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LMS Test.LabThe integrated solution for noise and vibration testingLMS Test.Lab is a complete, integrated solution for test-based engineering, combining high-speed multi-channel data acquisitionwith a full suite of integrated testing, analysis and report-generation tools. LMS Test.Lab is designed to make testing moreefficient and more convenient for each and every user. It is the ideal tool for testing departments that need to be future-focused:offering the right balance between ease of use and functional flexibility. LMS Test.Lab significantly increases a test facility’sproductivity, delivering more reliable results, even when the availability of prototypes is dramatically reduced.A complete portfolio for noise and vibration testingRight to the source of noise and vibration issuesLMS Test.Lab offers a complete portfolio for noise and vibrationtesting, including solutions for acoustic, rotating machinery, andstructural testing, environmental testing, vibration control, reportingand data management. With its unified interface and seamlessdata-sharing capability between different applications, LMS Test.Laboffers users tremendous efficiency gains with the added benefit ofreal ease-of-use. In addition, the LMS Test.Lab solution can handlestandard, repetitive tests as well as more advanced troubleshooting inone single software and hardware package. This guarantees maximumscalability and optimal investment protection.With LMS Test.Lab, there is no beating around the bush with trialand-error troubleshooting. LMS Test.Lab guides users directly tothe source of the problem using comprehensive, integrated analysiscapabilities and LMS’ unique source-transmitter-receiver methodology.Users of all levels can trace the fundamental cause of a problemand solve it effectively, cost-efficiently and quickly. In short, it is ameasurement and analysis tool that makes an engineer’s life easierBuilt-in productivityWith its unique workflow-based interface, LMS Test.Lab sets newstandards for ease-of-use, productivity and data consistency. Thesoftware naturally follows the test campaign process, guiding theuser through the different steps and suggesting optimal settings formeasurement and analysis parameters. Engineers really appreciateLMS Test.Lab’s streamlined integration with the LMS SCADAS dataacquisition product family. With one single hardware and softwareplatform, they can cover all laboratory and in-field tests as wellas recorder-based testing jobs. Embedded analysis during dataacquisition speeds up the testing process and guarantees the rightdata right from the start. LMS Test.Lab permits on-the-spot test resultvalidation against targets and traces the root cause of a problemdirectly to the source – making sure that the testing time is used inthe best possible manner.2LMS Test.LabAdapted to the changing world of testingVirtual models have no value unless they accurately represent reallife. This requires high-quality modeling techniques and accurate loaddata. By testing existing components and benchmarking competitiveproducts for target setting purposes, LMS Test.Lab is extensivelyused to front-load data into the simulation process. It providesloading information and feedback to update virtual models, and issystematically used to provide test-derived component and subassembly models that are too complex to model virtually from scratch.Easy to integrate into LMS Virtual.Lab and LMS Imagine.Lab as well asother simulation packages, LMS Test.Lab provides the critical supportto making virtual simulation efficient and realistic.LMS International [email protected]

LMS Test.Lab: the complete portfolio for noise and vibration testing An integrated one-platform, scalable suite for noise and vibration testingSolutions for rotating machinery, structural and acoustic testing, environmental testing, vibration control,reporting and data managementA workflow-based user interface delivers optimal ease-of-use and productivityCombining quick visualization, powerful analyses and easy reportingFrom standard qualification testing to advanced troubleshooting and engineering in a single solutionComplete integration with the LMS SCADAS data acquisition hardware family for mobile, recorder and lab testingProtect your investment with future-ready technology and techniquesLMS International [email protected] www.lmsintl.comLMS Test.Lab3

