Request for Proposal (RFP) for aCisco Unified Communications SolutionCity of DurhamOctober 2013

Table of ContentsGeneral Information10. Date of RFP.20. Project Manager and Contact with City; Questions about this RFP.Description of Project and Nature of RFP30. Project.40. Scope of Work.45. City IT Standards.50. Compensation Amount and Schedule.60. Definitions in this RFP.70. Contract.80. Trade Secrets and Confidentiality.100. Insurance.Schedule120. Schedule.130. Keeping Proposals Open.140. Deadline to Submit Proposals.Getting More Information on the Project and RFP Process150. Questions.170. Updates and revisions to RFP.Evaluation Criteria180. Evaluation Criteria.240. Contents of Proposal.Cover Letter with Proposal250. Cover letter.260. Addendums.How to submit a proposal270.280.290.300.310.320.330.How to submit a proposal.Format.Alternative Proposals.Candidate to Bear Expense; No Claims against City.Privilege License.Notice Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).E-Verify Compliance.AttachmentsRFP for Cisco Unified Communications Solution page 2

Exhibit A – Equal Opportunity City of Durham Small Disadvantaged Business FormsExhibit B – Non-Collusive AffidavitRFP for Cisco Unified Communications Solution page 3

10. Date of RFP: October 201320. Project Manager and Contact with City; Questions about this RFP. Direct questions and concernsto:Anthony PergolottiTechnology Solutions Department101 City Hall – 4th FloorDurham, NC 27701Phone: 919-560-4122 ext. 33236Email: [email protected] you have concerns about this RFP that you believe are not being addressed by the project manager,please contactKerry Goode, TS Director/CIOTechnology Solutions DepartmentPhone: 919- 560-4122 ext. 33248Email: [email protected] OF PROJECT AND NATURE OF RFP30. Project. The City of Durham desires to migrate from our current FeatureTel Voice over IP (VOIP)solution to an on-premise Cisco Unified Communications solution utilizing current handsets andsupported through a vendor provided managed services contract.The City’s functional objectives include but not limited to: Best-practice design and development of an on-premise City of Durham Cisco UnifiedCommunication system to replace all features of the current FeatureTel solution. Quality and timely project management, engineering, documentation and trainingservices. Implementation services for installation, launch and post-implementation support ofmigration. Managed services to support implemented system with defined SLAs and proactivemonitoring capabilities. Quality call center migrations retaining all current functionality, ensuring a seamless andsuccessful migration with limited interruption to City services and resident experience. Implementation of all current reporting requirements for successful migration.RFP for Cisco Unified Communications Solution page 4

40. Scope of Work. The following section details the scope of work and feature requirements of the City of Durham. Please respond to all applicablerequirements in an attached excel document format (example 280-1). Any additional materials and/or documentation can be referenced and attachedwith your submission.Implementation Services1.1.1Speed of implementationSelected vendor should facilitate a proven implementation process that can becompleted within a short time frame based on similar prior implementationexperience1.1.2Quality of implementationSelected vendor should facilitate a proven implementation process that can becompleted with a simple implementation methodology based on similar priorimplementation experience1.1.3Project ManagerDedicated Project Manager throughout the entire solution delivery process1.1.4Project ManagerProject manager must adhere to best practice project managementmethodology approved by City of Durham1.1.5DesignPre-build Design that will provide vendor engineers and City of Durhamengineers with a detailed design of the solution prior to implementation1.1.6DesignMigration Strategy for moving from current hosted solution to on premisesolution1.1.7Implementation SupportOnsite support during and after migration events until the City of Durham signsoff on migration

1.1.8Implementation SupportDetailed City of Durham installation specific support documentation on allsystems implemented1.1.9Partner requirementsCisco Unified Communications Partner - Master Certified1.1.10Partner requirementsCisco Managed Services Certification -Master Certified1.1.11Partner requirements24x7 Network Operations Center located in North Carolina1.1.12Partner requirementsNorth Carolina Triangle based CCIE UC and UC Delivery Engineers1.1.13Partner requirementsDocumented successful experience migrating from FeatureTel to on-premisesolution by engineers in vendors organization1.1.14Training & Documentation1.1.15Training & Documentation2 Training sessions for administrative functions, including City of Durhamspecific documentation3 Call Center agent and supervisor training sessions, including call centerspecific documentationManaged ServicesIt is the desire of the City of Durham to contract a Managed Service solutoin onall implemented systems, to include:1.2.1Remote support for troubleshooting and resolving issues based on SLA tiers1. support for escalated issuesSeamless helpdesk ticket handoff process with City of Durham helpdesk1.2.4Proactive monitoring, system availability and performance monitoringRFP for Cisco Unified Communications Solution page 6

