THE JOHNS MANVILLE2021 PEAK ADVANTAGEPROGRAM In a demanding and increasingly competitive industry, you need to stand out and stay ahead.One of the best ways to do that is to build a strong, lasting relationship with a manufacturer whogoes above and beyond to put you at the forefront of the roofing industry.We are that manufacturer.THE TOP CONTRACTORS ARE INVITED TOATTEND THESE 2022 CONFERENCESEvery qualifying contractor for Pinnacle or Summit level will get the opportunityto travel to exciting destinations and engage in informative business sessions.You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the area’s highly attractive excursions.THE SUMMIT CLUBFOUR SEASONS WALT DISNEY WORLD FEBRUARY 13 – 16, 2022ORLANDO, FLTHE PINNACLE COUNCILFOUR SEASONS HUALALAISEPTEMBER 24 – 28, 2022KAILUA-KONA, HITHE 5280 COUNCILFOUR SEASONS SAN FRANCISCO, CASEPTEMBER 28 – OCTOBER 1, 2022SAN FRANCISCO, CA

FIVE OPPORTUNITIESFOR GROWTHNEWPEAKALTITUDE SUMMITCLUBCLUBTM PINNACLE 5280COUNCIL COUNCIL TMAs you qualify for higher Peak Advantage Program levels, you earn access to a range of JM priorityservices, contractor recognition and new business opportunities.One qualifyingguarantee orregistration 1MM aggregateinsurancecoverage 1MM bondingcapacityMust be licensedin all statesof businessMember ofa recognizedprofessionaltrade organization(e.g., NRCA, MRCA)Meet all Peaklevel criteriaMeet all AltitudeClub criteriaMeet all SummitClub criteriaThree qualifyingguarantees,registrations orcombinationsthereofFour qualifyingguarantees,registrations orcombinationsthereofFive qualifyingguarantees,registrations orcombinationsthereofRetain record ofqualityinstallationsHave amaintenancedepartment toqualify for repairandlead-generationopportunitiesEarn 10,000 PeakAdvantage Pointswith guaranteedand registeredprojectsEarn 16,000 PeakAdvantagePoints withguaranteed andregisteredprojectsMeet allPinnacle CouncilcriteriaRank in the top15 PeakAdvantage pointearnersEarn 27,500 PeakAdvantagePointswith guaranteedand registeredprojectsJM Peak Advantage contractors who meet Peak,Altitude Club, Summit Club or Pinnacle Councilrequirements mid-year will qualify for additional servicesat that time. Contractors must meet criteria annually.

BUSINESSBENEFITSATTAIN PREFERREDCONTRACTOR RECOGNITION INTHE JM CONTRACTOR LOCATORATTAIN SUPERIORCONCIERGE SERVICEGROW YOUR BUSINESSBY BECOMING A REPAIRCONTRACTORPremium placement in theJM Contractor Locator.5280, Pinnacle, Summit and Altitudelevel contractors have priority forfaster response times on requests for:Qualifying Peak Advantage contractorsthat meet all criteria may be contacted byJM for repair work.- Assembly Letters- Opportunities that are customized toyour business- Technical Information- Guarantee Information- Priority of opportunities based on levelyou achieve*- Shipping InformationACHIEVE PEAK LIFEOPPORTUNITIESEARN EARLY BIRD PAYMENTTERM ACCESSGAIN SPECIAL PROMOTIONSAND MARKETING SUPPORT5280, Pinnacle, Summit and Altitudecontractors will have the opportunity toreceive Peak Life leads.Achieve 5280, Pinnacle, Summit orAltitude level each year, and have theability to apply for Early Bird Silver orGold payment terms. This service isdesigned to expedite the guaranteeapplication process**Opportunities that could put you in astronger marketing position include:- Wear and tear on buildings isinevitable, so we put you in front ofthe owner to help them decide if theyshould repair or replace the roof- Give you the opportunity to connectwith the building owner and provideexceptional customer service- Contractor spotlights featuring anoteworthy job- Priority communication for productlaunches- Product promotions- Highlighted achievements on*Contractors must meet criteria annually, as outlined during the application process, and are required to sign a service-level agreement.**Contractors that qualify for Early Bird Silver or Gold payment terms are still responsible for final inspection and addressing any issues identified. Early Bird Silvercontractors must meet all requirements for the issuance of the guarantee, including successful completion of the final inspection. Once all is complete, the guarantee will bemade ready prior to payment, and the contractor will be billed for the guarantee changes. Early Bird Gold contractors can receive their guarantee prior to completion of thefinal inspection and payment. They will be billed for the guarantee charges, and the final inspection must be completed within 30 days.

