2020-2021 University CatalogEFFECTIVE DATE JULY 30, 2020

Catalog DisclaimerCATALOG DISCLAIMERThis Student Catalog contains only general guidelines and information. It is not intended to becomprehensive or to address all the possible applications of, or exceptions to, the policies and proceduresof Touro. While there has been an attempt to be comprehensive, some of the subjects described in thiscatalog are covered in greater detail in official policy and procedure documents located in academicprogram handbooks and posted within TouroOne. Students should refer to these documents for specificinformation, since this catalog only briefly summarizes some of those policies. For that reason, if studentshave any questions concerning a particular policy or procedure, they should address specific questions tothe Academic Program or Student Affairs administrators.This catalog is neither written nor meant to confer any rights or privileges on students or impose anyobligations on Touro University California (TUC). No individual or representative of Touro (except thePresident) has the authority to enter into any agreement or understanding contrary to the above.This catalog is written for informational purposes only and may contain errors. The policies, proceduresand practices described herein may be modified, supplemented or discontinued in whole or in part, atany time with or without notice. However TUC will attempt to inform students of any changes as theyoccur. However, it is each student’s responsibility to keep current on all university policies, proceduresand practices. It is a student’s responsibility to review university policies and procedures in detail and torequest any clarification needed from the academic or student affairs administrator in charge of the areain question. Violation of university policies or procedures may result in disciplinary action, includingdismissal from the academic program and/or university. Action may be taken against a studentnotwithstanding their failure to appear or otherwise participate in disciplinary or grievance proceeding.Students are required to investigate for themselves as to whether the program they enroll in meets theirpersonal and career needs. Thus, TUC disclaims any liability for promises, assurances, representations,warrantees or other statements made in its marketing or promotional materials, and makes absolutely nopromises, assurances, representations, warrantees or other statements concerning a student’s academicsuccess. While students expend significant sums associated with higher education, successful completionof a course, program, or degree is dependent on many factors. The payment of tuition entitles a studentto register and matriculate in the courses and programs available and offered by the TUC college orprogram in which the student is enrolled. In order for a degree to be earned, the required grades andgrade point averages must be achieved and maintained, and all other requirements of the school andprogram must be fulfilled.Registration and matriculation at Touro after the issuance of this catalog is consideration for andconstitutes a student’s knowing acceptance of the binding Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”)mechanisms (including binding arbitration) contained herein. Thus, any dispute, claim or controversyarising out of or related to your application, registration, matriculation, graduation or other separationfrom Touro and/or this catalog, which is not resolved through Touro College and University System’sADR mechanisms shall be resolved exclusively through final and binding expedited arbitrationconducted solely before the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”), or any successor in interest, inaccordance with the AAA Rules then in effect. The location of the arbitration shall be at a convenientoffice on a Touro campus where the student is (or was last) affiliated.22020-2021 Catalog

Table of ContentsPROVOSTS’ WELCOME . 7ABOUT TOURO UNIVERSITY AND COLLEGE SYSTEM . 8University Location Information. 10Board of Trustees . 11TOURO UNIVERSITY CALIFORNIA MISSION . 12Mission . 12Vision . 12Values . 12Institutional Student Learning Outcomes . 12CATALOG RIGHTS . 13ACCREDITATIONS . 14UNIVERSITY ADMINISTRATION . 17DEGREES OFFERED . 19NON-DISCRIMINATION POLICY . 20GENERAL DISCLAIMER COVID-19.21ADMISSIONS . 22Admissions Office Contact Information . 22Eligibility . 22Application Information . 23Technical Standards for Admission . 23Background Check Disclosure Statement. 25Applicant Records.25Transfer Students .26Admissions Requirements by Academic Programs . 31Additional Requirements for Accepted Students . 36Pre-Matriculation Immunization Requirements . 36Transcript Requirements . 40New Student Arrival at TUC . 40Student Identification and Name Badges. 41Drug Screening Procedures. 42Crime Awareness & Campus Security Act (Clery Act Information). 44Emergency Information .44ACADEMIC REGULATIONS & POLICIES . 46Academic Integrity Statement . 46Registrar Contact Information.47Academic Record Privacy/FERPA . 47Matriculation and Registration .47Enrollment Status. 49Adding/dropping/repeating classes . 49Remediation. 50Elective Courses. 51Class Attendance. 51Transcripts. 53Leave of Absences . 542020-2021 Catalog3

