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SAP Cloud Platform: multi-cloud architectureSAP Cloud Platform onGoogle Cloud PlatformSAP Cloud Platform onAWSSAP Cloud PlatformSAP Cloud Platform onAzureSAP Cloud Platform on moreIaaS providersComing Soon

SAP Cloud PlatformSAP Web IDE /SAP API Business SAP Cloud PlatformSaaSSAP S/4HANASAP SuccessFactorsSAP Cloud forCustomerLocalization/TaxData ecurityUXMachineLearningSAP ASERedisPostgreSQLMongoDBProgrammingmodelsBusiness ServicesCommerceHTML5XSJS/XSAPlatform Services Dev / OpsSAP AribaConcurSAP FieldglassSAP Business ByDesignOn-Premise /Managed CloudJavaNode.jsPythonCommunitybuildpacksData & Storage ServicesSAP S/4HANA(Big) Data Services:SAP HANAAltiscale/HadoopSAP Vora2SAP Business SuiteSAP BusinessWarehouse1) BETA , 2) planned innovations / future directionVirtual Machines12

SAP Cloud Platform - Services OverviewInfrastructure Infrastructure OverviewSaaS Extensions SaaSAnalytics DevOps SAP APP Center SAP Cloud Platform cockpit Eclipse SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench SAP Business Objects Cloud Debugging Service SAP Cloud Platform Predictive service SAP Cloud Platform Git Service SAP Smart Business service Monitoring Service SAP Cloud Platform Streaming Analytics Performance Statistics Service (beta) SAP HANA Advanced analytics: Spatial/GIS Profiling Service SAP HANA advanced analytics: Predictive Analytics SAP Translation Hub SAP HANA advanced analytics: Search, Text Analysis & Mining SAP HANA advanced analytics: Series Data SAP Cloud Platform Web IDE Business Servicesmobile service for development and operations mobile service for SAP Fiori Multi CloudRuntimes & Containers Cloud Foundry-runtimes via buildpacks SAP Cloud Platform Virtual Machine Java XSJSSAP Cloud Platform App Autoscaling Service (beta) HTML5 SAP Cloud Platform Job Scheduler service (beta) SAP HANA extended application services, advanced modelSAP Hybris as a Service on SAP Cloud Platform SAP Data Quality Management, microservices for location data SAP Localization Hub, tax service SAP Cloud Platform API ManagementIntegration SAP Cloud Platform Business Rules SAP Cloud Platform Gamification SAP Cloud Platform Integration SAP Document Center SAP Cloud Platform Connectivity SAP JAM SAP Cloud Platform OData Provisioning SAP API Business HubData & Storage SAP Web IDE, innovation version mobile service for app and device management SAP Machine LearningCollaborationMobile Services Security SAP Cloud Platform Security SAP Cloud Platform Authorization Management SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication SAP Cloud Platform Identity Provisioning SAP Cloud Platform Password Storage and Keystore serviceSAP Cloud Platform OAuth 2.0 service SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services SAP Cloud Platform Smart Data Integration SAP Cloud Platform Document service SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging User Experience SAP Cloud Platform SAP HANA Service RabbitMQ on SAP Cloud Platform SAP Cloud Platform ASE service SAP Cloud Platform Build MongoDB on SAP Cloud Platform SAP Cloud Platform Workflow SAP Cloud Platform Forms by Adobe PostgreSQL on SAP Cloud Platform SAP Cloud Platform Portal Redis on SAP Cloud Platform SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things ObjectStore on SAP Cloud PlatformUI Theme Designer SAP Cloud Platform Remote Data Sync SAP Fiori CloudInternet of Things

SAP Cloud Platform – storage Data & StorageSAP Cloud Platform HANA service Massive real-time speed Breakthrough analytics Dramatic simplification Amazing new applicationsSAP Cloud Platform ASE service Superior performance, with ability to easily meet growingbusiness needs 24x7 availability with proven track record in Wall Street and Telcoenvironments Flexible – can be used for custom app development, OEMenvironments, and SAP Business SuiteSAP Cloud Platform Document service MongoDB on SAP Cloud Platform (beta) Flexible - great for processing semi-structured data Easy scaling, especially horizontallyPostgreSQL on SAP Cloud Platform (beta) Open source ORDBMS Users can extend SQL by adding new data types, functions,operators and aggregate functions Supports various authentication mechanisms, such as Kerberos,SSPI and LDAP ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability) in databasetransaction is guaranteedRedis on SAP Cloud Platform (beta) Open source advanced key-value cache and store Content repository for unstructured or semi-structured content High performance in-memory data structure store with on-diskpersistence Based on OASIS content management interoperability service(CMIS) Lower barrier of entry and faster time to value through big opensource communitySAP Cloud Platform Big Data ServicesObjectStore on SAP Cloud Platform supports the storage and access of unstructured data (e.g. Files,BLOBs) as ‘Objects’ helps users to create blob storage space provides a performance-driven and robust Big Data framework thatuniquely includes Spark, Hadoop, Hive, Vora and more

