scalingCreating and publishing performance metrics Feature Parity with AF SDK Merge deployment with PI AF Server Investigate additional Security models (such asClaims)53

PI OPC Servers54

PI OPC Servers We continue to support both the OPC DA and HDAstandards Upcoming releases:– PI OPC DA Server 2016– PI OPC HDA Server 2016 OPC UA Server– Insufficient market demand at this time– Continue to research55

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ArcGIS Online Or Portal for ArcGIS Feature Services GeoEvent Extension for ArcGIS Option 1 Esri Feature Service Standard applied for full platform coverage Direct publication to a time-enabled feature layer Option 2 available 1Q2017 ArcGIS Client tools and analytics programs 3 6 s s GeoEvent