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The 2016 yearbooks have arrived. We did two versions last year. The first is our traditional Elgin Eagle hardcover book. It is a 96 page book with expanded sports coverage (4pages instead of 2 for most sports) for 35.We also created a sports-only Wolfpackbook. This book is a soft cover, 40 page yearbookfeaturing Wolfpack sports, Cheerleading andDance team and is available for 20.Send a check (payable to Elgin PublicSchools) to Mrs. Rita Heithoff at school to orderone or both yearbooks for your "Lifetime of Memories". You may also order your yearbook online bylogging onto . Click on "Buy".On the second day of school, Elgin student and staff helped to start the year off right bycelebrating last years successes! After the annual all school picture, students were able to enjoy a much deserved movie and popcorn! Here are the results that everyone was so excitedabout:3rd Grade: 100% in Reading and 85% in Mathematics4th Grade: 100% in Reading and Mathematics5th Grade: 100% in Reading, Mathematics, and Science6th Grade: 100% in Reading and 88% in Mathematics7th Grade: 100% in Reading and Mathematics8th Grade: 86% in Reading and Science11th Grade: 86% in Mathematics and 85%in ScienceCongratulations and great job to allthe students of EPS!

This summer, the elementary library was one of several rooms to be updated with newcarpet. Thanks to a small group of up and coming juniors, along with their sponsors Mrs.Dorothy Heithoff and Mrs. RitaHeithoff, the daunting task of moving furniture and all those booksproved to be manageable. Becausethe furniture was out and the bookswere off the shelf, we took advantage of the opportunity to rearrangeits floor plan to give the library awhole new design. Hopefully thisnew look will be just one more motivation for our students to keepreading, so they can return to thelibrary to check out a new book andits new floor plan!The library’s motto for thisyear is a quote from Mason Cooleywhich says, “Reading gives us aplace to go when we have to staywhere we are.”The fifth graders did a Breakout EDU for aback to school activity. Breakout EDU islike an escape room where students mustsolve a series of clues to reach theirgoal. The story went like this: The custodians asked teachers to keeptheir class in the room whilethey "worked" in the hallway, but really they weretrying to find the hiddencandy before the students! The lunch ladies leftthe class clues to be able tofind the candy before the custodian! Thefifth graders had used both of their hintsbut found the candy with fifteen minutes tospare. Well done!The 7th and 8th grade Spanish Culture students are reading the book The House onMango Street by Sandra Cisneros. Thebook is written in a series of vignettes, andis a story of a young Latina girl growing upin Chicago. When asked why the studentsliked the book so much after reading just18 pages, some of the comments were: “Itis very relatable,” “It reads like a journal,”“Each chapter is a new story.” The students will create a storyboard to highlighteach chapter by usingStoryboard That online.They are looking forward tothis quarter of Spanish culture!

Sports HealthCoursesAll coaches are required totake three courses beforethe start of the school yearto help ensure the safety ofall athletes. They arecourses on ConcussionAwareness, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, and Heat IllnessPrevention. Below are thelinks for any parents wanting to take the free 32/suddencardiac-arrest courses/4209322/heat illness preventionElection Time!Students at Elgin Public arelearning about the electionprocess and how importantit is to be an informed voter.Make sure you register tovote! Election Day is lessthan three months away!Summer ReadingSecondthrough sixthgrade students readover thesummer andcreated anOlympicchain for the books they read. They will be rewarded witha movie night. Nice job, elementary!New High School Math TeacherThe high school math classroom has changed a lot forthe 2016-2017 school year. Becky Lindgren has takenover the role of mathematics instructor from Ms. J, andto keep up the great work she has been doing withNew Math Books for 7th - hasthe math students. The math room has also changed lo12th Gradescations. It is in what was previously known as the Business room. The room looks great, thanks to some hardThe junior high and high schoolwork from the custodial staff over the summer. Shelvesmath textbooks have been upwere removed, walls were painted, and an extra whitedated! We are still using the same board was added. Mrs. Lindgren is taking over the Dualseries from Pearson Education as Credit Math classes, and is sending Calculus I to Lindsaythe previous years. However, theHoly Family this year via distance learning. She is alsonew books will offer updated exam- trying out Google classroom with some of the classes toples and new resources that can be help cut down on paper shuffling. Feel free to stop byused to improve learning.and say hello!

