WelcomeThe NEWWAY toWATCHDigital TV is different than anything you have seen before. It isn’tcable it’s better. Digital TV offers great channels, many featuresand many choices. Watch what you want – sports, movies, news,cartoons, dramas, comedies – anything you can imagine is there.Watch when you want – with features like Autotune and digitalvideo recording. Watch how you want – high quality digital videoand sound. So sit back, relax and enjoy the future.Digital TV User’s Guide Copyright 2005-2014 MS Communications. IPG screen images Copyright 2010 Minerva Networks, Inc. Used with permission. All rights reserved. Portions CopyrightAdvanced Digital Broadcasting (ADB), Amino Communications, Ltd., Entone, Inc and UniversalElectronics, Inc. Used with permission. All rights reserved. All other images copyright and/ortrademark of their respective owner(s). Dolby and the double-D symbol are registered trademarksof Dolby Laboratories.This material may not be duplicated, in whole or in part, by any means, without the express writtenconsent of MS Communications, Ringgold GA 30736 USA.Minerva release 5.7 2014

Table of Contents1 Remote Control BasicsADB Potenza Remote Control LayoutTurn Your Set Top Box or TV On or OffChange ChannelsAdjust VolumeSystem Keys1122232 How To Use This BookLayoutColor-codes & IconsIntroducing The InfobarGo To The Infobar444553 InfobarUsing the Infobar674 MenubarIntroducing the MenubarGo To the MenubarUnderstanding the MenubarIntroducing the GuideGo To the GuideGetting Around the GuideFavorites List in the GuideHDTV Programming888810101010105 GuideGuide Layout11116 Guide - Alerts & RecordingIntroducing Guide & RecordingSetting a Reminder, Autotune or RecordingEditing a RecordingSetting a Series RecordingEditing a Series RecordingSkipping an EpisodeCanceling an Autotune, Reminder, Recording or Series RecordingAdditional Information on Canceling Events121212141516171818

Table of Contents7 RecordingRecordingsQuick RecordingGeneral Guidelines About RecordingsPausing Live TV (PLT)Controlling Live TVDVR Playback ControllerSchedule EventAccessing the Schedule Event ScreenConfiguring the Schedule Event ScreenRecord By Search19191919192020212121228 DVRIntroducing DVRGo To DVRThe DVR Menu Quick ReferenceRecordingsRecordings: Watching a Recorded ProgramRecordings: Sorting RecordingsRecordings: Locking or Unlocking a RecordingRecordings: Deleting a RecordingRecordings: Stopping a Program Currently RecordingTo RecordTo Record: Sort Future RecordingsTo Record: Canceling a Future Scheduled RecordingSchedule PrioritySchedule Priority: Changing Schedule PrioritySchedule EventSchedule Event: Editing a Scheduled EventRecord HistoryRecord History: Reviewing Record HistoryWhole Home DVRSet a RecordingNon-DVR Set Top Box Recordings ListWatching from Room to 9 Pay Per ViewIntroducing Pay Per View (PPV)Go To Pay Per ViewBuying Pay Per View31313131

Table of Contents10 My LibraryIntroducing My LibraryThe My Library MenuGo To My LibraryIntroducing PPV EventsGo To PPVIntroducing RemindersGo To RemindersCancel a Reminder or AutotuneIntroducing MessagesGo To MessagesReading a MessageIntroducing Caller IDGo To Caller IDDeleting a Caller ID Entry33333333333434343535353636363611 SettingsIntroducing SettingsGo To SettingsActivating Parental ControlSelecting Parental Control SettingsTurning Parental Controls On and OffWorking With Additional PreferencesHow To Change Your ThemeWorking With Settings/UsersAdding a User AccountEditing a User Account373737373738394243434612 Sign Out / Sign InSign Out / Sign InGo To Sign Out / Sign In48484813 FavoritesIntroducing FavoritesGo To FavoritesChoosing a Favorites ListCreating or Editing a Favorites ListDelete a Favorites List494949495050

