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If you look at the Forrest Health logo, you will see the image of a shield.As we reflect on 2020 the shield is extremely appropriate. We encountered apandemic known as COVID-19 which required us to pick up a shield and go intobattle. As we navigated our way, we were challenged to figure out how to shieldour employees, our patients, and our community from this unknown illness thatwas striking rapidly across the world.We cannot express how thankful we are for the teams ofphysicians and employees that we have at Forrest Health. Theywere called into battle, and they put on their masks, PPE (personalprotective equipment) “shields”, and rose to the occasion by becomingthe heroes and sheroes they were called to be. Our staff were creativeand innovative and adapted to a new climate in healthcare. Therewere challenges in staffing, patient flow and supplies. Our staff neverstopped. Their passion to help others was clear, and their mission wasto do what was best for the patient.We also want to express our appreciation to the communitieswe serve. You provided masks, meals and encouraging messagesof support. Our first responders, our military, prayer groups andmany more gave us a big pat on the back when we were tired fromthe battle.Letter from theThank you to our Board of Trustees and the Forrest CountyPresident & CEOBoard of Supervisors for your support. We are grateful that youunderstand our mission and that you provide structure and leadership.Even in the midst of a pandemic we moved forward. You will see in this publication a tribute tothe COVID response and the accomplishments despite the environment. As we dealt with being thefirst to receive a COVID patient in the state, we responded quickly and opened a Cough and FeverClinic through a partnership with the Hattiesburg Clinic to screen for COVID. As we opened a clinic, wecontinued to move forward on needed construction and opened a 5th cardiac catheterization lab totreat patients who need electrophysiology services (EP). We added a third linear accelerator to care forour cancer patients, and we implemented new processes in our ER to improve the patient experience.We will continue to focus daily on improving quality and the patient experience.As we move into 2021, we are filled with hope that the COVID-19 vaccine will bring the pandemicunder control. 2020 will forever be imprinted upon our memories as one of the most challenging yearsin our lifetimes, but we have all learned from history that we all move forward. If we move forwardtogether we can all be optimistic about the future.Forrest Health will continue to look for growth opportunities and for ways to provide even betterservices to even more people. We will work hard to be the health partner you depend upon. Together,with our physicians, staff, communities we serve and leadership support, our future is bright!Andy Woodard, President and CEO, Forrest Health3

FORREST COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS(Left to Right) David Hogan, President and District 1 Supervisor; Sharon Thompson, District 2 Supervisor; Burkett Ross,District 3 Supervisor; Rod Woullard, Vice President and District 4 Supervisor; Chris Bowen, District 1 Supervisor(Photo taken prior to COVID-19)FORREST GENERAL BOARD OF TRUSTEES(Left to Right) Marcus Hogan, MD; Amy Arrington, JD; Richard W. Preusch; John Keene; Kate Aseme, MD;Eric Steele; and Lynn Cartlidge(Photo taken prior to COVID-19)MEDICAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE(Front Row from Left) Amanda Sellers, MD, OB/GYN; Sriharsha Athota, MD, Medicine; Megan H. Dillon, MD, Pediatrics;Back Row: Peter Kamp, MD, Psychiatry; Brian Rifkin, MD, Nephrology; Scott Keeler, MD, Radiology; Duncan Donald, MD,Surgery. Not pictured: Lisa Leek, MD, Emergency Medicine; Luis Irizarry, MD, Anesthesia; and Tim Cole, MD, Pathology.4

