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Table of ContentsTimeStar Supervisor Manual . 1Table of Contents . 2Overview . 4Product Support . 4Locating your TimeStar Version Number . 4How to Login. 6How to Punch . 6How to Transfer. 8How to Reset Password via the Web Punch . 10Punching the Web Clock when logged into TimeStar . 11Home Page Navigation . 13Employee Navigation. 14Adding a Favorite. 15Changing a Supervisee’s Password . 17Searching for an Employee. 18Using Filters. 18Simple Filters . 19Complex Filters . 21Daily Procedures . 24Data Entry - Dollars . 25Adding/Editing/Viewing Dollars . 26Mileage . 27Assigning a Default Vehicle to Employees . 27Adding/Editing/Viewing Mileage Information . 28Data Entry - Hours . 29Adding/Editing/Viewing Hours. 31Data Entry - Punches . 32Adding /Editing/Viewing Punches . 35Data Entry - Timesheet . 40Adding/Editing/Deleting Data via Timesheet . 41To add hours, follow these steps: . 42To add punches, follow these steps: . 43To add dollars, follow these steps: . 43To add mileage, follow these steps: . 44To add units, follow these steps: . 45Follow these steps to create and apply a timesheet template. . 46Data Entry – Units . 46Adding/Editing/Viewing Units . 47Exceptions - Alerts . 48Exceptions – Attendance . 50Adding/Editing/Viewing Attendance records . 51To add an attendance record: . 51Exceptions - Attendance Calendar . 52Requests . 53Overview of Request Setup . 53Submitting a Request . 54Submitting a Time Off Request . 54Submitting a Schedule Change Request . 57Submitting a General Request . 58Submitting a Missing Punch Request . 58Monitoring Requests. 60Schedules - Coverage View . 64Insperity TimeStar Supervisor ManualPage 2

Schedules - Employee Schedule . 65Schedules - Schedule Deviation . 68Schedules - Schedule Group . 69Schedules - Team Schedule. 70Schedules - Time-Off Calendar . 73Total Hours . 74End of Period Procedures . 77Approvals . 77Employee Maintenance . 79Employee Information - Accrual Summary . 79Adding/Editing/Viewing Accrual Information . 79Employee Information - Contact Info . 84Employee Information - Pay History . 84Employee Information - Profile . 85New Employee . 90Employee Assignments - Accrual Plans. 94Employee Assignments – Groups . 95Employee Assignments - Input Devices . 97Employee Assignments - Org Levels . 98Employee Assignments – Scripts . 98Employee Assignments - Supervisors. 99Appendix A – Accrual Suspension . 100Appendix B - Alerts.Error! Bookmark not defined.Appendix K - Organization Level Report . 104Insperity TimeStar Supervisor ManualPage 3

OverviewProduct Support:Insperity Time and Attendance is dedicated to bringing you user‐friendly systems that integratewith your company’s needs. If you have a question about TimeStar , first refer to this manual.If you are unable to find the answers to your questions within this manual, please contacttechnical support. We welcome all questions and comments, and can be reached from 8:00a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Central Standard Time at (800) 314‐8223.Locating your TimeStar Version Number:When contacting technical support, it is helpful to have the version number of the TimeStar software your company is using. This information will help the technical support staff readilyassist you.Follow these steps below to locate your company’s version number.1. Launch your login screen, under the TimeStar logo a version number will appear.2. To view the full version number of your system, login and click thefollowing page will display:Insperity TimeStar Supervisor ManualPage 4button. The

Insperity TimeStar Supervisor ManualPage 5

How to Login:If you have setup employees with the ability to view and/or enter hours, he/she would accessthe Insperity TimeStar login page. To access the login page, the employee would enter theURL established for your company. The following page would appear:The user must enter their user name and password and press the ‘Enter’ key or click the ‘Login’button to enter TimeStar .The TimeStar version information also appears on the login page.How to Punch:There are two ways to access the TimeStar Web Punch feature.Insperity TimeStar Supervisor ManualPage 6