New Student CouncilRecently elected EPS Student Councilmembers are ready to create some controlled and creative chaos for this upcoming school year. BR: Kira Widger, GaretBehnk, Lydia Behnk, A.J. Getzfred, AustinDohmen, and Kenny Bush. FR: ErvinDohmen, Myranda Palmer, Hayes Miller,Araceli Palmer, Olivia Lindgren, and WyattRenner. The student council is sponsoredby Mrs. Shoe and Mrs. Klein.Wolfpack Volleyball Ready forAction!The Wolfpack Volleyball team started practice on Monday, August 15th! Twenty-fourgirls showed up ready to work hard andget excited to start the season. First gameis on Thursday, September 1st inStuart! Coach Thiele is very excited aboutthe season.From the Business RoomPaper Tower CompetitionThe science class competed in a PaperTower competition the first week of school.The students had to design and build afree standing tower made of only twosheets of computer paper and 30 cm ofmasking tape.The winners from each class period were:Physical Science - Josh/Tyler/Adam (83cm)Earth Science - Jordan/Joey (22.5 cm)Biology - Anna/Kaylee/Allyson (91 cm)Physics - Ellianne/Kelsey (106 cm)and the overall winner was Chemistry Liam/Myranda/Lydia (108 cm)It is not Miss J's room anymore, but we still dosome math! Personal Finance students are working on interest calculations.Is there money in your lunchaccount?You can check yourbalance on JMC usingyour parent password.

Welcome to JMC Student Information System!Elgin Public School has decided to changeover to a new Student Information Systemcalled JMC. This new system will replace Schoolmaster that we have used since 2003. JMC isweb-based so office staff, teachers, parents and students will have easy access to up-to-dateinformation. Although we are still working out a few kinks, this system will serve us well far intothe future. We realize that change can be difficult, but as we adjust to the new system I feelthat we will see the benefits. Remember that we are learning this new system together, soplease ask questions and let us know if you encounter any problems.Student registration was done by parents on the new online system. If you have not yetregistered your student, please do so now. If you need to make corrections to any informationthat you submitted, just login and submit a corrected registration. Have you changed jobs,phone numbers, or email addresses? Please login and submit that information.If you have questions about the parent information center, please call us or [email protected] We would behappy to help you!Follow us [email protected] PublicAnne Meis was the guest speaker at the August FFA meeting held at theKC Hall. Anne presented on her LEAD experiences and her work as a boardmember of the Nebraska Soybean Board of Directors. A special treat was instore for the FFA members and Anne as Northeast Community College wasthere to film the event. It was revealed that Anne will be receiving an award fromNortheast Community College and this was just the beginning of her beingfilmed over the next couple of months as they make a "tribute" to her and herwork with various agriculture industries, clubs and her own family farm.#elginpublic

KindergartenThe Kindergarten Class is happy to beback at Elgin Public School. We are goingto have a big year of learning and fun!Members of Mrs. Wemhoff’s class are:Jeneli, Gentry, Xander, Sophia, Kynlee,Junior, Kinley, Jael, Braedon, and Madison.Second GradeWe have fifteen second graders this yearand we are excited to be in school. Wewelcome two new students to our room;Natallie and Rylen.– Mrs. Beckman1st GradeWelcome to First Grade, we have 9 students this year 7 boys and 2 girls. I amlooking forward to a great year with thisclass and a great first year as theirteacher! -Mrs. SpiegelThird GradeThe 2016-2017 third grade class is off to agreat start! We spent the first days ofschool learning class rules, making a timecapsule, and getting back into school dayroutines.– Mrs. Eisenhauer

4th GradeThe 4th graders are ready for a great year!- Mr. Ostransky6th GradeThe 6th graders are off to a great start thisyear!- Mr. EisenhauerPreschool Settling InWith the start of a new year the Preschoolers are settling into a routine and are excited for the school year. We are working on recognizing and writing our names as well as learning our ABC's and numbers. The morning groupconsisting of four year olds has 14 students whilethe afternoon group of three year olds has 20students.Resource Informationby: Mrs. ZwingmanStudents, completing your assignment bookfor each class, each day, is the best way for youstay on top of your assignments and help you beorganized. It helps communicate your assignments to your parents, as well, so they do nothave to try to decipher what you need to be completing. Therefore, take the time to get your assignments specifically written down to help yourself in being organized the rest of the school year.PUBLIC NOTICEResidents of District 18,Elgin, are notified that SchoolDistrict 18, Elgin, NEparticipates in all requiredSpecial Education Services forall resident students, ages 0-21.If you know of any student notcurrently being serviced by anappropriate educational programor have questions concerning theSpecial Education Program,contact the Superintendent’soffice at Elgin Public School.Elgin Public School doesnot discriminate on the basis ofrace, color, national origin, sex,age, or handicap. Further, theschool complies with all Title IXand Equal EmploymentOpportunity guidelines asdetermined by Federal directives.

