NewsletterVolume XXXII No. 04October 2016www.glendalequiltguild.orgWednesday, October 12, 2016 6:45 PMGQG Welcomes October General Meeting Speaker: Luke HaynesCopied directly from his website (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery) we introduce our esteemedspeaker as he describes himself, word for word:“Subverting the traditional quilting form by integrating modern concepts, his art transforms thecomfortably familiar into the visually evocative. Luke Haynes was born and raised across the AmericanSouth. With a formal training in art and architecture at Cooper Union, New York, Haynes continues toexperiment with quilting art while exploring art and architecture across the globe. A chance encounterwith a box of fabric remnants sparked Mr. Haynes' imagination. His first quilt, measuring 7′ x 10′, ledhim through years of experimentation and improvements over the years that he has beenquilting. Further honing his style, Mr. Haynes developed a system to piece manageable parts into alarger whole, applying a modern design sense to a familiar process. He uses reclaimed materials fromthe communities he works with in his projects to speak with the textile language of the area.”Luke will present a Trunk Show of his work on October 12 and teach a workshop on Saturday, October15, 2016. We are fortunate to welcome Luke Haynes and excited to host him at GQG!Kathy Pellman’s class in September was small but very creative.Cindy Abrams,Colleen Shier, AnBurgess, MaggieLlamido show theirmini quilts after a dayspent exploringfashionista creativity.Alice Turner alsoattended the class.MEET THE TEACHER DINNERPlease join Luke Hayes and yourfellow quilters for dinner prior to theprogram at 5 PM at Star Café,Montrose.If you plan to join us for dinner prior tothe program, please email your RSVP [email protected] order to know how many seats toreserve.

The President’s BlockThis MonthWe are very fortunate to get Luke Haynes to come to our guild as hisschedule usually is for much bigger venues. His workshop on designing aquilt around our favorite piece of fabric sounds intriguing. The hardest partwill probably be narrowing down our choice of favorites to one I don’tknow about the rest of you, but I have a lot of favorites! This will beanother workshop you won’t want to miss.September meeting - Katheryn PellmanHow many of you were impressed with the positive energy created by the fantastic setup byCindy, An, and their team as you walked in the doors at the last meeting? The highlight was thephoto op for everyone who brought in their panelmania quilts. What a wonderful way to start themeeting!One thing that makes a good speaker stand out is the ability to continue their presentationregardless of any last minute snafus. While the custodian was being chased down to get anextension cord to plug in the projector to a working socket for Katheryn to make her presentation,she, without losing her stride, switched to the second part of her talk and carried on. Her story ofhow she got to what she teaches now with all of her examples was very interesting.For those who missed it, her workshop was incredible! The absolute best part of the workshopwas seeing and sharing fabric with the other attendees. We should have the projects ready forShow and Tell in October.Guild Internet FunOur guild has an array of ways to communicate with our members. One of those is Facebook.Brandi Nalley set up our account, and Kathy Fogel and Sandy Bradfield have continued to keep itup to date. If you have a Facebook account it is a great way to see more quilt pictures andhappenings. In addition to finding out what other guild member and quilters are up to, sometimesit can just be for laughs. Below are examples of posts that were on Facebook and on Pinterest:Happy Quilting,Colleen Shier2