Option 1.1. Enter the URL established for your company to punch in and out using the TimeStar web punch feature.2. Enter Username and Password.3. Enter a Comment, if needed.4. Click an action button that defines the punch.Once the employee clicks the action button, a confirmation message will appear displaying thepunch that was successfully added to the system.Option 2.An employee can access the TimeStar web punch feature by entering the login page URLestablished for their company.Insperity TimeStar Supervisor ManualPage 7 Userrname and Paassword.Click the ‘PPunch’ buttonn.After clicking the ‘Puncch’ button, the Web Punchh page will dissplay.Enter a Coomment associated with thhe punch if neeeded.Click an acction button thattdefines thet punch.Once the employeee clicks the actionabutton, they will be redirected too the TimeStar loginpage. The login paage will contaain a green inddicator line ddisplaying thee punch that wwassucceessfully addedd to the system.w to Transffer:HowTo peerform an organization levvel transfer puunch using thhe TimeStar Web Punch an employeeemust follow these steps below.Insperrity TimeStar Supervisor MaanualPage 8 Username and Password.Enter a Comment associated with the transfer punch if necessary.Click the ‘Transfer Orglevel’ button.Select the organization levels they are transferring to by using the drop‐down menuslocated on the screen.5. Click the ‘Complete’ button.After clicking the ‘Complete’ button the Web Punch screen will display a green indicator linedisplaying the punch that was successfully added to the system.If an employee must return to their home organization levels during their work day, they mustperform the same transfer process and select their home organization levels.NOTE ‐ It is not necessary for an employee to punch ‘OUT’ before performing an organizationlevel transfer.Insperity TimeStar Supervisor ManualPage 9

How to Reset Password via the Web Punch:In the event the user has lost, forgotten or would like to change their password, they may clickthe ‘Reset Password’ link on the TimeStar Web Punch page.In order for a user to have their TimeStar password reset, they must enter their username andemail address that is on file within the TimeStar system for their user account. If the userdoes not have an e‐mail address in the system, they will need to contact their TimeStar System Administrator.Insperity TimeStar Supervisor ManualPage 10

After entering the information, the user must click the ‘Reset Password’ button. If theinformation entered matches the information within TimeStar , a new password will beemailed to the address entered.The next time the user logs into TimeStar with the generated password from the email, theywill be required to change their password.Punching the Web Clock when logged into TimeStar :An employee can access the TimeStar Web Punch feature while logged into the system. Byselecting theoption located in the upper right corner of the home page, theWeb Punch screen will display.1. Enter a Comment associated with the punch if needed.2. Click an action button that defines the punch.3. When thebutton is clicked on the Web Punch screen, the employee will be directedto the TimeStar page they were previously located at.Insperity TimeStar Supervisor ManualPage 11

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Home Page Navigation:Below is an example of the home page for a user with a TimeStar administrator role that haslogged into TimeStar . Others may have less displayed, based on their permissions set by theSystem Administrator.On the home page of TimeStar , a ‘Take Action’ and ‘Employee Info’ tab appear with differentareas of information. These will are referred to as Widgets. Additional details about eachwidget can be found in the Widgets section.NOTE ‐ If a user navigates to a specific page and would like to return to the home screen, theycan clickInsperity TimeStar Supervisor Manualat the top left side of the screen.Page 13

Above is the naviggation bar thaat appears whhen accessingg any screen wwithin TimeSStar .Empployee Navvigation:To select an emplooyee, use the employee naame drop‐doown and type the first few letters of theee to that grouup of employeees. You can also use the aarrow buttonns to movelast name to movebetweeen employees. Additionaally, you can accessahistoriical pay perioods or future ppay periods bbyusing the pay periood drop‐down.Above the left navvigation tree, there are 7 iccons.Favorites – See ‘Adding Favvorite’ section for more deetailsListL of saved filters.fReportsR– list of system repports and shaared reports.QuickQlaunch ‐ Options inccluding approovals, attendaance calendaars, coverage view, monitoorconsoole, time off calendarcand timesheet.tMyM Alerts ‐ Specific to thee user.MyM Requests ‐ Specific to thet user.Locatted in the uppper right cornner of the window may be several optioons. About, AAccount, andLog OutO are available to all users.‐ Displays support inforrmation and installediopti ons for the TTimeStar syystem.‐ Logoutt of TimeStar .Insperrity TimeStar Supervisor MaanualPage 14