Table of Contents14 SearchIntroducing SearchGo To SearchSearch for a Program5151515115 Remote SchedulingIntroducing Remote SchedulingAccessing Remote Scheduling on the WebRecording a ProgramRecord Using the Home PageRecord Using the Guide PageUsing the Search Guide OptionManaging Your Scheduled RecordingsManaging Your DVR RecordingsManage your account settingsChanging Your PasswordRenaming Your DVR Set Top BoxesSigning Out53535354545556565757585858Set Top BoxADB 2721 HDTVADB 3721 HDTVADB 3800 HDTVADB 5721 DVR-HDADB 5810 DVR-HD595960616263Movie RatingsMPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) Ratings System6464TV RatingsTV Parental Guidelines Ratings SystemProgram RatingsContent Ratings65656565

1 Remote Control BasicsADB Potenza Remote Control LayoutDevice SelectionSend commandsto TV, audio, DVD,auxiliary device orset top boxRCU SETUPSetup remoteDVR LISTDisplay recordingsMENUDisplays MenubarArrow KeysMove the highlight inmenu screensGUIDEDisplays the GuideDAY - / DAY Jumps the Guide 12hours ahead or backFunction KeysReserved for future useVOL / Adjust volumeMUTETurn sound on or offNumber PadEnter a channelnumber or PININPUTChange input on devicePHONEDisplay Caller ID LogPOWERTurn a selecteddevice on or offPlayback ControlsControl playback ofDVD or DVRRECORDBegin DVR recordingINFODisplay the InfobarOKEnter a choice youhave madeEXITClose any screenand return to TVPG / Jump the Guide 1page up or downCH /Change the channelVoDReserved for future useLASTReturn to previouschannelCCTurn closed captionson or offAdditional KeysReserved for future use1

1 Remote Control BasicsTurn Your Set Top Box or TV On or OffPotenza RemoteThe device selection keys tell your remote whether you want to control yourset top box or your television.To turn your TV on or off, press the TV key then the POWER key.To turn your set top box on or off, press the STB key and then the POWERkey.If pressing POWER turned the wrong device on or off, press the POWERkey again, press the appropriate device selection key (TV, AUD, DVD, AUXor STB) and press POWER once more.Note: It is not necessary to turn your set top box off.Note: Your remote control must have the remote code programmedin before it can send the correct signals for your TV. If the list ofTV brand codes was not included in your installation pack, pleasecontact customer service.Change ChannelsThe CH /- key will change channels up or down one at a time.The Number Pad can be used to directly enter a channel number.The Guide key will display the on-screen Guide so you can find a programyou like. If the program is on now, you tune to the channel showing it. Ifnot, you can set a scheduled event to remind you when it does come on. Ifyour set top box supports recording, you can schedule a recording for theprogram.For more information on the on-screen Guide, see section 5 Guide.For more information on setting Reminders, Autotunes and Recordings,see Setting a Reminder, Autotune or Recording in section6 Guide - Alerts & Recording.Adjust VolumeThe VOL /- key will adjust the volume gradually.2

1 Remote Control BasicsThe MUTE key will toggle the sound on and off.System KeysThere are a number of keys on your remote that display different features ofyour service.MENU displays the Menubar when in cable [STB] mode, and in [TV] modeyou will see your TV’s menu. The Menubar provides quick access to everyfeature supported by your service.For more information about the Menubar, see section 4 Menubar.INFO displays the Infobar, a feature that lets you see information on whatyou’re watching, what’s coming on next, and what’s on other channels.For more information on the Infobar, see section 3 Infobar.EXIT causes your set top box to exit whatever screen you are seeingand return you to normal TV viewing. If you ever get lost on a screen, it isalways safe to press EXIT and then start over.3

