ILLINOIS DRAFTING EDUCATORS ASSOCIATIONRandy Jacobs, IDEA Competition DirectorHeartland Community College1500 West Raab RoadNormal, Illinois 61761September 12, 2011Dear Drafting Educator:The Illinois Drafting Educators Association has appreciated the support of hundreds of drafting teachers forthe past 30 or more years. For years, community colleges have taken on the time-consuming task of runningthis competition for secondary programs, and we are excited to continue this great tradition. We are againTHcalling on you and your colleagues to participate in the 35 IDEA Regional Drafting-Design Competitionthat will be held on Friday, March 9, 2012, at sixteen centers across the state. NOTE: In case of regionaldate conflicts, Friday, March 2, can be used as an alternate date if needed. First and second place regionalwinners will be eligible to compete at our state competition to be held on April 14, 2012, at Illinois StateUniversity in Normal. Last year, nearly 100 teachers and 1,000 students were involved at the regional level.At the State Competition, over 60 teachers and 200 students were involved.This year’s paperwork will again be handled primarily via the IDEA web site, including regional sitelocations, calendar of events, rules and regulations, entry forms, and updates. Please check the web site- and look under the Competitions link.As a former board member, I have been involved in IDEA for many years, and helped judge the statecompetition at ISU. Dr. Ryan Brown at ISU will continue his role as the primary “problem” guy, and will bethe main coordinator for the state competition. Richard Johansen, retired IDEA member, continues todevelop architectural problems for the competition. We are looking forward to working with you to makethis event a positive experience for you and your students.Thanks again for making last year's drafting contest such a success!Sincerely,Randy Jacobs, Competition Director - Heartland Community CollegeOffice: 309-268-8872 Cell: 309-530-5483 Email: [email protected]: Ryan Brown, Assistant Competition Director - Illinois State UniversityOffice: 309-438-2611 Cell: 309-825-2147 Email: [email protected] Updated 09-12-11IDEA-DRAFTING-EDUCATORS-COVER-LETTER.DOC

2- JANUARY 11 DRAFT - WATCH FOR UPDATES -12034695781011IDEA RegionalCompetition Sites2112Visit for registration rules, forms,sample problems from the past, and more!2213If you know your regional competition site, contactthem for local information. If you are not sure of the sitenumber for your school, you should contact the StateCompetition Director for advice. You may also contactregional directors of nearby competition sites for moreinformation.14151716For 2012, registration and fees should be postmarkedand paid by February 10, 2012.18191. College of Lake CountySteve [email protected](847) 543-23307. College of DupageJane [email protected](630) 942-233113. Western Illinois UniversityRalph [email protected](309) 298-23882. Rock Valley College8. Waubonsee Community CollegeDavid [email protected](630) 466-7900 ext 232714. Richland Community CollegeBrett [email protected](217)875-7211, Ext. 43519. John A. Logan CollegeRon [email protected](618) 985-37419. Morrison Institute of TechnologyJanice [email protected](815) 772-7218 ext. 3215. Lewis & Clark Comm. CollegeRick [email protected](618) 468-493120. McHenry Community CollegeBob [email protected](815) 455-8719No Longer aCompetition Site3. Oakton Community CollegeJoe [email protected](847)376-76124. Elgin Community CollegeJesse [email protected](847) 214-759910. Moraine Valley Community College 16. Kaskaskia CollegeCharles BalesRichard 974-5401(618) 545-3000 ext. 33565. Kishwaukee CollegeMark [email protected](815) 825-2086 ext. 34811. Joliet Community CollegeScott [email protected](815) 280-241017. Southwestern Illinois CollegeShauna [email protected](618) 235-27006. Triton College12. Illinois Central CollegeMark [email protected](309) 694-558418. Rend Lake CollegeKevin [email protected](618) 437-5321 ext. 348No Longer aCompetition SiteState Competition DirectorRandy JacobsHeartland Community [email protected] Competition DirectorRyan K. BrownIllinois State [email protected]

IDEA Annual Drafting-Design CompetitionTimetable for the 2012 CompetitionFebruary 10th – Regional Registration Deadline:1.Mail registration form and fee payment to:Attn: Joe SieczkowskiIDEA Financial DirectorSouth Elgin High School224 Juniper CircleStreamwood, IL 60107email: [email protected]: Send by registered mail if concerned about deadline.2.Email registration form to:[email protected] Jacobs, IDEA Competition Director3.Email a third registration form to your regional director at the site in whichyour school will be competing.February 24th – Regional Registration Update:Email any changes to your final counts to your Regional Director [email protected] 9th – IDEA regional contest at the Regional Competition SiteMarch 2nd - Alternate date for regions that cannot facilitate the March 9 date. Contact CompetitionDirector for clarification.April 1st – State Registration Deadline:Registration forms for the state competition need to be emailed by theREGIONAL DIRECTOR by April 1st. This is a critical deadline for statecompetition planning.Individual teachers may also confirm and assist with state planning byemailing a list of their qualifying students, with an indication of thosewho plan to attend, to the Assistant Competition Director, Ryan K.Brown, at ISU. [email protected] 14th – IDEA State Competition at ISU in Normal, IllinoisLast Updated 1-11-12

