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THE CHALLENGESOF INTERNAL JOBMOBILITYInspired by the Bouygues group'score HR values of respect, trust andfairness, the Internal Job Mobility Charter sets out the general principles forinternal job mobility within the Group.It reaffirms the Group's determinationto encourage internal job mobility andsupport employees in their projects.It targets employees who want toboost their career by enabling them tobuild an enhanced career path withinthe Group.Internal job mobility is also a way tomeet the company's adaptation ordevelopment needs.Functional mobility is a change offunction. There are numerous formsof functional mobility. It can involve achange of job, business or hierarchicalstatus.INTERNAL JOBMOBILITY PLAYERSThe successful outcome of internaljob mobility depends on good cooperation between the three partiesinvolved:“As an employee,I am the main playerin my career developmentand therefore my internaljob mobility."Internal job mobility is open to all. Itencourages employees to drive theirown career project. It makes managersresponsible for employee career development and mobility with the helpand support of the Human Resourcesdepartment.TYPES OF INTERNALJOB MOBILITYInternal job mobility takes place between the business segments ofthe Group and can be geographicaland/or functional, with or withoutpromotion.Geographical mobility involves achange of job location within thesame region, to another region or toanother country. In general, geographical mobility implies that the employeeis required to move house.“As an HR officer,I provide support and advice,and I facilitate and ensure theinternal job mobility process."“As a manager,I provide support, discussand share information.I act in the interests of all." Employees are the main players intheir career developmentEmployees can express their aspirations during their annual appraisal,find out about developments in theirline of business and opportunities toadvance their careers, according toneeds in the company and across theGroup.BOUYGUES INTERNAL JOB MOBILITY CHARTER 1

Managers assess, inform andencourageIn keeping with the company'sstrategy, managers are responsiblefor employees' career development inpartnership with the Human Resourcesdepartment. They assess performance,evaluate skills and advise employeeson opportunities to advance in theircareers, and give them support.For the company Easy access for all employees to allof the jobs on offer in the GroupThe Mobyclic intranet site dedicatedto internal job mobility displays all thejobs on offer Group-wide. Priority to Group applicantsThey have a duty to encourage internal job mobility beyond the immediate interests of their entity.For all new jobs on offer, employeeshave priority over outside applicantswith similar profiles and potential.Only applicants with skills consistentwith the job on offer are considered. The Human Resources department Confidentiality and transparencyprovides support for careermanagement and internal jobmobilityThe Human Resources departmentcoordinates career management andinternal job mobility for employees. Itsrole is to advise employees and managers as regards advancement opportunities within the Group.WHAT INTERNAL JOBMOBILITY ENSURESFor employeesSignificant experience in a particularfunction. Active monitoring of job opportunities in the Group. Regular contact between employeesand their manager and HR officersregarding the progress of their internaljob mobility project. 2 BOUYGUES INTERNAL JOB MOBILITY CHARTER At the request of employees, the firstinterview can be conducted in complete confidentiality. The interview isconducted under the responsibility ofthe Human Resources department ofthe company offering the job.For transparency reasons, employeesmust inform their manager and HumanResources department if they have asecond interview. A response within one monthThe entities of the Group handle applications from Group employees withthe greatest care and commit to responding within one month.

PRACTICALINFORMATIONWHERE AND HOWTO GET INFORMATIONAt entity levelFrom the manager, with whom careerplans can be discussed, particularlyduring the annual appraisal. From the entity's Human Resourcesdepartment or Internal Job mobilityunit, which ensures compliance withthe rules and principles set out in thisCharter. Via specific tools developed by theentity: intranet sites dedicated to internal job mobility, career guidance,employee stories, careers reports, etc. At Bouygues group levelFrom the Group job mobility and careeradvice unit which is tasked with:advising Group employees oncareer choices (the feasibility of careeradvancement outside their currententity), helping them with their internal job mobility application (writing aCV, job interview, matching profile todemand); providingsupporttoHumanResources departments in order tofind solutions for employees seekingjob mobility in another business segment or who are available or about tobecome available; providing information to HumanResources departments looking forspecific profiles and to employees forjobs available on Mobyclic. Via MobyclicMobyclic is accessible on businesssegment intranet sites and on the web(for PCs, smartphones or tablets):mobyclic.bouygues.comPassword: GROUPETHE PROCESSApplying for a jobMy application is of interest tothe company. I have my firstjob interview within two weeks.I can choose to keep this firstinterview confidential.I get a secondinterview. I informmy manager andthe HR departmentof my company.My application is refused. Ireceive a negative reply withina month.My application isrefused and I receivea negative reply.I get the job. Theinternal job mobilityprocess and supportmeasures come intoeffect.BOUYGUES INTERNAL JOB MOBILITY CHARTER 3