LMS Test.LabCovering a wide range of industry applicationsAerospace engineeringAerospace manufacturers are faced with the challenge of designing systems and components that haveto be safer, more reliable, lighter, cheaper to operate, deliver better passenger comfort and have lessenvironmental impact than their competitors. On the spatial side, manufacturers must design largerand more complex satellites at a faster rate while guaranteeing that the payload can withstand extremelaunch and operation conditions. Although virtual prototype simulation has dramatically accelerated thedevelopment processes, only testing can fulfill the final sign-off and provide the feedback to validateassumptions and calibrate virtual models.LMS Test.Lab offers dedicated aerospace solutions: Ground Vibration Testing (GVT) to ensure the structural integrity of the aircraft or spacecraft andother critical components Operational modal analysis to assess the behavior of aerospace structures during operationalconditions Dynamic testing and qualification of jet engines Large-scale modal survey testing for qualification and acceptance testing on spacecrafts,satellites and instrumentsAutomotive EngineeringThe biggest issue at the moment on the minds of NVH testing experts in the automotive industry isbest summarized as productivity and efficiency. Despite the increased use of virtual simulation, testdepartments are actually faced with an increased volume of testing work they need to complete. Theexplosion of product variants and increased testing scenario complexity largely compensates for theroutine testing tasks eliminated by simulation. In addition, automotive companies are continuing toshorten their product development cycle times, resulting in fewer prototypes and therefore - less timefor testing. LMS Test.Lab has been designed to meet these challenges and offers a complete set oftools and applications for automotive NVH engineering: Engine noise and vibration testingTorsional vibration measurementsGear whine and rattle testingBreak squeal testingDriveline sensitivity testingNoise source identificationSound power testingAcoustic intensity mappingNoise source ranking Interior noise assessmentSound qualityPass-by noise testingAcoustic material testingTransfer path analysisOperational deflection shapesModal testing and analysisOperational modal testing and analysisComponent vibration qualification testingHeavy machineryIn the face of unrelenting global market pressures, heavy machinery companies must deliver innovativeproducts that outperform the competition and meet or exceed customer expectations. LMS hasdeveloped a scalable portfolio of solutions that help all types of companies in all types of industriescreate true competitive advantages – in their specific markets. This might include controlling resonantvibrations of high-speed complex machinery to ensure consistent production quality, maximum fatigueresistance and minimum radiated noise productivity without compromising operator safety. Or it mightbe assisting with regulation safety and environmental compliance for new machine designs. Whetherit’s a tight development schedule or tough quality or safety standards causing an issue, LMS Test.Laboffers tried-and-true testing solutions for all types of manufacturing industries.4LMS Test.LabLMS International [email protected]

Wind energy and power generationTo certify a new wind turbine, manufacturers must ensure full system reliability under real-lifeoperating conditions. Durability must be assessed to provide a 20-year lifetime with low operationand maintenance costs. Noise emissions must remain within prescribed tolerances. On top of that,the control system must guarantee clean voltage at constant frequency. LMS has worked extensivelywith wind turbine manufacturers and suppliers to help design top-class products. For wind turbinemanufacturers, LMS Test.Lab offers a complete solution to measure and optimize the vibration andnoise emitted by the gearbox, generator and blades. LMS Test.Lab is used to identify propagation ofnoise and vibrations throughout the complex structure and find optimal solutions for noise radiationand excessive vibrations.Besides wind energy, LMS expert solutions are used in other power generation sectors such as loadidentification and foundation analyses for power plants; noise and vibration studies for gas turbines andpipelines as well as research and development and on-site troubleshooting.Off-road, construction and agricultural vehiclesOff-highway manufacturers must continuously increase operation performance and optimize theoperating limitations of their products. Giant mining trucks must run faster and carry the maximum loadcapacity for maximum efficiency. Excavator manufacturers constantly improve the reach and agility oftheir products, while maintaining optimal safety and stability. And agricultural tractors and machinesare designed for ever-tougher operating conditions, increasing environmental standards and moredemand for product customization without forgetting comfort. Driver comfort, which includes reducinginterior noise levels and vibrations mostly in extreme conditions, is becoming a distinctive branddifferentiator and one that is increasingly being dictated by regulations and industry norms.LMS Test.Lab has been adopted by many off-highway manufacturers to cover these specific noise andvibration issues.Consumer and business electronicsManufacturers of white goods, home and office appliances face extremely short development cycles,an increasing number of design variants and ever-higher customer expectations. Minimal noise levelsare critical success factors for many commercial products like dishwashers, washing machines, PCsand even copiers. Other consumer electronic brands such as loudspeakers, home cinema systems andmobile phones differentiate via the quality of their acoustic performance. And the increased complexityof sophisticated electronic control units that interact with mechanical parts makes it challenging toguarantee a safe and high-quality operation throughout the product’s lifetime. LMS Test.Lab helps alltypes of manufacturers pro-actively meet these stringent requirements when completing brand newproduct designs.LMS International [email protected] www.lmsintl.comLMS Test.Lab5