‐ Allows the user to change their own and, if permissions allow, their supervisee’spasswords.If the user logged into TimeStar has access to punch in/out via the Web Punch feature, anadditional icon will be available in the upper right corner of the home page.‐ Punch in/out without having to logout of TimeStar .Adding a Favorite:Favorites may be added from items on the navigation tree.To add a Navigation favorite, follow these steps:1. Click theicon on the navigation tree.2. On the navigation tree, select the page to add as a Favorite.3. Hold the mouse over the name of the page and when the icons appear, click theicon to add to Favorites.To add a Reports favorite, follow these steps:1. Click theicon on the navigation tree.2. On the navigation bar, select the report to add as a Favorite.3. Hold the mouse over the name of the report and when the icons appear, click theicon to add to Favorites.4. To generate the Report favorite, click the report name to bring up the Report Generatorscreen to generate the report with saved options.To add a Quick Launch favorite, follow these steps:1. Click theicon on the navigation tree.2. On the navigation tree, select the item to add as a Favorite.3. Hold the mouse over the name of the item and when the icons appear, click theto add to Favorites.iconTo open any of the pages on the navigation tree in a new window or tab, follow these steps:1. Hold the mouse over the name of the page and when the icons appear, click theicon to open the page in a new window.a. Users can also hold down the Shift key and click the page to open in a newwindow.Insperity TimeStar Supervisor ManualPage 15

TimeStar has multiple navigation tools available based on the security assigned to the user. Auser can select from the widgets that appear on the main page, or use the navigation tree onthe left side of the screen. The widgets are linked to frequently used areas of the system. If anicon is clicked, the user will be directed to the page requested. The navigation tree is groupedby category.Insperity TimeStar Supervisor ManualPage 16

Changing a Supervisee’s Password:If supervisors are given access to the permission ‘SUP Change Employee Password’, they maychange the TimeStar password for any of their supervisees.To reset an employee’s password, follow these steps: the TimeStar home page, select the ‘Account’ button.Select ‘Supervisee Passwords’ tab.A drop‐down will display for those employees that have user accounts established.If the user is granted the ability to change usernames, the user name will appear on thisscreen.5. Mark the checkbox to change password.6. Enter new and confirm password for the employee.7. Click the ‘Save’ button.NOTE ‐ This password change will occur for both the Login and Web Punch pages.NOTE ‐ All passwords need to comply with the Password Rules set by the SystemAdministrator.Insperity TimeStar Supervisor ManualPage 17

Searching for an Employee:You may search for an employee using the employee search function. To search for anemployee, click on theicon.To search for an employee, follow these steps:1. Use the drop‐down for Employee’s Last Name (options are: includes, begins with, andends with). Other options available for searching are: Badge Number, EmployeeNumber, SSN, Job Title and Birth Date.2. Enter a few characters of the employee’s last name.3. Select the ‘Search’ button.A listing of potential matches will appear. TimeStar does have phonetic searching technologyenabled for these types of searches.The employee will be listed in the lower portion of the ‘Search Results’ area on the page. Ifmultiple employees are found, they will be listed in alphabetical order.The employee’s name will appear as a link. If the link is clicked, the search window will close andthe user will be returned to the home page with the selected employee’s informationdisplaying.Using Filters:Filters can be used within TimeStar as a means to view a specific set of employees. Forexample, if a user wants to access all employees that are part of a specific pay group, the usercould create a filter.Insperity TimeStar Supervisor ManualPage 18

To create a filter, the user must click theicon that is located in the employee tool bar. Whencreating a filter using the filter option on the employee toolbar, the filter will be savedspecifically for the user who created it.If a filter must be applied to user accounts other than the currently logged in user, selectSecurity Setup – User Security and below the section titled Employee List Filtering, click theicon to create the filter.You must save the filter for the filter to be available for user accounts. The filtering setup is thesame as the filter page accessed via the employee toolbar. Once you have saved the filter,select the filter from the Filter drop‐down and save the user account.Simple Filters:Filters that use the ‘Match All’ or ‘Match Any’ options are called simple filters. Simple filters donot contain comparisons between different criteria.To create a simple filter, click theInsperity TimeStar Supervisor Manualicon from the employee toolbar.Page 19