MEETINGSPrograms & WorkshopsScheduleBOARD MEETINGThursday October 6, 2016Meeting 6:30 PMGlendale Women’s Athletic Club600 S Verdugo Rd.Glendale, CA 91205October 2016 – Luke Haynes10/12/2016 – Modern Quilter10/15/2016 – Favorite Fabrichttp://www.lukehaynes.comGENERAL MEETINGWednesday, October 12, 2016Social hour 6:00 PMMeeting 6:45 PM1st Congregational Church ofGlendale2001 Cañada Blvd, GlendaleNovember 2016 – TBA11/09/2016 – To be announced11/12/2016 – Loving Hands SpecialSew Day- FlannelReceiving Blanketsfor KenyaNext Guild Meeting: August 10, 2016December 2016 – GQG Event12/14/2016 – Holiday Party for GQGMembersNo WorkshopLOVING HANDSFriday, October 21, 201610:00 AM Until DoneWomen’s Athletic Club600 S. Verdugo RoadGlendale CA. 91205All workshops are from 9:00am4:00pm at Women's Athletic Club unless otherwise noted.Guest Policy Reminder: Eachmember is allowed to bring oneguest to one meeting at no chargeto the guest. The normal guest fee is 5.00 per meeting.Remember: All Workshop Vouchersearned through 2015 will expire at theend of 2016.Quilter’s Department of WAC (Women’s Athletic Club of Glendale)The smiling faces belong to LindaWhite, Sandy Bradfield, Bev VanCleve, Peggy Schiffman, An Burgessand Cindy Abrams, who helped hostthe first monthly luncheon at the WACon Tuesday, Sept. 20. They alsopresented the Panelmania event to themembers present as can be seen bythe beautiful quilts that were displayedaround the room.In the kitchen are Kathy Fogel, SusanEdwards, Kathi Wilson, and Bev.Monday Sew is every Monday from 10 AM to 4 PM except the third, which is from 9:30 AM to 2 PM.Happy Quilting! Submitted by Cindy AbramsSusan Edwards & Colleen Shier, Co-Chairs3

Panelmania!A celebrationof philanthropic quilt making, friendship and fun to benefit Loving HandsBDuring this three month challenge, quilters who donate finished quilts USING A PANEL (panel forthe top, backing, batting, quilting and binding) will be eligible to win valuable prizes which includefacials, massages, gift baskets, and more. All completed quilts will be donated to Loving Hands.These donations are not intended to replace, but enhance, our Loving Hands division.For each quilt given to the Panelmania cause, (yes, you may donate more than once) the quilter willbe given a raffle ticket for a chance to win valuable prizes. Everyone who enters will receive a smalltoken of thanks for participating when their quilt is turned in at the 2016 September, October, orNovember Guild meetings.There will be an early bird raffle prize for quilts turned in at the September meeting. The DEADLINE toturn in completed panel quilts is the NOVEMBER Guild meeting. Grand Prizes will be awarded atthe December Guild meeting.The rules are easy.1. Choose a panel at the August, September or October Guild meetings, or use your own.2. Make a finished quilt to be turned in during the September, October or November meeting.3. Suggested sizes are: 35” x 40” (minimum) 40” x 50” Twin size (maximum) We welcome completed quilts in between these sizes as well.If you bring your completed top to the October or November meetings and/or a Loving Hands (LH)work session in those months (now the third Friday of the month at WAC), LH can provide batting andbacking and/or binding fabric or you can use your own. Please no embellishments, beads, bows,buttons or anything that could come off and hurt a baby or child.September’s Early Bird Raffle winner is Kathy Fogel with Cindy Abrams. Leah Bessey and LeanneCompean are holding their panel quilts. Denise Koch is busy quilting hers. Monica Carrillo and AnBurgess are pinning one of the challenging Transformer panel quilts.See page 5 for Panelmania Panel Tips and Tricks.4

PANELMANIA PANELTIPS AND TRICKSBOARD & STANDING COMMITTEESExecutive Board Members2016-2017PresidentColleen Shier(818) 429-2817Vice PresidentKathi Wilson(626) 355-3289Recording SecretarySharon Bishop(323) 254-6045Communications SecretaryMernie Meier(626) 824-0630TreasurerKathy Fogel(818) 330-9372ParliamentarianDonna Ryan(818) 732-5456Program ChairCindy Abrams(818) 621-1122Membership Co-ChairsTim Spinn(323) 371-8198Leanne Compean(818) 353-1330Newsletter EditorElke Miyahara(323) 256-2152Workshops ChairJackie Carlos(818) 246-9729Fundraiser Co-Chairs 2017Sandy Bradfield(818) 636-5080Beth Hasenauer(626) 358-3484Loving Hands ChairTina Curran(818) 986-6630AdvisorSandy Bradfield(818) 636-5080Daniel