2 How To Use This BookLayoutInstructions are paired with screen shots to illustrate the process andprovide confirmation of what you should see on your TV.Section headings and on-screen text, such as screen titles, messages andoptions are shown in Deep Blue Bold Type.Keys on the remote control are represented by a graphic of that key, orRed Bold Type when a graphic cannot be shown.Color-codes & IconsProgram listings may display icons based on settings for a particularprogram.Program AttributesNew Episode (not a re-run)Program in High ies Record Episode Skipped*Folder for Series Recordings*Closed CaptionedFavoriteLock ProgramDolby Digital AudioAlert SymbolLive TVWhole Home DVR*Record and Series Record only appear if your set top box supportsrecording.All menubar icons and explanations are in 4 Menubar.Note: Douglas County PUD’s PIN code for customers is one (1).For instructions on changing the default PIN code, go to page 43,Settings - Editing a User Account.4

3 InfobarIntroducing The InfobarThe Infobar is a quick way of finding information about the show you arewatching, what comes on later, and what is on other channels.Go To The InfobarThere are three ways to make the basic Infobar appear.Press INFO on your remote control.Press the Up or Down Arrow Keys on your remote control.The basic Infobar will also appear any time you change channels.Once the Infobar is active, press INFO again to display the detailed Infobar.It adds information on directors, actors and the name of the next program.5

3 Infobar14567324561872931Channel Name and NumberThe name and number of the channel currently listed in the Infobar.2345Current TimeFavorite List Currently In UseProgram NameProgram Start Time, End Time and RatingIncludes original release date in Detailed View.67Program SynopsisAdditional Program DetailsThis area will indicate details such as if this program is Live TV,Recorded using DVR, or Blocked. If Dolby Digital audio or SecondaryAudio Program are available, it will also be shown here. Finally, anHDTV program will be indicated here.89Director and Actor InformationComing Up NextThe start time and title of the next program to be shown on thechannel currently listed in the InfoBar.6

3 InfobarUsing the InfobarStep 1: Go To The InfobarPress INFO, the Up or Down Arrow Keys, or change channels.Step 2a: See What’s On Other ChannelsPress the Up or Down Arrow Keys to scroll the Infobar through what isshowing on other channels without actually changing channels.If you find something you would rather watch on another channel, pressOK to tune to that channel.Step 2b: See What’s On LaterPress the Right Arrow Key to scroll ahead to upcoming programs for thechannel listed on the Infobar.Press OK while viewing info on a future program to bring up these options.Press the Left ArrowKey to scroll back tothe current channellisting. To exit theInfobar completely,press Exit on yourremote.Note: Recordingoptions will not beavailable if yourset top box doesn’tsupport thosefeatures.7

4 MenubarIntroducing the MenubarThe Menubar is aquick and easy wayto access anyfeature of yourservice.Go To the MenubarTo display the Menubar, press MENU on your remote control. Press theUp/Down Keys on your remote control to move the highlight through themenu. Press Menu again to exit or press Exit on your remote control.Understanding the MenubarGuide will bring up the program guide. For information on the Guide,please see section 5 Guide. To record or edit a recording, please seesection 6 Guide - Alerts & Record.DVR allows you to watch existing recordings, access a list ofscheduled recordings, and edit and sort both. You can also createa recording (Schedule Event) and prioritize conflicting seriesrecordings. For information on DVR, see section 8 DVRMy Library provides quick access to previously purchasedprograms, Reminders you have scheduled, messages regarding yourservice, and Caller ID history. For more information on My Library, seesection 10 My Library.8

4 MenubarSettings offers access to creating parental controls and setting blockedchannels, determining how things appear on the screen (such as TV callerID), and creating, editing and deleting user accounts. For information onSettings, see section 11 Settings.Favorites allows you to choose, edit, create or delete a favorite channellist. For information on Favorites, see section 13 Favorites.Search allows you to search program listings or Video on Demand rentalsby title or key words. For information on Search, see section 14 Search.Sign Out allows you to sign out of the current user account. This onlyappears if you are using the Enable Login option under Settings/Preferences, have multiple user accounts, and have signed in with auser name and password. For information on user accounts, see UserSettings in section 11 Settings.9