Filters must contain a name in order to be saved. If a filter is going to be saved, enter the nameof the filter in the ‘Filter Name’ field.For a simple filter choose a filter type of ‘Match ANY’ to display a list of employees that matchany of the criterion selected. A filter type of ‘Match ALL’ will display a list of employees thatmatch the entire criterion selected.Use the first drop‐down menu to select the criteria to be used to filter the employee data. Usethe second drop‐down menu to further limit the value set in the first drop‐down menu.An example of a simple filter is Active Status IS NOT Terminated.Insperity TimeStar Supervisor ManualPage 20

‘IN’ and ‘NOT IN’ are useful for comparisons that involve organization levels or pay groups sothat multiple comparisons do not need to be created.When ‘IN’ or ‘NOT IN’ are selected, the user is presented with more options via an additionalentry screen. A number of items may be selected and by clicking the ‘Apply’ button, thecomparison is created.If the comparison is a ‘NOT IN’ or ‘IN’ statement, thethe list. Comparisons may be deleted by clicking theicon will appear to update the items inicon.Complex Filters:Complex filters give the user very robust filtering capabilities. A user may create a combinationof AND/OR statements as well as combine saved filters to create comparisons.To create a complex filter, select ‘Complex’ from the ‘Filter Type’ drop‐down. Add comparisonsusing the same method used in simple filters.To assign multiple comparisons at once, click theInsperity TimeStar Supervisor ManualPage 21icon between comparisons.

For complex filters, the filter name must be defined before the filter can be applied. The ‘Apply’button will be grayed out until the complex filter is named.Below is an example of three comparisons to be used to create a complex filter. The user islooking for a list of employees that are paid hourly, in any department and work first or secondshift.To further define the comparisons, click and drag thetop of the first.icon of the second comparison to theOnce the filter is named, use the drop‐downs to select comparison values.Insperity TimeStar Supervisor ManualPage 22

If the ‘OR’ drop‐down is set to ‘AND’ then the word ‘EITHER’ will be changed to the word‘BOTH’.Name the first complex filter, then drag the second filter into the first and you will see theresults below. The filter will select employees who are in pay group ‘Hourly’ and not in the list ofdepartments defined on the previous screen.Insperity TimeStar Supervisor ManualPage 23

This filter now applies to employees that are either in the Hourly pay group AND the listeddepartments OR the shifts listed.Filters must be named in order to be saved. Click the ‘Save’ button to save a filter. Clickthe ’Apply’ button to save the filter and apply the filter immediately.Daily Procedures: When selecting any of the Daily Procedures – Data Entry pages, the systemautomatically brings up the first employee in the system, if this is your first timeselecting an employee after logging in to TimeStar . Otherwise, it will display the lastemployee you worked with at any point within the system. To locate an employee, use the employee toolbar on the top of the screen. See theTimeStar Navigation section, for more information on searching for employees. When a date field is selected, a pop‐up calendar will appear. The dates available forselection are determined by the security settings ‘Allowable Range Outside of CurrentPeriod – Forward and Backward’.Insperity TimeStar Supervisor ManualPage 24

By clicking theicon a print preview of the page will display and the user will be ableto print the information displayed in a report format. TimeStar has the ability to allow decimal hours entry, or hours and minutes entry.Contact your Insperity Time & Attendance consultant to update your system to displayhours and minutes format.Data Entry – Dollars:The Dollars page can be utilized to enter dollar amounts within TimeStar . The following fieldsappear on the page:NOTE‐ If your company uses quick reports, click the ‘Reporting’ option and then click ‘DollarsReport’. A new window will display the report.Field NameInsperity TimeStar Supervisor ManualDescriptionPage 25

EffectiveDollaarsPay TypeDeviiceSourrceThe datte that the doollars are effeective.Numbeer of dollars associated witth therecord.Pay typpe that is appplied to the Doollars record.Device Number.Source Code.Select tthis icon to eddit any detaills of theDollars record.Select tthis icon to delete the Dollars record.Select tthis icon to viiew the details of theaudit loog associatedd with the Dollars record.This is oonly availablee if the SystemParameeters – Audit Trail is set too Yes.Adding/Editing/V/Viewing Doollars:To addd Dollars: the ‘AAdd Dollars’ button.bEdit the ‘EEffective Datee’ to reflect thhe day to addd Dollars.Select a doollars pay typpe.Enter the dollardamounnt.Make any additional chhanges and click the ‘Save ’ button.Fieldd NameEffective DateInsperrity TimeStar Supervisor MaanualptionDescripThe datte that the doollars are effeective.Page 26

