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NetBackup 8.3 Licensing GuideContents1. Introduction . 31.1. EULA & PUR . 31.2 Updates to NetBackup Licensing Guide 8.3 to . 42. Licensing and Packaging Overview . 42.1. Licensing Models. 53. Licensing Offerings . 63.1. NetBackup Offerings and Feature/ Functionality Inclusions . 63.2. NetBackup Platform Base Editions. 63.2.1.Platform Base – Complete Edition with Flexible Licensing . and Veritas Resiliency Platform (VRP) . 83.2.3.Platform Base – NDMP Edition . 83.2.4.Platform Base – Limited Edition. 93.2.5.Platform Base – Windows & Linux Edition .103.2.6.Platform Base – Limited Edition Application and Database Add-on .103.3. NetBackup Platform Base Licensing Requirements.103.5. NetBackup Traditional Licensing Model (a la carte) .113.5.1. Hardware Tiers.113.5.2.Clients & Servers .113.5.3.NetBackup Agents.133.5.4.Disk Based Options .143.5.5.Tape Based Options .163.5.6.Other Options .173.5.7.NetBackup Starter Packs .183.5.8.Licensing Virtual Machines . Agents/ Clients within the VM . via agentless backup . Licensing requirements – Virtualized environment scenarios .203.5.9. Licensing containerized environments .223.5.10. Licensing Cloud-based Workloads (BYOL) .224. Traditional to Capacity Migration .222

NetBackup 8.3 Licensing Guide4.1. Migrating From Traditional and Platform Base Licensing Models.225. Upgrades, Cross-grades, Evaluation Licenses .235.1. Version Upgrades .235.2. Cross-grades .235.3. Software Evaluation Licenses.236. Maintenance/ Support .247. General Examples .248. Frequently Asked Questions.269. Useful Links .2710. Appendix.2710.1. Functionality enabled by NetBackup offering full detail.2710. of Sale Offerings.28Platform Base – Complete Edition .2810.2.2. Platform Base – Big Data Workloads Edition .2810.2.3.NetBackup Enterprise Virtual Client .291. IntroductionThe Veritas NetBackupTM 8.3 Licensing Guide (Licensing Guide) is a reference document designed for use byVeritas partners and customers. The Licensing Guide describes licensing concepts and options available forNetBackup 8.3 and provides details that can help guide the customer to purchase the appropriate NetBackuplicense for the customer’s specific environment. For any question or comments about this guide please contactyour Veritas representative.1.1. EULA & PURPlease note that this Licensing Guide is to be used for reference purposes only. For details on the specific licenserights provided under a particular NetBackup product offering, refer to the applicable NetBackup End UserLicense Agreement (EULA) and NetBackup Product Usage Rights (PUR), which are available on the company’swebsite on the Product License Agreement page, under the Current Agreements tab, and under the NetBackupsection. Be sure to refer to the version of NetBackup Software installed for a given master server.3

NetBackup 8.3 Licensing Guide1.2 Updates to NetBackup Licensing Guide 8.3 to of Licensing Guide2. Corrected overview image which suggested App &DB pack is included in Ltd Edition Updates to Complete Edition with FlexibleLicensing, expanding virtualization multiplier topublic cloud workloads Updated the link to technote detailing how tolicense CloudPoint and Resiliency Platform Added a link to a technote which explains how tomigrate a domain from Traditional licenses toCapacity licenses.2. Licensing and Packaging OverviewVeritas offers customers two licensing options to purchase NetBackup software: Platform Base (or Capacity)model, and the Traditional (or Server or ‘a la carte’) model. The below graphic provides an overview of thePlatform Base offerings and the features included in each package:4

NetBackup 8.3 Licensing GuideSkip to Complete Ed w/Flexible LicensingSkip to Limited EdSkip to NDMP Ed2.1. Licensing ModelsA perpetual license allows customers to use a specific version of a given software program on a perpetual basiswith payment of a single license fee. With perpetual licensing, customers pay an upfront charge for the softwarelicense. As part of the initial software purchase, customers may purchase maintenance/support for their softwarelicenses for a defined period. After the purchased maintenance/support period ends, customers may continue touse their perpetual software licenses, subject to the terms of the applicable license agreement. However, thecustomer’s right to receive maintenance/support for their software licenses, including updates and upgrades tothe software, expires along with their maintenance/support.A subscription or term-based license allows customers to license the product during a specified period of time(either 12, 24 or 36 months); maintenance/support is included in the price of the subscription. During the term of5