5 GuideIntroducing the GuideThe Guide is the place to quickly find out what’s on now and what’s playing later.You can set Reminders or Recordings for upcoming programs in the Guide.Go To the GuideThere are two ways to go to the on-screen Guide.Press GUIDE or Press MENU, scroll to the Guide icon, and press OK.Getting Around the GuideTo navigate the on-screen Guide Move to a channel by entering the channel with the Number Pad (0-9). Use the Arrow Keys on the remote to move the highlight through theon-screen Guide, channel by channel. Press the Up or Down Arrows to move the highlight to view whatprograms are currently showing on different channels. Press the Left or Right Arrows to move the highlight to view whatfuture programs will be showing up to 7 days into the future. Press Page Up or Page Down to jump up or down one screen of listings. Press OK to preview a current highlighted show on the Guide in the upper-leftcorner of your TV screen. To view the program full screen, press OK again. Continuing to press the Guide key on your remote will switch the Favoritelist to All, Subscribed, SD, HD, PPV, and any Favorites lists that youcreate. This causes the on-screen Guide to only display the channelsincluded on each list. Cycling to All will display all available programming. Press EXIT to leave the on-screen Guide.Favorites List in the GuideA Favorites list allows you to select channels you watch most often, placingthem on a list that is quickly accessed in the Guide. If you can’t see allyour channels, you may be limited by the Favorites list you’veselected. Selecting All will display all available programs. OtherFavorites lists will only display the channels you’ve previouslyadded to that list. For more details about creating, editing, or naming aFavorites list, see section 13 Favorites.HDTV ProgrammingPrograms available in HD will appear in the Guide with a blue HD iconnext to the name of the program. In order to watch HD programming, youwill need an HDTV-capable set top box and TV, and may need to subscribeto an HD channel package.10

5 GuideGuide LayoutFavorites ListIndicates the Favorites list currently in use.Info AreaProvides information about the currently highlighted program.Picture-in-PictureAllows you to watch TV while you are on the on-screen Guide.HighlightIndicates what program listing is currently in focus.Program ListingsShows channel number, channel abbreviation, and program listings foreach channel. Program listings may include icons to indicate a setting orfeature for a particular program.Listing Date/TimeShows the date and time (divided into 30-minute increments) for theprograms currently shown on the on-screen Guide.11

6 Guide - Alerts & RecordingIntroducing Guide & RecordingIn this section, you will learn about setting or scheduling a recording, recordinga series, and editing it. You will view the recordings under the DVR icon.A Reminder informs you a program is about to come on. An Autotuneautomatically changes the channel when the program is about to start. ARecording will automatically record the program to your set top box. Onthe Schedule Event screen, you can edit the channel number, time, typeof timer (Recording, Reminder, or Autotune), and frequency of the event.See 7 Recording and 8 DVR for more details on Schedule Event.Setting a Reminder, Autotune or RecordingStep 1: Pick aProgramPull up the on-screenGuide and find thefuture program youwant. Highlight itslisting and press OK. Apop-up menu will appear.Note: The pop-upmay appear differentdepending if your STBis DVR-enabled, or whattype of program youselected to record.Step 2: Set theReminder, Autotune orRecordHighlight andRecord Program,Set Autotune, or SetReminder and pressOK. You will then bereturned to the onscreen Guide.See 7 Recording - Quick Recording for how to record a currently playing program.12

6 Guide - Alerts & RecordingStep 3: Return to theOn-Screen GuideThe program listingnow shows an icon.Reminder setAutotune setRecording setStep 4a: Your ReminderA few minutes before yourprogram comes on, a box willappear on your screen tellingyou that you have a Reminder.Press INFO to displaythe Reminder.Highlight the buttonshowing the programname and press OKto watch the program.Highlight Cancel andpress OK to ignore theReminder.Step 4b: YourAutotuneJust before theprogram begins, amessage will display,giving you the optionto tune in or cancel.13