Marlos(323) 342-0902Elke Miyahara(323) 256-2152Nancy Mraz(818) 890-3337Email BlastColleen Shier(818) 429-2817Electronic MediaKathy Fogel(818) 330-9372FacebookSandy Bradfield(818) 636-5080PinterestOpenWebsite LiaisonKathy Fogel(818) 330-9372Sunshine and ShadowsMernie Meier(626) 824-0630Standing entory- Craig ColemanStorage of Historical blicityOpenSpecial CommitteesBlock of the MonthSusan Edwards(818) 790-2214Welcome/HospitalityKaren Millman(818) 214-3288TripsOpenPrinting LiaisonElke Miyahara(626) 675-0432BookWhenKathy Fogel(818) 330-9372Available panel choices include:Full Panel:Add a border if you like, batting, backing,quilt, and binding. Presto! A finished quilt!Block panels:With these you can use more creativity andturn pillow blocks, wall hangings, andpreprinted blocks into finished quilt tops.Add batting, backing, quilt and bind. Youhave a completed quilt that will be unique.Transformer Panels:Not for the faint of heart, these are doorhangings, clothing, stuffed toy, or bookpanels yearning to become quilts! Use yourcreativity and math skills to transform these“misfit orphan panels” into an amazing quilttop. Add batting, backing, quilt and bind.Truly the most challenging, they will bepersonally rewarding and will bringcompliments from fellow guild members.Remember, the GRAND PRIZEDRAWINGS will take place at theDecember Guild meeting along with a slidepresentation and runway show featuring allof the completed Panelmania quilts.Questions?Contact: Cindy Abrams [email protected] Sparkle BallsTools of Our Trade by Susan EdwardsRecently, I have been making way too many cuttingerrors. Maybe my mistakes are due to worseningeyesight or inattention. After ruining some fabulousfabric for the upcoming BOM, I sought a solution. MyWhh ?first one was to mark the cutting lines on my ruler withpainters tape. Although seeing the blue tape remindedme to pay attention to the markings on the ruler, thetape was not exact, distracting, and I still was makingcutting mistakes. Then, I remembered the removabletransparent tape that I heard about. I found it on theinternet, Glow-Line Tape by Omnigrid. Problem solved!5A Guild Block Exchangeat our December 14, 2016 MeetingThis year we will once again offer ourpopular holiday block exchange. Pleaseplan to pick up all of the details at theOctober meeting, or check the websiteafter October 12th. We need at least 20participants for this to succeed, so pleaseplan to join the fun. Start gathering yourholiday fabrics and get ready to play.

Membership We currently have 126 members and three Affiliatemembers. Fifty-three members attended theSeptember meeting. We welcomed the followingguest: Laura Forrecelli. Lana Norton, who is the newowner of Quilt’N’Things Fiber Arts, joined as anAffiliate Member. Watch for her grand reopening soon.Membership renewals continue. If we haven’t receivedyour renewal form, you must renew by the Octobermeeting to be included in the roster and continue toreceive the benefits of membership. We havereceived 126 renewals, so far, thank you to allrenewing members!!We look forward to seeing you at a meeting soon!Leanne Compean and Tim Spinn, Membership chairsHappy ng Hands ActivitiesOur members continue to be very generous with their time and talents benefiting Loving Hands. At theSeptember meeting a total of 42 quilt tops were turned in with 26 completed by Margaret McNeal and 11 byCathy McNassor. Tops were also created by Doralee Dohnel, Nancy Turney, and Bev Underwood.Another 5 quilts were turned in for binding after being quilted by Joliene Blanchard, Judy Sellers, andHester Bell. Twenty-nine completed quilts were turned in with Joanne Brown leading our production with 15thanks to the efforts of her sister, Nancy Condit. Other quilts were completed by Cindy Abrams, AnnBagne, Leah Bessey, Mary Bolas, An Burgess, and Peggy Schiffman. In addition we received 49completed quilts from the Panelmania Project.In September Loving Hands received a donation of 3 bags of fabric from Mary Ann Andrews. We alsoreceived a bag of fabric from Alanna Lee and some flannel fabric from Joliene Blanchard. In addition wereceived a gift basket from Harriet Sartinsky along with 35 completed quilt blocks. Thank you to all for theirdonations.The Loving Hands quilt on the far left is a jointproduction. Karen Millman donated theblocks and Kathi Wilson adopted the blocksand finished the quilt.Stacks of quilts are ready for delivery as Tinatakes a final count.Just a reminder: that as of October, LovingHands will meet the third Friday of the month.(October 21)All future meetings will be held on the thirdFriday unless otherwise noted.Tina Curran and Loving Hands Volunteers6