Table of ContentsHonors. 56Graduation . 56Withdrawal Procedures. 57Credit Hours . 59Grades . 59Academic Progress and Disciplinary Actions. 62Student Records . 65TUITION AND FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE . 68Bursar Office Contact Information . 68Bursar Office Procedure . 68Tuition . 70Tuition Refund Schedule. 72Financial Assistance . 73Financial Aid Contact Information . 74Federal Work-Study Program. 74Financial Aid Basics. 75Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). 77Scholarships. 78CAMPUS RESOURCES . 81Parking . 81Vehicle Towing . 81Lockers . 82Lost and Found . 82Library. 82Library Contact Information. 83Bookstore Information. 84Constitution Day. 84Computer Services & Electronic Resources. 84Information Technology Contact Information. 85Student Resources . 85Housing Information. 85Master Calendar/Room Reservations. 86Student Health Center (SHC). 87Student Health Center Contact Information. 87Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). 88Student Counseling Center. 89Student Counseling Center Contact Information. 90Student Disability Services. 90Support for Lactating Mothers. 92Academic Support and Academic Services Contact Information. 93Faculty Mentors/Advisors. 93Peer Tutoring. 93Office of Alumni Relations Contact Information.94Office of Development Contact Information.95University Communications Contact Information.95STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS .9742020-2021 Catalog

Table of ContentsStudent Government Association (SGA) . .97Student Government Association Contact Information.97Recognition of Student Organizations .97Official Representation.98Student Activities Contact Information. .99On-Campus Student Events. .99Student Organization Event Policy. .99Activities with Food. 100USE of the TUC Logo. 101Student Organization Publicity Policy. 101Publications. 101INSTITUTIONAL ENVIRONMENT .103Dress Code.103Eating and Drinking in Classrooms/Laboratories. 103Smoking. 103Drugs, Alcohol, Weapons & Hazing.103Substance Abuse Definitions: Please see appendix J. 103Sexual Harassment . 104Impairment of Life Safety Devices/Systems. 104JEWISH LIFE & CAMPUS LIFE .105Rabbi Contact Information. 105Calendar . 105Shabbat Holidays - . 106Touro University California Kosher Food Guidelines. 107COLLEGE OF EDUCATION AND HEALTH SCIENCES .111Administration and Staff. 111Graduate School of Education (GSOE). 111Joint Master of Physician Assistant Studies & Public Health (MSPAS/MPH)Program. 111Public Health Program. 119School of Nursing . 128COLLEGE OF OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE .142Administration . 142Staff and Faculty . 142Contact Information . 145Student Learning Outcomes. 148Curriculum Information. 149COLLEGE OF PHARMACY .154Administration . 154Staff and Faculty . 154Contact Information . 155Student Learning Outcomes. 155Curriculum Information. 157APPENDIX A:ACCESS TO AND DISCLOSURE OF EDUCATIONAL RECORDS .173APPENDIX B:2020-2021 Catalog5


Provosts’ WelcomeWELCOME TO TOURO UNIVERSITYCALIFORNIAYou have made a great choice for the next phase of youreducation! Touro University California was establishedto educate caring professionals to serve, to lead, and toteach. Our mission is to provide quality programs in thefields of health care and education in concert with theJudaic commitment to social justice, intellectual pursuit,and service to humanity. Touro University California isan outstanding learning community preparing healthprofessionals and teachers for contemporary leadershiproles. Thank you for choosing to be a part of the TouroUniversity family.Shelley Berkley, JDCEO and Senior ProvostTouro Western DivisionTHIS CATALOG IS YOURRESOURCE TO THE UNIVERSITYWelcome to Touro University California! Touro isthe place for you to become the professional you havedreamed of becoming. We prepare graduates forrewarding lives in service to others locally and around theglobe. We are committed to the Judaic values of serviceto humanity, intellectual pursuit, and social justice. Welive our mission. The TUC faculty provides learningexperiences which are student-centered and enriched byfocused research and scholarship. The TUC staff is readyto enhance and support your learning environment. Weare excited you have chosen to be part of the larger TUCfamily.Sarah Sweitzer, PhDProvost and Chief Academic OfficerTouro University California2020-2021 Catalog7