From the desk of the Superintendent . . .By Dan [email protected] new school year has begun! We always have several improvementson campus to enjoy but one I really want to bring the public's attention to is thenew parking lot on the east side of the gym. Our hope is that this large lot willmake parking and activity attendance much easier and much more accessiblethan it has been in the past. We have also added a couple handicapped parking spots on the north side of the building. This should alleviate parking pressure and getting around the townstreets when activities are going on. There is access from both the north and south, through existing smalllots.Back to the students. At the Elgin Public Schools we traditionally give our students something to start thenew school year. We purchase it with non tax dollars (rebate fund money, or other money that is not directtax money). It always seems to start the year off on the right foot and let the kids know we TRULY care aboutthem. The last few years it has been a t-shirt that says Elgin Public Schools believes in me. We also thentake an all school picture with the shirts.Sometimes we also provide draw string bags or stocking caps etc. In today'sworld we think it is very important to have pride in your school, for students to know thatwe believe in them, that each and everyone of them are important and that together wecan learn and do great things. This is just one way of getting that across in a non-verbalbut open and lasting way. This year we took the picture on the football field with ourschool drone. We are looking forward to a great and productive year, GO EAGLES!!!Upcoming ACT Test DatesJuniors and Seniors, here is a list of upcoming available testing and registration dates forthe ACT.Register ByTest DateSeptember 16thNovember 4thJanuary 13thMarch 3rdMay 5thOctober 22ndDecember 10thFebruary 11thApril 8thJune 10thMusic Groups in FullSwing!We’re starting the year off atfull speed in the music room! Theelementary is learning The Star Spangled Banner,as well as starting to work on their upcomingChristmas Mini-Musical. The 7-12 Band is studying two pieces, Salvation is Created and TheGreat Locomotive Chase, while the 7-12 Choir iscurrently learning a piece called Autumn Vespers.Here are some upcoming important dates:September 8 at 7:30– Instrument Rental NightNovember 7– NVC Choir at LynchDecember 15th– Elementary Christmas ConcertDecember 20th– 7-12 Christmas ConcertFollow us on [email protected]#elginpublic

From the Principal’s desk . . .by Greg [email protected] Back!The 2016-2017 school year has begun! As I enter into my fourth year here at EPS I amfilled with optimism and excitement about the days ahead. We have a lot to be optimisticabout here at Elgin Public Schools. We have a staff that is willing to go the extra mile for thestudents at EPS. The caring and professional approach that these staff members’ bring towork each and every day can only help make your child’s education be the best it can be. Thegreat staff combined with a student body that truly takes care of one another can only lead to agreat school and a great year! It is great to be back.As I did last year I will challenge the students become the best all around students andpeople they can be. It all comes down to four basic principles of school and life.Choose to Commit. – Make the decision that you are going to make choices that willallow you to do things beyond mediocrity.Work hard- good things never come easy. Pushing yourself to the limit in everythingyou do. Give more effort in studies, friendships, family, sports, activeness etc. INALL YOU DO-DO IT WELLFocus- Eliminate distraction or road blocks that are holding you back from achievinggreatness. Minimize exposure to negative people; their goals are not the same asyours. Eliminate negative thoughts; you can do amazing things as long as you believe in yourself.Bounce Back- You are going to fall short at sometime throughout this year. Be resilient.Learn from your failures and become great.If all the students and faculty follow these four principles we are not only going have a goodschool year but a great school year. We will not have good students but great students. It’sgoing to be a great year. EAGLE PRIDE!!ELGIN PUBLIC SCHOOLSNEWSLETTERP.O. Box 399Non-Profit Org.U.S. Postage PaidPermit #4Elgin, NE 68636Elgin, NE 68636POSTAL PATRON

Volume XXXII, Issue 2 September, 2016 Phone (402) 843-2455 Fax (402) 843-2475 Elgin Public School P.O. Box 399 101 N. 4th St. Elgin, NE 68636-0399 September 5 NO SCHOOL Labor Day September 7 Lifetouch School Pictures September 14 School Board Meeting I