5280 COUNCILPINNACLE COUNCILSUMMIT CLUBNEW! ALTITUDE CLUBPEAKHOW YOUR BENEFITS GROW AS YOU DOCo-Op Buying ProgramPeak Advantage NDL GuaranteesAccess to the JM Connexus Portal, which offers enhanced visibility into your current standing inthe program and additional features and benefitsAppear on the JM Contractor Locator (priority listing based onPeak Advantage level earned*)May qualify for Early Bird Silver payment termsEligible to participate in the JM Roofing Institute training classesEligible to perform Guarantee Repairs (assignment priority based onPeak Advantage level earned*)Peak Life opportunities (assignment priority based on Peak Advantagelevel earned*)Inspections within 14 days of submission of completion noticeShop-fabricated metal may be included in the Guaranteefor no extra charge**International Roofing Expo recognitionContractor spotlight marketing piece featuring a noteworthy jobMay qualify for Early Bird Gold payment termsInspections within 7 days of submission of completion noticeAltitude Club awardInvitation for you and a guest to the annual Summit Club Conference, including airfare,hotel and activitiesSummit Club wall plaqueEligible for a JM technical representative to administer the hands-on testing portion of theNRCA ProCertification thermoplastic testInvitation for you and a guest to the Pinnacle Council Conference, including airfare,hotel and activitiesInspections within 3 days of submission of completionComplimentary admission to the International Roofing Expo, with a private reception hosted byJM executivesPinnacle Council trophyInvitation for you and a guest to the 5280 Council Conference, after attendingthe Pinnacle Council Conference, including airfare and hotelPrivate reception hosted by JM executives during the 5280 Council Conference5280 Council trophy*Priority of lead-generation opportunities based on level: 5280, Pinnacle, Summit, Altitude and then Peak level contractors.**Metal must conform to SMACNA standards, and the metal finish warranty must match the roof guarantee period request. On guarantees with wind riders at 100 mph or over,a JM pre-manufactured metal edge system matching the requirement for the wind speed rider must be used.Note: Contractors will only attend the trip for the highest level earned. Pinnacle and Summit trips must be attended by a principal of the contractor company. Any substitutions willneed to be approved by JM senior leadership.

TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO THE NEXT LEVELEarn points for every square of eligible JM products purchasedPoints Per SquareEligible JM ProductsAll points multipliedby the contractor’squality multiplier.**(a total of 4 points/sq can be earned)JM Membrane1 pointJM Cover Boards*: ProtectoR HD, Invinsa ,SeparatoR , SeparatoR CGF, DuraBoard ,FESCO , Retro Fit , RetroPlus 1 pointThe higher the qualityBoards: SECUROCK ,multiplier, the more Other Cover ***Peak Advantage Points DensDeck , DEXcellyou receive.JM Insulation.5 point1 point per layer, with amax of 2 pointsTo qualify for points in the 2021 period, all registration-only jobs need to be entered in the JM Connexusportal by November 30, 2021. Material warranties only count toward Peak Advantage Points when theregistration box is checked at the time of entering the material warranty. See terms and conditions foradditional details regarding the program and qualification requirements.*Substrate boards do not count toward Peak Advantage Points.**The quality multiplier is based on a contractor’s payout rate. The payout rate is calculated by dividing the total contractor payouts by all previously installed squares afterthe 2-year contractor period. This payout rate is compared to the overall payout rate history per membrane. Then a multiplier is assigned based on this comparison.***When purchased from JM.NEW FOR PINNACLE CONTRACTORS!GAIN ACCESS TO EXPERT TRAININGACHIEVE BETTER STANDARDS ANDGROW YOUR TEAM’S KNOWLEDGETake advantage of our JM Roofing Institute. Thishands-on learning program provides firsthandtraining to help your crew understand new productsand technologies and participate in a best practiceinstallation experience.5280 and Pinnacle Council contractors can havean NRCA-Certified JM technical representativeadminister the hands-on portion of the NRCAProCertification thermoplastic test. Your employees’certification in specific roof system installationsmay help your business. (The number of tests percontractor is limited, so reach out to your local JMtechnical representative for more information.)