DevOps Services - Development OverviewEclipse Use of the popular opensource Eclipse IDE on the localcomputerFull fledged IntegratedDevelopment Environmentwith the ability to add yourfavorite plugins and profit fromthe huge ecosystemSAP HANA Web-basedDevelopment Workbench Browser-based IDE forlightweight creation andediting of development objectsand debugging for SAP HANAFour sub-tools: Editor,Catalog, Security, TracesComplement each otherSAP Web IDE Enable developers to build newbusiness applications in thecloud with zero footprint Simplify SAP Fiori and SAP UI5development and support endto-end application lifecycle withone tool

Runtimes & ContainersRuntimes/Programming Models OverviewXSJSJava XSJS HTML5 Develop, deploy and use Javaapplications in a cloudenvironment Develop and scale XSJSapplications in a cloudenvironment Develop and run lightweightHTML5/SAPUI5 applications ina cloud environment Java SE 6/7 and Java EE 6Web Profile certified E.g. complex integrationprojectsReduce the footprint of thesolution by not having aseparate application server inthe solutionBenefit from SAPUI5 codetemplates and SAP bestpractices to rapidly buildapplications E.g. data-centric analyticalapps and dashboards E.g. mash-up connections toexisting data sources orbackend systemsJava and the Java logo are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates.

SAP Leonardo Internet of ThingsSAP Leonardo IoT PeopleProduct InsightsFixed Asset InsightsMobile Asset InsightsEnergy GridsMarket InsightsPeople and WorkGoods and EquipmentManufacturingExecutionLogistics SafetyBuildingsRural AreasPeople and HealthSupply NetworksManufacturingNetworksLogistics NetworksConstructionUrban AreasPeople and HomesSAP LeonardoIoT EdgeSAP Leonardo IoT FoundationSAP Cloud Platform / SAP HANA Platform

Connected Products Design and manage smartproducts lifecycle Connect, monitor, controland distribute products in thefield Manage, track and controlinventory across thenetworksSAP Connected Goods Supply Chain Control Tower SAP Intelligent Product Design* SAP Global Track and Trace*Future Release

Connected Assets Connect, monitor and tightlycontrol manufacturingequipment Optimize asset performancethroughout its lifecycle Manage a network of assets toidentify and resolve issuesbefore they happenAsset Intelligence Network SAP Predictive Maintenance & ServiceSAP Manufacturing Execution SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence

Connected Fleet Collect, map, store andanalyze fleet and vehicledata in teal time Perform safety analysis ofdrivers and assets to reduceaccidents and improve safety Maximize your logisticsstrategy and comply withregulations across the globalnetworkSAP Vehicle Insights SAP Connected ParkingSAP Vehicle Networks SAP Global Track and Trace

Connected Infrastructure Leverage real timeinformation to manage andmaintain properties Manage construction projectsto deliver on time and withinbudget Optimize energy utilization byintegrating processes andinformationSAP Global Track and Trace SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence

Connected Markets Interact in digital and physicalmarketplaces to improvepersonal experiences Leverage data fromagricultural machines andequipment to increaseefficiency and predictability Optimize energy, vehicles andassets across the urbanfootprintSAP Yard and Hub Logistics SAP Connected AgricultureSAP Connected Goods SAP Connected Parking

Connected People Improve safety through realtime connectivity toenvironmental and safetypractices Leverage a connected healthnetwork focused on patientoutcomes with lowerhealthcare costs Make home life morecomfortable, efficient andsecure with connected energyand security systemsSAP Connected Goods

SAP HANA SAP ASE Redis PostgreSQL MongoDB Data & Storage Services Altiscale/Hadoop SAP Vora2 SaaS SAP S/4HANA SAP SuccessFactors SAP Cloud for Customer SAP Ariba Concur SAP Fieldglass SAP Business ByDesign 1) BETA , 2) planned innovations / future direction Collaboration Security UX Machine Learning S