1.2.5Active fault response management and resolution1.2.6SLA based support agreement1.2.7US Based Network Operations Center1.2.8Application upgrade and enhancement installations identified & planned byvendor, signed off on by City of Durham1.2.9Online real-time reporting of services availability, trends, and performance1.2.10Monthly service meetings on issues, stability and performance. Monthlyservice reports.Cisco Unified Communications SystemImplementation1.3.1Server InfrastructureImplementation and configuration of a Cisco Unified Communications solutionthat provides all current voice functionality as well as additional features andfunctionality currently not available with the Featuretel hosted solution. TheProposed Unified Communications solution will include the followingcomponents appropriately sized for the current environment with additionalcapacity for future growth:Installation and configuration of two (2) Cisco C240 M3 rack mount servers withVMware ESXi 5.X to be used for all UC applications Virtual Machines (VM)1.3.2Cisco Unified Communications Manager(CUCM) clusterConfigure up to one thousand six hundred thirty (1630) IP Phones1.3.3Cisco Unified Communications Manager(CUCM) clusterConfigure up to two hundred fourteen (214) analog devices1.3.4Cisco Unified Communications Manager(CUCM) cluster1.3.5Cisco Unity Connection voicemail (CUCxn) in highavailabilityConfigure soft phone for up to one thousand three hundred (1300) for JabberPhone ControlConfigure Unified Messaging with Exchange serverRFP for Cisco Unified Communications Solution page 7 Unity Connection voicemail (CUCxn) in highavailabilityCisco Unified Presence Server (CUPS) in high availability1.3.8Singlewire Informacast IP Paging and notification solution1.3.9Singlewire Informacast IP Paging and notification solution1.3.10Cisco Gateways1.3.11Cisco GatewaysCity of Durham Call Center Migrations1. Unified Contact Center eXpress (CUCCX) in highavailabilityCisco Unified Contact Center eXpress (CUCCX) in highavailabilityRFP for Cisco Unified Communications Solution page 8Configure up to one thousand five hundred sixty (1560) voicemail subscribersConfigure IM and Presence for up to one thousand three hundred (1300) endusersConfigure IP Phone paging for up to one thousand three hundred (1300) endpointsConfigure IP Mobility paging for up to two thousand (2000) mobile devicesInstall and Configure up to thirty five (35) Cisco ISR voice gatewaysInstallation and configuration of up to thirty six (36) Cisco VG2XX analog voicegatewaysThe City of Durham currently has 6 call centers that will need to be migrated:IT Helpdesk, Durham One Call (311), Solid Waste, Water Customer Billing,Stormwater, and Parks & Rec. The following features are currently in use.Other included features may be implemented as well according to projecttimeline and complexity.Configure up to thirty (30) enhanced contact center agentsConfigure up to six (6) contact center applications and scripts to handle ACDcall flow

1.4.3Call RoutingConditional Routing:Time of Day/Day of WeekHolidayEmergencySkills BasedResource GroupCaller PrioritizationInter-Call Center routingAgent to agent transfersAgent to resource group transfersRe-route on Ring no Answer1.4.4Call QueuingPlace-in-Queue statisticWait Time StatisticsPrioritized QueuingIn Queue Options1.4.5Interactive Voice Response (IVR)Self-service menusBasic Prompt and CollectPrompts1.4.6Cisco Agent Desktop (CSD)Cisco Presence IntegrationState Change Reason CodesCall Control from DesktopReal time Agent StatisticsOn-Demand Call RecordingComplete Call RecordingRFP for Cisco Unified Communications Solution page 9