Block of the Month – November 2016By Susan EdwardsAsagailBOM for October 2016adapted with permission from Villa Rosa Designs.“EASY DOES IT”adapted with permission from Villa Rosa Designs.The theme is falling leaves, so the color palateshould be gold, moss green, muted purples,burnt orange.1. Obtain two pink spacer fabrics fromSusan Edwards or Karen Millman.1. Cut one 10.5” square.2. Cut two pieces 6” X 13” from floral fabricsthat have a medium background.3. Sew the spacer fabric to the right handside of the floral fabric.2. Cut 2 5” squares from unbleached muslin orcream colored fabric.3. Draw a line diagonally across each 5” square.4. Repeat with the second fabric.4. Place the 5” squares on opposite corners ofthe 10.5” square.For your own use, you may purchase the fat quarterfriendly pattern for 2 plus shipping Sew on the line. Press to the outside.Please do not trim!For your own use, you may purchase the fat quarterfriendly pattern for 2 plus shipping

MEETING REPORTSMinutes of the Executive BoardGlendale Quilt GuildSeptember 8, 2016I. The meeting was called to order by President Colleen Shier at 6:30 p.m. at the Glendale Women’s Athletic Club and a quorumwas present. PRESENT: Colleen Shier, President; Kathi Wilson, Vice President; Sharon Bishop, Recording Secretary; Mernie Meier,Corresponding Secretary; Kathy Fogel, Treasurer; Donna Ryan, Parliamentarian; Cindy Abrams, Programs; Jackie Carlos,Workshops; Tim Spinn and Leanne Compean, Membership; Sandy Bradfield, Tina Curran and Beth Hasenauer, Fund Raising; ElkeMiyahara, Newsletter; Susan Edwards, Block of the Month, and An Burgess, Programs Committee.II. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as printed in the Newsletter.III. BOARD AND COMMITTEE REPORTSVice President/Wilson: The next SCCQG meeting is Oct.1 in San Juan Capistrano and several members are going.Recording Secretary/Bishop: The Statement of Information required by the State has been filed.Treasurer/Fogel: Treasurer’s Reports (Exhibit A and B) for August 2016 were presented. There has been a communicationsproblem with Synchrony Bank regarding the changing of officers on the account. It was suggested we might want to find a newbank that would be easier to communicate with.Communications Secretary/Meier: A card was sent to Maria Rodriguez who had foot surgery and a card will be sent to Jake Fincha scheduled speaker.Programs/Abrams: Panelmania is off to a fabulous start and we are expecting a good number will be turned in at the nextmeeting. The November speaker has had to cancel due to illness and the Program Committee is working on a substitution. KathiWilson is working on a Christmas block exchange to be presented at the October meeting.Membership/Spinn: Membership is doing well and the Guild Rosters are being prepared.Newsletter/Miyahara: Thanks to Tim for getting the September Newsletter out. When sending photos to be used in thenewsletter, please identify the people in the photos. The next Newsletter deadline is September 19.Fund Raising/Bradfield: The venue contracts are complete and the committee is waiting to hear from the decorator. The themewill be unveiled at the September Guild Meeting. Proposed colorways for the Opportunity Quilt will be shown at the first ShowCommittee meeting scheduled for September 22. The process of revising quilt categories is currently underway.Loving Hands/Curran: Starting in October, Loving Hands will begin meeting on the third Friday of the Month. There will be aLoving Hands After Dark event on Tuesday