INTERNAL JOBMOBILITY TERMSAND CONDITIONSThe terms and conditions are applicable across the Group, but can beadapted to specific needs in the business segments. In the case of jobmobility within the same businesssegment, the rules specific to thatbusiness segment apply.Search periodEmployees looking to transfer withinthe Group keep all the entitlementsrelated to their current position during the search period up until the datethat the agreement to transfer to another entity within the Group is signed.Time limit for taking up a postThe time limit starts on the date of thesigning of the agreement between theemployee, the current entity and thenew entity. It ends when the employeetakes up post in the new entity. Inorder to ensure minimum disruption inthe current entity, this time limit cannot exceed three months, unless inspecific cases.Employment contractA new employment contract stipulating the terms and conditions for integrating the new entity, is concludedbetween the employee and the newentity. Accrued benefits are paid bythe former entity when the employeeleaves.4 BOUYGUES INTERNAL JOB MOBILITY CHARTER Adaptation periodEmployees transferred to another entity within the Group have an adaptation period of up to three months.Should the employee or new entityconsider this adaptation period unsatisfactory, the employee reintegratesthe former entity under the sameterms and conditions applicable before the transfer.IntegrationEmployees transferred to anotherentity within the Group benefit fromsupport in order to make their jobmobility a success (induction process,memo, etc.).SeniorityThe new entity recognises the seniority accumulated with the formercompany.Remuneration and benefitsIn principle, transferred employeesretain the same remuneration and hierarchical level. Other conditions relatedto the transfer are negotiated betweenthe persons concerned based on thenew entity's rules and principles.Compensation for geographicalmobility expensesTwo periods are taken into consideration for the reimbursement of geographical mobility expenses.

Before moving houseTravel expenses, accommodation andexpenses related to journeys homeat the weekend are paid by the newcompany, after validation by the latter,throughout the period necessary forthe family to move. These expensesare reimbursed on the basis of therates in effect in the new company. During the moveRemoval expenses are charged to thenew company, on the basis of one ofthe three estimates that the employeeis required to obtain. The removal service is ordered and paid directly bythe new company.Travel expenses incurred by the familydue to the relocation are charged tothe new company on the basis of therates in effect in the new company.Most of the Group entities grant aninstallation allowance. In general, theinstallation allowance is calculated according to the number of family members, and the terms and rates in effectin the new company.Other support measuresfor internal job mobilitySome Group entities provide specificsupport measures to employees forinternal job mobility, such as facilitating the integration of families or contributing to accommodation expenses.Employees can get more informationfrom the Human Resources department of their new entity.International job mobilityThe rules set forth in this Charter applyin part to job mobility between Franceand abroad, or between two foreigncountries.However, for each Group companyoperating internationally, either on awork site or permanent location, thereare specific rules that can vary depending on the country.Employees can get more informationfrom their Human Resources department.This Charter reaffirms the Bouygues group's commitmentto and promotion of job mobility.You can access the Charter on Mobyclic and the Group intranet, ByLink.mobyclic.bouygues.comPassword: GROUPEBOUYGUES INTERNAL JOB MOBILITY CHARTER 5

BOUYGUES GROUP32 avenue HocheF-75378 Paris cedex 08Tel.: 33 (0)1 44 20 10 00bouygues.comTwitter: @GroupeBouyguesDISCLAIMER:Amendments to this Charterare strictly prohibited.All reproduction or distributionof this Charter outside theBouygues group is subject toBouygues SA’s prior approval.March 2015 Updated: November 2021This Internal Job Mobility Charter isa publication of the Bouygues groupHuman Resources department.Translation: Bouygues Translation department.Photo: GaudiLab.

nal job mobility beyond the immedi-ate interests of their entity. The Human Resources department provides support for career management and internal job mobility The Human Resources department coordinates career management and internal job mobility for employees. Its role is to advi