Regional Awards Distribution Chart(Effective for 2012 Competitions)NEW SINCE 2011 – ALL DIVISIONS HAVE AT LEAST ONE 1ST AND 2ND PLACE WINNER,REGARDLESS OF THE NUMBER OF ENTRANTS.# of Entrants/DivisionFirst PlaceSecond PlaceThird 66-7045571-7555576-8055681-8556686-90666Reminder: Only 1st & 2nd place winners qualify for the state competitionLast Edited 1-3-2011

IDEA Drafting-Design Competition - Rules and RegulationsGeneral Information:1. There is a 7.00 entrance fee per student for regional competition. There is no additional registration fee forcontestants that advance to the state competition.2. Instructors who are not members by December 1st of the current school year must pay a 30.00 membership fee toI.D.E.A. before students will be registered for the competition.3. Entry is limited to three (3) entrants and one (1) alternate of each instructor's students per division. When thecommunity college cannot handle entry numbers, each teacher will be allowed to enter two students per division.Note: In an effort to increase attendees, additional entrants may be allowed upon approval by your Regional andState Directors.4. Exception to Number 3: Due to space limitations, the Architectural CAD category is divided into 2D and 3Dcompetitors, but each school is limited still limited to 3 entrants for Architectural CAD. This exception was created toallow for two methods of solving the architectural CAD problem, yet not adding a complete category in all regionalschools. Each region may handle this division as space requirements dictate.5. Competition drawings and grading sheets may be picked up by the competitors after the awards ceremony.6. Students enrolled in Industrial Technology programs meeting more than 1.5 hours per day may NOT compete inthe Introductory Divisions.7. The goals of objectives of the competition dictate that students must compete at their feeder Community College, ornearest Regional Site.8. For exceptions to Number 7, contact the State Competition Director to facilitate a check on available space atanother competition site, and the Director will need to evaluate the implications of the exception.9. A student can only be registered in one division.10. First and second place winners will qualify to advance to the state competition.11. Students NOT registered for the regional competition will NOT be allowed to compete. Only regional competitorscan qualify to attend the state competition.12. Check for entry deadlines in the registration materials.Eight Award Divisions:1. Introductory Board: Entrants must have had less than one year of high school drafting. Competitors will drawspecified views of a given drawing problem. The drawing solution is a multiview problem, and will fit on either "A" or"B" size media. Competitors may also be asked to check 2D distances between specified corners of the object.Recommended time limit: 1.5 hours for the multiview drawing and distance checking.2. Introductory CAD: Entrants must have had less than one year of high school drafting. Competitors will drawspecified views of a given drawing problem. The solution will be designed to fit on either "A" or "B" size media.Competitors will also be asked to check 2D distances between specified corners of the object. Recommended timelimit: 1.5 hours for the multiview drawing and distance checking.3. 3D CAD Modeling: Entrants may have more than one year of high school drafting. Competitors will model smallobjects within a designated time period. Entrants will calculate volume and distance checks of the objects modeled.The time limit will vary from 1 - 1.5 hours. Usually, there will be MORE problems than most students can do, but thestudent who scores the most correct volume and distance checks will be the winner.4. Assembly Modeling: Entrants may have more than one year of high school drafting. Competitors will model anumber of parts and assemble them. The problem will best be solved with a parametric constraint-based modelingprogram such as Inventor or Solidworks . Recommended time limit: 1.5 hours.5. Machine CAD: Entrants may have more than one year of high school drafting. Competitors will draw specifiedviews (orthographic, auxiliary and/or sectional) from given pictorial or orthographic views in inches or metric. Thesolution will include dimensioning and notes and will fit on "B" or "C" size media. Recommended time limit: 1.5hours. Note: This is still a 2D drawing problem. No 3D modeling will be allowed to assist with problem solving.6. Architectural Board: Entrants may have more than one year of high school drafting. Competitors will designand/or draw specified views, details, or sections using materials, specifications and drawings provided. The drawingwill fit "B" or "C" size media. Recommended time limit: 1.5 hours.7. Architectural CAD (2-subdivisions): Entrants may have more than one year of high school drafting. Competitorswill design a solution and then either draw or model specified views, details, or sections from materials,specifications and drawings provided. The drawing(s) will fit "B" or "C" size media. Recommended time limit: 1.5hours.Last Updated 01-11-12IDEA-COMPETITION-RULES-AND REGS.DOCPage 1