October 4 at 6:00 p.m. A taco dinner will be served and the project will be makingscrap quilts using die-cut tumbler pieces which will be supplied. The Saturday Loving Hands on November 12th, will be a sew-inusing flannel supplied by Loving Hands to make receiving blankets for a birthing center in rural Kenya.Email Blasts/Shier: Email Blasts with pertinent information are being sent to members.Electronic Media/Fogel: Officers who have contact information on the Guild website are encouraged to check it frequently.Please continue to send photos to be posted on Facebook but make sure to have consent to post of anyone pictured.Trips/Shier: We are waiting to see who the new County Supervisor will be in order to contact them for a donated bus for Road toCalifornia. Additionally, we are looking for a Trips Chair since the position is currently open.IV. UNFINISHED BUSINESS1. Open Standing and Special Committee positions – Colleen is continuing to try to fill open positions.2. Procedures Manuals – still missing some manuals. Kathy will contact those who haven’t turned theirs in.3. BookWhen – almost done testing and it is looking good.4. WAC electrical outlet update – the work is complete.5. 501(c)3 update – Colleen is waiting for more information .6. Opportunity Basket Drawings – it was decided to wait to have them when there is not so much going on.7. There was a discussion on what to do with the quilt that Mac McNamara donated to the Guild to be used to benefit the Guild.It was decided that we have a drawing or auction the quilt with the proceeds to go to the Guild. We will explore having it at atime to be decided later where there would be a large number of people who would be interested in winning the quilt.V. NEW BUSINESS1. Quilt‘n’Things’ new owner, Lana Norton, will be given 3 to 5 minutes to speak to the members regarding her new store.2. New Block of the Month/Edwards - Several of the upcoming block of the month patterns were unveiled. For the most partthey are large, easy blocks. The new program will begin in October with instructions to be given out in September.3. Ideas for focusing on increasing membership - suggestions included inviting local adult education teacher, Rita Streimer’sstudents to be guests at a meeting in the hopes of interesting them in joining the Guild. More brain-storming is needed.VI. A motion was made and the meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.Sharon Bishop, Recording Secretary8

MEETING REPORTSMinutes of the General MembershipGlendale Quilt Guild, 2016September 14, 2016I. The meeting was called to order by President Colleen Shier at 6:45 p.m. at the First CongregationalChurch in Glendale. A quorum was present.II. Minutes of the August 10, 2016 meeting were approved as printed in the newsletter.III. Announcements: The next Board meeting is October 6 and the General Membership meeting October 12. Bookmarks are on the back table. SFVQA studio tour is on September 24th. Approximately 70% of GQG members are receiving email blasts. Verify your info with Colleen toreceive these informative announcements. Lana Norton of Quilt ‘n Things announced Grand Opening plan for October, date TBD. Sheintroduced Tina Wince as the Store Manager. Door prizes were given.IV. Reports:Vice President/Shier: The next SCCQG meeting is on October 1st in San Juan Capistrano. The topic isMoney Fundamentals for Quilt Guilds.Treasurer/Fogel: The Treasurer’s report for August 2016 was presented.Communications Secretary/Meier: A Get Well card was sent to Anna Hernandez, who recently had footsurgery. On a happy note, both Judy Sellers and Harriet Sartinsky are doing better and here tonight.Newsletter/Miyahara: Articles are due by Monday, September 19th. When submitting photos, please sendthe names of the people pictured for accuracy.Programs/Abrams: Panelmania is in full swing. The October program is Luke Haynes and the Novemberspeaker had to cancel due to health problems. A replacement is being researched.Workshops/Carlos: Saturday’s workshop is Kathryn Pellman. October 15th is Luke Haynes andNovember is a free workshop