NetBackup 8.3 Licensing Guidethe subscription, customers have the right to use the product, install product updates provided as part ofmaintenance/support, and receive technical support. Customers do not own the license, but they will have all theentitlements of ownership as long as they have a current subscription. At the end of the term, customers canrenew the subscription to continue using the product.3. Licensing Offerings3.1. NetBackup Offerings and Feature/ Functionality InclusionsNetBackup Platform Base licensing is a capacity-based model using the amount of source data protected perterabyte as the sole or primary calculation meter (Platform Base). This model is commonly referred to as capacitylicensing or Front End Terabyte (FETB) licensing. The Platform Base model enables customers to licenseNetBackup based on how much source data is protected rather than the number of NetBackup clients, agents,servers, and options deployed as with Traditional licensing.The Platform Base licensing model supports customers with multiple locations within the same domain, andcustomers with multiple domains as long as the customer has purchased a NetBackup license equal to or morethan the total number of FETB to be protected. Customers with multiple domains also have the option of usingdifferent licensing models in each respective domain, but customers are not allowed to utilize both the PlatformBase licensing model and the Traditional licensing model within the same domain.The Platform Base licensing model has four editions: Complete, Complete w/ Flexible Licensing, Big DataWorkload, NDMP, and Limited. The Complete and Complete w/ Flexible Licensing, Big Data Workloads andNDMP Editions can be used together in the same domain. However, neither the Complete Edition, Big DataWorkloads nor the NDMP Edition can be used in the same domain as the Limited Edition.Note. Refer to the NetBackup Product Usage Rights (PUR) for the definition of Terabyte.3.2. NetBackup Platform Base Editions3.2.1. Platform Base – Complete Edition with Flexible LicensingThe ‘NetBackup Platform Base - Complete Edition with Flexible Licensing’ (Base - Complete Ed. w/ FlexibleLicensing) offering is available for all Front-End Terabytes protected, regardless of workload.Beginning with NetBackup 8.3, each NetBackup will entitlements will include CloudPoint and Veritas ResiliencyPlatform (VRP), please see section for more details.In order to utilize the multipliers available in Base - Complete Ed. w/ Flexible Licensing, customers must meetthe following conditions:6

NetBackup 8.3 Licensing Guide Customers must be running NetBackup version 8.1.2 or later on the master server(s) where themultiplier(s) are intended to be applied. Customers must enable telemetry via the Smart Meter functionality included in the NetBackup softwareor implement an alternate, Veritas-approved process to provide equivalent data to Veritas. Both conditions must be met within ninety (90) days of customer’s initial purchase of NetBackupComplete Edition with Flexible Licensing.The table below details the multiplier to be applied per workload. Applying the multiplier allows a customer touse 1 FETB Plus unit to protect data for the given workload in accordance with ratio defined in the table.WorkloadPhysicalVirtual WorkloadThird Party CloudRatio One (1) FETB Plus: One (1) FETB of data protected One (1) FETB Plus: One and a half (1.5) FETB of data protected One (1) FETB Plus: One and a half (1.5) FETB of data protectedThe multiplier is only applied to Base - Complete Edition with Flexible Licensing beginning with NetBackupversion 8.1.2. Refer to the Product Usage Rights and the table Workloads Defined (section 1.13) to understandwhich policies apply to which workloads.Refer to the Product Usage Rights and the table Workloads Defined (section 1.13) for the list of virtualenvironments that qualify for the discountA customer’s entitlements will not change relative to the quantity of licenses they have purchased. Customersare not required to designate the type of workload they are buying a license for. A license can be used for anyworkload and can be moved between workloads. When logging into VEMS a customer will see the actual unitspurchased. As of NetBackup version 8.1.2 the only place a customer will see the application of this multiplier is inSmart Meter.A customer may combine both Base - Complete Edition and Base - Complete Ed. w/ Flexible Licensing licensesin the same domain. To understand how a customer’s current NBU Complete Edition entitlements can coexistwith the new NBU Complete Edition with Flexible Licensing entitlements consider the following scenarios.Example 1: Customer has Base - Complete Ed. licenses (20 FETB) and needs an additional 5 licenses (5 FETB).Customer is currently on NetBackup version 7.7 and remains on 7.7 after the new purchase. Customer buys 5licenses of Base - Complete Ed. w/ Flexible Licensing.7