6 Guide - Alerts & RecordingStep 4c: Your RecordingIf you set a future recording, your set top box will record it for you onceyour program begins (see 7 Recordings for more details).To watch your recording, go to 8 DVR - Recordings.Editing a RecordingNote: Recording is not available if your set top box doesn’t support it.Once you have created a recording, you can adjust when the recordingbegins or ends. This ensures nothing is missed in case the broadcaster’stime doesn’t precisely match up with yours.Step 1: Pick anUpcoming RecordingLocate the program tobe recorded. Highlightits listing and pressOK.Step 2: Edit RecordingFrom the optionsshown for this program,highlight Edit Recordingand press OK.Step 3: Select Start& End TimesArrow Up or Down tochoose Start or Endand press OK. Onceyou see arrows aboveand below the Startor End box, Arrow Upor Down to adjust theStart or End time.14

6 Guide - Alerts & RecordingSetting a Series RecordingNote: Recording is not available if your set top box doesn’t support it.If you choose to record a program that is part of a regular series, you willbe offered the option to record the series. This allows you to record everyepisode of a favorite program.Step 1: Pick aProgramFind any episode ofthe series you want torecord. Highlight theprogram listing andpress OK.Step 2: Set the RecordingHighlight Record Series and pressOK.Step 3: Return To the On-ScreenGuideOnce you have set the seriesrecording you will be returned to theon-screen Guide.The program listingnow shows an iconnext to the program’sname.Series RecordingsetEvery upcomingepisode of the serieswill be recorded.15

6 Guide - Alerts & RecordingEditing a Series RecordingNote: Recording is not available if your set top box doesn’t support it.Once you have created a series recording, you can adjust whichepisodes of the series are recorded and which are skipped.Step 1: Pick a SeriesRecordingLocate any programin the series to berecorded. Highlight itslisting and press OK.Step 2: Edit SeriesRecordingFrom the optionsshown for thisprogram, highlight EditSeries Recording andpress OK.Step 3: Adjust SeriesRecording OptionsArrow Up or Downto choose an optionand press OK. Onceyou see arrows aboveand below the optionssetting box, Arrow Upor Down to adjust thatsetting.16

6 Guide - Alerts & RecordingChannels determines whether the series is recorded when aired onthe channel originally set to record, or record the series on whateverchannel airs it.Preference determines whether to record the program when shown instandard definition or only when shown in high definition.Episodes determines whether to record re-runs and new episodes of theseries or only new episodes.Start and End determines how much time to add at the start and end timeof the recording so that none of the program is missed.Limit To determines how many episodes of the series are saved. If set toanything other than all, the system will delete the oldest recorded episodeof the series once the limit is reached.Once you have adjusted the series settings, highlight OK and press OK tosave your changes.Skipping an EpisodeOnce you have created a series recording, you can manuallyskip any episode.Step 1: Pick theEpisodeLocate the episode inthe series you wantto skip. Highlight itslisting and press OK.Step 2: Skip the EpisodeHighlight Skip Episodeand press OK. You will be returned to theon-screen Guide and the red dots on the episode listing will turn greyto indicate you are skipping that episode. If you decide to record thisepisode after all, repeat this procedure and choose Record Episode fromthe options shown and press OK. The dots will become red again.17

6 Guide - Alerts & RecordingCanceling an Autotune, Reminder, Recording or Series RecordingYou can cancel any event you have previously scheduled directly from the Guide.Step 1: Pick theProgramHighlight the programwith the event youwant to cancel andpress OK.Step 2: Cancel theEventDepending on thetype of event youare canceling, youroptions will be:orHighlight the option you want and press OK.Step 3: Return to the On-Screen GuideAfter you press OK, you will return to the on-screen Guide.Additional Information on Canceling EventsA list of your Reminders and Autotunes is located in 10 My Library Reminders and can be canceled from there.To cancel scheduled recordings, see 8 DVR - To Record.18