The Center is home to two additional linear accelerators,which have been used to treat upwards of 80 to 85 patientsa day. With those machines, the Center has treated about700-plus patients in a year, which amounts to about 17,000treatments. The addition of the new accelerator will add anadditional 30 to 40 patients a day.EPIC ROVER DEVICE2020 FORREST HEALTHHIGHLIGHTSMITRACLIP G4The cardiology team at Forrest General Hospitalsuccessfully performed mitral valve repair using the newlyinnovative MitraClip G4 device. This procedure is a minimallyinvasive treatment option for people with a severe leak in themitral valve who are too high-risk for traditional open-heartsurgery or select heart patients who remain symptomaticdespite guideline-directed medical therapy (GDMT). Thecondition, called mitral regurgitation (MR), is one of the mostcommon heart valve diseases.With this procedure, Forrest General becomes the first inthe state to use the new MitraClip G4 technology. In January of2017, Forrest General became the first hospital in Mississippi totreat mitral regurgitation using transcatheter mitral valve repair(TMVR) with MitraClip therapy.MAKO BILATERAL KNEE SURGERYThe Orthopedic Institute surgeons, James Sikes, MD,and Neal Gregg, DO, of Southern Bone & Joint Specialists,P.A., performed the state’s first bilateral MAKO robotic kneeprocedure.The MAKO system allows the surgeon to view the neededchanges and steps for a successful surgery before making anybone cuts. This is done through a CT scan and preplanning thatis done by the surgeon and a trained MAKO professional.MICRA V PACEMAKERCardiologist Randel Smith, MD, performed the state’s firstpacemaker implant using the new revolutionary Micra AVpacemaker at Forrest General Hospital. Smith was assistedby Diego Alcivar, MD, an electrophysiologist. Forrest Generaland University of Mississippi Medical Center are the only twohospitals that currently have this therapy.Billed as the world’s smallest pacemaker, this newtechnology, referred to as “transformational,” may allow manymore patients who need pacing to become candidates andreceive that therapy from a leadless pacemaker. Until now,treatment with leadless pacing was appropriate in only about10-15 percent of pacemaker cases.The Epic Rover was introduced at Forrest General. Thishandheld device, similar to a cell phone, features an applicationthat helps improve the efficiency of patient care for nurses,environmental services, techs, transporters and others. It allowsmedical professionals to provide that care that the patient needsat the point of care. Doctors and nurses are able to provideanswers, view chart with patient, input data, all in a more timelyfashion, so results are received more quickly. This device allowsnurses and doctors to have information at that fingertips ratherthan have to push around a Work Station on Wheels. It allowmedical professionals to barcode scan medication, program IVpumps, put in flow sheet data, review charts. For EnvironmentalServices, it allows them to see when a room is clean or dirty,so they are able to provide that information more quickly and apatient can be moved into a room.RELIAS HEALTHCAREForrest General Hospital partnered with Relias Healthcareto assist in making the hospital’s Emergency Departmentmore efficient. Relias, along with many of existing EmergencyMedical doctors, are working to implement fresh ideas to helpimprove the patient experience. This involves training thenursing staff on the new processes. The Emergency Room(ER) is typically described as the front door of the hospital,generating more than 80 percent of hospital admissions.Averaging approximately 85,000 emergency visits per year,Forrest General Hospital is the third busiest ER in the state.This partnership helps affirm the hospital’s mission to“Do What Is Best For the Patient.”5TH CARDIAC CATH LABForrest General Hospital unveiled its fifth cardiaccatheterization lab, which is an electrophysiology (EP) lab.This expansion will help to accommodate the large volume ofcardiac patients who depend on the quality heart and vascularservices at Forrest General for life-saving diagnostics andtreatment. The new, state-of-the-art suite is the second EP labdedicated for the treatment of patients with heart rhythm disorders.The addition of the lab will allow cardiologists to conductprocedures simultaneously for a much more efficient schedule.LINEAR ACCELERATORForrest General Cancer Center announced the addition ofa Varian Edge Linear Accelerator in its battle to fight cancer.The piece of equipment has the capability to treat all typesof cancers with conventional radiation and using high dosepinpoint radiation, otherwise known as stereotactic radiation.5Healthcare professionals cut the ribbon on Forrest General's5th cardiac cath lab.

EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT EXPANSIONThe Emergency Department completed its expansion of anew wing to house more ED patients. The hospital also addedthe addition of a larger ambulance bay to accommodate largertrucks and medical equipment.DAISY AWARD INTRODUCEDForrest General awarded its first DAISY Award in April2020. Ashley Harris, an LPN at Forrest General Hospital,was surprised as the hospital’s first recipient of the DAISYAward. The national recognition award is presented monthlyto a deserving nurse who exemplifies clinical expertise andcompassionate care and is recognized as a role model in thenursing community.The DAISY Foundation was established in 1999 inCalifornia by the family of J. Patrick Barnes, who died at the ageof 33 from complications of an auto-immune disease. Duringhis eight-week hospital stay, his family was impressed by thecare and compassion his nurses provided, not only to him butto everyone in the family. They created the DAISY Award in hismemory to recognize those nurses who make a big differencein the lives of so many people.FGH GIVES BACKHaving been on the receiving end of the graciousnessof others during difficult times, especially natural disasters,Forrest General returned the kindness as they reached out tohospitals in Louisiana following a series of hurricanes to strikethe area. Forrest General partnered with Vizient, the nation’slargest member-driven health care performance improvementcompany.Items such as diapers, feminine products and fans werepulled from the Forrest General Storeroom and transportedto Louisiana and divided among Cameron Hospital in WestCalcasieu, Memorial Hospital in Lake Charles and MemorialHospital in Beauregard as well as CHRISTUS Ochsner St. PatrickHospital in Lake Charles.Following devastating storms in Louisiana, Forrest General reached outto provide supplies to hospitals in the area.HATTIESBURG CYCLE DONATIONHattiesburg Cycles observed Breast Cancer AwarenessMonth by making a sizable donation for the Forrest GeneralHealthcare Foundation. For every unit sold, the Hattiesburgbusiness donated 50 to the Foundation. In all, 207 units weresold during the month which added up to the 10,350 donation.The donation will be used at the Forrest General Cancer Center.This was the third year for the Hattiesburg business to makesuch a donation. Purchases were made by people from acrossthe state from North Mississippi to the MississippiGulf Coast, west to the Mississippi River, and inAlabama, Tennessee, Louisiana, Florida, and Texas,as well as right here in our own backyard.ACA INVESTS INFORREST GENERAL TRAVELASSISTANCE FUNDThe Mississippi Chapter of the American CancerSociety made an investment in the Pinebelt Foundation’snewly-formed Cancer Patient Travel Assistance Fund.The fund benefits patients at the Forrest General CancerCenter. Representatives from the Foundation received a 5,000 check, which went toward supporting the travelneeds of cancer patients as they travel to and from theHattiesburg facility for treatments. These frequent trips canoften create both a financial and logistical burden for thepatients and their families.PROJECT SEARCHGRADUATES FIRST CLASSThe Project SEARCH program, which was housedat Forrest General during 2020, graduated 10 studentsfrom Petal, Hattiesburg, and Lamar County school districtswho completed the inaugural program hosted by theHospital. A graduation ceremony was held at the KamperPark Pavilion where graduates were surrounded by family,friends, and instructors. Graduates were assigned timeslots to help with social distancing. The program,which was started by the Mississippi Department ofRehabilitation Services, is designed to help studentswith intellectual disabilities move into the workforce afterhigh school.WALTHALL GENERAL CELEBRATES50TH ANNIVERSARYWalthall General Hospital opened its doors as acounty-owned facility in 1970. During 2020 the hospitalcelebrated its 50th anniversary as part of the ForrestHealth family.Prior to the start of the hospital’s construction onHospital Drive in 1968, there were two privately-ownedhospitals which closed uponWGH’s opening two yearslater in 1970 as a 60-bedfacility. Since that time,the 25-bed Critical Accesshospital has continuouslyserved and cared for thepeople of Walthall Countyand surrounding areasthrough a number of services,including its EmergencyDepartment, which opened in1970 and is considered a Level IV TraumaCenter. The hospital also offers EmergencyMedicine, Imaging and Radiology, RespiratoryTherapy, Swing Bed, Cardio Rehab, Education,Home Health, Laboratory, Mobile MRI, WoundCare, and the Walthall Rural Health Clinic.6