for Loving Hands.Membership/Spinn: Renewals are almost finished. Affiliates are being contacted. Renew now to beincluded in the Roster.Fundraiser-Show 2017/Hasenauer: Contracts are signed for the venue and hotel room block. The ShowTheme was announced - Ripple Effect. The first Show Committee meeting is on September 22nd.Attendees will see the opportunity quilt design and vote for the final colorway.Loving Hands/Euler: The October 21st meeting is the first on the 3rd Friday of the month. The Novemberworkshop is free and will make receiving blankets for a birthing clinic in Kenya. Elke Miyahara announcedthe Loving Hands After Dark workshop on October 4th and showed sample quilts.Block of the Month/Gibson: Finished quilts from were shown by Alice Turner, Mary Ann Kroening andBarbara Gibson, celebrating the end of this fun program. The new Block of the Month program wasannounced by Susan Edwards.Show and Tell: Guild members shared their latest quilts.V. Program: Kathryn Pellman presented a slide show of her work and discussed the construction of herquilts. An assortment of her work was available for purchase.VI. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 pm.S. Bradfield for Sharon Bishop Recording Secretary9

CALENDAR OF EVENTS / MEMBER NEWSSunshine and ShadowsThe Los Angeles County Quilters Guild17th Biennial Quilt Show - “Everything Old is New Again”,Friday and Saturday, October 7 and 8.Hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Friday and 9:00 am to 3:00pm Saturday, in the Hall of the Greek Orthodox Church ofLong Beach, 5761 East Colorado Street, Long Beach, CA.Sunshines: We are delighted that Harriet Sartinskyand Judy Sellers were able to attend our SeptemberGuild meeting. It was great to see them both.Shadows: Maria Rodriguez had foot surgery on 8/25.Our November speaker, Jake Finch, is ill and unableto speak at our Guild meeting. We are hopeful that wecan reschedule when she is felling better. PeggyBarber had knee replacement surgery in July.The featured artist is Nancy Needham. There will also bea merchants’ mall, small challenge quilts, daily silentauctions, gift baskets, raffles and flea market. Admissionis 8.00 for adults and 3.00 for children ages 5 to 12. Nostrollers please. Parking is FREE. Greek food items areavailable for purchase.We wish to express our gratitude to Pat Saia, ofSweet Comfort Quilt Shop, for sending us a beautifulLizzie B Cre8ive Easy-Breezy Backsack Kit. She isclosing her shop and sharing her inventory with quiltguilds. We appreciate her sharing with our guild.For more information, visit ourwebsite: on Twitter: @quiltguildLA or contact: Quilt Show Chair Linda Duncan at (310) 604-0725Please remember to let me know if you have anynews for Sunshine and Shadows.Quiltfest Oasis Quilt ShowThursday through Saturday, October 6-8, from 10 AM to 4PM each day. Palm Springs Convention Center,277 N Avenida Caballero, Palm Springs. 14 admission.Mernie Migacz MeierCommunications Secretary, 626 824-06302015-2016 Block of the Month QuiltsMountain Quilters of Idyllwild Quilt ShowMary Ann Kroening, Alice Turner and BarbaraGibson show their creations from the blocks that theypresented to the Guild this past year. Thanks ladies!Saturday and Sunday, October 8 & 9,10AM to 4PM both daysLocated at Buckhorn Camp in IdyllwildAdmission is 7, husbands are freeWestside Quilters host Jan KrentzOn Friday, October 21st, internationally know quilt teacherand designer, Jan Krentz will teach a workshop on “LoveThat Lonestar” (Lone Star Basics). All information is in thePDF below. We welcome non-members!Sally Wright,Programs Co-Chair , Westside .westsidequilterslosangeles.orgPast President, Sandy Bradfield, received her quiltcommemorating her time as President of our Guild. It ispresented to her by Brandi Nalley, who made the quilt. 10