7 RecordingRecordingsCreating recordings and pausing live TV both require a DVR (Digital VideoRecorder). There are several ways to record besides those covered in 6Guide - Alerts & Recording. They are listed here.Quick RecordingThe fastest and easiest way to begin recording is to use the RECORD keyon your remote control.Step 1: Start RecordingWhile watching a program, press RECORD. Recording will begin immediately.You can also start aquick record on theon-screen Guide.Highlight a program youwant to record usingthe Arrow Keys andpress RECORD.If the program iscurrently on, recordingwill begin immediately.The program will berecorded until it isscheduled to finish. To manually stop the recording before it is finished,press STOP. If the program comes on in the future, your system will recordthe program for you automatically.General Guidelines About RecordingsYour TV can even be turned off and recording will take place.You can record two programs and watch a different program simultaneously.Check with your service provider to see additional multiple recordingoptions.Pausing Live TV (PLT)Recording capability also allows you to pause live TV (PLT). While watchinga channel, PLT will temporarily store what you have watched so you canpause a program and then press play to resume watching.19

7 RecordingControlling Live TVWhile watching a recorded program or live TV, you can use the PlaybackControl Keys to control playback.Press PAUSE on your remote control to pause the program.Programs can be paused as long as the current channel is not changed.Press PLAY to resume watching.Press REWIND or FAST FORWARD to reverse or advanceplayback from the current point. Press repeatedly to increase FASTFORWARD or REWIND speed.Press STOP to exit playback of the program.The PLT bar appearswhenever you pause,rewind or fast forwardlive TV.The center areaindicates the amountof TV saved. The“I-bar” shows whereyou are within thatrange.The far left box indicates the current playback function.The far right box indicates the current time.DVR Playback ControllerAny time you press one of the Playback Control Keys while watching apreviously recorded program, the DVR playback controller is displayed.The box to the left indicates the playback function in use.The bar in the middle gives a visual representation of where you are in therecording. The lighter section indicates how much of the recording hasbeen played.20

7 RecordingSchedule EventWith Schedule Event, you can select the channel, date, start and stoptime, duration, and frequency of a recording. It is helpful when you want torecord or watch a portion of a program on a reoccurring basis.Accessing the Schedule Event ScreenThere are two ways toaccess the screen.Option 1:When you select afuture program on theon-screen Guide andpress OK, select theScheduled Eventoption from the popup menu.The Schedule Event screen is populated from the channel you werewatching and will change when you select a future program on the onscreen Guide.Option 2:Press MENU on your remote control, navigate to DVR, then scroll down toSchedule Event, and press OK.Configuring the Schedule Event ScreenThe information (thedate, program name,channel, time andfrequency of recording)is listed on theScheduled Eventscreen.If information isincorrect, highlight itand press OK. ArrowUp and Down on yourremote to enter thecorrect informationand press OK.21

7 RecordingSet Type of EventArrow Down and highlight Type andpress OK. The highlight will becomeleft/right arrows.Arrow Left or Right until you see the event type you want (Recording,Autotune, Reminder), then press OK.Set Event FrequencyArrow Down on your remote and highlightFreq and press OK. The highlight will becomeleft/right arrows.Arrow Left or Right on your remote until you see the frequency you want(Single, Weekly, M-F, Every Day), then press OK.Arrow Down on your remote and highlight OK on the Schedule Eventscreen and press OK on your remote. You will be returned to the DVRmenu. Press Exit to return to the on-screen Guide.See 8 DVR - Schedule Event for details on editing theSchedule Event screen.Record By SearchNavigate to the Menubar by pressing the Menu key, highlighting the Search icon,and press OK. (See 14 Search for complete details on Search.)Once the Search topic is found, navigate to the program you want to record. Thenhighlight it and press OK.Arrow Down to Record Program for a one-time recording and press OK. OrArrow Down and highlight Record Series to record all episodes of the show.See 14 Search for more details.Note: To view your recordings, go to chapter 8 DVR - Recordings.22