FORREST HEALTH COVID-19TIMELINEAPRIL 9MARCH 12FIRST CASE OF COVID-19During a press conference,the first presumptive case ofCOVID-19 in Forrest Countywas confirmed.MARCH 16FORREST GENERAL,HATTIESBURG CLINICPARTNER FOR COUGHAND FEVER CLINICIn response to the COVID-19epidemic, Forrest GeneralHospital and Hattiesburg Clinicopened a Cough and FeverClinic where they offeredcurbside testing for COVID-19.7ADVANCEMENTAGAINST COVID-19 WITHVTM PRODUCTIONMARCH 20-23EMERGENCYBLOOD DRIVEOn April 1, 2020, Forrest Healthannounced its first patientdeath due to COVID-19.A trio of Hattiesburg-basedhealthcare and researchentities announced a majoradvancement in the fightagainst COVID-19. HattiesburgClinic, Forrest General Hospital,and the University of SouthernMississippi have produced aVirus Transport Medium (VTM)unit that is approved andreadily available for public use.The Hattiesburg healthcaretrio also created an approvedsystem that allows the VTMunits to be tested at USM.MARCH 25APRIL 7APRIL 9FORREST GENERALESTABLISHESCOVID-19 HOTLINELEADERSERVESDEPLOYMENTTO COVID-19FIELDHOSPITALFORREST GENERAL JOINSFORCES TO PROVIDEINNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGYIN COVID-19 FIGHTAt the beginning of theCOVID-19 pandemic, there wasan emergency need for blood.Several blood drives acrossForrest Health campuses andin partnership with Vitalant,netted 564 units of blood. Thedrive, which originally beganin a parking lot adjacent tothe hospital quickly outgrewthe location and was movedto Lake Terrace ConventionCenter the following day.In an effort to help answerquestions for the community,Forrest Generalcreated aHotlinetelephonenumberfor anyonecalling into thehospital with general questionsregarding COVID-19 or othergeneral questions related tovisitors, symptoms, supplies,etc. The Hotline was staffedwith nurses from 7 a.m. –11 p.m., 7 days a week.APRIL 1FIRST COVID-19 DEATHDr. Lawrence“Larry” Leader, a cardiologistat Hattiesburg Clinic, spent twomonths on a Naval deploymentto New York City where heoversaw the ICU in a fieldhospital set up in the Javit’sCenter. Leader is commanderof Pensacola Detachment B inGulfport, the state’s Seabeebase, where he trains once amonth. He was among medicalspecialists from across thenation and all branches of themilitary who were deployedto New York during the heightof the COVID-19 pandemic.Innovation and creativity arewords used to describe thework that four local entitiesconducted to help healthcareworkers and patients in thePine Belt. Representatives fromForrest General, HattiesburgClinic, The University ofSouthernMississippiand HowardIndustriescametogether todemonstrate some innovativetechnology which is aidingmedical personnel during theCOVID-19 pandemic –The Hub Mask, Snorkel Bipap,and Ambu-bag Ventilator.

APRIL 14JULY 13DRIVE BY SALUTEAPRIL 10IN-HOUSE TESTINGForrest General beganprocessing its own COVID-19tests. The testing allowedhealthcare personnel toprocess tests more quickly.The tests were run throughthe Cepheid system, whichfeatures a setup with 24modules and is used byhospitals worldwide. Thehospital has used the systemto test for flu, sexual diseases,strep, RSV, MRSA, C.diff andother infectious diseases. Thesystem delivers point-of-careresults within an hour. The goalof the in-house testing wasto help alleviate some of thepressure put on healthcarefacilities by the virus.A drive-by parade to honoremployees was coordinated bylocal Forrest County Sheriff’sDepartment, Hattiesburg Police,Mississippi Highway Patrol,Hattiesburg Fire Department,Petal Police, Forrest CountyVolunteer Fire Departments.CLASSES GO ONLINEAPRIL 24HEROES AND SHEROESDuring the pandemic, ForrestGeneral Hospital, the Cityof Hattiesburg and JMHGraphics came together tocreate a T-shirt saluting menand women on the frontlinesof the COVID-19 pandemic.One-hundred percent ofproceeds from T-shirt saleswas used to purchase giftcards from local restaurants.Once the sale was complete,drawings were conducted andgift cards presented to ForrestGeneral employees and firstresponders.Childbirth Preparation andBreastfeeding classes, whichwere offered on the ForrestGeneral campus prior tothe coronavirus, were madeavailable in July to expectantmothers and their supportsystems through a series ofonline courses. Forrest Generalhoped this alternative toin-person classes would allowmore families to participate andallow parents to learn at theirownpace.Theclasses,taughtbyForrest General nurses andstaff, were made interactive somoms could submit questionsto be answered by FamilyBirthplace experts.APRIL 13APRIL 15NOVEMBER 23HOSPITAL PRESERVESPERSONAL PROTECTIVEEQUIPMENTPAINTTHE CITYRED DAYCURBSIDE COVID-19TESTINGForrest GeneralHospital healthcareprofessionals didtheir part to helpprolong personalprotective equipment (PPE)such as N95 masks, duringa time when critical supplieswere scarce nationally, andwhen front-line employees wereexposed to highly-infectiousdiseases such as COVID-19.A plan was implementedwhereby N95 masks weredecontaminated using vaporizedhydrogen peroxide and heatduring a 30-minute sterilizationprocess. When the process wasin full swing, Forrest Generalwas able to sterilize about 300to 400 masks a day.ForrestGeneraljoined the cityof Hattiesburg to“Paint the City Red” onApril 15. This “red” movementwas a show of support forencouraging strength andunity during the COVID-19pandemic. Forrest Generaland the City of Hattiesburgencouraged the community tojoin together by placing a redribbon on a tree, a mailbox ordoor at a home/business or towear red (even while at home)in solidarity for this effort.#TheHattiesburgWay.Forrest Health’s Jefferson DavisRural Health Clinic, HighlandInternal Medicine Clinic,Highland Pediatric andPrimary Care Rural HealthClinic, Pearl River Family Clinic,Marion General HospitalRural Health Clinic, WalthallGeneral Rural Health Clinicbegan offering CurbsideCOVID-19 Testing.MAY 8CAMP SHELBY SALUTESoldiers from Camp Shelbylined the sidewalk of entrancesinto Forrest General to saythank you to nurses, healthcareworkers with a standing ovationduring Nurses Week andHospital Week.8