1.4.7Cisco Supervisor Desktop (CSD)Agent State ControlsReal Time Agent and Skill StatisticsMarquee Messaging to AgentsSilent Monitoring of Agent callsBarge In/InterceptOn-Demand Call RecordingCall Recording Playback and Manual ExportingAgent Skill Assignment1.4.8Historical ReportingCanned ReportsView, Print and Save ReportsReport SchedulingReportExporting to PDF, XML, XLS, CSV1.4.9Call Recording1. RecordingCall RecordingLanguagesCall CategorizationAutomated recording of inbound and outbound calls (start/stopautomatically)Automated storage for 30 daysAbility to manually export callEnglish, SpanishAbility for agent to categorize current call based on the question topic/CityDepartment service. This is currently done by the agent keying a code intothe phone while on with caller.1.4.14Call CategorizationAbility for agent to check what categorization code was enterred to ensureaccuracy & change if needed.1.4.15Wall BoardWall board to display "Live Stats Report" below. This RFP does not includethe monitor or computer to drive wall board.RFP for Cisco Unified Communications Solution page 10

1.4.16Web based ReportingRFP for Cisco Unified Communications Solution page 11Live Stats Report (used on PC and Wallboard):Queue stats, by queue:Calls waitingActive CallsLongest waiting callAvailable agentsAgent stats, by agent, by queue:StatusCalls answeredAverage Call timeMinutes logged into queueStarting timeACD Service level graph: Ans/ Total CallsQueue totals:Total CallsAbandonsAnsweredAgent KicksTransferredHalf-hourly Queue Stats, by half hour:Total CallsAbandonsAnsweredAgent KicksTransferredLongest Wait

1.4.17Web based reportingSee attached example of Queue Report (Attachment #2). Report isselected by queue and/or length of time. The ability to set agentsnormal work hours for the Agent Stats, % Time in Queue stat isneeded.1.4.18Web based reportingSee below example of Category Report (Attachment #3). Report isselected by queue and/or length of time. Categories without adescription were enterred incorrectly.1.4.19Web based reportingSee below example of Transfer Report (Attachment #4. Report isselected by queue and/or length of time.1.4.20Web based reportingAbility to download all reports & sections to MS Excel readable formatAdvanced Call Center optionsOPTIONAL: Please detail out a solution (out of the box or 3rd party)including individual cost for each advanced call center requirement below. Ifany requirement below can be met with your proposal to satisfy therequired features above, please note this. Recording OptionsAdvanced Recording OptionsAdvanced In-Queue optionsAdvanced In-Queue optionsAdvanced Calling featuresRecording of all calls up to 6 monthsRecording which follows the call legAbility for caller to schedule a callbackAbility for caller to schedule email responseAbility for call-by-call blending of inbound and outbound calls1. Calling featuresText To SpeechText To SpeechAbility for agent to transfer to external numberAbility to support TTSMulti-lingual TTSRFP for Cisco Unified Communications Solution page 12

1.5.9IVR Call categorizationAbility for caller to input their category (eg. Water Billing, Solid Waste, etc)and category would be applied to call automatically.1.5.10Conversion of voicemail to emailIncluding auto-routing to representativeRFP for Cisco Unified Communications Solution page 13

45. City IT Standards. The City has Information Technology Standards for governance and regulatorycompliance for applications within its portfolio. The datacenter requirements are outlined below:I.Datacenter - For applications/software that is provided to reside within the City’s Datacenter,the City’s Standards are:HardwareVM Ware Virtualized ServersOSDatabaseWindows Server 2008 (64)SQL Server 2008 R2 (64)Please provide the following information on Server Configuration:Number of Servers (Application/Database)Security for Public AccessMobile Computing RequirementsAntivirus LimitationsOther or Specific Software LimitationsFor each Server in the Configuration, please provide the following information:Server DescriptionSoftware RequirementsRecommended Number of ProcessorsRecommended RAMDisk Storage Requirements50. Compensation Amount and Schedule.The timing of the payment or payments will be determined by a contract based on the project scope ofwork and budget. Provide separate pricing for the following, regardless of whether the items will bebundled: Initial design.Initial engineering, configuration and set-up.Implementation and post-implementation support costs.Training costs.Software license costs.Hardware costs.Ongoing technical support/ maintenance costs for equipment, per year.Ongoing managed services cost, per year, by defined SLA and feature set.Additional requirements or services.Contractor will indicate which items are optional.60. Definitions in this RFP: City, RFP, Proposal, Candidate, Contractor, Should. Unless the contextindicates otherwise – (a) the expressions “RFP,” “this RFP,” and “the RFP” refer to this document as it