8 DVRIntroducing DVRIn DVR, you can view current recordings, see a list of future scheduledrecordings, edit and cancel recordings, sort and prioritize recordings, lockrecordings, and schedule a future event. Schedule Event is the only DVRfeature that enables recordings.Go To DVRPress MENU, highlight DVR and press OK.The DVR Menu Quick ReferenceRecordings lists programs you have alreadyrecorded. Go here to watch, sort, lock or deletethese recorded programs. VIEW RECORDINGSTo Record lists all Recording events you havescheduled, and allows you to sort, or cancel anyfuture recording events. VIEW FUTURERECORDINGSSchedule Priority allows you to give priority forone series recording over another in the event ofa scheduling conflict.Schedule Event allows you to create aRecording, Reminder or Autotune event forindividual or recurring programs.Record History is a log of when recordingsstart, complete or are canceled.RecordingsHighlight Recordingsand press OK.A list of your recordedprograms appears tothe right.Series RecordingFolderAt the bottom of theinfo area, a percentagefull item is shown.This indicates thepercentage of totalrecording space used.23

8 DVRRecordings not yet watched are listed with white text; those you havewatched are listed with grey text. If a program is still being recorded a reddot icon will appear to the left of the program’s name.The Whole Home iconmeans that the recorded program can beviewed from any set top box in the house and will appear to the left of theprogram’s name. (See the end of this DVR section for more details aboutWhole Home DVR.)Recordings: Watching a Recorded ProgramStep 1: Pick a RecordingHighlight the recording you want to watch and press OK.Step 2: Play the RecordingHighlight Play Recording and press OK.Step 3: Watch the RecordingYou will exit to your recording as it beginsplaying. The Infobar will appear for a fewseconds with a green icon to the right toindicate you are playing a recording.While watching your recording, you canuse any of the Playback Control Keys onyour remote just as you would if watchinga videotape or DVD.DVR Playback ControllerAny time you press one of the Playback Control Keys while watching apreviously recorded program, the DVR playback controller is displayed.The box to the left indicates the playback function in use.The bar in the middle gives a visual representation of where you are in therecording. The lighter section indicates how much of the recording hasbeen played.24

8 DVRStep 4: Return To Live TVWhen the recording ends, you will be prompted to keep or delete therecording and then returned to live TV.If you want to return to live TV before your recording has ended, pressSTOP ( ). See Playback Controls on your remote.Recordings: Sorting RecordingsHighlight Recordings and press OK to bring up your recording list. Thefirst listing will be highlighted. You can sort your recordings alphabetically bytitle, by the date recorded, by channel that originally aired the program, orby whether you have or have not viewed the recording.To sort your recordingsby any of thosecategories, press theLeft Arrow Key toshift the highlight tothe left. Highlight thecategory you want touse to sort and pressOK.For example, if youhighlight Date andpress OK, yourrecordings will be sorted by the date recorded with oldest at the top andnewest at the bottom.You can reverse the sort order for any category by pressing OK again onthat category. Using the above example, pressing OK again on Date wouldput your newest recordings at the top and oldest at the bottom.Recordings: Locking or Unlocking a RecordingLocking a recording prevents the system from deleting a program to makespace for new recordings.Note: You can still manually delete a locked recording. Locking onlyprevents the system from automatically deleting it.Step 1: Pick a RecordingHighlight the recording you want to lock and press OK.25

8 DVRStep 2a: Lock the RecordingHighlight Lock

Renaming Your DVR Set Top Boxes 58 Signing Out 58 Set Top Box 59 ADB 2721 HDTV 59 ADB 3721 HDTV 60 ADB 3800 HDTV 61 ADB 5721 DVR-HD 62 ADB 5810 DVR-HD 63 Movie Ratings 64 MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) Ratings System 64 TV Ratings 65 TV Parental Guideline