INCLUDING OUR CO-OP BUYING PROGRAMAny contractor achieving at least Peak status can participate. JM Peak Advantage members have saved more than 8 million on items ranging from tools to health insurance with their participation in the Co-Op Buying Program.Secure your savings on business-related items and services such as: Health Insurance (for Pinnacle, Summit andAltitude Contractors Only) Employee Background Screening and Drug Testing Cellular Services and Accessories Uniforms and First Aid/Safety Gear Copier Purchase and/or Lease Automotive Supplies Forklifts and Pallet Jacks Office Supplies Rental Cars TiresPreferred reservation service, many feeswaived and deep discounts for members.Substantial savings on tires for commercial,passenger and light trucks, as well as retreads.Aggressive national account pricing on more than400 office supply items, plus discounted retail rateson thousands of other items.National account pricing on Caterpillar, Crown, Hyster,Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Yale Forklifts as wellas 27% off Enersys batteries and chargers.Deep discounts across all category groups andproducts. Ability to work with a local store andrepresentative.This leading independent employee benefits firmprovides local service and resources for medical,dental, vision, life and disability benefits – all tailoredto your company’s offerings.Highest discount level available to the public,plus opportunity to earn 2% cash rebate onqualified purchases.Discounts available on monthly service charges,accessories, features and rate plans for bothemployee personal lines and corporate lines.Up to 50% off list price for multi-functionaldevices, with flexible leasing or purchase options.National account rates to help contractors with on-siteshops save on high-performance engine oils,transmission lubricants, chassis grease, hydraulicliquids, coolants/antifreeze and more.Deeply discounted pricing for purchase andrental uniforms, as well as first aid/safetygear. Customized uniforms available.The Johns Manville Co-Op Buying Program is managed by a dedicated JM account executive at Distributors Solutions, LLC(“DSI”). If you have questions about the program, please contact Anne Drolet, director of business development for DSI, at(303) 827-4483 or via email at [email protected] referenced are the property of their respective owners. The services and products available through the Co-Op Buying Program are provided by independent, third-partyorganizations that are not affiliated with Johns Manville. Such services and products are provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only; they do not constituteeither an endorsement or an approval by Johns Manville of any of the products, services or opinions of the individual corporations or organizations or individuals therein.

Put the JM Peak Advantage Program to work for you today.Grow your business, improve your productivity and enjoy the rewards of working with a strong industry leader.2021 PEAK ADVANTAGETERMS AND CONDITIONS2021 performance will determine 2022 program level. To earnPinnacle Council status in 2022, a contractor will have to earn27,500 Peak Advantage Points and qualify at least fiveguarantees, registrations or any combination thereof in the2021 program. To earn Summit Club status in 2022, acontractor will have to earn 16,000 Peak Advantage Points andqualify at least four guarantees, registrations or anycombination thereof in the 2021 program. To earn AltitudeClub status, a contractor will have to earn 10,000 PeakAdvantage Points and qualify a minimum of three guarantees,registrations or any combination thereof in the 2021 program.To qualify for Peak level, a minimum of one qualifying job isrequired in the 2021 program. JM Peak Advantage guaranteesare available only on qualified JM roofing systems containingJM roofing products.Companies with multiple branches may consolidate PeakAdvantage Points to qualify for one invitation for a principaland a guest to the 2022 conference of the highest levelachieved and one award. Contractor must request pointsconsolidation in writing by March 31, 2021. Contractors mustmeet all criteria annually to keep Early Bird Silver and EarlyBird Gold payment terms and to be a JM repair contractor.Failure to meet the minimum requirements by December 31,2021, could result in being removed from these benefits.717 17th St.Denver, CO 80202(800) standard production terms and conditions will apply toinclude a one-year limited product warranty. TheJohns Manville Peak Advantage contractor’s appointment as aJM Peak Advantage contractor does not establish thecontractor as an agent or representative ofJohns Manville.The Johns Manville Peak Advantage contractor is and shall atall times be and conduct itself as an independent third-partycontractor. Johns Manville is not responsible for the conductand capabilities of the independent third-party contractor.Johns Manville reserves the right to amend, modify or cancelthis program, in whole or in part or at any time, withoutnotification. For a separate branch of a JM Pinnacle Councilcontractor to also qualify for Pinnacle Council, the branchmust service a different market and employ its own staff,including roofing crews. All branches must be approved as aJM authorized contractor prior to January 1, 2021, to be ableto qualify for 2022 Pinnacle Council status. The Johns ManvilleCo-Op Buying Program is administered by an independentthird party at Distributors Solutions, LLC, and is for theexclusive benefit of the qualified Johns Manville contractors.Distributors Solutions, LLC, is an independent company thatnegotiates all pricing and programs and is the sole manager ofthe Co-Op Buying Program.Guarantee andTechnical ServicesFor questions regardingguarantees and technical services:(800) 922-5922 2021 Johns Manville. All Rights Reserved.RS-1694 11-21 (Replaces 10-21)

noti cation. For a separate branch of a JM Pinnacle Council contractor to also qualify for Pinnacle Council, the branch must service a different market and employ its own staff, including roo ng crews. All branches must be approved as a JM authorized contractor prior to January 1, 2021, to be able to q