About Touro University and CollegeSystemTOURO UNIVERSITY CALIFORNIA HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENTTouro University California is a Jewish-sponsored nonprofit institution of higher and professionaleducation founded by Bernard Lander, PhD, LHD. Touro University California is part of the TouroCollege and University system (TCUS). It derives its name from Judah and Isaac Touro, leaders ofcolonial America who represented the idea upon which we base our mission. Touro College waschartered by the State of New York in 1970. The first students enrolled in 1971; the class consisted of35 liberal arts and science students. Since those early days, the Touro College and University Systemhas experienced substantial growth. Touro College has developed into a major institution of highereducation, which includes the following schools: The College of Arts and Sciences (1971); the Schoolof Health Sciences (1972); the School of General Studies (1974), the Graduate School of Jewish Studies(1979); the Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center (1980); the School for Lifelong Education (1989); the New YorkSchool of Career and Applied Science (1995), the Graduate School of Education and Psychology (1995);Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine Vallejo (founded in 1997 as the San Francisco Collegeof Osteopathic Medicine); Touro University International, offering degree programs on the internetin Cypress, California (1999); the Lander College for Men in Kew Garden Hills (2000) created in 2001through a merger of two previously separate divisions, the School of General Studies (founded in (1974)and the School of Career and Applied Studies (created in 1995); Touro University Nevada (2004); andTouro College, Rome, Italy (2005). Touro opened a branch in Moscow in spring of 1991 and its operationsnow include the Institute of Jewish Studies (branch campus) and a business program with MoscowUniversity Touro (an independent entity) operated through an inter-institutional agreement.The branch campus in Jerusalem is home to the Graduate School of Jewish Studies, an undergraduatebusiness program and the Touro Israel Option (year abroad program). In October 2003, Touro opened asmall branch campus in Berlin.The Touro College and University System has long been interested in medical education. In 1983, Touroestablished the Center for Biomedical Education, a cooperative program leading to an M.D. from theTechnion-Israel Institute of Technology, Israel’s premier school of applied sciences. Success in this andother related programs led Touro founder, Dr. Bernard Lander to explore the possibility of establishing acollege of osteopathic medicine. Touro University sought incorporation in the State of California, and in1997 located a campus in the San Francisco Bay Area. The campus was moved to Mare Island, Californiain 1999. Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine (TUCOM) is the Founding College of TouroUniversity California. Touro University California is now composed of three colleges: the College ofOsteopathic Medicine (grants the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Degree – D.O. and the Master ofScience of Medical Health Science); the College of Pharmacy (founded in 2004 grants the Doctor ofPharmacy and the Master of Science of Medical Health Science - Pharmacy Science); the College of HealthSciences (founded in 2003) and the College of Education (founded in 2004) were combined into theCollege of Education and Health Sciences in 2012, and grants the Master of Science in Physician AssistantStudies-MSPAS; Master of Public Health-MPH; Master’s degree in Teacher Education and providesteacher credentials; and the School of Nursing (founded in 2014) which grants the Doctor of NursingPractice and the Masters of Science degree in Nursing.As Dr. Lander looked to other potential sites for a college of osteopathic medicine, Nevada was chosenas a potential site due to the current physician shortage in Nevada and the rapidly growing populationwithin Las Vegas and the surrounding communities. The Touro University California branch campus,Touro University Nevada, began the College of Osteopathic Medicine and matriculated its first classin fall 2004, providing programs in osteopathic82020-2021 Catalog

About Touro University and CollegeSystemmedicine and physician assistant studies. In 2005 Touro University Nevada added the College of Healthand Human Services providing graduate programs in nursing, occupational therapy, and education.DR. BERNARD LANDER – FOUNDER & FORMER PRESIDENT OF TOURO COLLEGEDr. Bernard Lander, from his early years as a Rabbi, a Professor of Psychology, the first Commissionerof Human Rights in the State of New York, a life-long educator, and the founder and President of TouroCollege and Touro University, embodied the finest concepts of a scientist and a visionary in action. Manypresidents dream of starting a new college, constructing a new building, or developing new programs.Our founder opened 34 campuses which now enroll over 18,000 students within a broad spectrum ofundergraduate, graduate, and professional programs. Excerpts from his Commendation from the NewYork Legislature noted his consultative service to U.S. Presidents, his talents as a compelling orator, hiscourageous championship for youth and the disenfranchised, and his gift as a visionary who changed thelandscape of learning.2020-2021 Catalog9

Touro University California LocationUniversity Location InformationTouro University California Main Address:Touro University California1310 Club Drive, Mare IslandVallejo, CA 94592Main Reception Telephone Number.(707) 638-5200Building Street AddressMetabolic Research Center/Translational Research H89.89 Cossey StreetAdministration and Faculty 1 – Build

School of Career and Applied Science (1995), the Graduate School of Education and Psychology (1995); Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine Vallejo (founded in 1997 as the San Francisco College of Osteopathic Medicine); Touro Universit