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What is happening with my security token?A If you use an RSA SecurID security token, you will have a new software token option. This change ispart of the J.P. Morgan Access Administration credential management enhancements introduced to selectclients on June 10, 2019.When will the RSA SecurID software token be available to all clients?A The RSA SecurID software token is scheduled for general availability in late August 2019.Can I change from the hardware version of the RSA SecurID token to the software version?A If you are an active user with the hardware version of the RSA SecureID token, a SecurityAdministrator (SA) can assign you with a software token. Once this is done, you will receive a textmessage with the software token activation code and a notification email, which will have the RSASecure ID Soft Token Registration instructions in an Adobe PDF format attached.You can use either a hardware token or a software token; you cannot use both.Please note that you must have a mobile number in your Access profile before a software token isassigned to you. This will allow you to receive an activation code to register the software token.I haven’t received the software token activation code. What do I do now?A Please contact your Security Administrator and ask them to resend the activation code.If you are an existing Access user who has logged in using the software token, you will not receive anactivation code.Note to Security Administrators: Go to Edit User Select User Click on Resend Activation code.You should always check if the end user’s mobile device number is correct in Administration-CredentialManagement.Where can I download the software token app? Which mobile devices is the J.P. Morgan Access RSA SecurID Software Token app compatible with?A You can open either the Apple App Store or Google PlayTM store on your Apple iOS orAndroidTM mobile devices. Search for the “RSA SecurID Software Token” app, and download theapp. Be sure you are able to access the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, which typicallyrequire a personal authentication on your mobile device before allowing the download. At this time,Apple iOS or Android mobile devices are compatible with the J.P. Morgan Access RSA SecurIDSoftware Token” app.

If I am a new J.P. Morgan Access user or a current user who was migrated to a software token,how will I receive the software token instructions?A Once your Security Administrator sets you up with a software token, you will receive two emails: One email will contain the User ID and two documents attached: the J.P. Morgan Access NewUser Quick Start Guide and RSA Secure ID “Registering a Software Token on your device”registration instructions in an Adobe PDF format. The second email will contain a temporary password and instructions for setting up anew password.Note to Security Administrators: Any user that is provisioned with a software token will be automaticallyconverted to an Alternate Logon User (ALU-HSM) status, which has additional password rules.Can the software token be used with J.P. Morgan Access Mobile?A Yes, if you are entitled to the Mobile application. You will need to log on to Access via a desktop orlaptop with the software token first. After the first logon, you will be able to use the software token withMobile.What should I do with my existing hardware token?A You can hold on to the hardware token until you are comfortable with using the software token. Ifyou no longer need the hardware token, please mail or courier it to:Attention: J.P. Morgan Access Expired Tokens10410 Highland Manor Drive - Floor 03Tampa, FL, 33610-9128, United StatesWhy should I use a software token rather than a hardware token?A In general, software tokens have certain advantages over hardware tokens. For example, theycan’t be lost, they can be automatically updated with the latest protections, and they can bedistributed to users on demand, anywhere on the globe. This eliminates the need to carry around anadditional piece of hardware, and software tokens have been incorporated into most smartphones inthe form of an app.Do I have to convert to a software token? Will J.P. Morgan Access get rid of hardwaretokens?A At this time, Access will continue to support hardware tokens. You should speak with your SecurityAdministrator for any additional details about your company’s needs related to hardware andsoftware tokens.

Is it defined at the Client level whether a user has a software or hardware token?A Note to Security Administrators: In Administration Credential Management CLIENT LEVEL CLIENT PREFERENCES, there are three Default Settings: ENABLED – allows users to be enabled to software tokens by default DISABLED – Software token will not be available; The Security Administrator can onlyassign hardware tokens OPTIONAL – Software token will be available to users, and the SA can choose which usersto assign hardware tokens vs. software tokensDoes the software token require additional authentication? How do I use the RSA SecurID Software Token App?A The RSA SecurID Software Token App is readily available for use once it is successfully registered.You do not need any additional authentication to open the application, since your mobile devicetypically will have an authentication method (for example, password, swipe, fingerprint, facialrecognition, etc.). Simply open the app on your mobile device, and enter the six-digit code along withyour User ID and Password on the J.P. Morgan Access Log On page.Can the Token be renamed in the app?A Yes. Follow these steps:1. Choose the Menu option.2. Select Settings (the gear icon) for the token you want to rename. From the menu thatdisplays, tap Rename Token.

3. Edit the token name. Tap Ok to save the new name.When migrating an end user to a software token, at what point will the RSA SecurID hardware token no longer be able to be used?A Once the approval process is completed (for example, Security Administrator 2 approves thesoftware token), the end user’s hard token can no longer be used. The end user will need to gothrough the process of downloading, registering, and activating the software token on their mobiledevice.Note: End users can only have one Security credential type – either hard token or soft token – notboth.

How do I download and import the J.P.Morgan Access software token if I already have anexisting RSA SecurID software token?First, tap the RSA Software token app on your mobile device to launch the app. Then do the following: the Menu icon to display the Token list screen.From the Welcome screen, tap the icon (Apple device) or Import Token (Android device).Select either Scan QR Code or Enter Link. For this example, we will chose Enter Link.Copy the URL from the RSA Soft Token Registration instructions provided by your SecurityAdministrator and paste it into the import token field on the next screen. Or you can manuallyenter the URL into the import token field. (Be sure to copy the correct URL for your mobile device– iOS, or Android.)5. On the next screen, enter your activation code to complete the import of the token.6. Once successfully imported, a "Token successfully imported." acknowledgement message willdisplay. Tap OK.Notes: Once the token is successfully imported, the six-digit Token Code will display. When you areready to log on to Access, enter this number in the Token Code field in the Access Log Onpage. If you are entitled to Access Mobile, after an initial log on using a desktop or laptop, you cancopy the Token Code from the RSA app by clicking the Copy icon, and pasting it into theMobile app's Token Code field.How can I toggle from the J.P. Morgan Access software token to another company’ssoftware token?A From the JPMA Soft Token screen, tap the menu button. From the My Tokens screen, tap the softtoken you want to display; enter the token code accordingly.

How can I view the serial number of the software token on my mobile device?A Tap the information icon on the lower right of the Soft Token screen. The serial number, along withadditional information, will display.Note: Screens will vary on an AndroidTM device; instructions are the same.If I have multiple User IDs, can I use the same software token? Or will I need to request anadditional software token?A If you have multiple User IDs, you can request one software token for each user ID – up to tentokens per mobile device.Are there any feature differences between Apple iOS and the AndroidTM version of the RSASecurID software token?A No, there are no feature differences between the iOS and Android device for RSA SecurIDsoftware token. There are differences in the look of the screens, depending on the iOS /Androidversion, and your settings.

Jul 23, 2019 · copy the Token Code from the RSA app by clicking the Copy icon, and pasting it into the . A No, there are no feature differences between the iOS and Android device for RSA SecurID software token. There are differences in the look of the screens, depending on the