NetBackup 8.3 Licensing GuideExample 2: Customer has Base - Complete Ed. licenses (20 FETB) and needs an additional 5 licenses (5 FETB).Customer is currently on NetBackup version 8.1 and upgrades to 8.1.2 after the purchase of the new licenses.Customer buys 5 licenses of Base - Complete Ed. w/ Flexible Licensing. CloudPoint and Veritas Resiliency Platform (VRP)Starting with NetBackup 8.3 customers can now leverage CloudPoint functionality with either the Base –Complete Ed. or Base – Complete Ed. w/ Flexible licensing. Both NetBackup Snapshot Manager and NetBackupCloudPoint are included in the applicable NBU Complete Ed. entitlement.In addition, customers with either of these entitlements can deploy Veritas Resiliency Platform (VRP).Customers must deploy NBU 8.3 and VRP 3.5. The following use cases are covered by complete editionentitlements where the orchestration of a workload is protected by: NBU as the data moverVRP only as the data moverNBU and VRP as the data moverInfoScaleArray replicationAnything not protected by NBU but is orchestrated by VRP would require additional NBU CE FETBentitlements.For instructions on how to activate CloudPoint or VRP with your current entitlement please see this link.3.2.3. Platform Base – NDMP EditionThe NetBackup Platform Base - NDMP Edition (Base – NDMP Ed.) is an economical licensing alternative for theprotection of file data on NAS filers using NDMP policies or NDMP data movers. It provides a reduced capacitylicensing fee for customers that need to back up large amounts of data concentrated on these storage systems.The Base - NDMP Ed. is only available for Front End Terabytes that are protected using NDMP and may not beused for any other purpose.The Base - NDMP Ed. offering includes the Replication Director feature for the protection of NAS devices usingsnapshots and replication though storage system integration. The Base - NDMP Ed. only supports NDMP policybased protection of filers as well as the use of the NDMP data mover in storage lifecycle policies. Customers8

NetBackup 8.3 Licensing Guiderequiring the flexibility of configuring Standard, Windows, or application policies in addition to NDMP policiesrequire an upgrade to the Base – Complete Edition w/ Flexible Licensing.Accelerator for NDMP is included as part of the Platform Base – NDMP Edition. However, other NetBackupAccelerator workloads are not supported with the Base - NDMP Ed. The use of other NetBackup Acceleratorworkloads (e.g. VMWare, files & folders, etc.) requires the Base – Complete Edition w/ Flexible Licensing Ed.To compare all editions, go to Licensing Overview3.2.4. Platform Base – Limited EditionThe NetBackup Platform Base - Limited Edition (Base – Limited Ed.) is a capacity licensing model for customerswith smaller, less complex environments.The Base – Limited Ed. is restricted to customers protecting less than 250 Front End Terabytes (across allNetBackup domains), restricted to Windows, Linux, and Solaris x86 systems installed in the environment, andcannot be combined with the Base – Complete Ed., Base – Complete Ed. w/ Flexible Licensing, Base - Big DataWorkload or Base - NDMP Editions within the same NetBackup domain.The Base - Limited Ed. has two licensing components: 1) A Front End Terabyte license and 2) an optionalapplication agent/instance (i.e. the installed NetBackup application component) license for applicationconsistent recovery.The Base - Limited Ed. is not recommended for customers close to 250 Front End Terabytes as a customer mustupgrade all licenses to the Base - Complete Ed. w/ Flexible Licensing and/or the Base - NDMP Ed. once the totalNetBackup environment grows above 250 TB’s (i.e. total number of FETB’s across all NetBackup domains).Example 3: In Domain A, a customer was using the Traditional license model to back up 200 TB’s and thecustomer was using Base - Limited Ed. in Domain B to backup 51 TB’s then the customer would need to upgradeDomain B from Base - Limited Ed. to Base - Complete Ed. because the total amount of source data across bothdomains is greater than 250TB’s (200 51 251). The 250TB restriction for the Base - Limited Ed. applies to thelegal entity or entities for which the license has been granted.Example 4: Parent Co. XYZ has Subsidiary A and Subsidiary B, and Subsidiary A purchases the license(s). Bydefault, Subsidiary A and Subsidiary A alone receives the license entitlement. In this scenario, the 250TBrestriction applies only to Subsidiary A because Subsidiary A is the only entity authorized to use the license. Thescenario, where the purchasing legal entity is given the license(s) authorization, is the standard entitlementscenario. However, if special authorization has been granted to use license(s) across multiple legal entities, thenthe 250TB restriction would apply across all licensed entities.Example 5: Parent Co. XYZ and its two subsidiaries were granted special authorization to use licenses across thethree legal entities than the 250TB restriction would be calculated by taking the sum of all TB’s backed up acrossall domains across all three legal entities.9