may be amended or updated. (b) “City” and “city” mean the City of Durham. (c) The “proposal” is theresponse of a person, firm, or corporation proposing to provide the services sought by this RFP. (d) Theword “Candidate” or “candidate” is the person, firm, or corporation that submits a proposal or that isconsidering submitting a proposal. (e) The word “Contractor” or “contractor” is the person, firm, orcorporation with which the City enters into a contract to provide the services sought by this RFP. Thatis, “contractor” generally refers to a successful candidate that has obtained a fully executed contractwith the City, while “candidate” is generally reserved to the stage before a contract has been signed. (f)The word “should” is used to tell candidates what the City thinks it wants and/or what the projectmanager thinks is best. Candidates that want to increase the likelihood of being selected will, in general,do what the RFP says candidates “should” do, but failure to comply with all “shoulds” will notnecessarily and automatically result in rejection.70. Contract. The City anticipates that the conclusion of the RFP process will be a contract between theCity and the successful candidate under which the successful candidate will provide the goods andservices generally described in this RFP. The contract requires compliance by the contractor and itssubcontractors with respect to the N. C. E-Verify law. Please see section 330, which is titled “E-VerifyCompliance.”80. Trade Secrets and Confidentiality. As a general rule, all submissions to the City are available to anymember of the public. However, if materials qualify as provided in this section, the City will takereasonable steps to keep trade secrets confidential.Definitions.In this section (Trade Secrets and Confidentiality) –The term “candidate” includes the candidate as contractor (that is, after it is a party to a contractwith the City).The term “trade secret” means business or technical information, including but not limited to aformula, pattern, program, device, compilation of information, method, technique, or process that:a. Derives independent actual or potential commercial value from not being generally knownor readily ascertainable through independent development or reverse engineering bypersons who can obtain economic value from its disclosure or use; andb. Is the subject of efforts that are reasonable under the circumstances to maintain itssecrecy.The existence of a trade secret shall not be negated merely because the informationcomprising the trade secret has also been developed, used, or owned independently by morethan one person, or licensed to other persons.The term “record” means all documents, papers, letters, maps, books, photographs, films, soundrecordings, magnetic or other tapes, electronic data-processing records, artifacts, or otherdocumentary material, regardless of physical form or characteristics, received by the City of Durhamin connection with the candidate’s proposal.(a) Designation of Confidential Records. To the extent that the candidate wishes to maintainthe confidentiality of trade secrets contained in materials provided to the City, the candidateshall prominently designate the material with the words “trade secrets” at the time of its initialdisclosure to the City. The candidate shall not designate any material provided to the City astrade secrets unless the candidate has a reasonable and good-faith belief that the materialRFP for Cisco Unified Communications Solution page 15