NOTE: Depending on the regional setup and enrollment, there may be two sets of winners within this division.Entrants must designate 2D or 3D when registering. Students who “draw” all the views using drafting procedureswill be judged separately from those who “model” the building and use software to create the views. 3D modelingwill only be allowed for entrants who specified 3D on their registration form. These entrants will use 3D modelingtools within programs such as AutoCAD Architecture , Revit , ArchiCAD , SoftPlan , etc. Entrants whomarked 2D on their form must create all the views without using 3D models. EVEN THOUGH 3D PROGRAMS CANDRAW 2D VIEWS, the 2D Division is for those who use 2D CAD commands (LINES, DIMENSIONS, TEXT, ARCS,etc.) AutoCAD and MicroStation . Check with the Regional Director for specifics. Not all regional directors areable to provide both options for this division.Effective 2012 – The Machine Board Division is no longer offered. The new Assembly Modeling Division has beenadded to maintain the same number of divisions.Board Competitors:Students in this field are responsible for providing their own board drafting equipment at the regional and state competitionsites. Competitors are to provide the following recommended equipment for both regional and state competitions:1. Drawing board with T-square, parallel rule, or drafting machine (Minimum size 20" X 24").2. Triangles (45 degree and 30 x 60 degree)3. Scales: Customary inch and/or metric for Introductory; Mechanical Engineer’s scale with decimal inches, fractionalinches, and a metric ruler or scale for the Machine division; Architect's scale for the Architectural division.4. Protractor5. Eraser (manual), erasing shield, brush, dry cleaning pad, powder, or dust rag6. Drafting tape7. Compass or full instrument set8. Lead sharpening device9. Pencils or lead holders with appropriate leads10. Circle template (up to 2")11. Ellipse template (up to 2")12. Backing paper (18" X 24")13. Pocket calculatorCAD Competitors:Regional:Teachers or students should check with the Regional Director of their site to see what equipment will be available forthe student competitor to use. If a site has a limited number of CAD systems, a Regional Director may allow students tobring their own system. Some Regional Directors may have to offer CAD competitions in shifts, so entrants may wish tobring reading or study materials if case of waiting a turn.State:At the state competition at ISU, 2012 versions of the Autodesk products will be provided. Students using programsother than AutoCAD , Inventor , and Revit Architecture will be allowed to bring their own CAD system. Even at thestate competition, students wishing to bring their own system for the products above could make arrangements to doso. Due to enrollment issues at some regionals, regional directors may wish for some students to bring their ownsystems. In addition, Students should be coached on how to deal with generic installations of Autodesk products thatmay be different than their home school. For the state competition, teachers are encouraged to contact the assistantcompetition director or the state competition and double-check available system setups.All Competitors:Scoring:1. Qualified judges, from industry when possible, will score problems in each division.2. Drawing problems will be judged on completeness, accuracy, line quality, lettering and neatness. CAD problemswill be judged on completeness, accuracy, line types and dimensioning, and with various “spot-check” rubrics.Last Updated 01-11-12IDEA-COMPETITION-RULES-AND REGS.DOCPage 2

Prizes:1. A first place plaque will be awarded in each division at each regional site. At the state competition, the 1st placeteacher will also receive a plaque. NEW SINCE 2011: At the state competition, students will be awarded medalsinstead of plaques.2. Additional vendor prizes (such as CAD software or drafting tools or textbooks) may be awarded if available.Responsibilities:1. Student transportation is the responsibility of the participating schools and instructors or parents.2. The student, instructor, and parents are responsible for being adequately prepared for the above events.3. While the hosting sites will take careful measures during the competitions, the I.D.E.A. organization, regional sites,and/or ISU are NOT responsible for students and their respective CAD systems while attending these competitions.Participating teachers, students, and parents should take necessary steps to meet the liability requirements of theirrespective institutions.4. The I.D.E.A. organization, regional sites, and/or ISU are NOT responsible for students as they travel to and fromthe regional and/or state competition sites. Teachers should take necessary steps to meet the liability requirementsof their respective institutions.Last Updated 01-11-12IDEA-COMPETITION-RULES-AND REGS.DOCPage 3

Moraine Valley Community College Charles Bales [email protected] (708) 974-5401 14. Richland Community College Brett Willits [email protected] . April 1st – State Registration Deadline: Registration forms for the state competition need to be emailed by the REGIONAL DIRECTOR by April 1s