NetBackup 8.3 Licensing GuideTo compare all editions, go to Licensing Overview3.2.5. Platform Base – Windows & Linux EditionThe NetBackup Platform Base - Windows and Linux Edition licensing offer (Base – Windows & Linux Ed.) is onlyavailable to partners enrolled in VSPP. You cannot combine a Base – Windows & Linux Ed. license with a Base Complete Ed., Base – Complete Ed. w/ Flexible Licensing or Base – NDMP Ed. within the same NetBackupDomain.3.2.6. Platform Base – Limited Edition Application and Database Add-onThe NetBackup Platform Base - Limited Edition Application and Database Add-on (Base – Ltd Ed. App & DB addon) provides additional integration at a deeper level, enabling more reliable, application-consistent recovery.These add-ons are optional but highly recommended for protecting specific workloads.The Base – Ltd Ed. App & DB add-on IS NOT licensed the same way as the Application and Database Pack on theTraditional license model. The Application and Database Pack on the Traditional model is licensed per tieredphysical server/machine. The Application and Database Add-on on the Platform Base – Limited Edition is licensedper NetBackup application agent/instance (i.e. the installed NetBackup application component) and not perphysical host regardless of whether the agent/instance is installed in a physical or virtual environment.The Enterprise Vault agent is included in the Base – Limited Ed. license so an Application and Database Add-onis not needed to obtain this functionality.The Base – Ltd Ed. App & DB add-on license(s) is required to leverage NetBackup Copilot functionality. Thenumber of licenses required for NetBackup Copilot is determined by the number of NetBackup applicationagents/instances (i.e. installed NetBackup application components) installed on the clients leveragingNetBackup Copilot on the NetBackup Appliance.3.3. NetBackup Platform Base Licensing RequirementsThe NetBackup Platform Base license must be purchased for all front-end terabytes in the NetBackup domain.There should be no instances where the number of FETB backed up exceeds the number of FETB licensed; in thiscase the customer is out of compliance and must purchase additional FETB licenses. The Platform Base –Complete Edition, Platform Base – Big Data Workloads Edition, and the Platform Base – NDMP Edition, andNetBackup Enterprise Virtual Client can be utilized within the same domain or across multiple domains, as longas the total number of FETB is licensed separately for each Edition, but again, cannot mix the Platform Baselicensing model and the Traditional licensing model within the same domain.For a more detailed understanding of how Veritas measures FETB, please refer to the Admin Guide. Additionaldetails can be found here, here, and here. Details regarding multiple policies protecting the same source data canbe found at the following link.10

NetBackup 8.3 Licensing Guide3.5. NetBackup Traditional Licensing Model (a la carte)The Traditional (also called “server” or “a la carte”) licensing model is based on the number of NetBackupclients, agents, servers, and options that NetBackup will be protecting or run on. A customer purchases thesame number of licenses as the count of clients, agents, servers, and options. As the customer deploysadditional clients or servers or attach additional tape drives or storage to NetBackup, additional licenses forappropriate NetBackup products are required. If a server is protected by multiple Master Servers, a license isrequired for each Master Server Domain.3.5.1. Hardware TiersSeveral NetBackup products on the Traditional licensing model use a tiered hardware license meter. For Veritassales, to determine the correct server tier, please refer to the relevant tier matrix below. Partners, please ask yourVeritas rep for assistance. Server Tier Matrix NDMP Tier Matrix3.5.2. Clients & ServersAny server that sends or receives data to a NetBackup server for protection requires a NetBackup client license.If a server is protected by multiple Master Servers, a license is required for each Master Server Domain. There aretwo types of NetBackup client licenses: Standard Client and Enterprise Client.NetBackup Standard ClientThe NetBackup Standard Client license entitles customers to protect a server with a standard NetBackup client(LAN-based backup). Customers can use either Bare Metal Restore or Client Encryption Option, but they cannot be used together.NetBackup Standard Client support for Red Hat Linux and SUSE Linux on IBM’s zSeries is licensed per virtualmachine.Open File Support - licensing protects files while open or in use.Major platforms supported by the Standard Client include Windows, UNIX, Linux, Solaris x86, OpenVMS,Mac OS X, NetWare and Free BSD. For specific platforms and versions, refer to the NetBackup OSCompatibility Guide for more information.For specific BMR platform support information, refer to the BMR compatibility page.11