contains a trade secret. When requested by the City, the candidate shall promptly disclose tothe City the candidate’s reasoning for designating material as trade secrets; the candidate mayneed to label parts of that reasoning as trade secrets. In providing materials to the City, thecandidate shall make reasonable efforts to separate those designated as trade secrets fromthose not so designated, both to facilitate the City’s use of the materials and to minimize theopportunity for accidental disclosure. For instance, if only a sentence or paragraph on a page isa trade secret, the page must be marked clearly to communicate that distinction. To avoidmistake or confusion, it is generally best to have only trade secret information on a page andnothing else on that page.To the extent authorized by applicable state and federal law, the City shall maintain theconfidentiality of records designated “trade secrets” in accordance with this section. Wheneverthe candidate ceases to have a good-faith belief that a particular record contains a trade secret,it shall promptly notify the City.(b) Request by Public for Access to Record. When any person requests the City to provideaccess to a record designated as a trade secret in accordance with subsection (a) above, the Citymay(1) decline the request for access,(2) notify the candidate of the request and that the City has provided, or intends to provide,the person access to the record because applicable law requires that the access be granted,or(3) notify the candidate of the request and that the City intends to decline the request.Before declining the request, the City may require the candidate to give further assurances sothat the City can be certain that the candidate will comply with subsection (c) below.(c) Defense of City. If the City declines the request for access to a record designated as tradesecrets in accordance with subsection (a), then, in consideration of the promises in (b) aboveand for considering the candidate’s proposal, the candidate agrees that it shall defend,indemnify, and save harmless Indemnities from and against all Charges that arise in any mannerfrom, in connection with, or out of the City’s non-disclosure of the records. In providing thatdefense, the candidate shall at its sole expense defend Indemnities with legal counsel. The legalcounsel shall be limited to attorneys reasonably acceptable to the City Attorney.Definitions. As used in this subsection (c), “Charges" means claims, judgments, costs, damages,losses, demands, liabilities, fines, penalties, settlements, expenses, attorneys’ fees, andinterest. Indemnities" means the City, and officers, officials, independent contractors, agents,and employees, of the City. “Indemnities” does not include the candidate. The City may requirethe candidate to provide proof of the candidate’s ability to pay the amounts that mayreasonably be expected to become monetary obligations of the candidate pursuant to thissection. If the candidate fails to provide that proof in a timely manner, the City shall not berequired to keep confidential the records whose non-disclosure gives rise to the potentialmonetary obligation. Nothing in this agreement shall require the City to require any person(including the City itself) to be placed in substantial risk of imprisonment, of being found by acourt to be in contempt, or of being in violation of a court order. This subsection (c) is separatefrom and is to be construed separately from any other indemnification and warranty provisionsin the contract between the City and the candidate.Bonds. No fidelity bond, performance bond, or payment bond is required for this contract.RFP for Cisco Unified Communications Solution page 16

100. Insurance. Depending on the nature of the approved project, the City of Durham Officeof Risk Management may require the candidate to carry insurance for the project, with theCity named as an “additional insured.” The project contract will include any necessaryinsurance requirements which shall be the responsibility of the candidate. It is recommendedthat candidates indicate in their proposal what insurance they have.Discretion of the City.A. The City of Durham reserves the right to reject any or all proposals.B. NOTWITHSTANDING anything to the contrary in this document or in any addendums to thisdocument, unless the contrary provision refers specifically to this provision, the City reserves theright (i) to negotiate changes of any nature with any candidate with respect to any term, condition,or provision in this document and/or in any proposals, whether or not something is stated to bemandatory and whether or not it is said that a proposal will be rejected if certain information ordocumentation is not submitted with it, and (ii) to enter into an agreement for some or all of thework with one or more persons, firms, or corporations that do not submit proposals. For example,all deadlines are for the administrative convenience or needs of the City and may be waived by theCity in its discretion. This subparagraph B applies to the entire RFP, including the SDBE portions.C. Where the City asks or tells candidates to do stated things, such as that a proposal should followa stated format or that the candidate should do stated things in seeking the contract, the City mayreject a proposal because it does not comply with those requests, so the candidate is adding to itsrisk of rejection by non-compliance. Still, the City may, in its discretion, waive non-compliance.This subsection (C) does not limit subsections (A) and (B).D. Of course, once a contract is signed, the parties to the contract may enforce the contractaccording to its terms as allowed by applicable law.SCHEDULE120. Schedule.TaskSolicitation of proposals from Candidates by the City of DurhamRFP application deadlineSelection processNegotiation of contract terms between City of Durham andContractorCity contract approvalContractor begins ImplementationDateOctober 2013October 31st, 2013November, 2013December, 2013January, 2013January, 2013This schedule is the City's best estimate of the schedule that will be followed. If a component of thisschedule is delayed, the rest of the schedule will be shifted by the same number of days.130. Keeping Proposals Open. All proposals will remain open and valid for the City to accept for aperiod of 14 days after the deadline for submission of proposals. The Project Manager may releasecandidates from this obligation by a written letter that specifically refers to this paragraph if he or shedetermines that the candidate and/or the proposal will not meet the City’s needs.RFP for Cisco Unified Communications Solution page 17