NURSES OF THE YEAR2020 EMPLOYEE AWARDSVickie McGowan, RNClinical Nurseof the YearAmarylis Caves, RNANNUAL WE C.A.R.E. WINNERSNurse Preceptorof the Year9Galen Pace, RNNurse Managerof the YearJanet “Kim” Graves, RNNurse Rookieof the YearKadetrias Holmes, RNTechof the YearNurse Team of the YearStephanie BrownAnn CollinsNurse Mentorof the YearCritical Care (ICU) Team Represented byHeather Keys, RN, and Candi Cobb, RNAnnual We Care WinnerEmployee of the YearClinical LabAnnual We Care WinnerRadiation OncologyRuby Jones, RNGregg Anazia, MDAnnual We Care WinnerPhysician AwardHospitalistRachel SpillmanAnnual We Care WinnerPatient Care Unit 9TGhina CrockerAnnual We Care WinnerLeadership AwardEpic DepartmentJuralyn Speights, CNAAnnual We Care WinnerPatient Care Unit 3BCarolyn GrayAnnual We Care WinnerEmergency Department

AWARDS &RECOGNITIONSStrategic HealthcareProgramsAbdominal AorticStent-GraftForrest General Home Care of MarionGeneral was recognized by StrategicHealthcare Programs (SHP) as a“Superior Performer” for achievingan overall patient satisfaction scoreranked in the top 20 percent of alleligible SHP clients for the 2019calendar year. The annual SHPBest award program was created toacknowledge home health agenciesthat consistently provide high qualityservice to their patients.Sourabh Mukherjee, MD, FACS,RPVI, a peripheral vascularsurgeon, performed the state’s firstTreo Abdominal Aortic Stent-Graftat Forrest General Hospital. Thegraft that was used was recentlyapproved by the FDA, but thepandemic slowed the use of theprocess down, so only about 30have been done nationwide. Theaneurysm repair procedure allowssurgeons to now repair aneurysmspercutaneously, meaning theprocedure is done via a needlepuncture of the skin rather thanusing an “open” approach where apatient’s inner organs are exposed.Commission on CancerSales & MarketingProfessionalsAmerican Heart Association &American Stroke AssociationThe Commission on Cancer grantedThree-Year Accreditation status toForrest General Hospital’s CancerCenter. To earn voluntary CoCaccreditation, a cancer programmust meet 34 CoC quality carestandards, be evaluated every threeyears through a survey process, andmaintain levels of excellence in thedelivery of comprehensive patientcentered care. The center has hadthis Accreditation since 1970.Forrest General Women &Children’s Services was presentedthe Lifetime AchievementAward by the Sales & MarketingProfessionals Pine Belt. TheLifetime Achievement Award,which symbolizes the marketingbusiness of the decade, is oneof two new awards which weredebuted this year as The PinnacleAwards celebrate a 10-yearanniversary.The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association’s2020 Get With The Guidelines –Stroke Gold Plus QualityAchievement Award. Theaward recognizes the hospital’scommitment to ensuring strokepatients receive the mostappropriate treatment accordingto nationally recognized, researchbased guidelines based on thelatest scientific evidence.Knee & Hip Replacement,Spine Surgeryand Maternity CareAmerican College ofCardiologyBlue Cross & Blue Shieldof MississippiAmerican Heart AssociationAmerican College of Cardiology’sNCDR Chest Pain – MI RegistryPlatinum Performance AchievementAward for 2020. Forrest Generalis one of only 140 hospitalsnationwide to receive the honor.Blue Cross & Blue Shield ofMississippi Blue Distinction Center for Spine Surgery, and Knee andHip Replacement, as part of theBlue Distinction Specialty Careprogram.2020 Mission: Lifeline Gold PlusReceiving Quality Achievement Award forimplementing specific quality improvementmeasures outlined by the American HeartAssociation for the treatment of patientswho suffer severe heart attacks.10