Quilt Show 2017Flannel Receiving Blanket Instructions“Ripple Effect”Start with two pieces of flannel cut at 36-1/2” x 36-1/2”.1. Stack the two pieces of flannel on top of each other withright sides together, pin around the perimeter and sew aseam at 1/4”, leaving a six-inch opening on one side (inorder to pull it right-side-out).Now that the first Show Committee Meeting is over,it’s amazing to see how far we’ve come in theplanning for this show. The contracts have beensigned for the beautiful new venue, the room block isarranged at the Sheraton, the opportunity quilt designis finished and we are currently working with theDecorator to plan the show layout. At the nextGeneral Meeting, the Opportunity Quilt design willfinally be unveiled to the membership. In the spirit ofthe show theme, this wonderful new design will be theperfect fundraiser for us. In an effort to maximizefundraising opportunities, we need to finish our quiltbefore the end of the year. To accomplish this, wewill begin to distribute block kits to Guild members.Directions and fabric pieces will be provided in thekits, which will allow construction of specific blocks.2. Clip the corners (without clipping through the stitch line)to reduce the bulk at the corners.For those of you who were unable to join us at themeeting, there are still a few important positionsavailable on the Show Committee. By volunteering,you will have the opportunity to be in on the groundfloor as we make plans for the show. Remember,your ideas and your participation will guarantee asuccessful show next year. Come join us next monthand share your ideas. It really is fun!3. Turn the piece right-side-out and poke the corners out.Pin once again all along the perimeter, including tucking inthe raw edges of the 6” opening. Topstitch 1/8” from theedge, around the entire perimeter of the piece, includingthe edge with the opening (to close it). Lastly, topstitchdiagonally from corner to corner. You can use bluepainters tape as a guide for sewing a straight line. Use afew pins along the diagonal to stabilize the underside whiletopstitching the X.Sign up for Workshops at the General Meeting or:1. Contact the Workshop Chair JACKIE CARLOS: 818246-9729 or [email protected] Sign up online 24-7 is no processing fee to sign up online. Supply list andphoto are available to download. All classes are held at theWAC.Iron flat and you have a flannel receiving blanket!GENERAL GUILD INFORMATION VOLUME XXXII NO. 04www.GlendaleQuiltGuild.orgGlendale Quilt Guild, Inc. is a non-profit corporation. The purpose is to contribute to the knowledgeof, and to promote the appreciation of, fine quilts, quilt making and collection; to gain knowledge ofquilt techniques, patterns, history & quilt makers through educational meetings, travel & friendship.Meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of every month at theFirst Congregational Church of Glendale, 2001 Cañada Blvd., Glendale CA, 91208Meeting: Social Time 6:00 P.M. Meeting begins at 6:45 P.M.Guest fees: 5.00 per meeting.Membership dues are payable July 1st (delinquent at the end of the August General Meeting.)Active Members: 30.00; Affiliates: 40.00The newsletter is a monthly publication of the Glendale Quilt Guild. Members are invited to submititems of interest for publication at the General Meeting or by sending an email to Elke Miyahara [email protected] or [email protected] DEADLINE IS THE MONDAY AFTER THE GENERAL MEETING.11

MEETING: WEDNESDAY, October 12, 20166:45 P.M., SOCIAL TIME 6:00FIRST CONGREGRATIONAL CHURCH OF GLENDALE2001 CAÑADA BLVD., GLENDALE, CA 91208You are invited to join us at our next meetingor contact us for more information:P.O. Box 9392, Glendale, CA 91226www.glendalequiltguild.orgPlease support the Glendale Quilt Guild Affiliate Members!QUILT ‘n‘ THINGS2411 Honolulu AvenueMontrose, CA 91020818-957-2287www.quiltnthings.comMONICA’S QUILT AND BEADCREATIONS77-780 Country Club Dr, Suite CPalm Desert, CA 92211760-772-2400www.monicasquiltandbead.comSEWING MACHINE WAREHOUSE16214 Nordhoff St.North Hills, CA 91343818-332-7777www.kneedle.comFollow us on Twitter! us on uilt-Guild-Inc/127880924076?fref nf

15, 2016. We are fortunate to welcome Luke Haynes and excited to host him at GQG! Newsletter Volume XXXII No. 04 October 2016 . Wednesday, October 12, 2016 6:45 PM Kathy Pellm an’s class in September was small but very creative.