140. Deadline to Submit Proposals. Candidates should see that their proposals are received digitally atthe following email address by October 31st, 2013 at 5:00 pm ET:Attn: Anthony PergolottiTechnology Solutions [email protected] MORE INFORMATION ON THE PROJECT AND RFP PROCESS150. Questions. Questions about the RFP and the RFP process should be submitted to the projectmanager identified at the beginning of this RFP.170. Updates and revisions to RFP. If you have supplied the Project Manager with your preferredmethod of contact (email, fax, etc.), updates to this RFP (“addendums” or “addenda”) will be sent to youin that manner. This RFP and addendums are normally posted on the City’s website, on the PurchasingDivision’s webpage, at Check that webpage to seethat you have received all addenda.EVALUATION CRITERIA180. Evaluation Criteria. If an award is made, it is expected that the City’s award will be tothe candidate that brings the most value to the City. The following criteria will be used toevaluate each proposal, including but not limited to: demonstrated understanding of the critical project objectives, deliverables, and timelines; fulfilling technical requirements, functions and features; total cost of project and individual costs of services and systems; qualifications, certifications, and references; specific in-house experience and expertise with project and service requirements; and demonstrated ability to meet RFP guidelines related to services, maintenance, and support.CONTENTS OF PROPOSAL240. Contents of Proposal.The proposal should include sections, numbered as follows:1. Contact information. Include the candidate’s name and address, and the contactinformation (name, mailing address, email address, fax number, and telephone number) of theperson whom the City should contact regarding the proposal.RFP for Cisco Unified Communications Solution page 18

2. Legal Status of the Candidate and Signers. State the full, exact name of the candidate. Statewhether the candidate is an individual, corporation, limited partnership, general partnership,limited liability company, professional corporation, professional association, etc. If it is anythingother than an individual or a general partnership, specify the State under which the entity isorganized. If the State under which the entity is organized is not North Carolina, specifywhether the candidate has received a certificate of authority from the N. C. Secretary of State totransact business in North Carolina. State whether the entity is in existence at the time theproposal is submitted, and if not, whether and when the candidate intends to officially form theentity. State the names and titles of the individuals who will sign the contract with the City.3. Qualifications, References, and Licenses. This part should include the candidate’sexperience on similar projects and include references and how to contact them.List the candidate’s current licenses that are pertinent to this project.4. Project Team, Location of Work, and Subcontracting. State the names and qualifications ofthe individuals who will have responsibility for this project.5. Methods and Procedures. Include the work break down structure for this project. Attachresponse to feature requirements in a MS Excel document.6. Compensation. Explain the entire compensation arrangement that you propose detailed asin Section 50 above.7. Assumptions regarding City of Durham Actions and Participation. If your proposal assumesthat the City will take certain actions, provide facilities, or do anything else, you should statethese assumptions explicitly.8. SDBE Participation. See the statement with this RFP at the end of this RFP (Exhibit A) forSDBE participation information and instructions on which SDBE forms to fill in and return. Forhelp, call the City’s Department of Equal Opportunity/Equity Assurance (EO/EA) at (919) 5604180.You can print out the SDBE forms that are in the RFP and fill them in. Here’s another option:after you have read the SDBE material in this RFP to learn which SDBE forms to fill in, you may, ifyou like, go to the web to find versions that you can fill in online, print out, and submit. They’reat Once there, scroll down until you see:Equal Opportunity Equity Assurance (EOEA)Small Disadvantage Business Enterprise (SDBE) Forms Under that title you will see:* * *Procurement: .pdfProfessional Services: .pdf9. Financial Condition, Insurance, and Bonds. The City may reject proposals from candidatesthat are overdue on City property taxes.RFP for Cisco Unified Communications Solution page 19

10. Conflict of Interest. If the candidate has any grounds to believe there could be a conflict ofinterest, such as that a City employee who is involved in awarding the contract has a connectionwith the candidate, please explain.11. Non-collusion. This RFP constitutes an invitation to bid or propose. Sign the attached NonCollusion Affidavit (Exhibit B) and include it with your response.COVER LETTER WITH PROPOSAL250. Cover letter. The proposal should contain a cover letter, signed by a principal of the candidate.The cover letter should contain the following statement:The undersigned, whose title and position with the candidate are stated next to or beneath hisor her signature, has the authority to submit this proposal (including this cover letter)

RFP for Cisco Unified Communications Solution page 2 Table of Contents General Information 10. Date of RFP. 20. Project Manager and Contact with City; Questions about this RFP. Description of Project and Nature of RFP 30. Project. 40. Scope of Work. 45. City IT Standards. 50. Compensation Amount and Sc