FORREST HEALTHHOSPITAL STATISTICS11TOTAL COMMUNITYSERVICE MISSION 68,243,000TOTAL COMMUNITYSERVICE MISSION 7,177,000TOTAL ECONOMIC BENEFIT 246,177,000TOTAL ECONOMIC BENEFIT 19,918,000Inpatient AdmissionsBirthsER VisitsOpen Heart SurgeriesCancer Radiation TherapiesEmployeesInpatient SurgeriesOutpatient SurgeriesInpatient AdmissionsBirthsER VisitsEmployeesInpatient SurgeriesOutpatient 2,18726919,834297264609TOTAL COMMUNITYSERVICE MISSION 2,055,000TOTAL COMMUNITYSERVICE MISSION 1,630,000TOTAL ECONOMIC BENEFIT 6,321,00TOTAL ECONOMIC BENEFIT 4,480,000Inpatient AdmissionsER VisitsEmployeesInpatient AdmissionsER VisitsEmployees58011,1811281536,26898

TOTAL COMMUNITYSERVICE MISSION 1,208,000TOTAL COMMUNITYSERVICE MISSION 840,000TOTAL ECONOMIC BENEFIT 5,327,000TOTAL ECONOMIC BENEFIT 9,214,000Inpatient AdmissionsER VisitsEmployeesInpatient AdmissionsER STICSTOTAL COMMUNITY SERVICE MISSION 81,153,000TOTAL ECONOMIC BENEFIT %10%Inpatient AdmissionsBirthsER VisitsOpen Heart SurgeriesCancer Radiation TherapiesEmployeesInpatient SurgeriesOutpatient 0Numbers reflect Fiscal Year 2020.12

F O R R E S T H E A LT H P AT I E N T SS HAR E TH E I R STO R I E SHATTEN FAMILYTESTIMONIALWomen & Children's ServicesLINEARACCELERATORThe Cancer CenterFORREST GENERALHOSPITAL [ ITY ]Forrest General HospitalGWEN JAMESTESTIMONIALThe Orthopedic InstituteWatch the videos and Rachael Hatten welcomedStephen Andrew Hatten to their family onJanuary 13, 2020. Stephen was born at 28weeks weighing 1 lb. 8 oz. and spent 76 daysin Forrest General’s Neonatal Intensive CareUnit. The COVID-19 pandemic changed theway the couple was able to visit with their son.But through it all, the couple had nothing butwords of praise for the care their son receivedand the many kindnesses shown to them.The addition of a third linear accelerator andvault at the Forrest General Cancer CenterAddition allows approximately 120 patients tobe seen each day. This is an increase of 30 to40 patients who are treated through externalbeam radiation therapy which means less timeat the center for patients and more time at homewith their loved ones. Able to treat all types ofcancer, this very precise treatment methodoffers streamlines care for cancer patients.During a year when the COVID-19 pandemicchanged everything around us, ForrestGeneral staff was able to continue to operatein as normal a way as possible with just a fewchanges here and there. These changes wereimplemented for the safety and care of boththe patients and staff but also visitors to thefacility. The hospital continued to offer oneof-a-kind hospitality through warm service,a safe environment and exceptional care.Opting to have a knee replacement during theCOVID-19 pandemic was of no real concernto Hattiesburg Realtor Gwen James onceher doctor put her mind at ease. Her firstknee replacement landed her in the hospitalfor two weeks; her most recent surgeryrequired only an overnight stay. James callsher experience “great” and “awesome.”


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patient can be moved into a room . RELIAS HEALTHCARE Forrest General Hospital partnered with Relias Healthcare to assist in making the hospital’s Emergency Department more efficient . Relias, along with many of existing Emergency Medical doctors, are working to implement fresh ideas t