NetBackup 8.3 Licensing GuideNetBackup Enterprise ClientThe NetBackup Enterprise Client license contains the functionality of the NetBackup Standard Client plusfeatures that provide integration with hypervisors (e.g. VMware, Hyper-V and Acropolis Hypervisors [AHV]),maximize backup performance over a storage area network (SAN), and reduce the impact of backups throughoff-host backups. The NetBackup Enterprise Client must be used with NetBackup Enterprise Server and cannot be used withNetBackup Server.Refer to the NetBackup Server Tier Matrix in order to select the correct server tier.For a list of supported platforms, operating systems, and snapshot methods that Snapshot Client supportsfor certain backup methods, refer to the NetBackup OS Compatibility GuideSAN Media Server should not be used to backup data from networked Clients. In order to backup data fromnetworked Clients and remote Clients to the SAN attached tape resources, a full NetBackup EnterpriseServer license is required.If two NetBackup Master Servers (i.e. two separate NetBackup domains) protect a single client, two clientlicenses are required, one for each domain. Additionally, if two NetBackup Master Servers are installed on asingle server, two licenses are required, one for each domain.Dynamic NAS (DNAS) requires NetBackup Snapshot Manager. Each NBU host performing backups wouldrequire one Enterprise Client license.Customers deploying the NetBackup Enterprise Client license for protecting Hadoop or Mongo DB environmentsonly require one license per cluster. Each new cluster instance would require a new license.CloudPoint functionalityNetBackup Enterprise Client includes a license to run and operate NetBackup Snapshot Manager whichprovides snapshot orchestration on supported data center arrays. If NetBackup Enterprise Client is included inLicensed Software that is licensed on a Per Front-End Terabyte other than Base – Complete Ed. or Base –Complete Ed. w/ Flexible Licensing you are required to purchase a Base – Complete Ed. w/ Flexible Licensinglicense to deploy NetBackup CloudPoint for in-cloud data protection. For clarity, Enterprise Client only entitlesuse of NetBackup Snapshot Manager; it does not entitle use of NetBackup CloudPoint.Veritas Resiliency Platform (VRP) functionalityA license of NetBackup Enterprise client does not entitle a customer to use VRP. Customers must purchase eitherVRP as a standalone SKU or purchase a Base - Complete Ed. w/ Flexible Licensing license to leverage VRP.NetBackup ServerThere are two server licensing components: NetBackup Server and NetBackup Enterprise Server. NetBackupEnterprise Server includes the complete set of features while NetBackup Server provides a limited feature set.12

NetBackup 8.3 Licensing GuideThe clients, agents, and options are designed to work with both versions of NetBackup Server except for theNetBackup Enterprise Client, which is only functional with NetBackup Enterprise Server.NetBackup Server is an economical data protection solution with limited feature set is licensed per NetBackupdomain. A NetBackup Server domain supports one backup server protecting multiple clients and NDMPsystems. Not all agents and options are supported with NetBackup Server.NetBackup Enterprise ServerLicenses the functionality of both the Master and Media Server. NetBackup Enterprise Server pricing is based onthe tier of the machine. The tier of the machine is determined by the number of installed processors on thephysical machine.Server Licensing Considerations:Blade Servers - NetBackup components (servers, clients, agents, and options) are licensed per physical system.Therefore, each blade server will require separate NetBackup licenses. NetBackup is not licensed per rack ofservers.Cluster Environments - NetBackup licenses (servers, clients, agents, and options) are required for all nodes of acluster. However, customers are entitled to install and use one additional copy of the licensed software per theconditions set forth in the Cold Disaster Recovery Licensing Policy. In most cases, this means that in an activepassive cluster only the active node is licensed. During a failover situation the licenses effectively transfer to thenew active node.The Master/Media Server in a NetBackup Server (two-tier) configuration is only supported in a clusteredenvironment on Windows and using Veritas Cluster Server or Microsoft Cluster Server. In this case only oneNetBackup Server license is required for the active node. However, NetBackup clients, agents, and options thatare attached to a NetBackup Server are supported in a clustered environment using the same clusteringcombinations supported with NetBackup Enterprise Server.Refer to the NetBackup Cluster Compatibility List for a complete list of all NetBackup supported clusteringproducts.3.5.3. NetBackup AgentsIn addition t

Nov 03, 2020 · The Veritas NetBackupTM 8.3 Licensing Guide (Licensing Guide) is a reference document designed for use by Veritas partners and customers. The Licensing Guide describes licensing concepts and options available for NetBackup 8.3 and provides details that can help guide the customer to purchase the appropriate NetBackupFile Size: 1MBPage Count: 29Explore furtherLegal Agreements Veritaswww.veritas.comThe Pros And Cons Of Licensing Technology - Mayer Brownwww.mayerbrown.comSoftware Licensing Models - Guide to License Types (2022)www.10duke.comLicensing Agreement - Sample, Template - Word & PDFwww.wonder.legalConfiguring Cisco Right-To-Use to you b