Pay TypePay type to be applied to the dollars.Number of dollars to grant the employeewith the Dollars record.The device that the Dollars record originatedfrom. When adding a Dollars record inTimeStar , the device number will beTimeStar .The Source Code defaults to a value ofTimeStar .Enter any comment to have associated withthe Dollars record.Use these drop‐downs to override theorganization levels assigned.AmountDevice NumberSource CodeCommentOrganization Level Drop‐downsTo edit Dollars: theicon to the right of the record to edit.Edit any fields needed.Enter comment.Click ‘Save’.NOTE – Dollars records may also be edited on the main Dollars page without selecting theicon. You may also edit any of the fields that are shown on the main Dollars page and select‘Save’ to apply any changes.To delete Dollars:1. Click theicon to the right of the record to delete.2. You will receive a warning message ‐ to delete, click ‘OK’, or to cancel, click ‘Cancel’.Mileage:Mileage is one of Insperity Time and Attendance’s additional optional modules for purchase.Assigning a Default Vehicle to Employees:To simplify employee’s entry of mileage, you may assign employees to a default vehicle.To assign a default vehicle to an employee, follow these steps:Insperity TimeStar Supervisor ManualPage 27 Employee Maintenance – Employee Assignments – Groups.Select the Vehicle tab.Use the drop‐down under the ‘Add New’ section to select a ‘Vehicle’.Enter an effective date for the assignment.Click the ‘Save’ button.Adding/Editing/Viewing Mileage Information:To add Mileage:Click the ‘Add Mileage’ icon on the Dollars page and the following page will display:Enter required informationo Effective date.o Pay Type – only pay types with the dollar flag set to ‘Yes’ under System Setup –Reference Tables will be listed.o Amount – calculation of the total miles multiplied by the rate – cannot beedited.o Vehicle – if a default vehicle is specified, the vehicle will be selected.o Rate – may be edited if the employee is given the access right to do so.o Begin – will default to one mile after the last entry made.o End – will default to one mile after the last entry made.o Total Miles – difference between begin and end mileage. This field may not beedited if the begin and end mileage fields are enabled.o Comment.o Organization level information may be changed.o Click the ‘Save’ button.Insperity TimeStar Supervisor ManualPage 28

To edit mileage: Click theicon to the right of the record to edit.Edit any information.Click the ‘Save’ button.To delete mileage: Click theicon to the right of the record to delete.You will receive a warning message ‐ if you want to delete, click ‘OK’. If you want tocancel, click ‘Cancel’.When the mileage option is available, the ‘Add Mileage’ button will be displayed next to the‘Add Dollars button’.After mileage has been entered, the record will display on the Dollars panel with the dollaramount awarded.NOTE – if the user is granted only view access to the Dollars panel, the ‘Add Dollars’ and ‘Save’buttons will not be available.Data Entry – Hours:The Hours page can be utilized to enter a block of hours for an employee. Any auto‐generatedhours, such as salary records or holiday records will appear on this page.Insperity TimeStar Supervisor ManualPage 29

NOTE‐ If your company uses Quick Reports, click the ‘Reporting’ option and then click ‘HoursReport’. A new window will display the report.Field NameActualEffectiveHoursPay TypeDeviceDescriptionActual date the Hours were earned.The date that the Hours are effective.Number of Hours.Pay type that is applied to the Hours record.Device number.Click this icon to edit any details of the Hoursrecord.Click this icon to delete the Hours record.Click this icon to view the details of the auditlog associated with this Hours record. This isonly available if the System Parameters –Audit Trail is set to Yes.Insperity TimeStar Supervisor ManualPage 30

NOTE – Theicon will not be available for selection on any auto‐generated Hours recordswithin TimeStar including but not limited to salary and holiday records.To adjust hours for these records, edit the record or add hours of another pay type which willoffset the number of hours for the auto‐generated record.Adding/Editing/Viewing Hours:To add Hours: Click the ‘Add’ button.The minimum requirements to add an Hours record in TimeStar are:1. Edit the

Insperity TimeStar Supervisor Manual Page 4 Overview Product Support: Insperity Time and Attendance is dedicated to bringing you user‐friendly systems that integrate with your company’s needs. If you hav