LMS Test.LabA complete portfolio of testing solutionsLMS Test.Lab DesktopThe LMS Test.Lab Desktop is not just the launch platform of all otherLMS Test.Lab applications; it is an essential application for everyone in theorganization – management, engineers, and technicians - who need to accessyour work, process data, and make reports themselves. Distributed testpreparation and post-processing frees up the expensive test cell and showsthe process-centric LMS Test.Lab approach.LMS Test.Lab AcousticsLMS provides the acoustic engineer with a powerful set of highly integratedtools. From the signal conditioning of microphones and interfacing with digitalheads to the acquisition of sound power levels, real-time octaves, and thelatest high-tech tools for sound quality engineering, LMS Test.Lab Acousticsconforms to the latest international standards and engineering practices.LMS Test.Lab StructuresStructural testing used to be a long and complex process. No longer. WithLMS Test.Lab Structures, technicians can perform large-scale modal surveysin less than a day. LMS is renowned for its modal testing experience - fromimpact testing of small structures to campaigns using many shakers andhundreds of measurement channels. LMS Test.Lab carries on and extendsthat tradition while LMS Test.Lab PolyMAX provides a state-of-the-art modalparameter estimator and expert-like automatic modal pole selection (AMPS) a combination that results in superbly fast and user-independent results.6LMS Test.LabLMS International [email protected]

LMS Test.Lab Rotating MachineryTroubleshooting and product refinement demand a comprehensive array oftools: waterfall mappings to globally characterize the problem; order trackingfor an in-depth investigation; time data to experience the sound; a completeset of processing functions, including angle domain processing based on datasampled at fixed angles; specialized modules to help assimilate and visualizethe vast amounts of data that are generated. Whether you are measuring onan engine dyno, in a vehicle on the proving ground or in the field near a largeturbine, LMS Test.Lab is always the perfect choice.LMS Test.Lab Transfer Path AnalysisLMS Test.Lab is packed with enhanced features that promise to help everytest department save time and resources. With the broadest portfolio ofTransfer Path Analysis solutions on the market, LMS can help customerstackle issues from every possible angle - from simple systems with a singlesoft-mounted source to complex structures with multiple and variablemounted sources.LMS Test.Lab Vibration ControlLMS Test.Lab Vibration Control is an entry-level vibration control solution withhigh-end performance. It combines optimal ease of use with the performanceand reliability of an advanced system. The system offers accurate closed-loopshaker control and a maximum of built-in safety mechanisms, which minimizethe risks of damaging costly test items. User guidance and secure automationcapabilities deliver maximum productivity and enable testing teams to meetcritical deadlines.LMS Test.Lab EnvironmentalLMS Test.Lab brings you the most advanced and complete range ofenvironmental testing solutions on the market - a powerful, high-speed multichannel vibration control system to measure, monitor and control pre-launchvibration tests on multi-billion euro satellites.LMS International [email protected] www.lmsintl.comLMS Test.Lab7

With a unique combination of 1D and 3D simulationsoftware, testing systems and engineering services,LMS tunes into mission critical engineeringattributes, ranging from system dynamics,structural integrity and sound quality to durability,safety and power consumption. With multi-domainsolutions for thermal, fluid dynamics, electrical andmechanical system behavior, LMS can address thecomplex engineering challenges associated withintelligent system design.LMS INTERNATIONALResearchpark Z1, Interleuvenlaan 68B-3001 Leuven [Belgium]T 32 16 384 200 F 32 16 384 [email protected] www.lmsintl.comWorldwideFor the address of your local representative,please visit to our technology and dedicated people,LMS has become the partner of choice of morethan 5,000 leading manufacturing companiesworldwide. LMS is certified to ISO9001:2008quality standards and operates through a networkof subsidiaries and representatives in key locationsaround the world. For more information on LMS,visit International, LMS Test.Lab, LMS Virtual.Lab, LMS Test.Xpress, LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim, LMS FALANCS,LMS SYSNOISE, LMS DADS, LMS Tec.Manager, LMS CADA-X, LMS Test.Lab Mobile, LMS PolyMAX, LMS SCADAS III,LMS SCADAS Mobile, LMS SCADAS Recorder, LMS TecWare, LMS TWR, LMS Gateway and LMS OPTIMUS areregistered trademarks of LMS International. All other trademarks acknowledged.LMS is an engineering innovation partner forcompanies in the automotive, aerospace andother advanced manufacturing industries. With30 years of experience, LMS helps customers getbetter products to market faster and turn superiorprocess efficiency into key competitive advantages.

LMS Test.Lab Desktop The LMS Test.Lab Desktop is not just the launch platform of all other LMS Test.Lab applications; it is an essential application for everyone in the organization – management, engineers, and technicians - who need to access your work, pr